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Store features to take your sales to the next level

NEW! Create and manage your promotions

It's easy to set up and manage sales-boosting offers like:

  • Order size offers
  • Cross-sell related item offers
  • Sale event offers
  • Increase traffic (coupon) offers
  • Conditional free shipping offers

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Markdown Manager

Create a sale to drive buyer excitement and conversion! Markdown Manager is an exclusive eBay Stores feature that lets you offer discounted pricing and free shipping to your buyers. You decide what goes on sale—and when.

  • Apply discounts to specific listings and categories or across all your fixed price listings.
  • Add limited-time free shipping sales on fixed price or auction-style listings (with zero bids).
  • Schedule your sale according to when you want it to start and end.


Put your listings and store "on hold" while you're on vacation. Add messaging to listings so that buyers know when you're out and when you will return.

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Best practices

Best practices

As an eBay Stores seller, optimizing your listings and maintaining excellent customer service can help your business stand out. The following best practices will help your Store get maximum exposure to potential customers.

Make the front page — Showing up in Best Match

Best Match helps buyers find what they’re looking for by showing the most relevant and popular listings for their search first. Here’s how to increase your likelihood of showing up in Best Match:

  • Price your item competitively. Even after your fixed price listing is published on eBay, keep an eye on your competitors’ prices and re-adjust your own to stay on top.
  • Include the recommended item specifics. Specifics such as brand, style, model, color, and other attributes allow your listing to show up in narrowed down, specific searches. Be sure to include the condition of your item, which is a top purchasing criterion for your buyers.
  • Include unique identifiers and use product details from our catalog whenever possible. Unique identifiers include Universal Product Code (UPC), European Article Number (EAN), International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN). Our catalog contains product details that can help you create more complete listing descriptions.
  • Group multiple identical items into single, multi-variation listings. Save buyers the hassle of looking through vast quantities of listings in your Store by grouping items that are the same into a single listing.
  • List in the correct category and write effective titles. Even if you repeat the category name in the title, make sure to state exactly what your item is and include words that buyers might use to search, such as brand, color, size, and model number.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping can give your fixed price listing a boost in search results.

Become an eBay Top Rated Seller

Offering returns and one-day handling as well as maintaining your seller status increases your exposure in Best Match. eBay returns makes offering returns a snap.

What you see is what you get — Making the most of photos

Finally, including numerous great-quality photos in your listings increases both sales and customer satisfaction. Some helpful tips include:

  • A plain, uncluttered backdrop
  • Detailed close-up shots and multiple angles
  • Diffused lighting and turning the camera flash off
  • Using a tripod for sharper focus
  • Accurate colors and scale
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