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The sleek layout of eBay Stores showcases your items to better turn browsers into buyers.

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Anatomy of a Store

Review the below eBay Stores example to learn about the features available to you.

  1. Billboard image

    Perfect for telling your story and highlighting any special offers.

  2. Store logo

    A graphic that symbolizes what you sell or the qualities of your company.

  3. Store description

    Use keywords that clearly describe your Store and your items.

  4. Featured items

    Select listings you want to highlight.

  5. Categories

    These are the “aisles” or “shelves” of your Store. Use up to 300 custom categories to organize and display your items.

  6. Store search box

    Allows buyers to search for items within your Store.

  7. Sign up for newsletter

    Interested buyers can get the latest updates when they subscribe to your promotional email newsletter.

  8. Follow button

    Keep your fans and customers coming back. When users follow you, your items can appear in their home page feed.

  9. Sharing buttons

    Easily promote your Store on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and email.

  10. Larger photos

    These help show off items you want to feature. These new, larger photos are especially important for selling to the growing ranks of shoppers using mobile devices.

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