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Retiring listing features to increase relevance in search results
As part of our ongoing mission to provide a best-in-class shopping experience for buyers—and to help them find your items as quickly and easily as possible—your eBay Motors Parts & Accessories listings are now surfacing in search results on the main eBay site. As a result, some listing features that no longer exist on will be discontinued on eBay Motors listings.

Having buyers find—and buy—parts and accessories on will bring more traffic to your listings. Plus, you can benefit from many of the great features available on, such as Best Match—eBay’s advanced, default sort order for search results—and the new eBay Shopping Cart.


  • Best Match,’s default sort order, places emphasis on relevance in matching your listings to interested buyers. As a result, some listing features that were only available for purchase on eBay Motors will be discontinued.
  • As of May 2, 2012, Border, Highlight, Featured Plus!, and Listing Icon will no longer be available for purchase for Parts & Accessories listings.
  • Motors Home Page Featured will no longer be available for Vehicles listings.
  • On June 4, 2012, these features will no longer be visible in search results on the eBay Motors site.

Take Action

  • There's nothing specific you have to do to your listings. These feature changes will be applied automatically, and your listings will automatically appear in search results on
  • Take a new look at your listing strategy in light of these changes, and focus on Best Match best practices to optimize your position in search.

Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?
Currently, buyers can browse and purchase your eBay Motors Parts & Accessories listings on both eBay Motors and Later in 2012, buyers will only be able to browse and purchase your Motors items on

As a result of this change, and to stay in alignment with’s search functionality, on May 2, 2012, some listing features that have already been discontinued in other categories will be discontinued in the eBay Motors categories. Sellers will not be able to purchase these features as of this date.
Why is eBay making these changes?
Having the eBay Motors site separate from the site has confused many existing and new members. Integrating your Motors Parts & Accessories listings—and eventually Vehicles listings—onto will eliminate this confusion, and bring more visibility to your listings. Retiring these features will make search results more relevant to buyers—thereby increasing the likelihood of a sale. This has proven to be the case when these features were retired on
What happens if I pay for an optional feature that is being discontinued on a 30-day or Good 'Til Cancelled listing? Will I get a credit for the Optional Feature Fee?
Buyers will be able to see any optional features you’ve selected until June 4, 2012—you’ll always get the full benefit duration of any of the features you’ve purchased.
What will happen to my active listings that have these discontinued features?
As of June 4, 2012, if you have an active Good 'Til Cancelled listing that includes Border, Highlight, Featured Plus!, Listing Icon or Motors Home Page Featured, the discontinued feature (or features) will be automatically removed, and you’ll no longer be charged for said features when your listing is renewed.
What do I need to do as a result of these changes?
There is nothing specific you have to do to your listings—these changes will be applied to your listings automatically. Going forward, we recommend you focus on optimizing your listings for Best Match to get the best value for your selling fees.
I used these features to drive more traffic to my listings. What options are available to me now?
There are a number of great features that will continue to be available—such as Subtitle, or listing in two categories—however, with Best Match as the default sort order, the most important traffic driver will be to employ these best practices:

  • Achieve or keep eBay Top-rated seller status by providing great service to your buyers
  • Offer good prices and free or reasonable shipping
  • List in the right format, and the right categories
  • Write accurate and relevant titles
  • Write clear item descriptions
  • Always use Parts Compatibility whenever available
  • Include great photos
  • State your terms clearly