Category Changes: Sporting Goods

October 2016: Sporting Goods

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Sporting Goods888 
 +Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA179767 
 +Fitness, Running & Yoga15273 
 +Indoor Games36274 
 -Outdoor Sports159043 
  +Air Guns & Slingshots178886 
  +Backyard Games79786 
  +Camping & Hiking16034 
  +Climbing & Caving30105 
   Disc Golf20851 
    Books & Video159012Combined into [Other Books-268]
   -Clothing & Accessories16240Renamed from [Clothing, Boots & Accessories]
    -Men's Clothing183359New Category
      Jackets72597New Category
      Jodhpurs & Breeches72600New Category
      Shirts183360New Category
      Vests183361New Category
      English Show Coats183362New Category
      English Show Shirts183363New Category
      Western Show Shirts183364New Category
    -Women's Clothing183365New Category
      Jackets47268New Category
      Jodhpurs & Breeches16242New Category
      Shirts & Tops183366New Category
      Vests183367New Category
      English Show Coats183368New Category
      English Show Shirts183369New Category
      Western Show Shirts183370New Category
    -Youth Clothing183371New Category
      Jackets72596New Category
      Jodhpurs & Breeches72599New Category
      Shirts & Tops183372New Category
      Vests183373New Category
      English Show Coats183374New Category
      English Show Shirts183375New Category
      Western Show Shirts183376New Category
     English Show Accessories160041Renamed from [Jewelry & Accessories-English]
     Riding Gloves95104Renamed from [Gloves]
     Western Chaps/Full Chaps183358New Category
     Western Hats31155New Category
     Western Show Accessories160042Renamed from [Jewelry & Accessories-Western]
     Other Rider Clothing3167Renamed from [Other Equestrian Clothing]
    -Boots16241Combined into [Riding Boots & Accessories-27031]
      English159001Combined into [Other Riding Boots & Accs-46076]
      General Use159003Combined into [Other Riding Boots & Accs-46076]
    -Clothing-English159005Combined into [Clothing & Accessories-16240]
      Riding159006Combined into [Other Rider Clothing-3167]
      Show159007Combined into [Other Rider Clothing-3167]
    -Clothing-Western159008Combined into [Clothing & Accessories-16240]
      Riding159009Combined into [Other Rider Clothing-3167]
      Show159010Combined into [Other Rider Clothing-3167]
     Chaps159011Combined into [Western Chaps/Full Chaps-183358]
     Protective Gear159004Combined into [Other Protective Gear-87446]
     Spurs47288Combined into [Spurs-85273]
   -Helmets & Protective Gear87443New Category
     Body Protectors57270New Category
     Reflective Vests183386New Category
     Riding Helmets47269Moved from [Clothing & Accessories-16240] Renamed from [Hats, Helmets & Headgear]
     Riding Helmet Covers183387New Category
     Other Protective Gear87446New Category
   -Riding Boots & Accessories27031New Category
     Paddock & Jodhpur Boots100253New Category
     Tall Riding Boots183382New Category
     Western Boots159002Moved from [Boots-16241] Renamed from [Western]
     Gaiters/Half Chaps183383New Category
     Spurs85273New Category
     Spur Straps183384New Category
     Boot Bags183385New Category
     Other Riding Boots & Accs46076New Category
    Whips & Crops22176New Category
   -English Saddles & Tack3159Renamed from [Tack-English]
     Bridles72579Relocated within Parent
     Bridle Parts & Accessories72585New Category
     Martingales & Breastplates47278Renamed from [Martingales]
     Reins183381New Category
     Reins47274Combined into [Reins-183381]
     Saddle Bags167243New Category
     Saddle Covers179000Relocated within Parent
     Saddle Pads183377New Category
     Seat Savers183378New Category
     Stirrups183379New Category
     Stirrup Leathers183380New Category
     Saddle Pads16245Combined into [Saddle Pads-183377]
     Stirrup Irons & Leathers47279Combined into [Stirrups-183379]
     Other English Tack3155Renamed from [Other Tack-English]
   -Western Saddles & Tack3161Renamed from [Tack-Western]
     Breast Collars47298 
     Bridles & Headstalls3177Renamed from [Bridles, Headstalls]
     Bridle Parts & Accessories183414New Category
     Cinches47299Relocated within Parent
     Reins183415New Category
     Reins16206Combined into [Reins-183415]
     Saddle Bags47300 
     Saddle Covers183416New Category
    -Saddle Pads47308Relocated within Parent
      General Use16255Combined into [Saddle Pads-47308]
      Show47309Combined into [Saddle Pads-47308]
     Seat Savers183411New Category
     Stirrups183412New Category
     Stirrup Leathers & Fenders183413New Category
     Stirrups159018Combined into [Stirrups-183412]
     Conchos159019Renamed from [Conchos & Silver]
     Other Western Tack47301Renamed from [Other Tack-Western]
   -Driving Equipment85178New Category
     Carts & Carriages167220New Category
     Cart & Carriage Parts & Accs183427New Category
     Driving Bits167217New Category
     Driving Reins85180New Category
     Harnesses72586New Category
     Other Driving Equipment13376New Category
   -Lunging & Training Equipment183421New Category
     Horse Jumps112953New Category
     Lunge Cavessons183422New Category
     Lunge Lines183423New Category
     Lunging & Vaulting Rollers183424New Category
     Roller Pads183425New Category
     Other Training Equipment183426New Category
    Rodeo & Roping Equipment114226Renamed from [Rodeo]
   -Horse Wear57268New Category
     Fly Masks167251New Category
     Grazing Muzzles183417New Category
     Halters139601New Category
     Hoods & Neck Covers183418New Category
     Horse Blankets & Sheets85275New Category
     Horse Boots85260New Category
     Horse Leg Wraps85259New Category
     Lead Ropes139609New Category
     Shoulder Guards183419New Category
     Tail Bags159014Moved from [Stable, Care & Grooming-16235]
     Tail Wraps183420New Category
     Other Horse Wear139591New Category
   -Horse Care & Grooming139580New Category
     Braiding & Show Accessories183396New Category
     Curry Combs183397New Category
     Fly & Insect Repellents183398New Category
     Grooming Brushes183399New Category
     Grooming Kits183400New Category
     Grooming Totes183401New Category
     Hoof Oil & Moisturizer183402New Category
     Hoof Picks183403New Category
     Hoof Rasps & Farrier Tools183404New Category
     Horse Clippers183405New Category
     Mane & Tail Combs183406New Category
     Shampoo & Conditioner183407New Category
     Sweat Scrapers183408New Category
     Tail Extensions183409New Category
     Wormers & Health Supplies183410New Category
     Other Horse Care & Grooming77696New Category
   -Horse Feed & Supplements139576New Category
     Horse Feed183395New Category
     Horse Supplements22189New Category
     Horse Treats139577New Category
     Other Horse Feed77695New Category
    Driving, Horsedrawn3154Combined into [Other Driving Equipment-13376]
    Horse Trailers & Accessories73934 
   -Stable Accessories85214New Category
     Bridle & Halter Bags183428New Category
     Electric Fence Chargers139588New Category
     Electric Fence Insulators183429New Category
     Electric Fence Posts183430New Category
     Electric Fence Wire & Rope183431New Category
     Hay Nets & Bags159013Moved from [Stable, Care & Grooming-16235] Renamed from [Hay Bags]
     Saddle Racks & Stands183432New Category
     Stall Plaques & Signs183433New Category
     Tack Hooks & Hook Racks183434New Category
     Other Stable Accessories139590New Category
    Novelties & Gifts106954Combined into [Other Equestrian-1048]
   -Stable, Care & Grooming16235Combined into [Equestrian-3153]
     Fly & Insect Control98838Combined into [Fly Masks-167251]
     Grooming Tools & Totes16237Combined into [Other Horse Care & Grooming-77696]
     Hoods & Masks47265Combined into [Other Horse Wear-139591]
     Horse Blankets & Sheets72587Combined into [Horse Blankets & Sheets-85275]
     Horse Boots & Leg Wraps16236Combined into [Other Horse Wear-139591]
     Horse Costumes159015Combined into [Other Horse Wear-139591]
     Mane, Coat & Tail Products159016Combined into [Other Horse Care & Grooming-77696]
     Stable Racks & Hangers109129Combined into [Other Stable Accessories-139590]
     Supplements & Wormers90862Combined into [Horse Supplements-22189]
     Other Stable, Care & Grooming16239Combined into [Other Stable Accessories-139590]
    Tack-Australian114224Combined into [Other Equestrian-1048]
    Tack-Endurance160918Combined into [Other Equestrian-1048]
   -Tack-Halters & Leads47306Combined into [Horse Wear-57268]
     General Use16254Combined into [Halters-139601]
     Show47307Combined into [Halters-139601]
    Training Aids47296Combined into [Other Training Equipment-183426]
    Other Equestrian1048 
  +Go-Karts (Recreational)64655 
   Hang Gliding & Paragliding91561 
  +Inline & Roller Skating16258 
  +Skateboarding & Longboarding16262 
   Sky Diving106980 
   Track & Field106981 
   Other Outdoor Sports159048 
 +Team Sports159049 
 +Tennis & Racquet Sports159134 
 +Water Sports159136 
 +Winter Sports36259 
  Other Sporting Goods310 
 +Wholesale Lots40146 


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