Category Changes: Musical Instruments

October 2016 : Musical Instruments & Gear

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Musical Instruments & Gear619 
 +DJ Equipment48458 
 -Guitars & Basses3858 
   Acoustic Guitars33021 
   Acoustic Electric Guitars22966 
   Bass Guitars4713 
  +Beginner Packages84659 
   Cigar Box Guitars181221 
   Classical Guitars119544 
   Guitar Amplifiers38072 
   Guitar Builder/Luthier Supply47067 
   Electric Guitars33034 
   Lap & Pedal Steel Guitars181220 
   Travel Guitars159948 
  -Parts & Accessories180009 
   +Effects Pedals181222 
    Amplifier Parts & Accessories183389New Category
   +Guitar Parts181223 
    Polishes & Cleaners46680 
    Stands & Hangers22671 
    Other Guitar Parts & Accs7266 
   Other Guitars621 
 +Instruction Books, CDs & Video182150 
 +Karaoke Entertainment175696 
  +Folk & World Drums181228 
  -Hand Percussion181246 
    Jaw Harps148621 
    Shakers & Small Percussion47090Renamed from [Shakers & Blocks]
    Singing Bowls39178 
    Other Hand Percussion181248 
  +Orchestral Percussion181249 
  +Parts & Accessories181254 
   Other Percussion622 
 +Pianos, Keyboards & Organs180010 
 +Pro Audio Equipment180014 
 +Sheet Music & Song Books180015 
 +Stage Lighting & Effects12922 
 +Wind & Woodwind10181 
 -Vintage Musical Instruments181162 
  +Vintage Brass118974 
  +Vintage Guitars & Basses181163 
  -Vintage Percussion181170 
    Folk & World Drums181179 
   -Hand Percussion181180 
     Jaw Harps181185 
     Shakers & Small Percussion181181Renamed from [Shakers & Blocks]
     Singing Bowls181184 
   +Orchestral Percussion181187 
    Parts & Accessories182214 
    Other Vintage Percussion181192 
  +Vintage Pianos & Keyboards181193 
  +Vintage String119023 
  +Vintage Wind & Woodwind181202 
  Wholesale Lots52555 
  Other Musical Instruments308 


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