How to get your money fast

  1. Achieve and maintain eBay Top Rated Seller, Above Standard, or Standard status.
  2. Offer expedited shipping options.
  3. Specify same-day handling time, and always ship the same day you receive the order. Remember estimated delivery time is a combination of your handling time plus the carrier's published estimated delivery time.
  4. Use eBay labels to pay for shipping. Tracking information is uploaded automatically.
  5. Always upload tracking information to eBay.
  6. Respond quickly to buyer issues.
  7. Follow all recommended best practices for providing great service and preventing Buyer Protection claims from being opened.

When can I expect to get paid?

The most important thing you can do to help get paid faster is ship the same day your buyer pays and follow good shipping practices. You should encourage your buyers to leave a feedback only after they receive the item. This helps us estimate the delivery dates more accurately and feedback left before the item is received may result in a delay.

Based on your shipping method and the shipping information you provide, here's when your funds should be available

  • Within 24 hours after we confirm the order was delivered, if you pay for shipping and print labels on eBay.
  • Within 24 hours after we confirm the order was delivered, if you ship directly using USPS, UPS or FedEx and manually enter your tracking information to My eBay.
  • Seven days after your latest estimated delivery date, if you don't upload tracking information but you mark the item as shipped in My eBay.
  • 21 days after the buyer pays, if you don't provide tracking information, mark the item as shipped, or the estimated delivery date can't be calculated. In such cases, we may use buyer feedback as a delivery confirmation along with other factors.

Keep in mind that it may take longer to get funds if your buyer reports a problem.

Additionally, we may hold your funds for 21 days if we determine the transaction to be a risk. Category, price, and seller standing can all contribute to this decision. You can identify this by the estimated release date in the sold section of My eBay.

This will generally only happen for sellers who are already under the Funds Availability program.

Pending funds

Some payments may show as pending in your PayPal account and may not be immediately available. Below are the most common reasons your funds would display as pending

  • New sellers or those with limited buying and/ or selling histories may not have met the following requirements
  • Your current performance has fallen below the minimum standard for all eBay sellers.
  • There may be a high level of risk associated with your account or transactions.

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