Category Changes: Consumer Electronics

July 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Consumer Electronics293
 -Surveillance & Smart Home Electronics185067New Category
  -Home Surveillance48633Moved from [Consumer Electronics-293]
   Security Cameras48638
   Surveillance Security Systems48636Combined into [IP & Smart Security Camera Systems-185053]
   IP & Smart Security Camera Systems185053New Category
   CCTV Systems159909Moved from [Home Security-41968]
   Dummy Cameras75395
   Surveillance Accessories163825Combined into [Other Surveillance Parts & Accessories-175725]
   Sensors & Motion Detectors115940Moved from [Home Security-41968]
   -Home Surveillance Parts & Accessories185048New Category
    Security Camera Brackets & Mounts185049New Category
    Security Camera Cables & Adapters48637Moved from [Home Surveillance-48633] Renamed from [Cables, Adapters & Connectors]
    Security Camera Cases & Housings185050New Category
    Security Camera Controllers & Joysticks185116New Category
    Security Camera Lenses185117New Category
    Security Camera Microphones185051New Category
    Security Camera Power Supplies185118New Category
    Surveillance DVRs & NVRs88754Moved from [Home Surveillance-48633] Renamed from [Digital Video Recorders, Cards]
    Surveillance Illuminators185052New Category
    Surveillance Monitors & Displays48635Moved from [Home Surveillance-48633] Renamed from [Surveillance Monitors/Displays]
    Surveillance Video Processors & Switchers75397Moved from [Home Surveillance-48633] Renamed from [Video Processors & Switchers]
    Other Surveillance Parts & Accessories175725Moved from [Home Surveillance-48633] Renamed from [Other Home Surveillance]
  -Smart Speakers, Hubs & Accessories185034New Category
   Smart Speakers184435Moved from [Consumer Electronics-293] Renamed from [Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants]
   Smart Home Central Hubs185068New Category
   Smart Speaker & Hub Accessories185043New Category
   Smart Speaker & Hub Parts185119New Category
  Smart Plugs185061New Category
  Smart Plug Parts & Accessories257930New Category
  Other Smart Home Electronics185065New Category
 -Virtual Reality183067
  PC & Console VR Headsets183068
  Smartphone VR Headsets183069
  Standalone VR Headsets184645New Category
  Cases, Covers & Skins183070
  Controllers & Motion Sensors183071
  Other Virtual Reality Accs183073
 -Portable Audio & Headphones15052
  Headphone Parts & Accessories184618New Category
  iPods & MP3 Players73839
  -Portable Audio Accessories56169Renamed from [iPod, Audio Player Accessories]
   Accessory Bundles73834
   Cables & Adapters56172
   Cases, Covers & Skins56170
   Cassette Adapters73835
   Chargers & Cradles124270
   Device-Specific Batteries118261
   Transmitters73836Renamed from [FM Transmitters]
   Headphone Cord Winders173632Combined into [Headphone Parts & Accessories-184618]
   Mini Plug-in Microphones122654
   Mounts & Holders131093
   Screen Protectors168096
   Other Portable Audio Accs48680Renamed from [Other iPod & Audio Player Accs]
  Audio Docks & Mini Speakers111694Moved from [iPod, Audio Player Accessories-56169]
  Personal Cassette Players15053
  Personal CD Players15054
  Personal MiniDisc Recorders15056
  Portable AM/FM Radios96954
  Portable Satellite Radios109256
  Portable Stereos & Boomboxes48626Renamed from [Portable Stereos, Boomboxes]
  Replacement Parts & Tools163769
  Other Portable Audio3281Combined into [Headphone Parts & Accessories-184618]
 -TV, Video & Home Audio32852
  -TV & Video184972New Category
   TVs11071Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   Cable TV Boxes39804Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   DVD & Blu-ray Players175711Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   DVRs, Hard Drive Recorders11725Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   Home Theater Projectors22610Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   Satellite TV Receivers96969Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
  -Home Audio184973New Category
   Home Speakers & Subwoofers14990Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   Home Theater Systems72406Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
   -Home Audio Components14969Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852] Renamed from [Home Audio Stereos, Components]
    Cassette Tape Decks48645
    CD Players & Recorders14971
    MiniDisc Decks4786
    Radio Tuners22635
    Record Players/Home Turntables48647
    Stereo Component Combos175708
    Stereo Receivers175707Combined into [Receivers-14981]
    Other Home Stereo Components81741
   -Receivers & Amplifiers184974New Category
    Receivers14981Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852] Renamed from [Home Theater Receivers]
    Amplifiers & Preamps14970Moved from [Home Audio Stereos, Components-14969]
    Equalizers3271Moved from [Home Audio Stereos, Components-14969]
   Compact & Shelf Stereos4787Moved from [Home Audio Stereos, Components-14969]
  Media Streamers168058Renamed from [Internet & Media Streamers]
  -TV, Video & Audio Accessories14961
   -TV & Video Accessories184975New Category
    3D TV Glasses & Accessories175719Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Antennas175835New Category
    Satellite Dishes175720Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961] Renamed from [Antennas & Dishes]
    Antenna & Dish Mounting Gear149973Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Projection Screens & Material48655Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Video Cables & Interconnects32834Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Projector Mounts & Stands71584Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Satellite LNB Downconverters149971Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Satellite Signal Multiswitches67880Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Signal Amplifiers & Filters39803Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Signal Finders67882Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    TV Stands & Mounts48656Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961] Renamed from [TV Mounts & Brackets]
    Projector Lamps & Components71583Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Parts-71582]
   -Home Audio Accessories184976New Category
    Audio Cables & Interconnects14964Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Audio Cable Plugs & Jacks175721Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
    Speaker Mounts & Stands61336Moved from [TV, Video & Audio Accessories-14961]
   -Audio/Video Media Cleaning258042New Category
    A/V Cleaning Cloths & Brushes258044New Category
    A/V Cleaning Solutions258045New Category
    A/V Cleaning Kits184610New Category
   -Audio/Video Media Repair258046New Category
    A/V Buffing & Sanding Pads184612New Category
    A/V Repair Kits184613New Category
    A/V Repair Machines & Parts184614New Category
   -Blank Audio/Video Media184637New Category
    Audio Tapes14962Moved from [Blank Media, Care & Storage-94893]
    CD, DVD & Blu-ray Discs175718Moved from [Blank Media, Care & Storage-94893]
    MiniDiscs149959Moved from [Blank Media, Care & Storage-94893]
    VHS Video Tapes149960Moved from [Blank Media, Care & Storage-94893]
   Audio/Video Transmitters149958
   -Blank Media, Care & Storage94893Combined into [Blank Audio/Video Media-184637]
    Disc Repair & Disc Cleaning48643Combined into [A/V Repair Kits-184613]
    Head & Lens Cleaning15091Combined into [A/V Cleaning Kits-184610]
    Vinyl Record Cleaning149963Combined into [A/V Cleaning Kits-184610]
    Other A/V Media & Storage149961Combined into [Media Cases & Storage-64588]
   Media Cases & Storage64588Moved from [Blank Media, Care & Storage-94893]
   Manuals & Resources48644
   Remote Controls61312
   Splitters & Combiners149972
   Tools, Crimpers & Strippers175722Combined into [Other TV Tools-184641]
   -TV Tools184638New Category
    Crimpers184639New Category
    Strippers184640New Category
    Other TV Tools184641New Category
   Video Glasses163826Moved from [Gadgets & Other Electronics-14948]
   Other TV, Video & Audio Accs61395
  -TV, Video & Audio Parts71582
   Amplifier Parts & Components122649
   Cassette Player Parts & Comp.31197New Category
   Rear-Projection TV Lamps149975
   Record Player, Turntable Parts64619
   Speaker Parts & Components175723Combined into [Other Speaker Parts & Comp.-21997]
   -Speaker Parts & Components184647New Category
    Speaker Boxes21995New Category
    Speaker Frames185025New Category
    Speaker Magnets185026New Category
    Tweeters12903New Category
    Voice Coils185027New Category
    Woofers141262New Category
    Electronic Parts & Components169025New Category
    Repair Kits & Consumables169024New Category
    Speaker Building Components141249New Category
    Manuals96273New Category
    Other Speaker Parts & Comp.21997New Category
   TV Boards, Parts & Components163768
   Other TV, Video & Audio Parts71585
  Other TV, Video & Home Audio163829
 +Vehicle Electronics & GPS3270
 -Home Automation50582Combined into [Other Smart Home Electronics-185065]
  Controls & Touchscreens50583Combined into [Other Smart Home Electronics-185065]
  Home Automation Kits50584Combined into [Other Smart Home Electronics-185065]
  Home Automation Modules94879Combined into [Other Smart Home Electronics-185065]
  Other Home Automation175724Combined into [Other Smart Home Electronics-185065]
 -Home Telephones & Accessories3286
  Answering Machines139968
  Caller ID Devices15048
  Corded Telephones41373
  Cordless Telephones & Handsets33929
  Corded/Cordless Phone Combos175739Combined into [Cordless Telephones & Handsets-33929]
  Cords, Cables & Adapters58353Renamed from [Cords, Jacks & Plugs]
  Jacks & Plugs184642New Category
  Pagers3314Moved from [Gadgets & Other Electronics-14948]
  Telephone Batteries20034
  Telephone Headsets84079
  Home Telephone Parts9425
  Other Home Telephones1503Combined into [Home Telephone Parts-9425]
 +Multipurpose Batteries & Power48446
 -Radio Communication1500
  CB Radios40054
  Commcercial Radios4669New Category
  +Ham, Amateur Radio4670
  Marine & Aircraft Radios149987
  Shortwave Radios15051New Category
  Walkie Talkies, Two-Way Radios20381
  +Parts & Accessories183503
  Other Radio Communication296
 -Gadgets & Other Electronics14948Combined into [Other Consumer Electronics-175837]
  Breathalyzers182099Combined into [Disposable Breathalyzers-185074]
  Calculators11711Combined into [Calculators-9972]
  Digital Clocks & Clock Radios50608Combined into [Alarm Clocks & Clock Radios-79643]
  LED Light Key Chains73340Combined into [Key Chains-169280]
  Pocket Digital Scales163827Combined into [Kitchen Scales-50419]
  Surveillance Gadgets175743Combined into [Other Consumer Electronics-175837]
  Voice Recorders, Dictaphones62041Combined into [Dictaphones & Voice Recorders-62042]
  Weather Meters48623Combined into [Weather Stations-48624]
  Other Gadgets175745Combined into [Other Consumer Electronics-175837]
 Smart Glasses178894Moved from [Gadgets & Other Electronics-14948]
 +Vintage Electronics183077
 +Wholesale Lots61494
 Other Consumer Electronics175837New Category


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