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Promoted listings is available to all active eBay Stores subscribers in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.

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Promoted Listings Explained

With promoted listings, you can increase the likelihood of a sale by putting your best merchandise in front of buyers who are actively searching and shopping. Your ads may appear in prominent locations on eBay based on several factors, including your chosen ad rate and how relevant the item is to a buyer's search. As an Anchor Store subscriber, you'll also get $25 promoted listings credit per quarter.

How It Works


Quick and simple setup

Choose the listings you want to promote, set your ad rates, and launch your campaign. It's that easy.


You're in control

Start, stop, or change your campaign at any time. Perfect for seasonal items, new listings, and bestsellers.


Clear billing

Your promoted listings fees appear on your invoice for each item sold. No surprises.

Optimization Starts with Your Dashboard

Optimization Starts with Your Dashboard

  • Review impressions, clicks, and sales to measure your success
  • Optimize campaigns by testing different items and pricing strategies
  • Launch new campaigns to maintain your competitive advantage

Strategies to Promote Your Listings

Select listings that drive results

Consider promoting items that would benefit most from added exposure and traffic. Think bestsellers, new listings, and seasonal must-haves.

Target your campaigns

Holidays, events, and seasons provide great opportunities to market your business and attract motivated buyers. Plan ahead and create inspiring targeted campaigns.

Set a competitive ad rate

Your ad rate is an important factor that influences the chances of your ad appearing. See current ad rate averages to help you determine the rate you want to set. If you're an Anchor Store subscriber, be sure to take advantage of the $25 promoted listings credit per quarter.

Test, test, and test again

Keep an eye on your promoted listings dashboard and make adjustments as necessary. Adding more great listings or slightly increasing your ad rate may yield better results.

Make the Most of Your Promoted Listings

Getting started with promoted listings

Discover tips, strategies, and best practices to take your marketing to the next level.

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