Category Changes: Motors

September 2009: Motors

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-eBay Motors6000 
 -Cars & Trucks6001 
  +Alfa Romeo5340 
  +Aston Martin157054 
    Q5170138New Category
   Austin Healey6023 
    599170142New Category
    612170143New Category
    California170144New Category
    Bronco II50065 
    Crown Victoria6227 
    E-Series Van6224 
    Explorer Sport43908 
    Explorer Sport Trac43909 
    Five Hundred133211 
    Ford GT116478 
    FreeStyle/Taurus X124122 
    Model A6234 
    Model T6235 
    Transit Connect170145New Category
    Other Pickups6221 
    Sierra 15006244 
    Sierra 250090981 
    Sierra 350090982 
    Terrain170146New Category
  +International Harvester31845 
    Ascender170147New Category
    Grand Cherokee6947 
    Patriot170271New Category
    Forte170148New Category
    Rondo170149New Category
    Soul170150New Category
  -Land Rover6293 
    LR4170151New Category
    Range Rover6295 
    Range Rover Sport162303 
    HS170152New Category
    Mark Series6305 
    MKT170153New Category
    MKX158470Relocated within Parent
    MKZ/Zephyr150113Relocated within Parent
    Town Car31851 
    Coupe170156New Category
    Gran Sport170157New Category
    Gran Turismo162314 
    GLK-Class169482Renamed from [GLK]
    SLR McLaren124126 
    Raider170270New Category
    Cube170154New Category
    Other Pickups84165 
    Panamera170155New Category
  -Suzuki170158New Category
    Forenza170159New Category
    Grand Vitara170160New Category
    Reno170161New Category
    SX4170162New Category
    XL7170163New Category
    Equator170164New Category
    Other6468Moved from [Cars & Trucks-6001] Renamed from [Suzuki]
   Replica/Kit Makes7251 
   Other Makes6472 
 -Other Vehicles & Trailers6038 
  +Commercial Trucks63732 
   Golf Cars (Electric & Gas)40155New Category
   Military Vehicles80765 
  +Race Cars (Not Street Legal)98060 
  +RVs and Campers50054 
 -Parts & Accessories6028 
  +ATV Parts43962 
  +Apparel & Merchandise6747 
  +Automotive Tools34998 
  +Aviation Parts26435 
  +Boat Parts26443 
  +Car Electronics38635 
  -Car & Truck Parts6030 
   +Air Conditioning and Heat33542 
   +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery33549 
   +Charging & Starting Systems33572 
   +Computer, Chip, Cruise Control33594 
   +Cooling System33599 
   +Decals, Emblems, & Detailing50444 
   +Emission System33605 
   +Engines & Components33612 
   +Ignition System33687 
   +Lighting & Lamps33707 
   +Safety & Security33718 
   +Suspension & Steering33579 
   +Transmission & Drivetrain33726 
   +Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers33739 
   -Wheels, Tires & Parts33743 
     Hub Caps33744 
     Tire Accessories33746 
     Valve Stems & Caps33747 
    +Wheel + Tire Packages66479 
     Wheel Center Caps43961 
     Wheel Lugs33749 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170141New Category
    Other Parts6763 
  +Manuals & Literature6029 
  +Motorcycle Parts10063 
  +Personal Watercraft Parts124107 
  +Racing Parts107057 
  +RV, Trailer & Camper Parts50067 
  +Salvage Parts Cars168693 
  +Services & Installation111098 
  +Snowmobile Parts100448 
  -Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073 
    AC & Heating34197 
    Air Intake & Fuel Delivery34198 
    Charging & Starting Systems80735 
    Cooling System34201 
    Decals, Emblems, Detailing80736 
   +Engines & Components140680 
    Ignition Systems34205 
   +Lighting & Lamps140735 
    Radio & Speaker Systems80741 
    Safety & Security140743 
    Suspension & Steering34200 
    Transmission & Drivetrain34208 
   -Wheels, Tires, & Hub Caps140744 
     Hub Caps & Trim140745 
     Wheel + Tire Packages140748 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170139New Category
    Other Parts10076 
  +Wholesale Lots50467 
  -Other Vehicle Parts34285 
    Commercial Truck Parts50466 
    Go Kart Parts46092 
    Scooter Parts84149 
   -Golf Car Parts & Accessories170140New Category
     Golf Car Cables & Parts158940New Category
     Golf Car Chargers158941New Category
     Golf Car Enclosures158942New Category
     Golf Car Windshields158943New Category
     Other Golf Car Parts75208New Category
 +Test Category168670 
  Collector Cars10540 
 +Luxury Cars6040 
 +MiniVans & Vans5353 
 +Sports Cars6048 


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