Category Changes: Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop

October 2016: Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
    Index Cards27263 
    Lithographs, Posters & Prints73391 
    Ticket Stubs73395 
    Trading Cards73396Combined into [Baseball Cards-213]
    Other Autographed MLB Items53 
    Floor, Floorboard95054 
    Index Cards95055 
    Lithographs, Posters & Prints73397 
    Trading Cards73399Combined into [Basketball Cards-214]
    Other Autographed NBA Items2826 
   Display Cases60594 
    Index Cards95056 
    Lithographs, Posters & Prints73404 
    Ticket Stubs101808 
    Trading Cards73406Combined into [Football Cards-215]
    Other Autographed NFL Items2832 
    Index Cards101809 
    Trading Cards73407Combined into [Golf Cards-4240]
    Other Autographed PGA Items1223 
    Index Cards101810 
    Trading Cards73409Combined into [Ice Hockey Cards-216]
    Other Autographed NHL Items2833 
   Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)177914 
   Racing-Formula 12835 
    Index Cards101812 
    Lithographs, Posters & Prints73411 
    Trading Cards73413Combined into [Auto Racing Cards-666]
    Other Autographed NASCAR Items2837 
    Trading Cards73417Combined into [Wrestling Cards-183435]
    Other Autographed Wrestling2845 
   Other Autographed Sports Mem52 
 +Fan Apparel & Souvenirs24409 
 +Game Used Memorabilia50116 
 -Manufacturer Authenticated60591Combined into [Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop-64482]
   Baseball-MLB60592Combined into [Baseball-MLB-24410]
   Basketball-NBA95053Combined into [Basketball-NBA-24442]
   Football-NFL60593Combined into [Football-NFL-206]
   Other Manufacturer Auth. Mem46125Combined into [Other Fan Apparel & Souvenirs-465]
 +Vintage Sports Memorabilia50123 
  Wholesale Lots56080 
  Sports Stickers, Sets & Albums141755New Category
 -Sports Trading Cards212Renamed from [Cards]
   Australian Football Cards166107New Category
   Auto Racing Cards666Renamed from [Racing]
   Baseball Cards213Renamed from [Baseball]
   Basketball Cards214Renamed from [Basketball]
   Bowling Cards170131Renamed from [Bowling]
   Boxing Cards37795Renamed from [Boxing]
   College Cards133072Renamed from [College Trading Cards]
   Cricket Cards25579New Category
  +etopps Cards25558Renamed from [etopps]
   Football Cards215Renamed from [Football]
   Golf Cards4240Renamed from [Golf]
   Horse Racing Cards43363Renamed from [Horse Racing]
   Ice Hockey Cards216Renamed from [Hockey]
   Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Cards170134Renamed from [Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)]
   Olympics Cards2956Renamed from [Olympics]
   Rugby League (NRL) Cards25583New Category
   Rugby Union Cards2969New Category
   Soccer Cards183444New Category
   Soccer53598Combined into [Soccer Cards-183444]
   Tennis Cards43371Renamed from [Tennis]
   Wrestling Cards183435New Category
   Wrestling2978Combined into [Wrestling Cards-183435]
   Price Guides & Publications170135 
  -Storage & Display Supplies183436New Category
    Card Sleeves & Bags183437New Category
    Card Toploaders & Holders183438New Category
    Albums, Binders & Pages183439New Category
    Card Storage Boxes183440New Category
    Card Sorting Trays183441New Category
    Card Display Cases & Cabinets183442New Category
    Other Supplies183443New Category
   Storage & Display Supplies26378Combined into [Other Supplies-183443]
   Other Sports Trading Cards217 


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