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 Category Changes FAQs  
When will the category changes go live?
Category changes are scheduled to go live to in mid-month. Please check the eBay Announcement Board for an announcement of when the category rollout is completed.

Once the category changes go live, what will happen to my listing?
Your listing will continue to be live on, and it will be available to buyers in the same way as before the change - both in categories and in search.

If sub-categories are being created to the category where you've listed, then your item will temporarily move to one of the new sub-categories. (Items are often moved to the "Other" category - the specific location can be confirmed by reviewing the new category structure).

If your category is moving to a new place, then your item will move to that new place.

Can I update my category number once the changes go live?
If your item has received no bids or purchases and does not end within 12 hours, you can revise the category number.

If your item has received a bid, a purchase, or ends within 12 hours, you can only add a second category (i.e., the new category number in addition to the old category number).

Can I list in any category level?
Listings are only allowed in the lowest category level. For example, Dell is the third category level under Computers, found within Laptops (Computers > Laptops > Dell). Example: If you wanted to list a Dell laptop, you would select Computers as your main category, laptops as your secondary, and then list your item in the Dell category.

Where can I see a list of the new category numbers?
Category numbers for new categories will be available approximately 2 weeks before the changes are scheduled to go live.

Click here to see the current list of category numbers.
Click here to see the category numbers for new/revised categories.

How can I best prepare for the category changes?
Review the pending changes and use the new category number (when applicable) when listing your items after category changes have been made.

Should I wait to list my item until after the changes go live?
No. Continue to list your items-- don't wait until after the changes are made because BUYERS ARE ALWAYS LOOKING!

Remember that the very large majority of buyers are *searching* for items, not browsing through categories. So, despite the transition period that might look like a big change to sellers, buyers will still be looking for inventory and likely won't even be aware of the category shifts.

Why is eBay making these changes?
Changes to the categories are made based on feedback from our community of buyers and sellers, and based on trends we see on eBay and in each category. Our goal is to make trading on the site easier, and to create the shelf-space to allow for category growth. You can submit comments/suggestions regarding category changes via the suggestion page.


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