Shipping basics

Three Shipping Options


Free shipping

Offering free shipping is a great way to attract buyers. It really helps your items stand out, when compared to similar items that don’t offer free shipping.


Flat fee shipping

If you choose flat fee shipping, it’s a good idea to research average shipping costs for similar items. Figure our flat fee costs for each carrier with just a couple clicks.


Calculated cost shipping

With calculated shipping, shipping costs are determined automatically. Costs are calculated based on the size and weight of the packaged item, as well as your, and your buyer’s, location. Use the Shipping Calculator to determine a fair rate.

Determine Shipping Costs

Follow these three easy steps to figure out how much it will cost to ship your sold item

  1. Select your packaging. eBay offers several convenient ways to determine the right packaging, including some free options. You can also reuse packing you already have (providing it’s in good condition). You can get free supplies from the US Postal Service including eBay co-branded supplies. UPS and FedEx also offer free shipping supplies. Quick tip: You can’t “cross carriers” with your packaging. For example, don’t use a FedEx box if you’re sending your package via UPS. Last but not least, you can now purchase eco-friendly shipping supplies, which include the eBay logo.

  2. Prepack and weigh your item. After taking pictures prior to listing your item, you can prepack it to accurately determine shipping costs. Make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid extra postage costs. Pack your item without completely sealing the package; that way you can make any necessary adjustments before sending it out. Once you weigh it, you can use the Shipping Calculator to figure out the exact amount you’d like to charge.

  3. Shipping Calculator. The Shipping Calculator offers a great way to research different shipping options. By determining the weight and the dimensions of the box for your item, you can estimate shipping costs to a variety of locations using a variety of carriers.


Save Time and Money with eBay Labels

eBay labels offer savings of up to 24%* on Priority Mail® and up to 37%** off of FedEx. Tracking is uploaded automatically, so your buyer is kept informed every step of the way. Plus, you get free supplies and free package pickup.

Using eBay Labels

Why eBay labels

Watch how Kerry uses eBay labels so she can save money and focus on growing her business.

eBay labels simplify shipping

Selling on eBay: How to use shipping labels to save time and money.

Printing labels at home is a quick and easy time saver

Quick tips for sellers: Printing a label.

Shipping Is Fast and Easy with eBay Labels. Just Click, Print, and Ship.

eBay labels let you:

  • Create and print USPS or FedEx labels from any printer. Labels are auto-filled with your buyer’s shipping information for your convenience.
  • Make payments for shipping labels through eBay or PayPal, at discounted rates compared to the Post Office or FedEx Office, directly through My eBay.
  • Order free co-branded shipping supplies from the USPS.
  • Schedule free USPS carrier pickups or drop your packages at any staffed FedEx Office location.
  • Build customer loyalty by automatically sharing tracking information. When you print shipping labels from My eBay, the USPS or FedEx tracking number is automatically updated on My eBay and the eBay order details page. An email with the tracking number is sent to your buyer so they know the item has shipped.
  • Easily manage shipping from the "Track and manage shipments" page in My eBay.
  • Reprint a label at no extra charge or void a label you don't use within five days.
  • Offer ShipCover Insurance for items sold on eBay when you use eBay labels.
Quick Handling Time: Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction

Handling Time

Quick Handling Time: Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction

Choose a handling time you can meet, then meet (or beat!) it. It’s an easy path to happy customers.

Handling time

What is handling time?
Handling time is the number of business days between when you receive payment and when your package is scanned by your shipping carrier. Needless to say, buyers like to get their items fast. So the sooner you ship, the happier they’ll be.

How to set your handling time
Whenever you create a new listing, choose a handling time you can meet. However it’s easy to change your handling time in just a couple of steps:

  • From If you're listing an item using the eBay quick listing or Sell Your Item tools, simply click the Handling Time field, then make your selection from the drop-down menu.


  • From the eBay mobile app To find and change your handling time through the eBay mobile app, go to your preferences screen, and then select Handling Time.


How your handling time is calculated

Handling time is measured in business days—weekends and major holidays don't count. Remember, the handling-time clock begins once you receive payment from your buyer and ends when your shipping carrier scans the package. Be sure to check your shipping carrier's business hours before drop-off, so your package can be scanned before 11:59:59 pm PT that day.

Why handling time matters

Your handling time is the commitment you make to get your package to your buyer on time. It not only helps set expectations—it differentiates your listings from those with longer handling times. Just be sure to set one you know you can meet.

Since choosing a handling time is completely up to you, meeting or beating it makes for great customer service while maintaining your on-time shipping performance.

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The Global Shipping Program

The Global Shipping Program takes care of the details Selling internationally is now just as easy as selling domestically. With the Global Shipping Program (GSP), your eligible listings are automatically available to millions of buyers in more than 100 countries. In fact, GSP sellers have seen their sales increase by up to 15%.***

Sell with confidence to shoppers in over 100 countries It’s easy. When an item sells, just ship it to the Global Shipping Center in Kentucky. The Global Shipping Program does the rest: customs forms, import fees, and international shipping with end-to-end tracking.

Pack It Up

Make sure your item arrives safe and sound

When packing a product, look for a snug fit—but not too snug. Measure the item and select a box or envelope with enough extra room for additional packing materials. Use bubble wrap or biodegradable packing peanuts for padding to get your item there in good condition. And remember, it’s okay to reuse boxes, as long as they’re in good shape and old labels are covered or removed.

eBay-branded Shipping Supplies

eBay-branded Shipping Supplies

Give your eBay packages a professional look, and give yourself peace of mind with quality packaging materials at a great price. eBay-branded shipping supplies can be used with the carrier of your choice, and currently include:

  • Boxes: Premium quality, 100% recyclable, 10 different sizes
  • Padded mailers: Premium quality, two different types, several convenient sizes
  • Tape: Moisture resistant, low noise, high tensile strength, non-yellowing

Shipping Tips


Get free supplies

The US Post Office, UPS, and FedEx all offer ways to get your hands on free shipping supplies.


Pad your item

The right amount of padding will help your item travel safely.


Pack it tightly

Choose a box or mailer that provides a snug fit for your item plus packaging materials.


Ship from home

Labels, supplies delivered to your door, and more—we make it easy to ship from home.

Tools and Resources

Shipping Best Practices

Boost your sales and ratings, and lower your costs.

Global Shipping Program

International shipping made easy.

Shipping calculator

Estimating shipping costs just got easier.

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*Optional feature fees and final value fees apply. Excludes some listing styles and categories. See details.

**For domestic shipping and to Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

***Approximately 16% of sellers who enrolled in the Global Shipping Program in Apr 2015, who had not previously sold internationally and who enabled more than 60% of their eligible listings with the Global Shipping Program, experienced a 15% increase in sales (or more) 90 days after enrollment as measured against the 90-day period prior to enrollment. Individual results may vary.