Category Changes: Toys & Hobbies

September 2009: Toys & Hobbies

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
+Coins & Paper Money11116 
+Computers & Networking58058 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
+Health & Beauty26395 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
-Toys & Hobbies220 
 -Action Figures246 
    Bakugan Battle Brawlers168229 
    Death Note168230 
    DragonBall Z7119 
    Saint Seiya48975 
  -By Brand158668 
  -Comic Book Heroes158671 
    Captain America36556 
    DC Direct168233 
    DC Universe168234 
    Fantastic Four16472 
    Green Lantern36559 
    Incredible Hulk16473 
    Iron Man48971 
    Justice League of America60153 
    Marvel Legends152908 
    Marvel Select158674 
    Super Powers158661 
    Teen Titans110035 
    Wonder Woman36580 
  -Designer & Urban Vinyl158672 
  -Military & Adventure158679 
    Action Man7110 
    Big Jim31391 
    Captain Action36555 
   -GI Joe1167 
    -3 3/4-inch84609 
     Mixed Lots48969 
    Max Steel36564 
  -Transformers & Robots83732 
     2007 Movie155343 
     Beast Machines2484 
     Beast Wars2485 
     Generation 14696 
     Generation 24697 
     Machine Wars4695 
     Marvel Crossovers168237 
     Robots in Disguise (R.I.D.)49015 
     Star Wars168238 
     Mixed Lots49016 
  -TV, Movie & Video Games75708 
    Austin Powers36552 
    Battlestar Galactica158660 
    Babylon 5746 
    Ben 10158370 
    Bruce Lee38261 
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer36554 
    Doctor Who4299 
    Family Guy158662 
    Final Fantasy16462 
    Gears of War168224 
    Harry Potter126922 
    Indiana Jones155333 
    James Bond36561 
    Jurassic Park16465 
    Living Dead Dolls36563 
    Lord of the Rings20913 
   -Masters of the Universe18988 
     Mixed Lots2470 
    Metal Gear168226 
    Movie Maniacs36565 
    Pirates of the Caribbean142335 
    Planet of the Apes16469 
    Power Rangers749 
    Reservoir Dogs36567 
    Resident Evil36566 
    Six Million Dollar Man43840 
    Small Soldiers36570 
    Sonic the Hedgehog168227 
    South Park158665 
   -Star Trek38262 
     Star Trek (Original)38263 
     Next Generation38264 
     Mixed Lots48982 
   -Star Wars2477 
     30th Anniversary Collection152947 
    -Episodes 4-6 (1977-1989)48995 
      Star Wars: A New Hope50270 
      Empire Strikes Back50273 
      Return of the Jedi50276 
      Power of the Force 198552334 
    -NeoClassic (1990-2000)48996 
      Power of the Force 199550265 
      Power of the Jedi50268 
      Micro Machines158676 
      Mixed Lots50282 
    -Episodes 1-3 (1999-2005)48983 
      The Phantom Menace50259 
      Attack of the Clones50262 
      Clone Wars (2003-2005)165950 
      Revenge of the Sith101608 
      Mixed Lots50264 
     The Clone Wars (2008)165951 
     The Force Unleashed158675 
     Mixed Lots49013 
    Street Fighter168228 
    Super Mario Brothers158664 
   -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles45450 
     Mixed Lots49014 
    Tomb Raider16477 
    Tortured Souls36578 
    World of Warcraft158677 
   Mixed Lots49018 
 -Beanbag Plush, Beanie Babies49019 
   Bammers, Bamm Beanos1522 
   Celebrity Bears49021 
   Grateful Dead1620 
    Baby Ty95270 
    Basket Beanies158681 
   -Beanie Babies-Original19205 
   -Beanie Babies 2.0165958 
    Beanie Boppers16479 
   -Beanie Buddies19206 
    Beanie Kids7111 
    Custom Decorated95273 
    Jingle Beanies95274 
    Pillow Pals1633 
    Sports Commemorative1637 
    Teenie Beanies441 
    Trading Cards1496 
 -Building Toys18991 
  -Erector Sets18993 
   -Bulk Bricks & Lots18999 
     Parts & Pieces19002 
    Duplo & Primo19004 
    Mindstorm Robotics19005 
     City, Town56311 
     Harry Potter58727 
     Indiana Jones168269 
     Police, Fire & Rescue168270 
     Space, Mars19008 
     Spongebob Squarepants168272 
     Star Wars19009 
   Lincoln Logs19013 
   Mega Bloks52338 
   Tinker Toys19014 
 -Classic Toys19016 
   Lite Brite152912 
   Magic, Magician Supplies11739 
   Rocking Horses19024 
 -Diecast Toy Vehicles222 
    Contemporary (1990-Now)45347 
   -Modern (1970-1989)36487 
     Dragon Wings36490 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)2650 
  -Bikes, Motorcycles19030 
    Contemporary (1990-Now)45348 
   -Modern (1970-1989)36495 
     Hot Wheels36496 
     Motor Max36498 
     New Ray36499 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)742 
  -Boats, Ships19032 
    Modern (1970-Now)19033 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)19034 
   Cars, Trucks-Cast Iron19035 
  -Cars, Trucks-Diecast19036 
    Auto Art45349 
    Code 37311 
     Contemporary (1990-Now)47186 
     Modern (1970-1989)757 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)16481 
    Danbury Mint782 
      American Muscle47188 
      Entertainment Series47189 
     Delivery & Service Vehicles36501 
    -Farm Vehicles43843 
      Modern (1970-Now)2497 
      Vintage (Pre-1970)43844 
     Trucks, ATVs36502 
    -Vehicle Banks43845 
      Modern (1970-Now)2498 
      Vintage (Pre-1970)43846 
     Mixed Lots156605 
   -First Gear43847 
     Modern (1970-Now)2499 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)43848 
   -Franklin Mint43849 
     Modern (1970-Now)759 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)43850 
   -Hot Wheels1171 
    -Contemporary (1990-Now)45351 
      First Editions16482 
      Monster Jams45353 
      Treasure Hunt12522 
      Mixed Lots47191 
    -Modern (1980-1989)19037 
      Blue Card36503 
      First Editions45355 
      Monster Jams36504 
      Treasure Hunt45356 
      Mixed Lots47192 
    -Vintage (Pre-1980)22718 
      Red Line1172 
      Mixed Lots47193 
      Other Vintage Hot Wheels2503 
   -Johnny Lightning19038 
     Fright'ning Lightnings19040 
     Hot Rods19041 
     Muscle Cars USA19043 
     Speed Racer19044 
     White Lightning19045 
     Mixed Lots156606 
    Liberty Classics43851 
     Modern (1970-Now)2509 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)43853 
    -Modern (1970-Now)36507 
      Across America Series36508 
      Mixed Lots47195 
    -Vintage (Pre-1970)19046 
      King Size2506 
      Models of Yesteryear2507 
      Mixed Lots156607 
    Micro Machines16483 
    Muscle Machines45358 
    -Action/ Motorsports Authentic19047 
      Bill Elliott19048 
      Bobby Hamilton36513 
      Bobby Labonte19049 
      Carl Edwards165962 
      Casey Atwood19050 
      Dale Earnhardt19051 
      Dale Earnhardt Jr.19052 
      Dale Jarrett19053 
      Darrell Waltrip20886 
      Denny Hamlin165963 
      Ernie Irvan20887 
      Jamie McMurray165964 
      Jeff Burton19054 
      Jeff Gordon19055 
      Jeff Green36514 
      Jeremy Mayfield20888 
      Jerry Nadeau36515 
      Jimmie Johnson36516 
      Jimmy Spencer20889 
      Johnny Benson36517 
      Kasey Kahne165965 
      Ken Schrader20890 
      Kenny Wallace36518 
      Kevin Harvick20891 
      Kyle Busch165966 
      Kyle Petty36519 
      Mark Martin20892 
      Martin Truex Jr.165967 
      Matt Kenseth36520 
      Michael Waltrip20893 
      Mike Skinner20894 
      Richard Petty19056 
      Ricky Rudd20895 
      Robby Gordon36521 
      Rusty Wallace19057 
      Ryan Newman36522 
      Sterling Marlin20896 
      Steve Park20897 
      Terry Labonte19058 
      Tony Stewart19059 
      Mixed Lots47196 
    -Racing Champions47197 
      Dale Earnhardt47198 
      Ernie Irvan47199 
      Jerry Nadeau47200 
      Jimmie Johnson47201 
      Johnny Benson47202 
      Ken Schrader47203 
      Terry Labonte47204 
      Ward Burton47205 
      Mixed Lots47206 
      Bobby Labonte156610 
      Bobby Hamilton156611 
      Dale Earnhardt156612 
      Dale Earnhardt Jr.156613 
      Dale Jarrett156614 
      Ernie Irvan156615 
      Jeff Gordon156616 
      Rusty Wallace156617 
      Terry Labonte156618 
    -Team Caliber47207 
      Jeff Burton47208 
      Jimmie Johnson47209 
      Ryan Newman47210 
      Terry LaBonte47211 
    -Winners Circle47212 
      Dale Earnhardt47213 
      Dale Earnhardt Jr.47214 
      Tony Stewart47215 
     Mixed Lots156608 
    Open Wheel2512 
    Road Champs2513 
    Showcase Model2514 
  -Cars, Trucks-Plastic19060 
    Modern (1970-Now)19061 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)4943 
  -Cars, Trucks-Pressed Steel19062 
   -Modern (1970-Now)47219 
   -Vintage (Pre-1970)2651 
     Buddy L2652 
  -Cars, Trucks-Other Materials19065 
    Modern (1970-Now)19066 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)745 
  -Construction Equip., Vehicles156621 
    Modern (1970-Now)152934 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)740 
  -Farm Vehicles156622 
    Modern (1970-Now)156623 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)741 
   Other Vehicles Pre-1970739 
   Other Vehicles 1970-Now1042 
  -Alphabet & Language145930 
    Blocks, Tiles & Mats145931 
   Geography & History11733 
  -Learning Systems158695 
     Fly Pentop Computer119393 
     Fridge Phonics166794 
     Leapster 2166795 
     Little Leaps158693 
     Vsmile Pocket119397 
     Whiz Kid158688 
   Music & Art11735 
  -Reading & Writing145936 
    Infant & Toddler145937 
    Preschool & Kindergarten145938 
    Grade School145939 
    Middle & High School145940 
  -Science & Nature31743 
    Animals & Nature31744 
    Electronics & Electricity158698 
    Insects & Bug Habitats158699 
    Microscopes & Chemistry2568 
    Telescopes & Astronomy31745 
   Special Needs & Autism123829 
   Multiple Subjects, Mixed Lots165961 
 -Electronic, Battery & Wind-Up19071 
  -Battery Operated19072 
     Radios, Musical Toys145943 
     Ride On Toys & Accessories145944 
     Talking Toys145945 
     Toy Vehicles145946 
  -Electronic & Interactive1082 
    FurReal Friends38288 
    Giga Pets158701 
    iDog, iCat & iFish119394 
    Laser Tag168245 
    Pixel Chix119396 
    Radica, IM-ME159220 
    Smart-e-bear & Friends166797 
    UB Funkeys158703 
   -Video Now101611 
  -Wind-Up, Walking Toys19075 
 -Fast Food, Cereal Premiums19077 
  -Fast Food767 
    Burger King769 
    Jack in the Box16485 
     Individual Pieces2520 
     Mixed Lots44010 
     Complete Sets2521 
  -Board & Traditional Games2550 
   -Card Games (Non-Trading)19082 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)146004 
    Chinese Checkers19089 
    Crazy Bones158735 
   -Family Games158738 
    Fantasy Board Games2531 
   -Financial Games158739 
    Horror & Monster Games1177 
   -Mah Jong19091 
   -Movie & TV Games158740 
    Scene It146002 
    Space Games1179 
   -Sports Games158736 
    Trivial Pursuit19098 
    War Board Games2558 
    Yahtzee, Dice Games2539 
    Bop It & Simon158733 
    Catch Phrase158734 
    Chess & Checkers155339 
    Vintage (Pre-1990)155342 
   Game Pieces, Parts7317 
   Mighty Beanz55415 
  -Miniatures, War Games16486 
    Axis & Allies158731 
    Babylon 5113527 
    Clan War63656 
    Dungeons & Dragons158713 
    Flames of War113523 
     Mixed Lots44004 
    Lord of the Rings44011 
    Mage Knight16488 
    Pirates CSG113524 
    Pokemon TFG155640 
    Ral Partha16489 
   -Star Wars158718 
     Alliance & Empire158719 
     Bounty Hunters158720 
     Champions of the Force165970 
     Clone Strike158721 
     Clone Wars165971 
     Force Unleashed158722 
     Knights of the Old Republic165972 
     Rebel Storm158723 
     Revenge of the Sith165973 
     Starship Battles158724 
    War at Sea158732 
      Accessories, Bits158714 
      Chaos Space Marines44118 
      Dark Eldar44119 
      Imperial Guard68406 
      Space Marines44124 
      Terrain, Scenery152940 
      Witch Hunters123868 
      Beasts of Chaos152945 
      Dark Elves45363 
      High Elves45364 
      Hordes of Chaos152944 
      Ogre Kingdoms152943 
      Orcs & Goblins45366 
      Terrain, Scenery152942 
      Tomb Kings45367 
      Vampire Counts152941 
      Wood Elves109241 
   -Warmachine & Hordes168254 
     Iron Kingdoms168256 
    World of Warcraft168258 
   Plastic Action Games165969 
  -Role Playing Games2543 
   -Dungeons & Dragons44109 
     Accessories & Dice44112 
     Adventure Modules44113 
     Dungeon Master's Guides158710 
     Full Sets44114 
     Individual Cards44115 
     Monster Manuals158711 
     Player's Handbooks158712 
    Science Fiction2547 
    Super Hero2548 
    Hand Made772 
    Machine Made2573 
    Hand Made236 
    Machine Made2570 
 -Model RR, Trains479 
   DCC Systems & Accessories158704 
   Live Steam152913 
  -Z Scale19116 
    Detail Parts165975 
    Track & Accessories19118 
  -N Scale19119 
    Brass Imports78177 
    Graham Farish38268 
    Micro-Trains Line (MTL)19126 
    Model Power165976 
    Red Caboose152916 
    Detail Parts165979 
    Track & Accessories19127 
  -HO Scale19128 
    American Flyer168277 
    Brass Imports78178 
    Broadway Limited152918 
    Model Power165980 
    Precision Craft152919 
    Red Caboose152921 
   -Buildings, Structures117369 
     Craftsman Building Kits117370 
     Plastic & Resin Kits117371 
   -Detail Parts11645 
     Figures, People11647 
     Scenery, Trees11648 
    Track & Accessories19142 
  -OO Scale152922 
    Airfix Railway152923 
    Detail Parts165992 
  -S Scale19143 
    American Flyer480 
    American Models165983 
    S-Helper Service165984 
    Detail Parts165986 
    Track & Accessories19144 
  -O Scale19145 
    American Flyer19146 
    Brass Imports78179 
    Detail Parts165988 
    Track & Accessories19149 
   Standard Scale19150 
  -G Scale19151 
    Brass Imports78180 
    USA Trains19156 
    Detail Parts165990 
    Track & Accessories19157 
   Mixed Lots165991 
 -Models & Kits1188 
   Aircraft (Non-Military)1189 
    Hot Rod2582 
     1/12 Scale145972 
     1/20 Scale145973 
     1/24 Scale145974 
     1/25 Scale145975 
     1/43 Scale145976 
  -Boats, Ships152928 
   Character Figures4249 
     Mixed Lots50304 
    Soldiers, Figures16511 
  -Science Fiction16512 
    Star Trek49211 
    Star Wars49212 
   Super Hero2593 
   Tools, Supplies & Engines2594 
 -Outdoor Toys & Structures11743 
   Balls, Frisbees & Boomerangs19017 
   Bubble Toys145977 
   Dart Guns & Soft Darts158749 
   Inflatable Bouncers145979 
  -Pedal Cars19021 
  -Ride-Ons & Tricycles19023 
  -Sand & Water Toys145986 
    Balls & Balloons145987 
    Floats, Rafts145988 
    Sandbox Toys and Sandboxes145990 
    Squirt Toys145991 
    Water Slides145992 
    Water Toys145993 
   Swings, Slides & Gyms16515 
  -Tents, Tunnels & Playhuts145994 
    Permanent Playhouses145995 
    Pit Balls145996 
    Play Tents145997 
 -Pretend Play, Preschool19169 
   Brio Compatible16517 
   Dishes, Tea Sets19171 
   Doctor/ Nurse Kits158741 
   Dress-Up, Costumes19172 
     Little People19176 
     Pull Toys19177 
     Amazing Animals168216 
     Kid Tough158743 
     Little People (1963-1996)2527 
     Little People (1997-Now)158744 
     Musical Toys50306 
     Peek A Blocks168217 
     Planet Heroes168218 
     Pull Toys2528 
     Rescue Heroes50307 
     Shake 'N Go168219 
     Smart Cycle158745 
     Snap 'N Style168220 
  -Little Tikes19178 
    Child Size2574 
    Dollhouse Size19179 
   Littlest Pet Shop150925 
   Play-Doh, Modeling Clay11740 
   Step 252344 
   Tool Sets158747 
   Wooden & Handcrafted Toys1197 
     Under 1000 Pieces19190 
     1000 Pieces or More19191 
    Brain Teasers146078 
     Under 25 Pieces146070 
     26 - 99 Pieces146071 
     100 - 249 Pieces146072 
     250 - 499 Pieces146073 
     500 Pieces146074 
     501 - 749 Pieces146075 
     750 - 999 Pieces19184 
     1000 Pieces19185 
     1001 - 1500 Pieces146068 
     Over 1500 Pieces146069 
     Mixed Lots158750 
    Peg Puzzles146076 
 -Radio Control & Control Line2562 
   Control Line & Freeflight34054 
  -Radio Control Engines160924 
  -Radio Control Parts & Access.116070 
  -Radio Control Vehicles117015 
     Battery Powered2563 
     Gas Powered19164 
    Boats, Watercraft2564 
   Tether Cars168247 
 -Robots, Monsters & Space Toys19192 
    Creature from the Black Lagoon168249 
     Rock'em Sock'em Robots158753 
  -Space Toys19200 
 -Slot Cars2616 
  -HO Scale164787 
  -1/24 Scale164789 
  -1/32 Scale164791 
  -1/43 Scale164793 
 -Stuffed Animals436 
   Animal Alley168241 
   Dan Dee158788 
   FAO Schwarz95266 
   First & Main168242 
   Fisher Price95267 
   Limited Treasures16478 
   Melissa & Doug158785 
   Pound Puppies63653 
   Princess Soft Toys158784 
    Shining Stars153012 
   Warner Bros.781 
  -Webkinz & Lil'Kinz158769 
   Mixed Lots158780 
 -Toy Soldiers2631 
 -Trading Card Games2536 
   Bakugan Battle Brawlers158794 
   Bella Sara158795 
  -Dragonball Z44040 
   Eye of Judgement158796 
   Harry Potter22727 
   Legend of the Five Rings33051 
   Lord of the Rings33052 
  -Magic the Gathering19107 
   -Boxes & Packs19109 
    Complete Sets19114 
    Foil Cards49181 
   -Individual Cards38292 
     White (Plains)158754 
     Blue (Island)158755 
     Black (Swamp)158756 
     Red (Mountain)158757 
     Green (Forest)158758 
     Multi-Color & Hybrid158759 
    Magic Online49195 
    Playable, Tournament Decks49196 
    Mixed Lots19113 
   Pirates of the Caribbean158797 
   Raw Deal38317 
   Star Trek33053 
  -Star Wars84618 
    Decipher (CCG)84619 
    Wizards (WOTC)84620 
   Vampire, The Eternal Struggle33055 
   VS System158792 
   Warlord: Saga of the Storm33056 
   World of Warcraft150192 
    Full Sets49203 
    Individual Cards31395 
    Mixed Lots49209 
 -TV, Movie & Character Toys2624 
   Bear in the Big Blue House20901 
   Ben 10152906 
   Big Comfy Couch95253 
   Blues Clues2626 
   Bob the Builder20902 
   California Raisins20904 
   Clifford the Big Red Dog20905 
   Curious George19215 
    Action Figures7114 
    Trading Cards7116 
    101 Dalmatians50308 
    Beauty & the Beast44033 
    Bug's Life50309 
    Chicken Little146029 
    Disney Princesses146030 
    Disney Villains166789 
    Donald Duck19217 
    Finding Nemo50310 
    Hannah Montana158763 
    High School Musical158764 
    Jungle Book158765 
    Kim Possible50311 
    Lilo & Stitch44035 
    Little Einsteins158766 
    Little Mermaid44036 
    Lion King44037 
    Lizzie McGuire50312 
    Monsters Inc.44038 
    Nightmare Before Christmas36586 
    Pirates of the Caribbean142334 
    Snow White19222 
    Tinker Bell, Peter Pan146041 
    Toy Story19223 
   Dora the Explorer44039 
   Dr. Seuss20906 
   Dr. Who166791 
   Dragon Tales20907 
   DragonBall Z7117 
   Dukes of Hazzard20908 
   ET Extra Terrestrial95259 
   Family Guy146056 
   Fairly Odd Parents63651 
   Gerry Anderson Shows165948 
   Harry Potter11077 
   Hello Kitty5204 
   Howdy Doody20911 
   In the Night Garden166790 
   Invader Zim63652 
   Jay Jay the Jet Plane44049 
   Jimmy Neutron95260 
   Kung Fu Panda168212 
   Lamb Chop, Shari Lewis20912 
   Land Before Time95261 
   Lost in Space20914 
   Max & Ruby168211 
   Muppets, Sesame Street2627 
  -My Little Pony47227 
   My Melody, Miffy95263 
   Peanuts Gang773 
   Pee-Wee Herman20917 
   Powerpuff Girls12523 
   Rocky & Bullwinkle19241 
   South Park20918 
   Speed Racer19244 
   SpongeBob Squarepants20919 
   Strawberry Shortcake146102 
  -Thomas the Tank Engine22719 
    Backpacks, Bags146107 
    Clothing & Accessories146108 
    Games & Toys146109 
    Home Decor146110 
    Lunch Boxes, Dinnerware146111 
     Trains & Vehicles113518 
     Train Sets113519 
   Three Stooges20921 
   Veggie Tales20922 
   Warner Bros.19250 
   Winnie the Pooh19251 
   Wonder Pets168213 
   Wow Wow Wubbzy168214 
   Yo Gabba Gabba168215 
 -Vintage & Antique Toys717 
  -Cap Guns2660 
    Cast Iron2661 
   Card Games165968 
   Cast Iron721 
   Cowboy, Western19252 
   Kitchen Sets166801 
   Lead Toys & Figures152938 
   Paper Toys725 
   Play Sets727 
   Pull Toys728 
   Spinning Tops158798 
   Tea Sets166802 
   Toy Parts1198 
   Wind-up Toys74986 
 -Wholesale Lots40149 
   Action Figures40150 
   Diecast Toy Vehicles51023 
   Model RR, Trains51032 
   Novelty, Vending Toys51025 
   Pretend Play, Preschool51028 
   Radio Control51029 
   Stuffed Animals, Beanbag Plush51030 
   TV, Movie & Character Toys51031 
+Video Games1249 
+Everything Else99 
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