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The eBay vault

Pricing & fees

Keeping items in the eBay vault

Storage fees

There are no fees to store your items in the eBay vault until Summer 2024.

Withdrawing items from the eBay vault

Withdrawal and shipping fees

When an item is removed from the eBay vault by its current owner, we charge a withdrawal fee and an insured shipping fee.

To introduce the eBay vault, we're waiving the insured shipping fee through 2023.

The withdrawal fee is based on the last purchase price of the item. You can see the withdrawal fee breakdown in the table below.

Only items valued at $250+ are eligible for the eBay vault.

Item price Withdrawal fee
$250 - $300 $12.50
$300.01 - $350 $15.00
$350.01 - $400 $17.50
$400.01 - $500 $20.00
$500.01 - $600 $25.00
$600.01 - $700 $30.00
$700.01 - $800 $35.00
$800.01 - $900 $40.00
$900.01 - $1000+ $45.00
$1,000+ $50

*For items valued at $100K or more, eBay customer service will contact you to discuss shipping options.

Buying items in the eBay vault

Vault buyer's premium

When an item in the eBay vault is sold, we charge the buyer a vault buyer's premium. This fee is calculated as 3% of the last purchase price of the item. The eBay vault buyer's premium will be waived through 2023.

The vault buyer's premium covers the administrative costs of securely reassigning ownership of the item within the eBay vault.

Remember that everything in the eBay vault is backed by our Authenticity Guarantee, so in the unlikely event that something is amiss, we've got your back.

Buying items in the eBay vault and shipping them to your address

Vault buyer's premium and withdrawal fees

When an item in the eBay vault is sold and the buyer ships it directly to their address, we charge the buyer both the vault buyer's premium and the withdrawal fee, as well as an insured shipping fee. But because the vault buyer's premium and the insured shipping fee are waived through 2023, the buyer will currently only pay a withdrawal fee.

When an item in the eBay vault is sold and the buyer keeps it there, we'll only charge the vault buyer's premium at the time of the transaction.

As a security precaution, all customers are limited to three shipping addresses per month and five shipping addresses per year for eBay vault withdrawals.

Selling fees & shipping costs

Selling fees

eBay waives all selling fees for items stored in the eBay vault, which means once your item is in, you won't have any selling fees–including final value fees.

If you're shipping an item to the eBay vault, you'll pay reduced final value fees.

Shipping fees

There are no shipping costs when you buy an item in the eBay vault and keep it there.

When an item is withdrawn from the eBay vault, insured shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping address. Insured shipping costs for withdrawals are waived through 2023.

For items withdrawn from the eBay vault with an eBay market value of over $100K, eBay customer service will contact you within 48 hours to discuss shipping options.

Other payment information

Vault buyer's premium and withdrawal fees are due upon checkout and can be paid using any payment method accepted on eBay. However, there are some special circumstances when an offline payment method (e.g., wire transfer) may be used to pay for the item itself.

Offline payments

You can arrange an offline payment directly with a buyer or seller. If you go this route, please note that when an item is withdrawn from the eBay vault and shipped to another address, the buyer is responsible for any applicable sales tax, invoiced via email, and due to eBay within 30 days. eBay will not ship the card without sales tax payment.

Please also note that eBay Money Back Guarantee does not apply to purchases made with an offline payment method.

Taxes and the eBay vault

When you ship a card to the eBay vault or store a card in the eBay vault, you will not be charged sales taxes.

Owners or buyers may have a use tax responsibility upon withdrawal of a card from the eBay vault. Please consult with your tax advisor to understand your individual responsibility.

When you sell or purchase a card that is shipped from the eBay vault to your delivery address, eBay will collect sales taxes as required.

Coming soon:
Storing items you already own in the eBay vault

Submission fees

When an item is submitted to the eBay vault, there is a cost associated with the expert inspection, insurance, and proper handling and storage of the item. We also take high-quality photos of the front and back on the card, and document all the details—for you to enjoy and also to make listing-to-sell seamless. For any eligible cards purchased on eBay, those costs are covered by us.

Eventually, you'll be able to send cards in your collection directly to the eBay vault. We'll charge a submission fee to cover the costs listed above for the items you submit.

For now, you can only send eligible cards that you buy on eBay to the eBay vault. For all such eBay purchases, there is no submission fee.

For more details about pricing & fees related to eBay vault, read the full Terms & conditions. eBay reserves the right to move to another fee structure in the future with 30 days notice to all impacted users.

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