Category Changes: Pet Supplies

October 2016 : Pet Supplies

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Pet Supplies1281 
  Backyard Poultry Supplies177801 
 -Bird Supplies20734 
   Cage Stands116360 
   Food & Treats116494 
   Other Bird Supplies3211 
 -Cat Supplies20737 
   Behavior Training116361 
   Carriers & Crates116362 
   Cat Food63073 
   Cat Grass & Loose Catnip177785 
   Cat Lover Products117422 
   Cat Treats63071 
   Collars & Tags66763 
   Dishes, Feeders & Fountains177784 
   Doors & Flaps117421 
   Flea & Tick Remedies20738 
   Furniture & Scratchers20740 
   Harnesses & Leashes149050 
   Health Care177787 
   Litter Boxes100411 
   Pheromone Sprays & Plug-Ins134790 
   Other Cat Supplies1284 
 -Dog Supplies20742 
   Bike Baskets & Trailers46453 
   Cages & Crates121851 
   Carriers & Totes177788 
   Car Seats & Barriers46454 
   Car Seat Covers117426 
   Clothing & Shoes177796 
   Diapers & Belly Bands116373 
   Dishes, Feeders & Fountains177789 
   Dog Chews & Treats77664 
   Dog Food66780 
   Dog Houses108884 
   Dog Lover Products116378 
   Doors & Flaps116379 
   Fences & Exercise Pens20748 
   Flea & Tick Remedies20749 
    Brushes, Combs & Rakes46305 
    Claw Care177793 
    Grooming Tables146241 
    Scissors & Fur Clippers46304 
    Shampooing & Washing149019 
    Other Dog Grooming177794 
  -Health Care134752 
    Ear Care146242 
    Eye Care134792 
    Oral Hygiene116394 
    Skin & Coat Care134791 
    Vitamins & Supplements134754 
    Wormer Products117432 
    Other Dog Health Care134753 
   Leashes & Head Collars146247 
   Odor & Stain Removal134755 
   Pooper Scoopers & Bags116392 
   Ramps & Stairs116389 
   Safety Vests & Life Preservers117427 
   Signs & Plaques46299 
   Sunglasses & Goggles116376 
   Tags & Charms177790 
  -Training & Obedience116381 
    Agility Training116383 
    Bark Collars66774 
    Bite Sleeves & Bite Suits177795 
    Electronic Fences116388 
    House Training Pads146243 
    Sonic Trainers146244 
    Training Dummies149047 
    Training Videos & Books116387 
    Treat Bags149048 
    Other Dog Training & Obedience146245 
   Whelping Supplies134793 
   Other Dog Supplies11286 
 -Fish & Aquariums20754 
   Air Stones100355 
   Aquariums & Tanks20755 
   Cleaning & Maintenance148983 
   CO2 Equipment100345 
   Coral & Live Rock177797 
   Filter Media & Accessories126476 
   Fish Pond Supplies134750 
   Gravel & Substrate46439 
   Health Care177798 
   Heaters & Chillers177799 
   Lighting & Bulbs46314 
   Live Fish168141 
   Live Invertebrates66788 
   Live Plants66794 
   Meters & Controllers117435 
   Pumps (Air)100351 
   Pumps (Water)77641 
   Reverse Osmosis & Deionization77658 
   Tubing & Valves177800 
   UV Sterilizers117434 
   Water Tests & Treatment77659 
   Other Fish & Aquarium Supplies8444 
  Horse Supplies63512Combined into [Other Equestrian-1048]
  Reptile Supplies1285 
 -Small Animal Supplies26696 
   Beds, Hammocks & Nesters149074 
   Cages & Enclosure63108 
   Carriers & Crates26702 
   Collars, Leads & Harnesses63112 
   Exercise & Toys63113 
   Feeding & Watering63116 
   Healthcare & Grooming26700 
   Other Small Animal Supplies11289 
  Pet Memorials & Urns116391 
  Wholesale Lots48760 
  Other Pet Supplies301 


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