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  • Sell in four easy steps: List it, Sell it, Ship it, Get Paid.

  • Your first 50 items per month are FREE to list
    fixed price or auction-style.

  • Pay only when your item sells with one easy
    Final Value Fee.

  • Get access to over a 100 million buyers.

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Photo-taking Tips

  • Use a plain, uncluttered backdrop.

  • Set image quality to "high" to allow users to zoom and enlarge photos.

  • Take close-up shots and photos from multiple angles to feature
    item details.

  • Place a common object next to your item to show relative size,
    like a penny or ruler.

*Excluding eBay Motors Vehicles listings.

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  • Search completed listings

    See how items like yours were priced.

  • Try the Quick Listing Tool

    It provides pricing suggestions as you go. Try it now

  • Pick a selling format

    Choose between FREE auction-style listings with a "Buy It Now"
    option or fixed-price listings with a "Best Offer" option.

Learn more about how to price your items
  • Have packing supplies on hand

    Order everything you need on eBay and get FREE USPS Flat Rate
    boxes and other supplies delivered to your door.

  • Set shipping price

    If you aren't using USPS Flat Rate boxes, pack and weigh your item
    before listing to help determine shipping cost.

  • Make shipping easy with My eBay*

    Pay for postage and print shipping labels that are auto-filled with
    your buyer's information.

    Track shipments with automatic confirmation numbers assigned to
    every shipping label you print.

    *Look for "My eBay" at the top of most pages and log in.

Learn more about shipping through My eBay
  • Track your performance

    Use My eBay to see your sales to date, number of
    transactions, and more.

  • Help shoppers find your listings

    Use keywords like brand and style/model in your title
    and description.

  • Take advantage of seller resources

    Visit the Seller Information Center for tips, best practices,
    and important solutions to help you learn how to sell.

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  • Write a detailed description

    Be specific; there's value in the details.

  • Take great photos

    It's free to post up to 12 photos per listing,*
    so make sure to take a lot of pictures.

  • Price to sell

    Check completed and active listings for
    a price comparison.

  • Ship smart

    Use the automatically calculated shipping costs
    and pre-filled labels for easy shipping.

*Excluding eBay Motors Vehicles listings.

Include keywords in your title and description so buyers can find your
listing. Keywords should be the brand name, model/style/size, and
your item's condition.

Learn more about writing title descriptions
  • My eBay

    Manage your listings in one place. Track what you
    buy and sell, send and receive emails, view bids, and
    more—just look for "My eBay" at the top of most
    pages and log in.

  • eBay mobile App

    Selling from your mobile device is easy—just take a
    picture, upload, and list. Get the FREE app

Make listing items even easier with the eBay mobile App's
barcode scanner—it pre-populates listings with all the info you'll
need to sell your item.

Learn more about the eBay mobile App

My eBay makes shipping simple

  • • Have Flat Rate boxes delivered to your door.

  • • Print pre-addressed shipping labels with tracking numbers.

  • • Request carrier pick up.

Order shipping supplies like padded envelopes, packing materials,
tape, and FREE USPS boxes ahead of time so you can
package and ship your item as soon as it sells.

Order shipping supplies from eBay
  • Print your shipping labels through My eBay to
    help get paid in as little as 3 days.

  • Collect payments through PayPal.
    Create a PayPal account

  • Follow these other eBay tips to help get paid
    more quickly. Get tips

Ship sooner to help get paid faster—get paid in as little as 3
days once eBay can confirm delivery by shipping your sold
item within 24 hours after your buyer pays.

Learn to print shipping labels through My eBay
  • Maureen Reese

    Mom, Flight Attendant

    A flight attendant and a busy mom, Maureen Reese is always on the go, so she uses the eBay mobile App on her iPhone to list most of her items. She takes pictures when she's home, and easily lists and monitors her sales whenever she has downtime. She mainly sells clothes her kids have outgrown and unused items around the house. Maureen says, "I talk to my PTA friends and tennis team and they get excited to hear that I can make $300 to $400 a month on eBay."

    Avoid trips to the post office by using USPS
    Priority or Express Mail to ship and scheduling
    carrier pickups from your home.

  • Mike Cristofani

    Accountant, Collector

    "As someone who used to collect Beatles memorabilia,
    Transformers, GoBots, and G.I. Joe action figures, it's always nice
    to be able to sell them to someone who will enjoy them. I've got
    more space in my garage now, which is great because I just
    bought a brand-new truck."

    Do your research. See if there are similar items
    for sale on eBay—see who's getting the highest
    prices and mimic the way those sellers are listing.

  • Jill Bender

    Mom, Blogger

    "One of my sons plays high school baseball—and it's expensive.
    Since he needs new gear, and the costs are just out of this world,
    I'll sell a whole bunch of stuff on eBay to finance it. People have
    asked me, 'How do you do it? How do you pay for your kids'
    sports? How do you maintain a house?' It's not rocket science. My
    goal is to make extra money in ways that aren't time-consuming.
    Last year, I got motivated around Christmas, and I sold a lot in
    October and November on eBay to give my kids a better holiday."

    Offer free shipping and 1-day handling when
    possible because it helps attract buyers—anytime
    anybody sees "free," it entices them.

  • Brian Arpke

    IT, Tech Sales

    In 2011, Brian started collecting broken machines and parts. When his garage started filling up with more tech than he knew what to do with, he decided to try selling on eBay. "There isn't an easier platform to sell on. I can reach so many people without having to draw them to a store, or manage my own eCommerce website—and buying parts on eBay is a quick way to get my products ready to sell."

    Stay on top of buyer communication—if people send you a question, email them back right away. As soon as an order comes in, get that item shipped out as quickly as possible.


Once you're ready to start selling, do it easily with your mobile device. Download our eBay mobile App to quickly take and upload photos, list items, and make sales from virtually anywhere at any time.

  • List easily from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Take and upload photos, all from one device.
  • Track your sales from anywhere.
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