Case resolution made easy

The Resolution Center is the easiest, most secure way for sellers and buyers to communicate when either has a problem with a transaction.

Use it to open cases, communicate with buyers, and resolve problems.

How it works


The request starts

Open a request through the Resolution Center if you were unpaid or need to cancel a transaction. Your buyer may start a request there for an item they never received or believe is not as described.


Use the tools

The Resolution Center has all you need to need to respond and communication. Respond to buyer questions within three business days.


Stay up to date

Keep an eye out for messages from your buyers and respond promptly. Sellers and buyers can escalate the request for eBay to review if parties cannot solve the issue together.

Read our seller updates for updates on changes to the resolution process and after-sale experience.

eBay protects you

  • eBay works to identify, warn, and restrict buyers who file unusually high numbers of cases.
  • You can track the number of times eBay Money Back Guarantee cases have been removed from your account as a result of these actions in your seller dashboard.
  • Protection when shipping within your stated time: If a buyer claims that they did not receive an item, the related eBay Money Back Guarantee case will be found in your favor if you shipped within your stated handling time and provided tracking information (with signature confirmation for transactions of $750 or more) before the case was escalated to eBay.
  • To be protected, the tracking information will need to show proof of delivery from a shipping company that clearly displays the delivery status of the item as "delivered," the date of delivery (which reflects that you shipped within your stated handling time), and the recipient's address.
  • Any buyer feedback (positive, neutral, and negative) along with detailed seller ratings [DSRs] will be removed promptly from transactions in which an eBay Money Back Guarantee case is resolved in your favor by eBay.

Resolving an unpaid item

eBay protects you
Unpaid items affect your bottom line. If a buyer has a history of unpaid items on eBay, we may place limits on their account or even restrict buying privileges.

When an unpaid item case closes without the buyer paying, the seller will automatically receive a final value fee credit from eBay, and we block the buyer from leaving feedback for that transaction.

Using Resolution Center
Sellers can open an unpaid item case through the Resolution Center.

You can open as soon as two days after the listing ends, or immediately if the buyer is no longer registered on eBay.

Your buyer has two to four days to send payment. If your buyer hasn't paid within four days, close the case in the Resolution Center to receive a final value fee credit.

Be sure to close cases within 36 days, or eBay will automatically close the case and you will not receive the final fee credit.

Using the Unpaid Item Assistant
To save time and effort in resolving unpaid items, use the Unpaid Item Assistant, which allows eBay to automatically open and close cases on sellers' behalves.

Next steps after resolving an unpaid item

Set preferences to relist items

Exclude buyers or transactions

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