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Seller Profiles
What does success look like to you? Some eBay Sellers have netted handsome profits, others have found a way to work from home and enjoy their families more, and still others have taken a hobby or a small business to a higher level. Learn how these sellers have found continual success on eBay.

Featured Profiles
Feedback is key
"We don't take Feedback for granted. If you want to be the biggest and the best, you must have repeat customers. Good DSRs will help you do that."- Champions_On_Display
Global success
"Also, we ensure item descriptions are clear and concise, which our repeat buyers have come to trust. Plus, we load on the photos." - shopitla
Customer satisfaction
"Buyers appreciate our expertise, and providing good customer service only reinforces their trust in us." - thegolfhabit
Communication priority
"When you have satisfied buyers, you get repeat buyers. And that’s the best Feedback a seller can receive." - SuperGoodDeals

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