Category Changes: Toys & Hobbies

May 2016 : Toys & Hobbies

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Toys & Hobbies220 
 +Action Figures246 
 +Beanbag Plush49019 
 +Building Toys18991 
 +Classic Toys19016 
 +Diecast & Toy Vehicles222 
 +Electronic, Battery & Wind-Up19071 
 +Fast Food & Cereal Premiums19077 
 -Marbles771Combined into [Marbles-58799]
  -Pre-19702572Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Hand Made772Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Machine Made2573Combined into [Marbles-58799]
  -1970-Now2571Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Hand Made236Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Machine Made2570Combined into [Marbles-58799]
  Marbles58799New Category
 +Model Railroads & Trains180250 
 +Models & Kits1188 
 +Outdoor Toys & Structures11743 
 +Preschool Toys & Pretend Play19169 
 -Radio Control & Control Line2562 
   Remote-Controlled Toys84912New Category
  -RC Model Vehicles & Kits182181New Category
    Airplanes182182New Category
    Boats & Watercraft87480New Category
    Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles182183New Category
    Helicopters123847New Category
    Industrial & Service Vehicles182184New Category
    Quadcopters & Multicopters182185New Category
    Tanks & Military Vehicles45986New Category
    Other RC Model Vehicles & Kits182186New Category
  -RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accs182187New Category
   -Control, Radio & Electronics19839New Category
     Antennas182176New Category
     Batteries40700New Category
     Chargers56605New Category
     Gyros27652New Category
     Lighting & Lamps182177New Category
     Receivers & Transmitters40703New Category
     Servos & Servo Accessories56615New Category
     Speed Controllers74312New Category
     Switches, Connectors & Wires182178New Category
     Other Radio & Electronics9161New Category
   -Engine, Exhaust & Fuel Systems182188New Category
     Gas/Nitro Engines182189New Category
     Electric Motors100058New Category
     Exhaust Systems & Mufflers182190New Category
     Fuel Delivery & Accessories182191New Category
     Ignition, Glow & Spark Plugs182192New Category
     Motor & Engine Parts & Accs182193New Category
     Oils, Lubricants & Maintenance182194New Category
     Other Engine/Exhaust/Fuel Sys.182195New Category
   -Chassis, Drivetrain & Wheels182196New Category
     Braking System Parts182197New Category
     Chassis Plates, Frames & Kits182198New Category
     Suspension & Steering Parts182199New Category
     Transmission, Clutches & Gears182200New Category
     Wheels, Tires, Rims & Hubs182201New Category
     Other Chassis & Drivetrain182202New Category
   -Body Parts & Interior182203New Category
     Airplanes182204New Category
     Boats & Watercraft34058Moved from [RC Engines, Parts & Accs-116070]
     Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles34061Moved from [RC Engines, Parts & Accs-116070]
     Helicopters182205New Category
     Industrial & Service Vehicles182206New Category
     Quadcopters & Multicopters182207New Category
     Tanks & Military Vehicles116077Moved from [RC Engines, Parts & Accs-116070]
     Other Vehicles182208New Category
    Adhesives, Paints & Finishing182209New Category
    RC Building Materials182210New Category
    RC Hardware & Fasteners182211New Category
    RC Tools & Sets68407New Category
    RC Plans, Templates & Manuals182212New Category
    Other RC Parts & Accs182213New Category
   Control Line & Free Flight34054Renamed from [Control Line & Freeflight]
  -Radio Control Vehicles117015Combined into [RC Model Vehicles & Kits-182181]
    Airplanes & Helicopters34053Combined into [Other RC Model Vehicles & Kits-182186]
    Boats & Watercraft2564Combined into [Boats & Watercraft-87480]
    Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles19167Combined into [Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles-182183]
    Robots171141Combined into [Remote-Controlled Toys-84912]
    Tanks & Military Vehicles44026Combined into [Tanks & Military Vehicles-45986]
    Toy RC171142Combined into [Remote-Controlled Toys-84912]
    Other Radio Control Vehicles1200Combined into [Other RC & Control Line-168248]
  -RC Engines, Parts & Accs116070Combined into [RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accs-182187]
    Airplanes & Helicopters34056Combined into [Other RC Parts & Accs-182213]
    Tools & Building Supplies171139Combined into [Other RC Parts & Accs-182213]
    Other RC Engines, Parts & Accs171140Combined into [Other RC Parts & Accs-182213]
   RC Vehicle Plans & Templates171143Combined into [RC Plans, Templates & Manuals-182212]
   RC Manuals & Media171144Combined into [RC Plans, Templates & Manuals-182212]
   Tether Cars168247Relocated within Parent
   Simulators171145Relocated within Parent
   Other RC & Control Line168248Renamed from [Other RC & Control Line Toys]
 +Robots, Monsters & Space Toys19192 
 +Slot Cars2616 
 +Stuffed Animals436 
 +Toy Soldiers2631 
 +Trading Card Games2536 
 +TV, Movie & Character Toys2624 
 +Vintage & Antique Toys717 
 +Wholesale Lots40149 


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