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  How to Sell

How to sell

Learn how fun and profitable it is to sell items on eBay with this quick overview of the process. Start tour
8 minutes Audio Tour

Getting ready to sell

Get ready to sell with this tutorial about what is takes to become a seller and detailed information about eBay policy and selling fees. Start the tutorial
7 minutes Self Paced Tutorial

Listing kept simple on eBay

Learn how to use the Keep it simple format to quickly list your item using eBay's most popular options. Start tour
4 minutes Audio Tour

Sell your item

Learn how to prepare your item to sell by taking pictures and determining shipping
charges. Get a detailed view of the Sell Your Item (SYI) form too. Start the tutorial
12 minutes Self Paced Tutorial

After the listing ends

Who bought your item? What's their address? How do you get paid? How should do you ship your item? How do you leave feedback? Get the answers in this detailed tutorial.
Start the tutorial
7 minutes Self Paced Tutorial

9 “Quick Start” Basic Keys to eBay Selling Success

Learn all about selling on eBay from an eBay University Instructor on this
comprehensive video presentation. Start video
60 minutes Video Presentation