Category Changes: Pottery & Glass

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Pottery & Glass870
  -Art Glass955
    Contemporary4778Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
    Studio2743Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
    Vintage2744Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
    Other Art Glass Paperweights20Combined into [Paperweights-2742]
   -Stained Glass4767Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
    Contemporary4768Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
    Studio Arts4769Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
    Other Stained Art Glass1230Combined into [Stained Glass-184436]
   Stained Glass184436New Category
   Studio/Handcrafted Glass152904Renamed from [Studio/ Handcrafted Glass]
   -Bohemian/Czech29554Renamed from [Bohemian, Czech]
    Unknown Maker160882Combined into [Other Bohemian/Czech Art Glass-989]
    Other Bohemian/Czech Art Glass989
   -British45527Relocated within Parent (i)
    Unknown Maker160883Combined into [Other British Art Glass-991]
    Other British Art Glass991
   -French29557Relocated within Parent (i)
    Emile Galle101659
    Unknown Maker160884Combined into [Other French Art Glass-992]
    Other French Art Glass992
   Italian994Combined into [Italian-64932]
   Italian64932New Category
   Maltese64934Renamed from [Maltese/ Mdina]
   -North American29560Relocated within Parent (i)
     Limited Editions2725Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Bells2720Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Burmese2721Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Coin Dot160885Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Crests2722Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Figurines2723Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Hobnail2724Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Shoes2726Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Vases160886Combined into [Fenton-2719]
     Other Fenton Art Glass21Combined into [Fenton-2719]
    Pairpoint/Mt. Washington4774Renamed from [Pairpoint, Mt. Washington]
    Robert Held166786
    St. Clair2693
    Unknown Maker160887Combined into [Other North American Art Glass-78047]
    Other North American Art Glass78047
   -Scandinavian29562Relocated within Parent (i)
    Kosta Boda29564
    Mats Jonasson123449
    Unknown Maker160888Combined into [Other Scandinavian Art Glass-995]
    Other Scandinavian Art Glass995
   Other Countries15Combined into [Other Art Glass-184437]
   Price Guides & Publications170127Combined into [Nonfiction-171243]
   Other Art Glass988Combined into [Other Art Glass-184437]
   Other Art Glass184437New Category
  Wholesale Lots60101
 +Pottery & China18875


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