Category Changes: Everything Else
Change TypeExplanation
New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
+Coins & Paper Money11116 
+Computers & Networking58058 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
+Health & Beauty26395 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games1249 
-Everything Else99 
 +Adult Only319Renamed from [Mature Audiences]
  Advertising Opportunities102333 
  eBay User Tools20924 
 -Education & Learning16706 
    Alphabet, Letters102943 
    Arts & Crafts116096 
    Daycare Supplies116097 
    Foreign Languages102944 
    Numbers, Math102945 
    Phonics, Reading102946 
    Shapes, Colors102947 
  -Elementary School102956 
    Foreign Languages102958 
    History, Geography102957 
    Phonics, Reading102960 
    Spelling, Writing, Grammar102962 
   Middle School3140 
   High School3141 
  -Adult & Career Education3143 
     Direct Selling102325 
     Real Estate102328 
    Certification, Licenses16708 
    Computer, Technical21255 
    Healthcare, Nursing4256 
   -Personal Development102329 
     Leadership, Self-Confidence102330 
     Memory Improvement102331 
     Personal Finances102332 
  -School Supplies, Equipment102949 
    Binders, Notebooks102950 
    Crayons, Markers102951 
    Globes, Maps102952 
    Pens, Pencils102953 
    Stamps, Stickers102954 
   Teaching Supplies, Resources102955 
   Wholesale Lots52559 
 -Funeral & Cemetery88739 
   Cemetery Plots88741 
   Cremation Urns88742 
   Mortuary Supplies88743 
   Births, Marriages, Deaths20926 
   Census Records20927 
   City, State Directories20928 
   Coat of Arms116098 
   County, State History116099 
   Family Trees116100 
   Immigration, Passenger Lists20929 
   Military Records20931 
 -Information Products102480 
  -How-To Guides102481 
    Bad Credit Repair102482 
    Buy, Sell on eBay102483 
    Game Mastery102484 
    Self Employment102485 
    Self Help102486 
  -Wholesale Lists102487 
    Bikes, Scooters102488 
    Clothing & Accessories102489 
    Computers & Networking102490 
  -Crystal Healing102493 
    Chakra Sets102496 
    Quartz Crystals102500 
    Rose Quartzs102501 
  -Feng Shui102502 
    Ba Guas, Baguas102503 
  -Psychic, Paranormal102513 
    Ouija Boards102515 
    Spells, Potions102517 
    Cards Decks102521 
    Sets, Kits102523 
    Single Cards116108 
 -Personal Security102535 
   Body Armor102537 
   Pepper Spray79849 
   Stun Guns79850 
   Surveillance Cameras102543 
 -Religious Products & Supplies102545 
   Bibles Covers & Accessories116118 
   Communion Accessories102548 
   Educational Materials116119 
 -Reward Pts, Incentive Progs102553 
   Proof of Purchase, UPCs102554 
   Reward Points148493 
 -Weird Stuff1466 
   Slightly Unusual1467 
   Really Weird1468 
   Totally Bizarre1469 
 +Test Auctions14112Relocated within Parent
+Live Auctions2038 


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