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What is an eBay Store?

An eBay Store is your all-in-one online-business solution to get more out of the eBay marketplace and millions of buyers.

eBay Stores create a central shopping destination where buyers can learn more about you and your merchandise.

Get exclusive marketing and merchandising tools, plus customization features to build a brand that keeps customers coming back.


Why create your eBay Store?

  • Save! Get free listings and lower final value fees.*
  • Boost traffic! Drive buyers to your listings and Store.
  • Brand yourself! Design a custom homepage to bring in new and repeat buyers.
  • Optimize listings! Use exclusive, powerful tools to optimize your listings.
  • Enjoy dedicated customer service! eBay Anchor Store subscribers have access to white-glove customer service.**

Benefits that add up

See how much you get and save with an eBay Store

All Store subscribers receive

  • Unlimited insertion fee credits for auction listings that end in a sale.**
  • As much as 60% off final value fees compared to non-subscriber rates.
  • A coupon of up to $50 toward eBay-branded shipping supplies.
  • Access to Promotions Manager.
  • Exclusive discounts to business services.

Anchor Store subscribers receive

  • Access to white-glove customer support by phone and email—wherever, whenever.
  • The biggest discount on insertion fees for listings beyond your free allocation.
  • A coupon for $150 toward eBay-branded shipping supplies.
  • A quarterly credit for $25 toward Promoted Listings.

Savings in action

One example demonstrates tons of savings.


Fees without a subscription

Fees with a Premium Store subscription

1,000 listings

Insertion fees: $285

Insertion fees: $0

1,000 items sold

Final value fees: $1,000

Final value fees: $615

$10 per sold item

Subscription fee: $0

Subscription fee: $59.95

$10,000 in sales

Total fees: $1,285

Total fees: $674.50

One-month savings for Premium Store subscriber: $610.50

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eBaySCpage_exclusive marketing tools

Easy management with Seller Hub

Enjoy exclusive tools—only for eBay Stores subscribers.

Manage your Store and your marketing yourself right from Seller Hub, making it easy to

  • Tell buyers who you are and why they should buy from you.
  • Boost item visibility and reach more buyers with Promoted Listings.
  • Get items noticed and sell more items per visit by creating promotions and markdowns.
Vacation Hold

Relax with vacation holds

When it's time to step away, you've got the freedom to put your store and listings 'on hold.' Automatically add messaging to listings so buyers know when you're out and when you'll be back.

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*Based on a Premium Store annual subscription, fees were calculated based on 1,000 Fixed Price items listed, and sold for $10 per item, in the consumer electronics category with the applicable 6% final value fee. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrades and supplemental service fees may still apply. Please note: early termination fees apply to annual Store subscriptions. Learn More.

**Pay no insertion fees for allotted free listings per calendar month. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrade fees, supplemental service fees, and final value fees still apply.