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Multi-User Account Access FAQ


Multi-User Account Access (MUAA) is a new eBay feature that allows one user to delegate access and functions for another user to perform on their behalf. Both users must have an eBay account, with their own individual passwords. In this initial release, MUAA is currently limited in terms of who can use it, and what permissions are allowed, and what restrictions are placed on accounts that use the feature. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will outline the requirements and limitations for usage, and will be updated regularly when new features are added.


MUAA enables users to share their account with others, without exposing their password and other personal details associated with the account. These benefits include:

  • Added security
  • Added privacy
  • Role and Permission based access controls
  • Ability to scale and grow your business
  • Detailed activity logging

How it Works

There are two types of MUAA users, a Delegator and Delegatee.

Delegator - means the person who is delegating or assigning specific functions to be performed.

Delegatee - means the person(s) who has agreed to perform specific delegated or assigned functions on behalf of the Delegator.

A Delegator “invites” a Delegatee to act on their behalf.; The Delegatee accepts the invitation and can then begin acting on behalf of the user. Both Delegator and Delegatee manage their MUAA invitations and permissions in My eBay Permissions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Delegator?

Any seller with Seller Hub enabled can use MUAA.  Please note, once you send an invite, your account starts acting as a Delegator and you will not be able to act as a Delegatee for someone else with that account.

Who can be a Delegatee?

Any eBay account that is not already acting as Delegator can be a delegatee. However, in this initial release, only users that are from the same site as the Delegator can accept an invitation. Once you accept an invitation as a Delegatee, you cannot also be a Delegator with that account. We strongly recommend that users who want to be Delegatees set up a separate eBay account for that purpose to avoid confusion with their own buying and selling on eBay.

As a Delegator, how many Delegatees can I invite?

There is no limit to the number of Delegatees that can act on your behalf.

As a Delegatee, how many invitations can I accept from Delegators?

There is no limit to the number of Delegators you can act on behalf of.

What permissions can a Delegator grant to a Delegatee?

The MUAA feature is currently limited to 2 selling permissions:

  1. Create and edit drafts
  2. Publish listings

As a Delegator, what if the person I want to invite to act on my behalf does not have an eBay account?

Delegatees can be existing eBay members, or new eBay members.  If the email address you invite is not associated with an eBay account, that person can create a new eBay account using the same email address, while accepting the invitation. If the email address you invite is already associated with an eBay account, then that member needs to sign in to their account when accepting the invitation.

NOTE: We strongly recommend creating new accounts to use as Delegatees for other users, rather than using one’s personal buying/selling account. This helps avoid confusion when acting on behalf of other sellers, and it’s also best to keep your personal eBay activities completely separate from the activities you perform on behalf of another user.

As a Delegator, what if I mistype the Delegatee email in my invitation?

Invitations will automatically expire after 24 hours if not accepted. If you believe the wrong person received and accepted an invitation you sent, you can revoke the invitation in your My eBay Authorized users page.

What parts of the eBay site work with MUAA?

As a Delegatee, you will only be able to act on behalf of a Delegator while in Seller Hub.

As a Delegatee, how do I switch accounts?

While in Selling Hub, you’ll see a blue banner across the top of the page, which indicates which account you are acting on behalf of. If you wish to change to another account, click on the “Switch account” link in the banner.

Additionally, you can switch between users by going to My eBay Account access page and click the “I’d like to” drop down next to the Delegator and choose “Go to Seller Hub”.

As a Delegatee, what if I switch to my own personal account, but I don’t have access to Seller Hub?

If your Delegatee account is not a registered seller with access to Seller Hub, and you switch to act on your own personal account, you may find yourself in the seller registration page. To get back into Seller Hub acting on behalf of Delegator, go to My eBay Account access page and click the “I’d like to” drop down next to the Delegator and choose “Go to Seller Hub”.

As a Delegatee, what if I want to contact customer support?

When calling customer support, please indicate to the representative that you are using the MUAA feature, and which account you were acting on behalf of.

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