Category Changes: Crafts

September 2009: Crafts

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
+Coins & Paper Money11116 
+Computers & Networking58058 
 -Art Supplies11783 
   ACEO, Art Cards160639 
   Altered Art & Collage75570 
   Books & Videos160640 
  -Canvases, Pads & Paper160925 
    Pads & Sketchbooks57208 
    Paper & Boards115058 
  -Decorative & Tole Painting28126 
    Paint Brushes41213 
    Patterns & Instructions28127 
    Ready to Paint Items28128 
    Tole Decals & Transfers41215 
    Calligraphy Sets41203 
    Pencils & Charcoal28108 
    Pens & Markers28109 
   Mediums, Varnishes & Fixatives160641 
   Paint by Number10900 
    Acrylic Paint31401 
    Brushes, Palettes & Knives71179 
    Gouache Paint134558 
    Oil Paint28112 
    Watercolor Paint28113 
   Screen Printing160642 
 -Beads & Jewelry Making31723 
  -Beads, Pearls & Charms160644 
     Ceramic, Clay & Porcelain146299 
     Cats Eye146291 
     Czech, Glass146294 
     Silver & Metal146300 
     Tube, Bugle146304 
    Cultured & Freshwater Pearls134294 
   Books & Magazines134292 
   Cord, Thread & Wire150059 
  -Jewelry Findings150046 
    Bead Caps160678 
    Clasps & Hooks150049 
    Crimp & End Beads150052 
    Connectors, Bails150047 
    Earring Findings150051 
    Jump Rings & Split Rings150055 
    Pins & Needles150054 
    Spacer Beads146301 
  -Kits & Instructions162090 
   -Beading Kits162091 
    Instructions & Project Books162095 
   -Jewelry Making Kits162096 
     Necklaces & Pendants162099 
     Mixed Jewelry Kits162101 
   Storage & Display83893 
  -Tools, Boards & Trays160679 
    Bead Boards & Trays134290 
    Bead Tools83892 
    Tool Kits162089 
 -Glass & Mosaics163778 
   Beach Glass - Machine-Tumbled150134 
   Beach Glass - Surf-Tumbled41221 
  -Glass & Mosaic Tiles160646 
    Ceramic Tiles & Shapes163779 
    China Tiles & Shapes28135 
    Dichroic Glass146323 
    Glass Gems & Shapes41222 
    Glass Tiles163783 
    Mirror Tiles163784 
    Mosaic Pebbles & Stones41227 
    Specialty Tiles166720 
    Stained Glass Tiles & Sheets41224 
    Vitreous, Venetian, Smalti163785 
  -Glass Art & Mosaic Supplies3100 
    Books & Videos117402 
    Etching Supplies163788 
    Fusing Supplies163789 
    Glass Art Tools3101 
    Glass Blowing116642 
    Glass Cutters116643 
    Glass Grinding116644 
    Glass Kilns117401 
    Glass Paints116645 
    Grout, Glue & Substrates162080 
    Kits & Patterns71182 
    Mosaic Molds & Surfaces163787 
    Mosaic Tools41372 
    Stained Glass Supplies4770 
 -Handcrafted & Finished Pieces71183 
   Beaded Items83889 
    Gift Tags146328 
    New Baby146330 
    Thank You146331 
   Dolls & Toys83905 
    Gingerbread Crafts121829 
    Valentine's Day160655 
  -Home Decor & Accents160656 
    Candles & Holders121831 
    Table Decor168075 
    Wall Hangings83904 
    Wood Items108866 
   Handpainted Items71186 
   Mosaic/Stained Glass/Glass Art166721 
  -Needle Arts & Crafts160659 
    Cross Stitch71189 
    Dishcloths & Potholders160660 
    Granny Squares134449 
    Hand Crocheted Doilies83907 
    Hand Hooked Rugs157034 
    Latch Hooked Rugs157028 
    Scarves, Hats & Accessories160661 
    Socks & Slippers160662 
    Tatting & Lace160663 
    Wool & Needlefelted Items160664 
    Woven, Rag & Braided Rugs160665 
   Paper Crafts160666 
 -Home Arts & Crafts160667 
    Basket Weaving134305 
    Chair Caning160668 
  -Candles & Soap28114 
    Bags & Packaging83895 
    Candle & Soapmaking Kits41205 
    Candle Molds41207 
    Candle Wax134295 
    Candle Wicks28120 
     Dye Blocks134301 
     Dye Chips134302 
     Liquid Dyes134303 
    Herbs & Botanicals48093 
    Jars & Holders41368 
    Recipes & Instruction146309 
   -Scents, Fragrances41268 
     Essential Oils41269 
     Fragrance Oils28117 
    Soap Bases28118 
    Soap Butters & Fixed Oils48094 
    Soap Molds28116 
    Tools & Warming Pots160647 
  -Ceramics & Pottery28121 
    Books & Magazines134448 
    Ceramic Decals48095 
    Ceramic Molds & Kits83898 
    Clays, Glazes & Paints28122 
   -Polymer Clay134445 
     Clay Molds150133 
     Clay Rollers & Machines134447 
     Polymer Canes134446 
    Pottery Kilns116495 
    Pottery Tools116496 
    Pottery Wheels28124 
    Ready-to-Paint Pottery83899 
  -Floral Crafts16491 
   -Dried Flowers & Plants160648 
     Dried Flowers16493 
     Poppy Pods134565 
     Potpourri Ingredients160649 
    Silk Flowers16494 
    Swags & Garlands28130 
  -Framing & Matting37573 
    Frames & Supplies37575 
    Framing Mats37576 
    Mat Cutting Tools & Supplies37574 
    Leather Hides & Fur Pelts83938 
    Leather Tools & Treatments28133 
     Leather Lacing71187 
     Rivets & Tacks71188 
  -Rug Making28147 
   -Latch Hooking157027 
     Latch Hooking Equipment116678 
     Latch Hooking Kits28148 
     Latch Hooking Patterns116677 
     Latch Yarn28149 
   -Primitive Hand Hooking157029 
     Primitive Hooking Equipment157032 
     Primitive Hooking Kits157030 
     Primitive Hooking Patterns157031 
     Primitive Yarn157033 
    Rug Braiding160671 
    Roving, Wool & Fiber36601 
    Spinning Wheels134624 
    Upholstery Fabric28160 
    Tools & Equipment113355 
   Wall Decor & Tatouage75575 
    Weaving Books & Patterns57740 
    Weaving Looms57741 
    Books & Patterns3130 
     Carving Wood, Roughouts, Kits160675 
     Woodcarving Books & Patterns160676 
     Woodcarving Tools160677 
     Pen Blanks71234 
     Turning Wood71235 
     Woodturning Tools160673 
    Supplies & Tools3131 
 -Kids' Crafts116652 
   Bead Kits134567 
   Craft Books134568 
   Craft Kits116655 
  -Drawing & Painting160717 
    Paint Sets134569 
    Pens & Markers116656 
   Foam & Felt Shapes116654 
   Sand Art116657 
 -Multi-Purpose Craft Supplies28102 
   Adhesives & Glue Guns28103 
   Badge/ Button Makers71176 
  -Craft Pieces160704 
    Blown Eggs116639 
    Craft Bells116640 
    Craft Shells3120 
    Holiday Craft Pieces117399 
    Pine Cones103479 
    Tin & Metal Pieces117400 
    Wine Corks71177 
    Wooden Pieces71178 
   Display & Storage57736 
   Foam & Styrofoam41200 
   Resin Craft Molds & Supplies162078 
  -Ribbon & Bows83974 
    Curling Ribbon121832 
    Fabric & Lace83975 
    Raffia, Wire & Cord83888 
    Ribbon Bows134625 
    Ribbon Flowers134626 
 -Needlecrafts & Yarn160706 
  -Crocheting & Knitting3094 
    Crochet Hooks28140 
    Crochet Kits108867 
    Crochet Thread83906 
    Knitting Boards & Looms113343 
    Knitting Kits108868 
   -Knitting Needles71215 
     Circular Needles71216 
     Single & Double Point Needles71217 
   -Machine Knitting146370 
     Knitting Machines28146 
     Machine Knitting Patterns146375 
     Machine Knitting Yarn146378 
     Machine Parts & Needles146376 
    Notions and Tools160708 
     Adult Clothing11798 
     Afghan Patterns11797 
     Baby & Children41229 
     Doll Clothing41231 
     Dolls & Toys41232 
     Home Decor41233 
     Purses & Accessories134450 
     Mixed Crochet41234 
     Adult Clothing41241 
     Baby & Children41238 
     Crafts & Pets160726 
     Dolls & Toys71219 
     Home Decor160728 
     Purses & Accessories41239 
   -Patterns-Mixed Yarn Crafts160709 
     Dolls, Crafts & Pets160712 
     Home Decor160713 
    Totes & Cases83927 
  -Cross Stitch3091 
    Cross Stitch Fabric31405 
    Cross Stitch Floss41235 
   -Cross Stitch Kits34017 
     Animals & Insects34018 
     Babies, Children & People34019 
     Buildings & Villages34020 
     Flowers, Gardens & Nature34021 
     Holidays & Occasions34022 
     Landscapes & Seascapes34024 
     Religious & Cultural34026 
     Sports & Hobbies162120 
     Mixed Lots34029 
    Cross Stitch Magazines83908 
   -Cross Stitch Patterns34032 
     Animals & Insects34033 
     Babies, Children & People34034 
     Buildings & Villages34035 
     Flowers, Gardens & Nature34038 
     Holidays & Occasions34039 
     Landscapes & Seascapes34041 
     Poems & Sayings34043 
     Religious & Cultural34044 
     Sports & Hobbies162121 
     Mixed Lots34048 
    Frames, Hoops & Accessories116497 
    Crewel Embroidery Supplies116610 
    Embroidery Machines71196 
   -Hand Embroidery Supplies160720 
     Embroidery Kits28142 
     Embroidery Floss & Thread28144 
     Hand Embroidery Hoops160721 
     Hand Embroidery Needles, Tools160722 
     Hand Embroidery Patterns28143 
     Stamped Linens75566 
   -Machine Embroidery Supplies160724 
     Design Cards & CDs41383 
     Digitizing Software71197 
     Embroidery Machine Needles134586 
     Machine Bobbins & Thread83920 
     Machine Embroidery Hoops41384 
     Machine Embroidery Patterns146356 
    Punchneedle Supplies160719 
    Ribbon Embroidery Supplies41385 
  -Needlepoint & Plastic Canvas3104 
    Needlepoint Canvas3107 
    Needlepoint Kits3109 
    Needlepoint Patterns3108 
    Plastic Canvas19159 
    Plastic Canvas Patterns146383 
  -Tatting & Lacemaking134590 
    Lacemaking Bobbins134591 
    Lacemaking Shuttles134784 
    Tatting Patterns134592 
    Books & Instruction160749 
    Handspun & Handpainted83944 
    Mixed Lots37577 
 -Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts11788 
   Adhesives, Glue & Tape31731 
   Books, Patterns & Instructions103482 
   Digital Scrapbooking103481 
    Borders, Corners & Frames103480 
    Bottle Caps160732 
    Buttons & Flatbacks31732 
    Die-Cut Shapes & Punchies75571 
    Grommets, Brads83990 
    Ribbons, Bows, Fibers, Wire31733 
     Alphabet, Numbers34003 
     Animals & Insects34004 
     Baby, Children34005 
     Borders, Frames & Shapes34006 
     Flowers & Gardens34008 
     Food, Kitchen34009 
     Holidays & Occasions34010 
     People, Family & Jobs34011 
     Scratch & Sniff34013 
     Sports & Recreation48303 
     Travel & Transportation34015 
     Collections, Mixed Lots34016 
    Mixed Lots160736 
   Markers & Pens11790 
  -Organizers & Carriers146396 
    Accessory Binders146397 
    Paper Organizers146398 
    Photo Files146399 
    Scrapbook Hobby Carts146400 
    Scrapbooking Totes146401 
    Storage Racks146402 
  -Paper Crafts134593 
    Card Making134594 
   Paper Piecing11792 
  -Scrapbooking Albums33875 
    Bag & Tag Albums160731 
    5x7 Albums33876 
    6x6 Albums83980 
    7x7 Albums33877 
    8x8 Albums134627 
    8.5x11 Albums33878 
    12x12 Albums33977 
   Scrapbooking Kits11789 
   Scrapbooking Pages (Pre-made)146403 
   Scrapbooking Paper & Pages11791 
  -Scrapbooking Tools83981 
    Blades, Cutters & Trimmers16500 
    Die Cutting Machines & Dies113344 
    Die Cutting Vinyl166722 
    Embellishment Setters134628 
    Paper Punches11793 
    Scrapbook Cutting Sets83987 
    Templates, Patterns & Stencils16503 
 -Sewing & Fabric160737 
    Quilt Batting116679 
    Quilt Blocks162081 
    Quilt Hangers & Stands83959 
    Quilt Patterns83957 
    Quilt Templates & Stencils116680 
    Quilt Tops19162 
    Quilting Books & Instruction3113 
    Quilting Kits19160 
    Quilting Thread83958 
    Quilting Tools & Equipment19161 
    Sewing Machines & Sergers3118 
   -Sewing Notions & Tools28169 
      Beaded & Sequined Appliques48103 
      Iron On Appliques48102 
      Sew On Appliques146319 
      Iron or Sew Appliques146320 
     Fabric Paint & Markers134560 
     Fabric Transfers31730 
     Hot Fix, Iron On Tools & Studs121828 
     Purse Handles146289 
     Scissors & Shears28171 
     Sewing Boxes & Storage83965 
     Sewing Needles & Pins28170 
     Sewing Pincushions134623 
      Pom Pom116608 
   -Sewing Patterns28174 
     Baby & Children's Clothing31407 
     Costume Patterns116690 
     Craft & Pet Patterns160729 
     Doll, Barbie Clothing Patterns116691 
     Holiday Patterns116693 
     Home Decor Patterns11802 
     Men's Clothing31408 
     Purse & Accessory Patterns116694 
     Women's Clothing11801 
     Mixed Lots160730 
   -Sewing Machine Accessories41242 
     Memory Cards134615 
     Sewing CDs41244 
     Sewing Manuals & Instruction41246 
     Sewing Machine Needles41247 
     Machine Parts & Attachments41248 
 -Stamping & Embossing3122 
  -Embossing Supplies84007 
    Embossing Powders84008 
    Embossing Stencils84009 
   Paper, Stationery3123 
   Rubber Stamping Idea Books116689 
   Rubber Stamping Kits16506 
   Stamping Instruction & Pattern16505 
   Stamping Tools & Equipment16507 
  -Stamps & Accessories31740 
    Acrylic Stamps160739 
   -Mounted Rubber Stamps41252 
     Alphabet & Numbers41253 
     Animals & Insects41255 
     Antiques & History162082 
     Baby & Children41256 
     Borders & Backgrounds41257 
     Fantasy & Magic162083 
     Flowers & Leaves41260 
     Holidays & Occasions41261 
     Love, Hearts & Weddings41262 
     People, Family & Jobs41263 
     Poems, Sayings & Phrases41264 
     Religious & Inspirational41265 
     Sports & Hobbies162084 
     Toys, Dolls & Bears41266 
     Winter & Snow162085 
     Collections, Mixed Lots41267 
   -Unmounted Rubber Stamps48306 
     Alphabet & Numbers48307 
     Animals & Insects48309 
     Antiques & History162086 
     Baby & Children160741 
     Borders & Backgrounds48310 
     Fantasy & Magic162481 
     Flowers & Leaves48311 
     Holidays & Occasions48312 
     Love, Hearts & Weddings160742 
     People, Family & Jobs160743 
     Poems, Sayings & Phrases160744 
     Religious & Inspirational160745 
     Sports & Hobbies162087 
     Toys, Dolls & Bears160747 
     Winter & Snow162088 
     Collections, Mixed Lots160748 
    Rubber Stamp Wheels134633 
    Stamp Handles & Mounts134783 
   Stamping Ink & Pads11795 
  Other Crafts75576 
 -Wholesale Lots45074 
   All-Purpose Craft Supplies31742 
   Bead Art146405 
   Candle & Soap Making48753 
   Fabric Embellishment48754 
   Floral Supplies48755 
   Ribbons & Bows168077 
   Stamping & Stickers45076 
   Thread, Floss168078 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
+Health & Beauty26395 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games1249 
+Everything Else99 
+QA Test Clothing Shoes & Acces166299 
+QA Test Books168673 


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