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With eBay Selling Manager you can quickly create and manage listings, track sales statuses, and perform post-sales tasks like leaving Feedback and printing shipping labels—all from one central location. It’s an ideal selling solution for sellers who want to streamline and optimize the way they sell. See what it can do for your business. Selling Manager is free for all sellers, and sellers with a Basic eBay Store subscription are automatically subscribed. Get started

Why use Selling Manager?

All-in-one selling solution—Selling Manager is your one-stop-shop for efficiently creating, managing, and tracking all your eBay listings.

Flexible and robust—Bulk listing features save you time creating similar listings, and draft features allow you to work on your listings when it’s most convenient for you.

Guidance as you list—Maximize item exposure and increase sales potential with recommendations based on real marketplace data—including pricing suggestions, title guidance, and more.

It’s FREE—Selling Manager is free for all eBay sellers. Plus, sellers with a Basic eBay Stores subscription are automatically subscribed.

Powerful features for greater selling power

Listing creation

  • Create new listings in bulk from draft or scratch

  • Copy and edit listings in bulk

  • Relist sold and unsold items in bulk

All listing creation features

Listing management

  • View Active, Sold, Scheduled, and Unsold items

  • Schedule listings

  • Enable shipping exclusions

All listing management features

Order management

  • Track orders and unsold items

  • Print shipping labels and upload tracking in bulk

  • Export order details

All order management features

Buyer communication

  • Track buyer Feedback

  • Store and re-use custom Feedback

  • Leave Feedback in bulk

All buyer communications features

Shipping and payments

  • Add tracking numbers in bulk

  • Print invoices in bulk

  • File credits in bulk (Unpaid Items/final value fee)

All shipping and payment features


  • Archive sold items

  • View summaries (listing activity, GMV, sales activity etc.)

  • View sales reports (orders, items sold etc.)

All reporting features

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get eBay Selling Manager?

    Start using Selling Manager—which is FREE to subscribe to—if you are looking for a way to efficiently create and manage listings in bulk. Sellers with a Basic eBay Store subscription are automatically subscribed.

    If you need to manage inventory, Selling Manager Pro might be better suited to your business needs. Premium- and Anchor-level eBay Store subscribers are automatically subscribed to Selling Manager Pro.

    Once you are subscribed to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro, it will appear in your My eBay Activity tab.

  • How much does it cost to use eBay Selling Manager?

    Selling Manager is FREE for all eBay sellers. Subscribe now. (Sellers with a Basic eBay Store subscription are automatically subscribed—no activation is required.)

  • What kind of listing guidance does eBay Selling Manager offer?

    The bulk listing and editing functionality provides actionable guidance—on a listing-by-listing level—to help sellers like you grow.

    • Price recommendations based on powerful eBay market analysis

    • Title recommendations based on data analysis in your listing's category

    • Item specifics recommendations to improve your listing’s discoverability via search

    • Top Rated Sellers will get Top Rated Plus listing recommendations so that listings can qualify for a 20% final value fee discount

    • Pictures recommendations to help maximize your listing’s visual appeal

    • Recommendations that identify opportunities for international visibility

    • Recommendations to help your listings qualify for eBay Fast ‘N Free

  • What are Selling Manager price recommendations based on?

    Our price recommendations are based on a market analysis of similar items. When evaluating the performance of your listings, we look for listings that we believe are a close match to yours. We look at a number of factors to identify these listings including product information like item specifics, category, and price.

  • How are title recommendations determined?

    Our title recommendations are based on analyzing search performance data in your listing's category over time.

  • Where can I get more detail on how to use Selling Manager features?

    For more information on how to use specific listing and editing features, visit the Selling Manager Help page.

  • Do I have to do anything to get my active listings into Selling Manager?

    Regardless of what tool you used to create your listings, once you subscribe to Selling Manager, your active listings will automatically appear in the Active page.

  • How do I subscribe to free Selling Manager?

    Current eBay Stores subscribers are automatically subscribed to Selling Manager (Basic-level subscription) or Selling Manager Pro (Premium- or Anchor-level subscriptions). If you don’t have an eBay Stores subscription, go to the Selling Manager subscription page and click the Subscribe Now button. 

  • What’s the difference between Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro?

    On top of all the great features included in Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro gives you a host of advanced features designed to streamline listing and help you manage your inventory, including:

    • Create products: Think of a product as a data record for an item that you sell. It helps you track information about your item, and contains listing templates for the different ways you sell your item.

    • Create listing templates: A listing template contains the information needed to create a listing, including the title, description, pictures, and other options that you specify in the Sell Your Item form.

    • Organize products using folders: Track information about your item, including listing templates for the different ways you sell your item.

    • Update inventory: You can use the Inventory view in Selling Manager Pro to track the products you sell and the listing templates you use to sell them.

    • Tracking inventory quantity: Selling Manager Pro automatically tracks the quantity of each product in your inventory.

    • Restock alerts: Receive an alert if the inventory quantity for a product falls below the level you specify.

    In addition, Selling Manager Pro offers the following features:


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Selling Manager Pro has all the features of Selling Manager plus powerful extras.

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