Category Changes: Toys & Hobbies

October 2016

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Toys & Hobbies220 
 +Action Figures246 
 +Beanbag Plush49019 
 -Building Toys18991Combined into [Building Toys-183446]
   Erector Sets18993Combined into [Meccano & Erector Sets-28811]
  -LEGO18998Combined into [LEGO-183447]
    Bionicle56309Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
    Duplo & Primo19004Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
    Mindstorm Robotics19005Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
   -Minifigures, Bulk Bricks/Lots18999Combined into [LEGO-183447]
     Bricks19000Combined into [Bricks & Building Pieces-183448]
     Parts & Pieces19002Combined into [Bricks & Building Pieces-183448]
     Other LEGO Minifigs & Lots19003Combined into [Mixed Lots-183451]
    Technic156604Combined into [LEGO Complete Sets & Packs-19006]
    Other LEGO1186Combined into [Mixed Lots-183451]
 -Building Toys183446New Category
   Blocks18992Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   Geomag73248Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   K'NEX21254Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
  -LEGO183447New Category
    LEGO Complete Sets & Packs19006Moved from [LEGO-18998] Renamed from [Sets]
    Bricks & Building Pieces183448New Category
    Instruction Manuals183449New Category
    LEGO Branded Storage183450New Category
    Minifigures19001Moved from [Minifigures, Bulk Bricks/Lots-18999]
    Minifigure Parts & Accessories180023Moved from [Minifigures, Bulk Bricks/Lots-18999]
    Mixed Lots183451New Category
   Lincoln Logs19013Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   Magnetic Building Sets180018Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   Marble Runs180019Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
  -Meccano & Erector Sets28811New Category
    Pre-1980724Moved from [Erector Sets-18993]
    1980-Now4318Moved from [Erector Sets-18993]
   Mega Bloks52338Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   Rokenbok52339Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   Supermag145844New Category
   Tinkertoy19014Moved from [Building Toys-18991] Renamed from [Tinker Toys]
   Storage, Mats & Play Tables180020Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
   Other Building Toys19015Moved from [Building Toys-18991]
 +Classic Toys19016Relocated within Parent
 -Collectible Card Games2536Renamed from [Trading Card Games]
   Bakugan Battle Brawlers158794Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Bella Sara158795Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Chaotic168261Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
  -Dragonball Z44040Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Boxes44041Combined into [CCG Sealed Booster Packs-183456]
    Packs44042Combined into [CCG Sealed Booster Packs-183456]
    Singles44043Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Other Dragonball Z Cards7121Combined into [CCG Mixed Card Lots-183455]
   Eye of Judgement158796Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Harry Potter22727Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Legend of the Five Rings33051Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Lord of the Rings33052Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
  -Magic: The Gathering19107Renamed from [Magic the Gathering]
    Accessories19108Combined into [Other MTG Items-218]
   -MTG Individual Cards38292Renamed from [Individual Cards]
     White (Plains)158754Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Blue (Island)158755Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Black (Swamp)158756Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Red (Mountain)158757Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Green (Forest)158758Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Multi-Color & Hybrid158759Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Artifact158760Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
     Other Individual Magic Cards19115Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
    MTG Mixed Card Lots19113Renamed from [Mixed Lots]
   -MTG Sealed Booster Packs19109Renamed from [Boxes & Packs]
     Boxes19110Combined into [MTG Sealed Booster Packs-19109]
     Packs19111Combined into [MTG Sealed Booster Packs-19109]
     Repacks19112Combined into [MTG Mixed Card Lots-19113]
    MTG Sealed Decks & Kits183445New Category
    MTG Player-Built Decks49196Renamed from [Playable, Tournament Decks]
    MTG Complete Sets19114Renamed from [Complete Sets]
    Other MTG Items218Renamed from [Other Magic Cards]
    Foil Cards49181Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
    Magic Online49195Combined into [Other MTG Items-218]
  -Pokémon Trading Card Game183466New Category
    Pokémon Individual Cards2611Moved from [Pokémon-2610] Renamed from [Singles]
    Pokémon Mixed Card Lots104049Moved from [Pokémon-104044] Renamed from [Mixed Lots]
    Pokémon Sealed Booster Packs4301Moved from [Pokémon-2610] Renamed from [Packs]
    Pokémon Sealed Decks & Kits183467New Category
    Pokémon Player-Built Decks183468New Category
    Pokémon Complete Sets104046Moved from [Pokémon-104044] Renamed from [Full Sets]
    Other Pokémon TCG Items2608Moved from [Pokémon-2610] Renamed from [Other Pokémon Cards]
  -Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game31393Renamed from [Yu-Gi-Oh!]
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards31395Renamed from [Individual Cards]
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Mixed Card Lots49209Renamed from [Mixed Lots]
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Packs31396Renamed from [Packs]
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Decks & Kits183452New Category
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Player-Built Decks183453New Category
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete Sets49203Renamed from [Full Sets]
    Other Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Items31397Renamed from [Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards]
    Accessories49197Combined into [Other Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Items-31397]
    Boxes31394Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Packs-31396]
    Promotional49208Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards-31395]
   CCG Individual Cards183454New Category
   CCG Mixed Card Lots183455New Category
   CCG Sealed Booster Packs183456New Category
   CCG Sealed Decks & Kits183457New Category
   CCG Player-Built Decks183458New Category
   CCG Complete Sets183459New Category
  -CCG Supplies & Accessories183460New Category
    CCG Card Sleeves183461New Category
    CCG Deck Boxes183462New Category
    CCG Dice & Counters183463New Category
    CCG Playmats183464New Category
    CCG Albums & Pages183465New Category
   Other CCG Items2535Renamed from [Other Trading Card Games]
   MapleStory168262Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Naruto150960Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Neopets58140Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Pirates of the Caribbean158797Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
  -Pokémon2610Combined into [Pokémon Trading Card Game-183466]
    Boxes2612Combined into [Pokémon Sealed Booster Packs-4301]
    Japanese4698Combined into [Pokémon Individual Cards-2611]
   Raw Deal38317Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Star Trek33053Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
  -Star Wars84618Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Decipher (CCG)84619Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Wizards (WOTC)84620Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Other Star Wars Cards33054Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   UFS158791Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Vampire, The Eternal Struggle33055Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   VS System158792Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Warlord: Saga of the Storm33056Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   Webkinz158793Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
   World of Warcraft150192Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
 -Diecast & Toy Vehicles222 
  +Aircraft & Spacecraft180268 
  +Boats & Ships180269 
  +Cars: Racing, NASCAR171127 
  +Cars, Trucks & Vans180273 
  +Construction Equipment180274 
  +Farm Vehicles180275 
  +Motorcycles & ATVs180276 
   Tanks & Military Vehicles171138 
  +Vehicle Banks43845 
  +Other Vehicles180277 
   Play Sets177918 
  +Accessories, Parts & Display180278 
   Price Guides & Publications97093 
   Collections & Lots73252 
   Other Diecast & Toy Vehicles171132Combined into [Contemporary Manufacture-180533]
 +Electronic, Battery & Wind-Up19071 
 +Fast Food & Cereal Premiums19077 
  +Board & Traditional Games2550 
  +Card Games & Poker180350 
   Electronic Games2540 
   Game Pieces, Parts7317 
   Mighty Beanz55415 
  -Miniatures, War Games16486 
    Terrain & Scenery177640 
    Axis & Allies158731 
    Babylon 5113527 
    Clan War63656 
    Dungeons & Dragons158713 
    Flames of War113523 
    Lord of the Rings44011 
    Mage Knight16488 
    Pirates CSG113524 
    Pokémon TFG155640 
    Ral Partha16489 
   +Star Wars158718 
    War at Sea158732 
    -Warhammer 40K44408Renamed from [40K]
      40K Starter Sets183472New Category
      40K Miniatures183473New Category
      40K Spare Bits & Pieces158714Renamed from [Accessories, Bits]
      40K Rulebooks & Publications90944New Category
      Chaos Space Marines44118Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Daemonhunters45362Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Dark Eldar44119Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Eldar44117Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Imperial Guard68406Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Necrons44121Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Orks44122Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Tau44123Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Space Marines44124Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      40K Terrain & Scenery152940Renamed from [Terrain, Scenery]
      Tyranid44125Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Witch Hunters123868Combined into [40K Miniatures-183473]
      Other 40K Items31399Renamed from [Other Warhammer 40K]
    -Warhammer Fantasy Battle44409Renamed from [Fantasy]
      WFB Starter Sets183474New Category
      WFB Miniatures183475New Category
      WFB Spare Bits & Pieces183476New Category
      WFB Rulebooks & Publications90946New Category
      Beasts of Chaos152945Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Bretonnia65254Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Chaos44127Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Dark Elves45363Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Dwarfs44128Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Empire44129Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      High Elves45364Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Hordes of Chaos152944Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Lizardmen45365Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Ogre Kingdoms152943Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Orcs & Goblins45366Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Skaven44130Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      WFB Terrain & Scenery152942Renamed from [Terrain, Scenery]
      Tomb Kings45367Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Vampire Counts152941Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Wood Elves109241Combined into [WFB Miniatures-183475]
      Other WFB Items31400Renamed from [Other Warhammer Fantasy]
     Other Warhammer7389 
   +Warmachine & Hordes168254 
    World of Warcraft168258 
    Other Miniatures & War Games2537 
   Plastic Action Games165969 
  +Role Playing Games2543 
   Other Games234 
 -Model Railroads & Trains180250 
  +Power & Control180339 
  +Z Scale19116 
  +N Scale19119 
  +TT Scale30654 
  +HO Scale19128 
  +OO Scale122601 
  +S Scale19143 
  +O Scale19145 
  +1 Gauge13290 
  +G Scale19151 
  +Standard Scale180508 
  +Narrow Gauge180509 
  +Rare Scales180296 
   Storage & Display114299 
  +Books & Guides9047 
   Mixed Lots165991 
   Other Model Railroads & Trains487Combined into [Other Rare Scale-180313]
 +Models & Kits1188 
 +Outdoor Toys & Structures11743 
 +Preschool Toys & Pretend Play19169 
 -Radio Control & Control Line2562 
   Remote-Controlled Toys84912 
  +RC Model Vehicles & Kits182181 
  -RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accs182187 
   -Control, Radio & Electronics19839 
     Battery Holders, Covers & Accs183469New Category
     Flight Controllers & Gyros27652Renamed from [Gyros]
     Flight Recorders & Telemetry183470New Category
     Lighting & Lamps182177Relocated within Parent
     PCBs, Switch/Function Modules183471New Category
     Receivers & Transmitters40703 
     Servos & Servo Accessories56615 
     Speed Controllers74312 
     Switches, Connectors & Wires182178 
     Other Radio & Electronics9161 
   +Engine, Exhaust & Fuel Systems182188 
   +Chassis, Drivetrain & Wheels182196 
   +Body Parts & Interior182203 
    Adhesives, Paints & Finishing182209 
    RC Building Materials182210 
    RC Hardware & Fasteners182211 
    RC Tools & Sets68407 
    RC Plans, Templates & Manuals182212 
    Other RC Parts & Accs182213 
   Control Line & Free Flight34054 
   Tether Cars168247 
   Other RC & Control Line168248 
 +Robots, Monsters & Space Toys19192 
 +Slot Cars2616 
 +Stuffed Animals436 
 +Toy Soldiers2631 
 +TV, Movie & Character Toys2624 
 +Vintage & Antique Toys717 
 +Wholesale Lots40149 


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