Category Changes: Sporting Goods

June 2017: Sporting Goods

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Sporting Goods888
 +Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA179767
  +Rod & Reel Combos179953
  +Baits, Lures & Flies179961
  +Line & Leaders179965
  +Terminal Tackle179973
  +Clothing, Shoes & Accessories179978
  Fishfinders29723Moved from [Fishing Equipment-179985]
  -Fishing Equipment179985Relocated within Parent (i)
   Bait Buckets179986
   Bite Alarms72638
   Chairs & Seats19985
   Charts & Maps179987
   Decals, Stickers & Patches179988
   Downrigger, Outrigger Gear36151
   Fighting Belts & Harnesses179989
   +Fish Processing & Cooking179990
   Fishing Carts & Wagons179993Relocated within Parent (i)
   Fishing Spears & Gaffs179994Relocated within Parent (i)
   Float Tubes179995Relocated within Parent (i)
   Fly Fishing Accessories87098Relocated within Parent (i)
   Ice Fishing Accessories179996Relocated within Parent (i)
   Lights123489Relocated within Parent (i)
   Nets81458Relocated within Parent (i)
   Pliers & Hook Removers179997Relocated within Parent (i)
   Reel Cases & Storage179998Relocated within Parent (i)
   Rod Cases, Tubes & Racks81473Relocated within Parent (i)
   Rod Rests & Holders72665Relocated within Parent (i)
   Scales72667Relocated within Parent (i)
   Stringers & Fish Baskets179999Relocated within Parent (i)
   Tackle Boxes & Bags22696Relocated within Parent (i)
   Tents & Shelters72670Relocated within Parent (i)
   Underwater Cameras180000Relocated within Parent (i)
   Other Fishing Equipment27414Relocated within Parent (i)
  Fishing Trips159027Relocated within Parent (i)
  Books & Video62155Relocated within Parent (i)
  Novelties & Gifts62143Relocated within Parent (i)
  Taxidermy159028Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Vintage180001Relocated within Parent (i)
   Other Vintage Fishing793
  Other Fishing384Relocated within Parent (i)
 +Fitness, Running & Yoga15273
 +Indoor Games36274
 -Outdoor Sports159043
  +Air Guns & Slingshots178886
  +Backyard Games79786
  +Camping & Hiking16034
  +Climbing & Caving30105
  Disc Golf20851Combined into [Disc Golf Discs-184356]
  -Disc Golf184355New Category
   Disc Golf Discs184356New Category
   Disc Golf Baskets184357New Category
   Disc Golf Sets184358New Category
   Disc Bags/Caddies184359New Category
   Disc Golf Accessories184360New Category
  -Equestrian3153Relocated within Parent (i)
   +Clothing & Accessories16240
   +Helmets & Protective Gear87443
   +Riding Boots & Accessories27031
   Whips & Crops22176
   +English Saddles & Tack3159
   +Western Saddles & Tack3161
   +Driving Equipment85178
   +Lunging & Training Equipment183421
   Rodeo & Roping Equipment114226
   +Horse Wear57268
   +Horse Care & Grooming139580
   +Horse Feed & Supplements139576
   Horse Trailers & Accessories73934
   +Stable Accessories85214
   Other Equestrian1048
  -Geocaching159045Relocated within Parent (i)
   Geo Tagging Equipment184362New Category
   Geocaching Pathtags184363New Category
   -Cache Hiding Gear184364New Category
    Geocaching Containers184365New Category
    Geocaching Logbooks184366New Category
    Geocaching Labels & Decals184367New Category
    Geocaching Magnets184368New Category
   Geocaching Tools of the Trade184361New Category
   Other Geocaching159047Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Go-Karts (Recreational)64655Relocated within Parent (i)
   Clothing & Protective Gear159029
   Complete Go-Karts & Frames64656
   Parts & Accessories64657
   Other Go-Karts (Recreational)40152
  Hang Gliding & Paragliding91561Combined into [Other Air Sports Equipment-184372]
  -Skydiving, Para & Hang Gliding184369New Category
   Complete Para & Hang Gliders184374New Category
   Wings184375New Category
   Airframes184376New Category
   Cable & Rigging184379New Category
   Parachutes184373New Category
   Harnesses & Flight Suits184378New Category
   Helmets & Goggles184377New Category
   Variometers & Altimeters184371New Category
   Secure Containers184380New Category
   Books & Videos184370New Category
   Other Air Sports Equipment184372New Category
  -Inline & Roller Skating16258Relocated within Parent (i)
   +Inline Skates47344
   Protective Gear16260
   +Roller Skates71154
   Skate Parts & Tools159063
   Other Inline & Roller Skating1301
  -Paintball16045Combined into [Other Paintball-10554]
   Clothing & Protective Gear36283Combined into [Other Paintball Clothing-159066]
  Paragliding114271Combined into [Other Air Sports Equipment-184372]
  -Paintball184381New Category
   -Air Systems & Accessories36286Moved from [Paintball-16045]
    CO2 Tanks & Accessories16051
    N2 Tanks & Accessories36287
    Remotes & Filling Stations83044
    Other Paintball Air Systems184383New Category
    Other Paintball Air Systems64674Combined into [Other Paintball Air Systems-184383]
   Barrels16046Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   -Clothing & Protective Gear184382New Category
    Elbow & Knee Pads159065Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
    Gloves114232Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
    Goggles & Masks16050Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
    Jerseys & Shirts165939Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
    Pants & Shorts165940Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
    Vests36284Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
    Other Paintball Clothing159066Moved from [Clothing & Protective Gear-36283]
   Equipment Bags & Cases64672Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   Harnesses & Pods16047Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   Hoppers & Loaders165941Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   Marker Packages47248Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   -Marker Parts & Accessories47235Moved from [Paintball-16045]
    Drop Forwards47237
    Expansion Chambers47238
    Feednecks & Elbows71157
    Sights & Scopes47240Renamed from [Sights]
    Triggers & Frames47241
    Other Marker Parts & Accs36285
   Paintball Markers16048Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   Paintballs16049Moved from [Paintball-16045]
   Tickets117145New Category
   Other Paintball10554Moved from [Paintball-16045]
  -Scooters11330Relocated within Parent (i)
   Electric Scooters47349
   Gas Scooters75211
   Kick Scooters11331
   Parts & Accessories11332
   Other Scooters11329
  -Skateboarding & Longboarding16262Relocated within Parent (i)
   Books & Video58128
   +Clothing, Shoes & Accessories159077
   +Longboard Parts165943
   +Skateboard Parts159073
   Ramps & Rails91565
   Stickers & Decals47357
   Other Skate- & Longboarding16265
  Sky Diving106980Combined into [Other Air Sports Equipment-184372]
  Track & Field106981Relocated within Parent (i)
  Triathlon2918Relocated within Parent (i)
  Other Outdoor Sports159048Relocated within Parent (i)
 +Team Sports159049
 +Tennis & Racquet Sports159134
 +Water Sports159136
 +Winter Sports36259
 Other Sporting Goods310
 +Wholesale Lots40146


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