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Fixed Price Overview

Since we introduced Buy It Now for auction-style items, our community indicated a strong desire to buy and sell some items at a set price. As a result, we have added a new Fixed Price selling format option. Although auction-style listings will still be an important part of buying and selling on eBay the new Fixed Price format:
  • Gives sellers an alternative to the auction-style formats for selling items at a fixed price
  • Provides an easy way for buyers to locate and purchase items instantly
  • Gives sellers an easy option to sell multiple quantities of the same item at set prices
  • Attracts new buyers and sellers who prefer to sell and purchase at a set price
  • Shows fixed price items in eBay's regular search and listings pages

What is Fixed Price?

The new Fixed Price format allows you to buy or sell items instantly at a set price, similar to the current Buy It Now option available with auction-style listings.
  • Buyers: Purchase items immediately - no bidding or waiting. It's the fastest, most convenient way to shop.
  • Sellers: Sell items at the price you want without waiting for your listing to end. Example: Set the price for your item at $50 and sell it for $50.

What's the difference between Fixed Price listings and Auction-style listings with a Buy It Now price?

Sellers: Choose from two Buy It Now options and make faster sales. To list single-quantity Fixed Price items, you must have a feedback rating of 10 or more (or be ID Verified ). If you have a PayPal account and accept PayPal as a payment method on the listing, your feedback rating only needs to be 5 or more. To list multiple items in a single Fixed Price listing, you must have a feedback rating of 30 or more and be a registered user for at least 14 days (or be ID Verified). If you have a PayPal account and accept PayPal as a payment method on the listing, your feedback rating only needs to be 15 or more.

Auctions with a Buy It Now price The new Fixed Price format
When you add a Buy It Now price to your auction...
  • Buyers can buy your item instantly OR place a bid on your item.
  • Buy It Now is only available when there are no bids on an item or until the reserve price is met (if applicable). As soon as a bid is placed (or the reserve price is met), the Buy It Now feature disappears and your listing continues auction-style.
  • You can sell only one item per listing.
  • In addition to insertion and final value fees, a 5 cent fee applies to auction-style listings with a Buy It Now price.
When you list an item with the new Fixed Price format...
  • Buyers can purchase your item immediately at the price you set.
  • The Buy It Now price will not disappear until all quantity is sold or the listing ends.
  • You can sell more than one item at the same time - saving you time and money!
  • Normal insertion and final value fees apply to Fixed Price listings. There is no additional fee for Buy It Now.