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Selling Manager
Monitor your sales more efficiently with eBay Selling Manager
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Selling Manager
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Manage your eBay listings
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Free for all sellers and conveniently located in My eBay, Selling Manager is an online tool designed to help medium-volume sellers manage their eBay listings. For a complete solution, create and upload professional-looking listings with free Turbo Lister, then manage them with Selling Manager.
  • Track active listings
  • Generate bulk feedback and print invoices
  • Print invoices and labels in bulk
Need more? Selling Manager Pro offers all the features associated with Selling Manager, plus automatic listing and relisting of items, automated payment, shipping status and feedback to buyers.
Sales Management
  • Quickly view which post-sale activities you've completed with the helpful status columns
  • Use customized email templates and stored feedback
  • Automatically relist items
Bulk Features
  • Relist multiple sold and unsold listings at once
  • Send feedback to multiple buyers all at once
  • File, track and manage multiple unpaid items and Final Value Fee requests
System requirements
Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later, Apple Safari 2 or later. More web browser recommendations for using eBay.
  • Supports any operating system, including Macintosh
Helpful Selling Manager Links
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Selling Manager frequently asked questions
What is eBay Selling Manager?
eBay Selling Manager is eBay's FREE sales management tool. It is an online tool in My eBay that helps you manage your listings throughout the sales cycle. As a seller, eBay Selling Manager will help you manage your listings more efficiently. You will be able to track your sales status and respond to your buyers faster than ever before.
Can I list items on eBay with eBay Selling Manager?
eBay Selling Manager is a sales management tool, not a listing tool. It enables smart and efficient sales management. It does not create listings. Instead, sellers can use Turbo Lister to create listings in bulk and use Selling Manager to manage them. Turbo Lister is also free so try it. With Selling Manager, sellers may list items from active ones, reschedule pending listings, or relist items, but not create new listings.
How do I get eBay Selling Manager?
eBay Selling Manager is free but you'll need to subscribe to it here. Once you are subscribed, it will appear in your My eBay Selling tab.
Which Web browsers support eBay Selling Manager?
eBay Selling Manager supports Internet Explorer 4.0 and later versions, Netscape 3.0 and later versions as well as AOL 3.0 and later versions. Because it is an online tool, it will not have any operating systems dependency.
Which eBay sites can use eBay Selling Manager?
eBay Selling Manager will allow you to manage your items listed on all eBay sites. You will not be able to use it to manage listings on Half.com.
How much does it cost to use eBay Selling Manager?
eBay eBay Selling Manager is FREE to use! You will need to subscribe to Selling Manager to get access, but you will not be charged a fee.
How do I send an invoice with eBay Selling Manager?
Selling Manager has its own method of invoicing, which is different from the standard My eBay. Here's how to send invoices:
  1. Click "My eBay" at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.
  2. Click the "Sold" link on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the record number for the listing you want to send an invoice for.
  4. Click the "Email Buyer" button, and then select the "Winning Buyer Notification" template.
How do I send a combined invoice with eBay Selling Manager?
To combine an invoice through Selling Manager, you'll want to go into your Sold view and click on one of the record numbers to the right of your buyer's user ID. In here you should see a "Combine Purchases" link in the Transaction Details section - click on that to combine the two listings.
How do I remove items from the Sold view (Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Shipment, Paid & Shipped) of eBay Selling Manager?
While you can't actually remove sold listings from Selling Manager, what you can do is go into your Sold view and locate the item. Click on the white box to the left of your listing, then click the Archive button. This will move your item from the Sold section to the Archived section. The sale will no longer show as pending in your Selling Manager summary page.
How do I set up automation rules in eBay Selling Manager?
Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce that automation capability has been added to Selling Manager as of March 2008! In the Active view of Selling Manager Basic there is an option of “Assign Automation Rules” in the Action column of the page. Click on “Assign Automation Rules” and choose the listing automation that you want to use from the drop-down box, then click “Assign” when finished. You’ll be able to tell which items have automation rules because the name of the automation rule will appear next to the listing within the Active view.
How can I provide feedback on eBay Selling Manager?
To provide additional feedback, please send comments to: sellingmanager@ebay.com. We will carefully evaluate your input and make additional enhancements based on your suggestions. Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback!
What is the Apps Center?
You can subscribe to any of the nearly 40 applications in the Apps Center. Previously exclusive to Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers, these applications are now available to all eBay sellers. From sourcing product to accounting tools to shipping help, these applications offer solutions for the most critical areas of your eBay business. Also, every application comes with a free trial.
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Blackthorne questions
What if you are using Blackthorne Basic and want to try Selling Manager?
If you are a Blackthorne Basic user, you will be able to use eBay Selling Manager for FREE. While Blackthorne Basic remains available, you will only be charged the regular monthly $9.99 for Blackthorne Basic and be able to use Selling Manager at the same time at no additional cost.
How is eBay Selling Manager different from Blackthorne Basic?
Blackthorne Basic is a desktop software program that creates and uploads eBay listings, as well as helps with sales management like tracking items, sending feedback, or emailing buyers.
eBay Selling Manager is an online tool in My eBay which allows you to easily manage your listings from beginning to end. You may list items from existing ones, reschedule pending listings, or relist items with Selling Manager, but you cannot create new listings. eBay Turbo Lister, our bulk listing tool, can be combined with Selling Manager to provide a complete listing and sales management system.
We created Selling Manager to improve your efficiency and experience when managing your listings. We wanted to offer some powerful new features you have been asking for, such as fully customizable email templates, real time efficient tracking of shipping and payment, and relisting your items in bulk.
What about listing efficiently?
Our new Turbo Lister bulk listing tool is the answer to that question. Turbo Lister is a free desktop software program that will create and upload eBay listings. Turbo Lister has many new features that will help you list even faster and better. 
Take a look at a feature comparison of eBay Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, and Blackthorne Basic to find out at a glance why the Turbo Lister/Selling Manager combination will turn you into a faster and more efficient seller.
Why is eBay separating listing creation and sales management in two programs instead of one like SA Basic?
By using eBay Selling Manager in combination with Turbo Lister, you will not only create items faster and more effectively, but you will be able manage them in a more efficient way than was possible with Blackthorne Basic. 
By creating two separate listing and sales management products we wanted to address all the functional, usability, and reliability issues that our Blackthorne Basic users have brought to our attention throughout the years. We also wanted to:
  • Make sales management easily accessible to anyone, online, through My eBay. You will now be able to do everything you need, wherever you are.
  • Give you the freedom to pick the listing tool of your choice. We wanted to make it easier not only for Turbo Lister but also Sell Your Item users to take advantage of Selling Manager's advanced features.
  • Offer international listing and management capability.
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