Category Changes: Sporting Goods

June 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Sporting Goods888
 +Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA179767
  Electric Bicycles74469
  Bicycle Frames22679
  -Bicycle Tires, Tubes & Wheels185023New Category
   Tires177828Moved from [Bicycle Components & Parts-57262]
   Tubes177829Moved from [Bicycle Components & Parts-57262]
   Wheels & Wheelsets177830Moved from [Bicycle Components & Parts-57262]
  -Bicycle Accessories177832
   Bags & Panniers177833
   Bells & Horns123474
   Bicycle Stands & Storage158997
   Bicycle Transport Cases & Bags177835
   Carrier & Pannier Racks177836
   Child Seats56808Combined into [Child Seats-185029]
   Child Seats185029New Category
   Decals, Stickers106953
   Hydration Packs27952
   Lights & Reflectors22689
   Locks & Security58100
   Saddle Covers, Seat Covers177838
   Trainers & Rollers36141
   Training Wheels177839
   Water Bottles & Cages62132
   Other Bicycle Accessories158998
  +Bicycle Components & Parts57262
  +Bicycle Electronics177840
  +Bicycle Maintenance & Tools177844
  Books & Video62130
  Car & Truck Racks177849
  -Cycling Clothing158990
   Arm, Knee & Leg Warmers85045
   Base Layers177850
   Casual T-Shirts & Tops177851
   Hats & Caps158994Renamed from [Hats, Caps & Headbands]
   Jersey & Pant/Short Sets177852
   Tights & Pants177854
   Wristbands & Headbands185028New Category
   Other Cycling Clothing177857
  -Cycling Shoes & Shoe Covers177862
   Men's Cycling Shoes158986Renamed from [Men]
   Women's Cycling Shoes158987Renamed from [Women]
   Unisex Cycling Shoes178077New Category
   Youth Cycling Shoes158988Renamed from [Youth]
   Shoe Covers177863
  +Helmets & Protective Gear177864
  Sunglasses & Goggles56185
  +Vintage Cycling158999
  Other Cycling2904
 -Fitness, Running & Yoga15273
  +Cardio Equipment28059
  -Clothing & Accessories158913
   -Men's Clothing40884
    Compression & Base Layers179825
    Hoodies & Sweatshirts59392
    Jackets & Vests59353
    Tracksuits59339Renamed from [Track Suits]
    Other Men's Fitness Clothing40892
   -Women's Clothing40883
    Compression & Base Layers179822
    Hoodies & Sweatshirts59325
    Jackets & Vests59285
    Skirts & Skorts179824
    Sports Bras59315
    Tracksuits59273Renamed from [Track Suits]
    Other Women's Fitness Clothing13360
   -Youth Clothing180091
    Compression & Base Layers179828
    Hoodies & Sweatshirts180135
    Jackets & Vests179827
    Tracksuits180127New Category
    Other Youth Fitness Clothing179833
   Hats & Headwear158918
   Running Gloves179810
   Safety & Reflective Gear158951
   Sauna Suits179812
   Support & Protective Gear158919
   Other Fitness Clothing158920
  Fitness DVDs109130
  +Fitness Equipment & Gear28064
  +Fitness Technology44075
  Gym Bags68816
  -Strength Training28066
   Barbells & Attachments137864
   Gloves, Straps & Hooks179820Combined into [Gloves, Straps & Hooks-185070]
   Gloves, Straps & Hooks185070New Category
   Home Gyms158923
   Home Gym Attachments179813
   Power Racks & Smith Machines179815
   Pull Up Bars179816
   Push Up Stands158925
   Weight Plates179817
   Weight Sets179818Combined into [Dumbbells-137865]
   Weight Storage179819
   Weighted Vests158926
   Wrist & Ankle Weights137866
   Wrist & Knee Wraps179821
   Other Strength Training28067
  -Yoga & Pilates158927
   Mats & Non-Slip Towels158928
   Mat Carriers & Bags158929
   Other Yoga & Pilates158930Combined into [Yoga & Pilates Accessories-44086]
   Pilates Tables179807Relocated within Parent
   Pilates Rings179808Relocated within Parent
   Yoga Straps148944Relocated within Parent
   Yoga Props179809Relocated within Parent
   Yoga & Pilates Accessories44086Renamed from [Pilates Accessories]
  Other Fitness, Running & Yoga13362
 +Indoor Games36274
 +Outdoor Sports159043
 +Team Sports159049
 +Tennis & Racquet Sports159134
 +Water Sports159136
 +Winter Sports36259
 Other Sporting Goods310
 +Wholesale Lots40146


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