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Seller takes California-style worldwide
Combine effective strategies with a great location and you have shopitla—one of the most popular registered eBay consignment stores nationwide.

This PowerSeller and eBay Trading Assistant has created a win-win business model for itself and its clients. SHOPitLA helps Los Angeles locals sell designer luxury items, rare collectibles, high end appliances, entertainment memorabilia and more around the world.

SHOPitLA's founder Amy Weintraub credits their Los Angeles, California location as part as their global success.

"Items authentic to Southern California appeal to buyers in many countries whether it's designer apparel or a celebrity's vase. Los Angeles is a hub for both, and having a brick-and-mortar consignment store here allows us immediate access to those who want to sell an item but do not have the time or expertise to list on eBay."

SHOPitLA authenticates every item before they sell it, and they only accept items with an expected eBay value of $100 or more. Also, they offer free pickup for certain items. Shipping plays a major role as well, especially when it comes to international shipping. SHOPitLA has used flat-rate shipping in order to simplify the process.
"Also, we ensure item descriptions are clear and concise, which our repeat buyers have come to trust. Plus, we load on the photos."

"We ship express internationally, and our buyers get it. They understand that they're still getting a great deal on high quality items for relatively low shipping. Also, we ensure item descriptions are clear and concise, which our repeat buyers have come to trust. Plus, we load on the photos."

Before becoming a Trading Assistant, Amy began selling on eBay as a hobbyist 4½ years ago. She soon turned her passion for collecting porcelain and selling globally 24/7 into a thriving business with a full-scale warehouse and several employees. Amy also owns and operates SHOPitBeverlyHills and SHOPitHollywood—each with its own unique items and customer in mind.

"It made sense to create 3 separate eBay IDs since each Store targets a specific customer. SHOPitBeverlyHills is for more high-end items while SHOPitHollywood supports the entertainment memorabilia aspect of the business. This way, our listings aren't bunched together and our customers find what they're looking for that much faster."

Here to help
As a Trading Assistant, Amy is committed to helping sellers succeed and feels Trading Assistants are a great resource for knowledge and new ideas. She offers several strategies to the sellers she helps, including tips on boosting exposure such as:
  • Make sure you add many Reviews and Guides.
  • Use off-eBay sites to help promote your eBay listings (especially unique items)—search engine keyword tools, community sites and social network sites.
  • Take advantage of your location. Maybe your region offers unique items for interested buyers elsewhere.
Amy is more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact her at