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Category Changes: Musical Instruments

September 2013

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Musical Instruments & Gear619 
  Accordion & Concertina16218 
   Alto Horn101554New Category
   Baritone179014New Category
   Baritone & Tuba16213Combined into [Tuba-179015]
   Cornet41396Moved from [Trumpet & Cornet-41395]
   French Horn16215 
   Pocket Trumpet41397Moved from [Trumpet & Cornet-41395] Combined into [Trumpet-16214]
   Sousaphone159944Relocated within Parent
   Trumpet & Cornet41395Combined into [Brass-16212]
   Trumpet16214Moved from [Trumpet & Cornet-41395]
   Tuba179015New Category
   Parts, Accessories41398 
  +Vintage (Pre-1980)118974 
 -Electronic Instruments38068Combined into [Musical Instruments & Gear-619]
   Electronic Keyboards29552Combined into [Electronic Keyboards-38088]
   Other1287Combined into [Other-3278]
   Acoustic Electric22966 
  +Beginner Packages84659Relocated within Parent
   Classical119544New Category
   Electric33034Relocated within Parent
   Bass Amplifiers64397Moved from [Guitar Amplifiers-38072] Renamed from [Bass]
  +Guitar Amplifiers38072 
   Guitar Builder/ Luthier Supply47067 
  +Novelty & Gifts64407 
  -Parts & Accessories20829 
     Hardshell41409Combined into [Cases-41408]
     Soft, Gig Bags20830Combined into [Cases-41408]
   +Effects Pedals41410 
    Footrests148640New Category
    Picks20831Combined into [Picks-46682]
   -Guitar Parts159953 
     Knobs, Jacks, Switches47076 
     Tremolos148648New Category
     Tuning Pegs41434 
     Other170606Combined into [Other-46678]
    Polishes & Cleaners47077Combined into [Polishes & Cleaners-46680]
    Polishes & Cleaners46680 
    Stands & Hangers22671 
    Straps20832Combined into [Straps-46677]
     Other47616New Category
   Travel Guitars159948 
  +Vintage (Pre-1980)118978 
   Vintage (Pre-1980)119095Relocated within Parent
   Parts & Accessories16228Relocated within Parent
 -Instruction Books, CDs & Video47043 
   Music Theory & Ear Training117051 
    Books: Method & Instruction38100Combined into [Guitar-41779]
    Books: Tab & Songbooks64406Combined into [Guitar-31211]
    CDs41780Combined into [Guitar-41779]
    Videos41781Combined into [Guitar-41779]
   Keyboard & Piano38101 
   Other23308New Category
 +Karaoke Entertainment175696 
    Crash41442Combined into [Cymbals-41441]
    Ride41446Combined into [Cymbals-41441]
    Hi-Hat41447Combined into [Cymbals-41441]
    Splash47082Combined into [Cymbals-41441]
    Sets47083Combined into [Cymbals-41441]
    Other10174Combined into [Cymbals-41441]
    Electronic Drums38069Moved from [Electronic Instruments-38068] Renamed from [Drum Machines]
   -World Drums47085Renamed from [World]
     African47086Combined into [World Drums-47085]
     Indian & Middle Eastern47087Combined into [World Drums-47085]
     Latin & Afro-Cuban38094Combined into [World Drums-47085]
     Other47088Combined into [World Drums-47085]
    Sets & Kits38097 
   Shakers & Blocks47090 
   Xylophones, Vibes & Marimbas41458 
  -Parts & Accessories41448 
    Bags & Cases41449 
    Hoops & Rims41451 
    Mounts & Assembly Hardware47089 
    Practice Pads47579New Category
     Cymbal41454Combined into [Stands-41453]
     Drum41455Combined into [Stands-41453]
    Sticks & Brushes41456 
    Stools & Thrones47084Moved from [Drums-38092]
   Vintage, Pre-1980119014 
 -Pianos, Keyboards & Organs16217Renamed from [Piano & Organ]
   Electronic Keyboards38088Moved from [Electronic Instruments-38068]
   Organs16219Renamed from [Organ]
  +Pianos43393Renamed from [Piano]
   Player Piano Rolls178895 
   Piano Stools117049New Category
   Keyboard Cases148727Moved from [Electronic Instruments-38068]
   Parts & Accessories64431 
 -Pro Audio Equipment15197 
   Acoustical Treatments168129 
   Audio/MIDI Interfaces123445Renamed from [Computer Recording Interfaces]
   Cables, Snakes & Interconnects41459Relocated within Parent
   Cases, Racks & Bags23789Renamed from [Rack Cases, Hard Cases & Bags]
   Digital DJ Controllers175830 
   DJ Equipment Packages157158 
   DJ Mixers19699 
   DJ Turntables48460 
   DJ Turntable Parts & Accs157161 
   DJ & Monitoring Headphones14985 
   Live & Studio Mixers4785New Category
   Live & Studio Mixers23785Combined into [Live & Studio Mixers-4785]
   Power Conditioners159955 
   Preamps & Channel Strips119018 
   Recorders15199Relocated within Parent
   Samplers & Sequencers38070Moved from [Electronic Instruments-38068] Renamed from [Samples, Samplers]
   Signal Processors/Rack Effects23791Relocated within Parent
   Software, Loops & Samples177027Renamed from [Computer Recording Software]
   Speakers & Monitors47091 
   Speaker Drivers & Horns47092 
   Stands, Mounts & Holders29948 
   Studio/Live Equipment Packages177028 
   Synthesizers38071Moved from [Electronic Instruments-38068]
   Parts & Accessories113484 
   Vintage Pro Audio Equipment119019 
 -Sheet Music & Song Books20833 
  -Sheet Music1451 
    Black Americana155305 
    Blues, Jazz43379 
    Christian, Gospel113500 
    Christmas Carols155306 
    Country, Western72446 
    Instrumental Collections113497 
    Military, Historical1452 
    Movies, TV1453 
    New Age113498Combined into [Other-157]
   +Popular, by decade43381 
    Theater, Showtunes1458 
    Transportation1459Combined into [Other-157]
    Vocal Collections113501 
  -Song Books38103 
    Brass & Woodwind43391 
    String Instruments43392 
    Vocal123446New Category
 +Stage Lighting & Effects12922 
   Autoharp & Zither16221 
   Bouzouki/ Mandola101567 
   Harp & Dulcimer16223 
   Sitar112677New Category
   Parts & Accessories38106 
  +Vintage (Pre-1980)119023 
   Melodica178976New Category
   Parts & Accessories47097 
   Vintage (Pre-1980)119028 
 +Wholesale Lots52555 


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