Category Changes: Home & Garden

June 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Home & Garden11700
 +Food & Beverages14308
 +Fresh Cut Flowers & Supplies178069
 +Greeting Cards & Party Supply16086
 +Holiday & Seasonal Décor38227
 -Home Décor10033
  Afghans & Throw Blankets20549
  Boxes, Jars & Tins36017
  Candle Holders & Accessories16102
  Clocks20558Combined into [Clocks-258031]
  -Clocks258031New Category
   Alarm Clocks & Clock Radios79643Moved from [Clocks-20558] Renamed from [Alarm Clocks]
   Desk, Mantel & Shelf Clocks175753Moved from [Clocks-20558]
   Grandfather Clocks20559Moved from [Clocks-20558]
   Wall Clocks20561Moved from [Clocks-20558]
   Replacement Parts & Tools101408Moved from [Clocks-20558]
   Other Home Décor Clocks20562Moved from [Clocks-20558]
  Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Art159889
  Decorative Fruit & Vegetables36018
  Decorative Plates & Bowls36019
  Display Easels38225
  Door Décor36020
  Floral Décor4959
  +Home Fragrances20552
  Indoor Fountains20569
  Key & Letter Holders31586
  Message Boards & Holders41510
  Plaques & Signs31587
  Plate Racks & Hangers31588
  Posters & Prints41511
  Shadow Boxes41512
  Suncatchers & Mobiles20578
  Tile Art79655
  Wall Pockets115979
  Wall Sculptures166729
  Wall Shelves45501
  Other Home Décor10034
 -Home Improvement159907
  -Building & Hardware3187
   Building Plans & Blueprints42130
   +Cabinets & Cabinet Hardware41971
   -Doors & Door Hardware41976
    Door Closers167125
    Door Entry Sets158456
    Door Hinges66739
    Door Knobs & Levers180964
    Door Knockers180965
    Door Locks & Lock Mechanisms180966
    Door Viewers126439
    Latches & Bolts180967
    Screen Doors180968
    -Smart Doorbells & Locks257925New Category
     Smart Doorbells185055New Category
     Smart Door Locks185056New Category
     Smart Doorbell Parts & Accessories257926New Category
     Smart Door Lock Parts & Accessories257927New Category
    Weather Stripping124980
    Other Door Hardware20593
   +Flooring & Tiles180983
   -Garage Doors & Openers180972
    Garage Doors115699
    Garage Door Parts & Accs179687
    Garage Door Remotes85899
    Opener Systems85898
    Smart Garage Door Openers185057New Category
    Smart Garage Door Opener Parts & Accessories257928New Category
    Opener Parts & Accessories179688
    Other Garage Door Equipment180973
   +Lumber & Composites180969
   Mailboxes & Slots20599
   +Nails, Screws & Fasteners180974
   +Paint & Varnish180979
   +Painting Supplies & Sprayers41989
   +Wallpaper & Accessories180981
   +Windows & Window Hardware180113
   Other Home Building & Hardware20594
  -Electrical & Solar20595
   +Alternative & Solar Energy41979
   Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes20596
   Connectors & Ties41982
   Extension Cords75577
   Switch Plates & Outlet Covers43412
   -Switches & Outlets41983
    Outlets & Receptacles41985
    -Smart Outlets & Wall Switches185058New Category
     Smart Outlets & Receptacles185060New Category
     Smart Wall Switches & In-Line Modules185059New Category
     Smart Outlet Parts & Accessories257929New Category
     Smart Wall Switch Parts & Accessories257931New Category
    Other Electrical Switches20597
   Other Electrical & Solar3188
  -Heating, Cooling & Air69197
   Air Conditioners69202Combined into [Central Air Conditioners-185108]
   -Air Conditioners & Heaters185107New Category
    Central Air Conditioners185108New Category
    Ductless Split System Air Conditioners185110New Category
    Window/Wall Air Conditioners185111New Category
    Portable Air Conditioners185112New Category
    Evaporative Coolers185113New Category
    Furnaces & Central Heating Systems41987Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197] Renamed from [Furnaces & Heating Systems]
    Underfloor Heating Systems84185New Category
    Space Heaters20613Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
    HVAC Parts & Accessories185109New Category
   -Indoor Air Quality & Fans185114New Category
    Air Filters43509Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
    Air Purifiers43510Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
    Dehumidifiers79621Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
    Exhaust Fans & Ventilators122909New Category
    Humidifiers71240Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
    Portable Fans20612Moved from [Heating, Cooling & Air-69197]
    Indoor Air Quality Parts & Accessories257933New Category
   +Fireplaces & Stoves38219
   Heated Floor Mats126214Combined into [Underfloor Heating Systems-84185]
   +Water Heaters115965
   Appliance Parts & Accessories70574Combined into [HVAC Parts & Accessories-185109]
   Other Home Heating & Cooling20598Combined into [HVAC Parts & Accessories-185109]
  -Home Security41968
   Door Entry Systems & Intercoms14953Moved from [Home Automation-50582] Renamed from [Intercoms & Access Controls]
   Fire Escape Ladders159910
   -Security Cameras121834Combined into [Security Cameras-48638]
    Wireless66738Combined into [Security Cameras-48638]
    Wired121835Combined into [Security Cameras-48638]
   Security Keypads115944
   Security Signs & Decals159908
   Security Systems41969Combined into [IP & Smart Security Camera Systems-185053]
   +Smoke & Gas Detectors115941
   Wireless Transmitters115946
   Other Home Security20589
  +Plumbing & Fixtures20601
  Other Home Improvement160038
 -Household Supplies & Cleaning299
  Carpet Shampooers177746
  Carpet Steamers79656
  Carpet & Floor Sweepers79657
  Cleaning Products20605
  Cleaning Towels & Cloths29509
  +Home Organization43502
  +Laundry Supplies20620
  Mops & Brooms20607
  +Paper Products179198
  Reusable Shopping Bags169302Moved from [Unisex Accessories-155185]
  Trash Cans & Wastebaskets20608
  Vacuum Cleaner Bags20618
  Vacuum Cleaners20614
  Vacuum Parts & Accessories42146
  Vintage Vacuums115993
  Other Home Cleaning Supplies300
 +Kids & Teens at Home176988
 -Kitchen, Dining & Bar20625
  +Bar Tools & Accessories20687
  +Baking Accs. & Cake Decorating177009
  +Dinnerware & Serving Dishes36027
  Vacuum Flasks & Mugs177006Renamed from [Drink Containers & Thermoses]
  +Flatware, Knives & Cutlery20637
  Kitchen Islands/Kitchen Carts115753
  +Kitchen Storage & Organization20652
  +Kitchen Tools & Gadgets20635
  +Linens & Textiles71237
  -Small Kitchen Appliances20667
   Blenders (Handheld)133703Combined into [Handheld Mixers-184668]
   Deep Fryers20674Combined into [Fryers-185033]
   Electric Skillets134673Combined into [Electric Skillets-185032]
   Hot Water Pots177755Combined into [Tea Kettles-133705]
   Mixers (Handheld)133700Combined into [Handheld Blenders-184667]
   Bread Machines20669Relocated within Parent
   Burners & Hot Plates177751Relocated within Parent
   Can Openers & Crushers20670Relocated within Parent
   Chafing Dishes & Warming Trays27552Relocated within Parent
   Chocolate Fountains169181New Category
   -Coffee, Tea & Espresso Makers38250Renamed from [Coffee & Tea Makers]
    Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines65643New Category
    Coffee Grinders32882
    Coffee Makers (Automatic)65635Combined into [Filter Coffee Machines-184665]
    Coffee Makers (Specialty)177752Combined into [Percolators, Moka Pots & Turkish Coffee Pots-116012]
    Coffee Roasters177753
    Espresso & Cappuccino Machines38252Renamed from [Espresso Machines]
    French Presses98851Combined into [French Presses-184664]
    Filter Coffee Machines184665New Category
    French Presses184664New Category
    Milk Frothers171754
    Percolators, Moka Pots & Turkish Coffee Pots116012Renamed from [Percolators & Moka Pots]
    Pod & Capsule Coffee Machines156775Renamed from [Single Serve Brewers]
    Tea Infusers177754
    Tea Makers101424
    Parts & Accessories99565Renamed from [Replacement Parts & Accs]
    Other Coffee, Tea & Espresso Makers159902Renamed from [Other Coffee & Tea Makers]
   Cotton Candy Machines169180New Category
   Countertop Blenders133704Renamed from [Blenders (Countertop)]
   Countertop Ice Makers122929Moved from [Refrigerators & Freezers-71258]
   Countertop Mixers133701Renamed from [Mixers (Countertop)]
   Crepe Makers170416New Category
   Cupcake, Pie & Dessert Makers122928Relocated within Parent
   Electric Skillets185032New Category
   Fondue Sets66749Relocated within Parent
   Food Dehydrators32883Relocated within Parent
   Food Processors20673Relocated within Parent
   Fryers185033New Category
   Grain Mills168754Relocated within Parent
   Grills & Griddles20675Relocated within Parent
   Handheld Blenders184667New Category
   Handheld Mixers184668New Category
   Hot Dog Makers99633New Category
   Ice Cream Makers20676Relocated within Parent
   Infrared & Convection Ovens150139Relocated within Parent
   Juicers20677Relocated within Parent
   Tea Kettles133705Moved from [Coffee & Tea Makers-38250]
   Kitchen Scales50419Relocated within Parent
   Meat Grinders66751Relocated within Parent
   Pasta Makers20680Relocated within Parent
   Pie Makers122931New Category
   Popcorn Makers66752Renamed from [Popcorn Poppers]
   Raclettes99643New Category
   Rice Cookers122932New Category
   Rotisseries134674Relocated within Parent
   Slicers & Electric Knives20681Relocated within Parent
   Slow Cookers & Pressure Cookers20672Renamed from [Cookers & Steamers]
   Slushie Makers170730New Category
   Steamers185013New Category
   Toaster Ovens122930Relocated within Parent
   Toasters77285Relocated within Parent
   Vacuum Sealers69221New Category
   Vintage Small Appliances116013Relocated within Parent
   Waffle Makers168763Relocated within Parent
   -Water Purification54144New Category
    Cartridges54145New Category
    Soda Makers25845Moved from [Small Kitchen Appliances-20667]
    Water Filters20684Moved from [Small Kitchen Appliances-20667]
    Other Water Purification54146New Category
   Yogurt Makers122933Relocated within Parent
   Parts & Accessories184971New Category
   Other Small Kitchen Appliances20685
  Other Kitchen & Dining Items177014
 -Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans20697
  -Smart Lighting185044New Category
   Smart Light Bulbs185045New Category
   Smart Light Fixtures185046New Category
   Smart Light Strips185071New Category
   Smart Lighting Kits & Hubs185047New Category
   Smart Lighting Parts & Accessories257932New Category
  Ceiling Fans176937
  Chandeliers & Ceiling Fixtures117503
  Lamp Shades20708
  Light Bulbs20706
  Night Lights20702
  String Lights, Fairy Lights116022
  Wall Fixtures116880
  Lighting Parts & Accessories20705
  Other Lighting & Ceiling Fans3201
 -Major Appliances20710
  Dishwasher Parts & Accessories116026
  Microwave Ovens150138Combined into [Microwave Ovens-150140]
  Microwave Ovens150140New Category
  Microwave Parts & Accessories159903
  +Ranges & Cooking Appliances43563
  -Refrigerators & Freezers71258
   Kegerators155678New Category
   Mini Fridges71262
   Upright & Chest Freezers71260
   Parts & Accessories71259Combined into [Parts & Accessories-184666]
   Wine Fridges & Cellars177750Moved from [Bar Tools & Accessories-20687]
   Parts & Accessories184666New Category
   Other Refrigerators & Freezers159920
  -Washers & Dryers42231
   Washing Machines71256
   Washer Dryer Combinations & Sets71257Renamed from [Washer & Dryer Sets]
   Parts & Accessories99697
   Other Washers & Dryers112595New Category
  Other Major Appliances20715
 +Rugs & Carpets20571
 -Tools & Workshop Equipment631Renamed from [Tools]
  -Air Tools22659Combined into [Air Tools-85759]
   -Nailers42241Combined into [Nailers & Staple Guns-22661]
    Finishing Guns42242Combined into [Nailers & Staple Guns-22661]
    Framing Guns50378Combined into [Nailers & Staple Guns-22661]
    Roofing Guns42243Combined into [Nailers & Staple Guns-22661]
    Staple & Brad Guns42244Combined into [Nailers & Staple Guns-22661]
   Wrenches22663Combined into [Ratchets & Wrenches-42248]
   Other Air Tools22664Combined into [Other Air Tools-184653]
  Flashlights20760Combined into [Flashlights & Work Lights-126393]
  -Air Tools85759New Category
   Air Compressors30506Moved from [Tools-631]
   Air Cutting Tools75675Moved from [Air Tools-22659] Renamed from [Cut-Off Tools]
   Drills42245Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Duster Guns & Other Cleaners22660Moved from [Air Tools-22659] Renamed from [Cleaners & Washers]
   Grease & Sealant Guns22779Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Grinders75676Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Hammers42246Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Nailers & Staple Guns22661Moved from [Nailers-42241] Renamed from [Other Nailers]
   Paint Sprayers79702Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Ratchets & Wrenches42248Moved from [Air Tools-22659] Renamed from [Ratchets]
   Sandblasters43570Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Sanders42249Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Air Tool Sets159927Moved from [Air Tools-22659] Renamed from [Air Tool Kits, Sets]
   Parts & Accessories42247Moved from [Air Tools-22659]
   Other Air Tools184653New Category
  -Hand Tools3244
   Caulking & Sealant Guns168798Renamed from [Caulking Guns]
   Clamps & Vises20761
   Cutting Tools178973Renamed from [Cutters]
   Hammers & Mallets20763
   Knives & Blades39057
   Leatherworking Tools43575Combined into [Other Leather Tools-28133]
   Pry & Wrecking Bars178999Renamed from [Pry Bars]
   Putty Knives & Scrapers178970
   Screwdrivers & Nutdrivers42255
   Trowels178975Combined into [Trowels-168791]
   -Wrenches20770Relocated within Parent
    Adjustable Wrenches20771
    Hex Keys & Wrenches42258
    Pipe Wrenches20772
    Ratchet Wrenches84236New Category
    Socket Wrenches84237Relocated within Parent
    Torque Wrenches42265Relocated within Parent
    Wrench Sets29527Relocated within Parent
    Other Wrenches19785
   Taps & Dies46458Relocated within Parent
   Trowels168791New Category
   Winches66796Relocated within Parent
   Wire Brushes178971Relocated within Parent
   Hand Tool Sets23782Renamed from [Mixed Tool Sets]
   Parts & Accessories59031New Category
   Other Hand Tools303
  -Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage42361Combined into [Tool Boxes & Storage-130140]
   Boxes & Cabinets42363Combined into [Tool Boxes-33089]
   Other Tool Storage11706Combined into [Other Tool Storage-42633]
  Manuals & Guides171208Relocated within Parent
  -Measuring & Layout Tools29523Relocated within Parent
   Chalk Lines & Marking Tools178968
   Electrical Testers126406
   Laser Measuring Tools126396
   Measuring Tapes & Rulers29524
   Meters, Sensors & Probes42291
   Plumb Bobs178969
   Scales42628New Category
   Thermometers130115New Category
   Other Measuring & Layout Tools42632
  -Power Tools3247Relocated within Parent
   Batteries & Chargers122840
   Buffers & Polishers42266
   Corded Drills122827Combined into [Corded Drills-184654]
   Cordless Drills71302Combined into [Cordless Drills-184655]
   Joiners20780Combined into [Routers & Joiners-122829]
   Corded Drills184654New Category
   Cordless Drills184655New Category
   Drill Bits50382Relocated within Parent
   Drill Presses71296Relocated within Parent
   Generators33082Moved from [Tools-631]
   Glue Guns & Hot Glue Sticks46427New Category
   -Grinders42275Relocated within Parent
    Angle Grinders42276Combined into [Grinders-42275]
    Bench Grinders42277Combined into [Grinders-42275]
    Other Power Grinders & Accs20778Combined into [Grinder Wheels & Accessories-79703]
   Grinder Wheels & Accessories79703Moved from [Grinders-42275] Renamed from [Grinding Wheels & Accessories]
   Heat Guns66797Relocated within Parent
   Impact Drivers168134Relocated within Parent
   Impact Wrenches168135Relocated within Parent
   Jigs & Templates179686Relocated within Parent
   Lathes & Accessories42282Relocated within Parent
   Nail & Staple Guns122828Relocated within Parent
   Planers177002Relocated within Parent
   Rotary Tools177003Relocated within Parent
   Routers & Joiners122829Renamed from [Routers]
   Router Bits177001Relocated within Parent
   Router Tables75680Relocated within Parent
   -Sanders42284Renamed from [Sanders & Accessories]
    Belt Sanders42285Combined into [Sanders-42284]
    Finishing & Detail Sanders43594Combined into [Sanders-42284]
    Orbital Sanders42286Combined into [Sanders-42284]
    Sanding Belts71306Combined into [Sander Parts & Accessories-20796]
    Other Power Sanders & Accs20782Combined into [Sander Parts & Accessories-20796]
   Sander Parts & Accessories20796Moved from [Sanders & Accessories-42284] Renamed from [Sanding Disks]
   -Saws & Accessories122831Renamed from [Saws & Blades]
    Band Saws177016
    Corded Circular Saws20785Combined into [Circular Saws-71307]
    Circular Saws71307Renamed from [Cordless Circular Saws]
    Jig & Scroll Saws122834
    Miter & Chop Saws20787
    Reciprocating Saws20788
    Saw Blades122837
    Table Saws122835
    Tile Saws122836
    Other Saws & Accessories122838Renamed from [Other Power Saws & Blades]
   Screwdrivers122839Relocated within Parent
   Sharpeners42290Relocated within Parent
   Welding & Soldering Tools46413Moved from [Tools-631]
   Winches66798Relocated within Parent
   Power Tool Sets177000Renamed from [Combination Sets]
   Other Power Tools632
  -Safety & Protective Gear43614Relocated within Parent
   Fire Extinguishers98854New Category
   Glasses, Goggles & Shields43615
   Gloves & Pads43616
   Masks, Respirators & Helmets43617
   Other Safety & Protective Gear20798
  -Tool Boxes & Storage130140New Category
   Tool Bags, Belts & Pouches42362Moved from [Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage-42361] Renamed from [Bags, Belts & Pouches]
   Shelving & Racking Systems30543New Category
   Tool Boxes33089New Category
   Tool Cabinets & Cupboards185030New Category
   Organizers130142New Category
   Wall Tool Racks130145New Category
   Other Tool Storage42633New Category
  -Workshop Equipment42622New Category
   Flashlights & Work Lights126393New Category
   Furniture Dollies & Castors130147New Category
   Jacks, Stands & Sawhorses43593Moved from [Power Tools-3247] Renamed from [Jacks & Stands]
   Ladders112567Moved from [Tools-631]
   Sanding Paper130149New Category
   Tie Downs & Straps85917Moved from [Tools-631]
   Tool & Equipment Trolleys46496New Category
   Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners184337Moved from [Tools-631] Renamed from [Wet/Dry & Shop Vacuums]
   Work Benches33088New Category
   Parts & Accessories130146New Category
   Other Workshop Equipment42623New Category
  Other Tools & Workshop Equipment11704Renamed from [Other Home Improvement Tools]
 +Wedding Supplies11827
 +Window Treatments & Hardware63514
 -Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living159912
  +Bird & Wildlife Accessories75578
  -Garden Décor20498
   Decorative Stepping Stones118863
   Flag Poles & Parts43536
   Garden Plaques & Signs75592
   Outdoor Thermometers75601
   Plant Stands29514
   Rain Gauges75593
   Statues & Lawn Ornaments29511
   Weather Stations48624New Category
   Wind Chimes20513
   Windmills & Wind Spinners115772
   Other Garden Décor2034
  +Garden Fencing177032
  +Garden Structures & Shade177017
  +Gardening Supplies2032
  +Lawn Mowers43560
  +Outdoor Cooking & Eating149242
  +Outdoor Lighting42154
  +Outdoor Power Equipment29518
  +Patio & Garden Furniture25863
  +Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181003
  +Ponds & Water Features93632
  +Pools & Spas20727
  Other Yard, Garden & Outdoor159913
 +Wholesale Lots31605
 Other Home & Garden181076


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