Category Changes: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

September 2009: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
-Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
 +Costumes & Reenactment Attire163147 
 +Cultural & Ethnic Clothing155240 
 -Dancewear & Dance Shoes112425Combined into [Clothing, Shoes & Accessories-11450]
   Men's Dancewear112427Combined into [Other-313]
 +Infants & Toddlers3082 
   Custom, Handmade152325 
  +Clothing (Size 4)11454 
  +Clothing (Size 5)55466 
  +Clothing (Size 6)102786 
  +Clothing (Size 7)152437 
  +Clothing (Sizes 8/10)3038 
  +Clothing (Sizes 10/12)152470 
  +Clothing (Sizes 12/14)152500 
  +Clothing (Sizes 14/16)163314 
  +Clothing (Sizes 16/18 & Up)163327 
  +Plus Size, Husky152530 
  +Slim Sizes163279 
    Beach & Water Shoes163286 
    Dance Shoes152344Moved from [Dancewear & Dance Shoes-112425] Renamed from [Boys' Dancewear]
    Mixed Items & Lots57941 
  +Custom, Handmade79716 
  +Clothing (Size 4)11466 
  +Clothing (Size 5)152557 
  +Clothing (Sizes 6 & 6x)152596 
  +Clothing (Sizes 7/8)3051 
  +Clothing (Sizes 9/10)152673 
  +Clothing (Sizes 11/12)152712 
  +Clothing (Sizes 13/14)163653 
  +Clothing (Sizes 15/16 & Up)163667 
  +Plus Size Clothing152751 
  +Slim Sizes163681 
  +Dancewear152345Moved from [Dancewear & Dance Shoes-112425] Renamed from [Girls' Dancewear]
    Ballerinas, Flats, Slip Ons163637 
    Beach & Water Shoes163638 
   +Dance Shoes152346Moved from [Dancewear-152345]
    Dress57984Relocated within Parent
    Mary Janes57982 
    Sandals, Flip Flops57985 
    Mixed Items & Lots57987 
 -Men's Accessories4250 
  +Backpacks, Bags & Briefcases52357 
   Belts2993Relocated within Parent
  -Belt Buckles86647Relocated within Parent
    Animals86648Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Beer & Beverages86649Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Crosses105400Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Dress86650Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    LED105401Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Military86651Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Motorcycles & Vehicles86652Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Music86653Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Patriotic & Flags86654Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Skulls86655Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Sports86656Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    States105402Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Superhero163522Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Western86657Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Vintage163523Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
    Other15661Combined into [Belt Buckles-86647]
   Canes & Walking Sticks152537 
   Gloves & Mittens2994 
  +ID & Document Holders169271 
   Keychains & Key Cases52373 
   Money Clips163583 
   Organizers & Day Planners15665 
   Scarves52382Moved from [Ties-15662]
    Armani79741Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Arnette79742Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Black Flys79743Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Bolle79744Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Carrera79745Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Cartier79746Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Choppers79748Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Christian Dior79747Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Costa Del Mar79749Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Diesel79750Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Dolce & Gabbana79751Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Dragon79752Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Gucci79753Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Harley Davidson79721Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Hugo Boss79722Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Maui Jim79723Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Nike79724Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Oakley79730Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Prada79731Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Ray-Ban79732Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Revo79733Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Serengeti79734Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Smith Sport79735Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Spy79736Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Versace79737Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Vuarnet79738Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Wiley X79740Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    X Loop79739Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
    Other15666Combined into [Sunglasses-79720]
  +Suspenders, Braces105387 
  -Ties15662Renamed from [Ties, Neckwear]
    Ascots, Cravats163632Combined into [Ties-15662]
    Bow Ties15663Combined into [Ties-15662]
   -Neck Ties52374Combined into [Ties-15662]
    -Dress86644Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Checks & Plaids163634Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Florals52375Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Paisleys52377Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Polka Dots86646Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Solids52378Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Stripes52380Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Other86645Combined into [Ties-15662]
    -Novelty86640Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Animals86641Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Holiday & Event86642Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Music86643Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Sports52379Combined into [Ties-15662]
      Other52376Combined into [Ties-15662]
     Mixed Items & Lots52381Combined into [Ties-15662]
     Vintage163633Combined into [Ties-15662]
     Other2995Combined into [Ties-15662]
    Neck Tie Sets163635Combined into [Ties-15662]
    Other15664Combined into [Ties-15662]
 -Men's Clothing1059 
   Athletic Apparel137084 
  +Big & Tall155176 
   Blazers & Sport Coats3002 
   Sleepwear & Robes11510Moved from [Underwear-11507] Renamed from [Robes, Sleepwear]
   Socks11511Moved from [Underwear-11507]
   Sweatshirts, Hoodies155183 
  -Underwear11507Renamed from [Underwear, Sleepwear]
    Boxers11508Combined into [Underwear-11507]
    Briefs11509Combined into [Underwear-11507]
    Other11506Combined into [Underwear-11507]
  Men's Shoes63850 
 +Unisex Clothing, Shoes & Accs155184 
 -Wedding Apparel & Accessories3259 
  -Bridal Accessories15717 
    Bags, Money Bags & Totes163551 
    Bridal Jewelry163552Relocated within Parent
    Combs & Pins163560Moved from [Veils, Tiaras & Hair Accs.-163559]
    Fans & Parasols163553 
   +Lingerie & Undergarments163555 
    Shoes105471Relocated within Parent
   -Tiaras & Headbands105516Moved from [Veils, Tiaras & Hair Accs.-163559]
     Band105517Combined into [Tiaras & Headbands-105516]
     Crown105518Combined into [Tiaras & Headbands-105516]
     Other105519Combined into [Tiaras & Headbands-105516]
    Veils15719Moved from [Veils-105534] Renamed from [Other]
   -Veils, Tiaras & Hair Accs.163559Combined into [Bridal Accessories-15717]
    -Veils105534Combined into [Veils-15719]
      Shoulder, Short105535Combined into [Veils-15719]
      Elbow105536Combined into [Veils-15719]
      Fingertip105537Combined into [Veils-15719]
      Waltz, Knee105538Combined into [Veils-15719]
      Chapel, Floor105539Combined into [Veils-15719]
      Cathedral, Train105540Combined into [Veils-15719]
     Other163561Combined into [Other-3260]
    Wraps & Jackets105472 
   Boys' Attire3267Moved from [Boys' Attire-105520] Renamed from [Other]
  -Boys' Attire105520Combined into [Boys' Attire-3267]
    Page Boy Outfits105521Combined into [Boys' Attire-3267]
    Suits163562Combined into [Boys' Attire-3267]
    Tuxedos105522Combined into [Boys' Attire-3267]
   Bridesmaids' Dresses3262 
   Girls' Dresses3263Relocated within Parent
  +Men's Attire & Accessories105508 
   Mother of the Bride Dresses108896 
   Wedding Dresses63851 
 -Women's Accessories4251 
   Belts3003Moved from [Belts & Belt Buckles-45212] Renamed from [Other]
   Belt Buckles163573Moved from [Belts & Belt Buckles-45212]
  -Belts & Belt Buckles45212Combined into [Belts-3003]
    Fabric Belts45213Combined into [Belts-3003]
    Faux-Leather Belts163572Combined into [Belts-3003]
    Leather & Suede Belts45214Combined into [Belts-3003]
    Metal Belts45215Combined into [Belts-3003]
  +Gloves & Mittens105559 
  +Hair Accessories45220 
  +ID & Document Holders169285 
   Key Chains45237 
   Key Hooks & Key Finders163569 
   Organizers & Day Planners15735 
   Purse Charms163570 
   Purse Hooks163571 
  +Scarves & Wraps45238 
   Shoe Charms, Jibbitz150955 
    Armani45247Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Baby Phat74959Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Burberry45248Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Chanel45249Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Christian Dior45250Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Coach132984Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Diesel105542Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Dolce & Gabbana45251Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Donna Karan, DKNY74960Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Fendi45252Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Ferragamo132985Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Gucci45253Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Juicy Couture132986Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Kate Spade74961Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Louis Vuitton105543Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Marc Jacobs132987Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Oakley60185Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Persol132993Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Playboy163574Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Prada45254Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Ralph Lauren, Polo60186Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Ray-Ban45255Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Revo132988Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Roberto Cavalli132989Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Serengeti60187Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Spy132991Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Valentino132992Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Versace45256Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    YSL / Yves Saint Laurent132990Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
    Other15736Combined into [Sunglasses-45246]
  +Wigs, Extensions & Accessories163575 
   Mixed Items & Lots15738 
 -Women's Clothing15724 
   Athletic Apparel137085 
   Blazers & Jackets63860 
  +Dancewear150661Moved from [Dancewear & Dance Shoes-112425] Renamed from [Women's Dancewear]
  +Hosiery & Socks11524 
  +Plus Sizes3029 
  +Plus Size Petites155219 
   Shirts, Tops63868 
   Sweatshirts, Hoodies155226 
   T-Shirts & Tank Tops63869 
   Mixed Items & Lots15788 
 +Women's Handbags & Bags169291 
  Women's Shoes63889 
  +Vintage Accessories14061 
  +Children's Vintage Clothing163594 
  +Men's Vintage Clothing91235 
  +Men's Vintage Shoes163628 
   Unisex & T-Shirts28022 
  +Women's Vintage Clothing91244 
  +Women's Vintage Shoes74976 
  +Vintage Reproductions125472 
   Publications170065New Category
 +Wholesale, Large & Small Lots41964 
+Coins & Paper Money11116 
+Computers & Networking58058 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
+Health & Beauty26395 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games1249 
+Everything Else99 
+QA Test Clothing Shoes & Acces166299 
+QA Test Books168673 


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