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Information to gather prior to completing the reporting form:
Before submitting your report, please refer to the information we need to process a ticket. Tickets without complete information slow down our ability to repair the vulnerability and might not be processed until we receive the requested information.
  1. Proof-of-Concept URL and the information of affected parameter
  2. Detailed steps of reproducing the vulnerability
  3. URL to screenshots to show Proof-of-Concept
  4. Details of the system where the tests were conducted
Please note: Researchers who are the first to report a vulnerability with complete information will be the researcher acknowledged on our acknowledgment page once the vulnerability is repaired. If there are additional team members involved in researching the vulnerability you are reporting, please provide their name(s)and what their contribution was to the findings when submitting this report.

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We thank all for their contributions, but from time to time, we will want to publically acknowledge and thank members of our researcher community on our Responsible Disclosure Acknowledgement Page (and elsewhere) for their contributions. We will contact you once the vulnerability you've reported has been resolved to ask you whether you would like your name to be displayed on this page.