Category Changes: eBay Motors

June 2015

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-eBay Motors6000 
 -Cars & Trucks6001 
  -Alfa Romeo5340 
  -Aston Martin157054 
    Rapide180523New Category
  -Austin Healey180052 
    Continental Flying Spur157061 
    Continental GT157060 
    Flying Spur179668 
    Turbo R157063 
    M Roadster & Coupe133184 
    Grand National6137 
    Park Avenue6139 
    Bel Air/150/2106160 
    C/K Pickup 150090965 
    C/K Pickup 250090966 
    C/K Pickup 350090967 
    Captiva Sport178883 
    El Camino6153 
    G20 Van39411 
    Monte Carlo6171 
    Silverado 150013487 
    Silverado 250090969 
    Silverado 350090970 
    SS180522New Category
    Other Pickups5348 
    200 Series172520 
    300 Series6175 
    New Yorker6178 
    PT Cruiser15285 
    Town & Country5352 
    Other180897New Category
  -De Tomaso179864 
    Other180895New Category
    Grand Caravan6194 
    Power Wagon39413 
    Ram 150031831 
    Ram 2500119143 
    Ram 3500119144 
    Ram 4500169338 
    Ram 5500169339 
    Ram Van6195 
    Other Pickups6197 
    Bronco II50065 
    Crown Victoria6227 
    E-Series Van6224 
    Explorer Sport43908 
    Explorer Sport Trac43909 
    Five Hundred133211 
    Ford GT116478 
    Model A6234 
    Model T6235 
    Taurus X/FreeStyle124122 
    Transit Connect170145 
    Other Pickups6221 
    Sierra 15006244 
    Sierra 250090981 
    Sierra 350090982 
    Accord Crosstour171087 
    Accord Plug-In178950 
    Del Sol6257 
    Santa Fe80746 
  -International Harvester31845 
    Grand Cherokee6947 
  -Land Rover6293 
    Range Rover6295 
    Range Rover Sport162303 
    CT 200h175867 
    ES 350179894 
    Mark Series6305 
    Town Car31851 
    Super Seven175879 
    Gran Sport170157 
    Gran Turismo162314 
    B-Series Pickups6317 
    MX-5 Miata6324 
    Other180896New Category
    SLR McLaren124126 
    SLS AMG175868 
    Grand Marquis6340 
    Classic Mini107007 
    Cooper S107009 
    Mighty Max179901 
    Outlander Sport178899 
    Other Pickups84165 
    Custom Cruiser179905 
    Grand Voyager39417 
    Road Runner43921 
    Grand Am6421 
    Grand Prix6422 
    Le Mans6424 
    Trans Am6427 
    Trans Sport179912 
    Carrera GT175872 
    Euro Clio180086 
    Silver Seraph157075 
    Silver Shadow157073 
    Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn157076 
    Other180898New Category
    XV Crosstrek179916Renamed from [XV Crossteck]
    Grand Vitara170160 
    Model S180042 
    Model X180043 
    FJ Cruiser133219 
    Land Cruiser6443 
    Prius V175875 
    RAV4 EV178900 
    Beetle - Classic6019 
    Golf R175877 
    Karmann Ghia15293 
    Type III159601 
    XC (Cross Country)31880 
   Replica/Kit Makes7251 
   Other Makes6472 
   Cars & Trucks Test Category177131 
  -Custom Built Motorcycles147899 
    Pro Street147902 
   American Classic Motors171993 
   American Ironhorse49973 
   Big Dog49978 
   Boss Hoss49979 
    Sport Touring49989 
    Gold Wing50002 
    Super Hawk50009 
   Moto Guzzi6713 
   MV Agusta159596 
   Royal Enfield50024 
    GSX / Katana50028 
    Rocket III133178 
    Speed Triple133180 
    Street Triple171080 
    Road Star50044 
    Royal Star50045 
    V Max50047 
    V Star50048 
   Other Makes6719 
   Motorcycles Test Category177129 
 -Other Vehicles & Trailers6038 
    Airplanes - Single-Engine63677 
    Airplanes - Multi-Engine63678 
    Project/Experimental Aircraft63679 
    Other Aircraft26428 
  -Commercial Trucks63732 
    Bucket / Boom Trucks63733 
    Commercial Pickups86878 
    Dump Trucks63734 
    Emergency & Fire Trucks63735 
   -Semi Trucks80758 
     Daycab Semi Trucks80759 
     Sleeper Semi Trucks80760 
   -Tow Trucks84150 
     Flatbeds & Rollbacks84151 
    Utility / Service Trucks63739 
   -Van / Box Trucks80761 
     Box Trucks / Cube Vans80762 
     Delivery / Cargo Vans80763 
     Step Vans80764 
     Other Vans63740 
    Other Light Duty Trucks63741 
    Other Medium Duty Trucks63742 
    Other Heavy Duty Trucks63743 
   Golf Cars (Electric & Gas)40155 
   Military Vehicles80765 
  -Race Cars (Not Street Legal)98060 
    Circle Track98061 
    Drag Racing98062 
    Road Racing98064 
    Other Race Cars80766 
  -RVs & Campers50054 
    Class A RVs50056 
    Class B RVs50058 
    Class C RVs50059 
   -Towable RVs & Campers50060 
     Truck Campers50061 
     Fifth Wheel RVs50062 
     Travel Trailers50063 
     Folding Camping Trailers50064 
    Boat & Watercraft Trailers66469 
    Car Trailers80769 
    Cargo / Utility Trailers80770 
    Commercial Truck Trailers63738 
    Horse Trailers80767 
    Motorcycle Trailers80768 
    Other Trailers66470 
  -Fishing Boats63723 
    Bass Fishing Boats63724 
    Inshore Saltwater Fishing63725 
    Offshore Saltwater Fishing63726 
    Other Freshwater Fishing63727 
  -Powerboats & Motorboats31269 
    Jet Boats80653 
    Pontoon / Deck Boats63684 
    Ski / Wakeboarding Boats63686 
    Other Powerboats31270 
    Sailboats Under 20 feet63729 
    Sailboats 20-27 feet63730 
    Sailboats 28+ feet63731 
   Other Boats26434 
    Arctic Cat133221 
    Other Makes6726 
   Dune Buggies / Sand Rails133220 
   Go Karts: High-performance46105 
  -Personal Watercraft31273 
    Other PWC26431 
  -Powersport Vehicles Under 50cc90983 
    ATVs Under 50cc100469 
    Pocket Bikes - Dirt100470 
    Pocket Bikes - Street90985 
    Other Powersports Under 50cc90986 
  -Scooters & Mopeds6720 
    Other Scooters6722 
    Arctic Cat42596 
    Other Makes6736 
   Other Powersports66467 
 -Parts & Accessories6028 
  -ATV Parts43962 
    ATVs for Parts43981 
   -Body & Frame43963 
     Grab Bars & Guards43966 
     Handle Bars, Levers, Mirrors43967 
     Pedals & Pegs43968 
     Racks & Luggage43969 
   -Brakes & Suspension178919 
     Axle Parts178921 
     Brake Levers & Pedals178922 
     Brake Lines & Hoses178923 
     Brake Covers178924 
     Brake Pads & Shoes178925 
     Discs, Calipers & Hardware178926 
     Lift Kits178927 
     Lowering Kits178928 
     Master Cylinders178929 
     Sensors & Switches178930 
     Shocks & Swingarms178931 
    Decals, Emblems43975 
    Electrical Components43976 
    Engines & Components43977 
   -Intake & Fuel Systems178934 
     Air Filters & Parts178935 
     Air Pipes & Hoses178936 
     Carburetors & Throttlebodies178937 
     Fuel Caps178938 
     Fuel Filters178939 
     Fuel Jets & Injectors178940 
     Fuel Pipes & Hoses178941 
     Fuel Pumps178942 
     Fuel Tanks43965 
     Fuel Valves & Petcocks178943 
     Gaskets & Rebuild Kits178944 
    Transmissions & Chains43982 
    Wheels, Tires43983 
  -Apparel & Merchandise6747 
   -Car & Truck50428 
     Banners / Flags56421 
     Hats & Caps40013 
     Key Chains50431 
     Racing Gear50433 
     Sweats & Hoodies177126 
     Other Merchandise50434 
    Garage Signs & Décor179412 
     Banners / Flags56420 
     Eye Wear50424 
     Hats & Caps50426 
     Jackets & Leathers6750 
     Off-Road Gear34353 
     Pants & Chaps34354 
     Sweats & Hoodies177125 
     Other Merchandise34355 
     Hats & Caps177127 
     Jackets & Suits100444 
     Neck Warmers & Face Masks100445 
     Pants & Bibs100446 
     Sweats & Hoodies177128 
     Other Merchandise50435 
    Water Sports / Boating50436 
    Other Apparel & Merchandise6753 
  -Aviation Parts & Accessories26435 
    Aircraft Tires & Tubes180242 
    Aviation Memorabilia38629 
     Audio Panels90973 
     Flight Controls90974 
     Other Avionics26436 
     Complete Engines171103 
     Engine Components26437 
    Pilot Gear26440 
  -Boat Parts26443 
   -Accessories & Gear26445 
     Paint & Maintenance124102 
     Safety Gear & Devices26450 
    Anchoring, Docking26446 
    Body Parts50443 
    Controls & Steering31283 
    Deck & Cabin Hardware26448 
    Electrical & Lighting50437 
   -Electronics & Navigation31274 
     Fish Finders & Depth Finders38630 
     GPS & Chartplotters38631 
     Radar & Autopilots31276 
     Radio & Communications31275 
     Other Electronics & Navigation26444 
   -Inboard Engines & Components50440 
     Complete Diesel Engines50441 
     Complete Gas Engines50442 
     Belts & Pulleys177689 
     Electrical Systems177690 
     Exhaust Systems31285 
     Ignition & Starting Systems31284 
     Intake & Fuel Systems31286 
     Oil Systems177691 
     Transmission & Components171104 
    Interior, Cabin & Galley124106 
    Jet Drives177692 
   -Outboard Engines & Components111121 
     Complete Outboard Engines177669 
     Complete Outboard Powerheads177670 
     Complete Outboard Lower Units177671 
     Conversion Kits177674 
     Cooling Systems177675 
     Cowlings & Housings177676 
     Electrical Systems177677 
     Exhaust Systems177678 
     Ignition & Starting Systems177679 
     Intake & Fuel Systems177680 
     Lower Unit Components177686 
     Mounting & Brackets177684 
     Oil Systems177682 
     Powerhead Components177681 
     Trim & Tilt177687 
    Plumbing & Ventilation26449 
    Sailing Hardware & Gear31281 
    Service Tools177712 
   -Sterndrive Motors & Components177713 
     Complete Sterndrive Engines177714 
     Complete Sterndrive Outdrives177715 
     Belts & Pulleys177717 
     Conversion Kits177718 
     Cooling System177719 
     Cowlings & Housings177720 
     Electrical Systems177721Renamed from [Electrical System]
     Exhaust System177722 
     Ignition & Starting System177723 
     Intake & Fuel System177724 
     Internal Engine Parts177727 
     Mounting & Brackets177726 
     Oil System177725 
     Transmission & Drive Parts177728 
     Trim & Tilt177729 
    Trailer Parts178949 
   -Trolling Motors & Components171105 
     Complete Trolling Motors171106 
     Trolling Motor Components124105 
  -Car Electronics38635 
    12-Volt Portable Appliances169320 
   -Alarms & Security169321 
     Installation Manuals169322 
     Keys & Transponders169323 
     Relays & Sensors169324 
    -Remote Entry/Alarm Combos169325 
      With 2-Way Paging169326 
      Without 2-Way Paging169327 
    -Remote Start/Alarm Combos169328 
      With 2-Way Paging169329 
      Without 2-Way Paging169330 
     Replacement Remotes169331 
    -Standard Car Alarm Systems169332 
      With 2-Way Paging169333 
      Without 2-Way Paging169336 
     Factory, OEM Car Security169334 
    Audio In-Dash Units169337 
   -Car Video171101 
     In-Dash DVD Players Only38649 
    -Video Monitors Only169394 
      Drop Down, Flip Down, Overhead169395 
      Headrest Monitors169402 
      Rear View Monitors169408 
      Stand-Alone, In-Dash169409 
      Other Car Video Monitors38650 
     VHS VCRs & Players38651 
    -Car TV Tuners169423 
      Drop Down, Flip Down, Overhead169424 
      Headrest Monitors169431 
      Rear View Monitors169437 
      Stand-Alone, In-Dash169438 
      Other Car TV Tuners169444 
     Car Video Units With GPS/Nav169445 
     Car Video Units W/out GPS/Nav169446 
     Other Car Video169473 
    CD Changers169382 
   -EQ, Crossovers & Processors169386 
     Combination Signal Processors169387 
     Crossovers Only169388 
     Equalizers Only38643 
     Processors Only169389 
     Faceplate Replacements169390 
   -GPS, Navigation169362 
     GPS Systems169363 
     Software & Maps169364 
     Tracking Devices169365 
      Batteries & Chargers169369 
      Cases & Skins169370 
      Chargers & Cables169371 
      Holders & Mounts169372 
      Memory Cards169373 
      Screen Protectors169374 
   -Installation Products169343 
     Acoustic Dampening Materials169344 
    -Cables, Wiring & Kits169345 
      Amplifier Kits171095 
      Factory System Wiring Kits169346 
      Power Wire169348 
      Speaker Wire169349 
      Other Wiring & Kits171096 
      1-1.9 Farad169351 
      2-2.9 Farad169352 
      3 or More Farad169353 
     Circuit Breakers169354 
     Connectors & Terminals169355 
     Dashboard Installation Kits169356 
     Distribution Blocks169357 
     Fuses & Fuse Holders169358 
    -Wire Harnesses169359 
      Aftermarket Harnesses169360 
      Factory & OEM Harnesses169361 
   -Marine Audio169474 
     Parts & Accessories169477 
    Radar & Laser Detectors38654 
    Radio Tuners38644 
    Satellite Radio38645 
    Speakers & Speaker Systems38646 
   -Subwoofers & Enclosures169415 
      Custom-Fit Boxes169417 
      Single Boxes169418 
      Dual Boxes169419 
      Triple or Larger Boxes169420 
     Grills & Accessories169421 
   -Other Car Audio171097 
     Power Inverters169391 
     Radio Antennas169392 
     Remote Controls169393 
     Faceplate Replacements171099 
  -Car & Truck Parts6030 
   -Air Conditioning & Heat33542 
     A/C Compressor & Clutch33543 
     A/C Hoses & Fittings33544 
     A/C & Heater Controls33545 
     Blower Motors33546 
     Condensers & Evaporators33547 
     Heater Parts33548 
   -Air Intake & Fuel Delivery33549 
     Air Cleaner Assemblies43946 
     Air Intake Systems38634 
     Carburetor Parts33551 
     Fuel Inject. Controls & Parts33553 
     Fuel Injectors33554 
     Fuel Pumps33555 
     Fuel Tanks33556 
     Intake Manifold36474 
     Throttle Body33558 
     ABS System Parts33560 
     Brake Component Packages173511New Category
     Brake Hoses33561 
     Brake Lines33562 
     Caliper Parts33563 
     Discs, Rotors & Hardware33564 
     Drums & Hardware33565 
     Master Cylinders & Parts33566 
     Pads & Shoes33567 
     Parking Brake Cables33568 
     Sensors & Switches33569 
     Trailer Brakes33570 
     Wheel Cylinders & Parts33571 
   -Charging & Starting Systems33572 
     Alternators & Generators177697 
     Alternator & Generator Parts177698 
     Battery Cables & Connectors179847 
     Battery Trays33575 
     Starter Parts177700 
     Voltage Regulators33577 
   -Computer, Chip, Cruise Control33594 
     Cruise Control Units33595 
     Engine Computers33596 
     Performance Chips33597 
   -Cooling System33599 
     Fans & Kits33600 
     Hoses & Clamps33601 
     Oil Coolers46095 
     Radiators & Parts33602 
     Thermostats & Parts33603 
     Water Pumps33604 
   -Decals/Emblems/License Frames50444 
    -Decals & Stickers50445 
      Product Name Decals50446 
      Graphics Decals50447 
      Racing Decals50448 
      Other Decals50449 
     License Plate Frames50451 
   -Electric Vehicle Parts177701 
     Chargers & Service Equipment177704 
     Conversion Kits177707 
     Converters & Inverters177706 
     Electric Vehicle Batteries177703 
   -Emission System33605 
     Air Bypass Valve33606 
     EGR Valves & Parts33607 
     Emission Modules/Control Units33609 
     Smog/Air Pump33610 
   -Engines & Components33612 
     Belts, Pulleys, & Brackets38656 
     Block Parts33613 
     Camshafts, Lifters & Parts33614 
     Complete Engines33615 
     Crankshafts & Parts33616 
     Cylinder Heads & Parts33617 
     Engine Bearings33619 
     Engine Rebuilding Kits33620 
     Motor Mounts50454 
     Oil Filler Caps33622 
     Oil Pans38657 
     Oil Pumps6778 
     Pistons, Rings, Rods & Parts33623 
     Rocker Arms & Parts33624 
     Timing Components33625 
     Vacuum Pumps33626 
     Valve Covers33627 
     Valves & Parts33621 
     Catalytic Converters33629 
     Exhaust Headers33631Combined into [Exhaust Manifolds & Headers-33632]
     Exhaust Manifolds & Headers33632Renamed from [Exhaust Manifolds]
     Exhaust Pipes & Tips33633 
     Exhaust Systems33630 
     Hangers, Clamps & Flanges33634 
     Heat Risers33635 
     Air Dams38658 
     Body Kits36475 
     Bug Shields38659 
     Car Covers50456 
     Door Hinge Conversion Kits179849 
     Exterior Door Panels & Frames179850 
     Exterior Door Handles179851 
     Locks & Hardware33648 
     Mouldings & Trim33654 
     Nerf Bars & Running Boards33650 
     Snow Plows & Parts63688 
     Splash Guards & Mud Flaps50455 
     Spoilers & Wings33638 
     Sunroof, Convertible & Hardtop33652 
     Tailgates & Liftgates33647 
     Towing & Hauling33653 
     Truck Bed Accessories33655 
     Trunk Lids & Parts33656 
     Windshield Wiper Blades179852 
     Windshield Wiper Systems33657 
     Air Filters33659 
     Fuel Filters33660 
     Oil Filters33661 
     Transmission Filters33662 
     Cyl. Head & Valve Cover Gasket33665 
     Exhaust Gaskets33666 
     Full Set Gaskets33667 
     Intake Gaskets33668 
     Oil Pan Gaskets33669 
     Boost Gauges38660 
     Fuel Gauges33674 
     Gauge Sets & Dash Panels33677 
     Gauge Trim43951 
     Glow Gauges43952 
     Instrument Clusters33675 
     Oil Pressure Gauges33676 
     Vacuum Gauges33680 
     Volt Meters33681 
     Water Temp Gauges33682 
     Auto Glass33684 
     Auto Seals33685 
     Window Tint63689 
   -Ignition System33687 
     Caps, Rotors & Contacts33688 
     Coils, Modules & Pick-Ups33689 
     Distributors & Parts33690 
     Electronic Ignition33691 
     Ignition Wires33692 
     Key Blanks40016 
     Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs33693 
     Cargo Nets / Trays / Liners63690 
     Consoles & Parts33695 
     Cup Holders63691 
     Dash Parts40017 
     Floor Mats & Carpets33697 
     Glove Boxes33698 
     Interior Door Handles179848 
     Interior Door Panels & Parts33696 
     Pedals & Pads33700 
     Seat Belt Shoulder Pads50458 
     Seat Covers33702 
     Shift Knobs & Boots33703 
     Steering Wheels & Horns33704 
     Sun Visors46102 
     Switches / Controls50459 
     Window Cranks & Parts40018 
     Window Motors & Parts33706 
   -Lighting & Lamps33707 
     Corner Lights33708 
     Fog/Driving Lights33709 
     Headlight & Tail Light Covers38661 
     Instrument Panel Lights33711 
     Interior Lights33712 
    -Light Bulbs172517 
      LED Lights33713 
      Neon Lights33714 
      Xenon Lights36476 
     Side Marker Lights33715 
     Tail Lights33716 
     Turn Signals33717 
   -Safety & Security33718 
     Air Bags177710 
     Air Bag Parts177711 
     Anti-Theft Devices33720 
     Car Alarms33721 
     Fire Extinguishers33722 
     Keyless Entry Remote / Fob33723 
     Remote Car Start33724 
     Seat Belts & Parts33725 
   -Suspension & Steering33579 
     Ball Joints33580 
     Caster/Camber Kits33581 
     Coil Springs33582 
     Control Arms & Parts33583 
     Leaf Springs33584 
     Lift Kits & Parts33585 
     Lower Kits & Parts33586 
     Pitman & Idler Arms33587 
     Power Steering Pumps & Parts33588 
     Steering Racks & Gear Boxes33589 
     Shocks & Struts33590 
     Strut Bars33591 
     Sway Bars33592 
     Tie Rod Linkages33593 
   -Transmission & Drivetrain33726 
    -Automatic Transmission & Parts171114 
      Complete Auto Transmissions171115 
      Automatic Transmission Parts33727 
     Axle Parts33728 
     CV & Parts33729 
     Clutches & Parts33730 
     Differentials & Parts33731 
     Flywheels, Flexplates, & Parts33732 
    -Manual Transmissions & Parts171116 
      Complete Manual Transmissions171117 
      Manual Transmission Parts33733 
     Pressure Plates33735 
     Torque Converters63692 
     Transmission Rebuild Kits46103 
     Universal Joints & Driveshafts33738 
   -Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers33739 
     Nitrous & Parts33740 
     Superchargers & Parts33741 
     Turbo Chargers & Parts33742 
   -Wheels, Tires & Parts33743 
     Hub Caps33744 
     Tire Pressure Monitor Systems179696 
     Tire Accessories33746 
     Tire Chains180090 
     Valve Stems & Caps33747 
     Wheel + Tire Packages66479 
     Wheel Center Caps43961 
     Wheel Lugs33749 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170141 
    -Test Categories172035 
      Rims Test Category170577 
      Tires Test Category170578 
      Packages Test Category170584 
    Other Parts6763 
    Parts Test Category170583 
  -Golf Car Parts & Accessories170140Moved from [Other Vehicle Parts-34285]
    Golf Car Cables & Parts158940 
    Golf Car Chargers158941 
    Golf Car Enclosures158942 
    Golf Car Windshields158943 
    Golf Car Wheels & Tires171111 
    Other Golf Car Parts75208 
  -Manuals & Literature6029 
    Boats & Watercraft26453 
   -Car & Truck34210 
     Alfa Romeo119131 
      Other Models6760 
      Other Models6759 
     Land Rover119137 
     Other Makes6762 
   -Motorcycle & ATV34235 
     Other Makes34240 
  -Motorcycle Parts10063 
    Accessories35557Relocated within Parent
   -Air Intake & Fuel Delivery180028 
     Air Filters177771 
     Air Pipes & Hoses177772 
     Carburetors & Parts177773 
     Fuel Caps177777 
     Fuel Filters177778 
     Fuel Injectors & Main Jets177779 
     Fuel Pipes & Hoses177782 
     Fuel Pumps177780 
     Fuel Petcocks & Taps177781 
     Gaskets & Seals177776 
     Idle & Cruise Cables180160 
     Intake Covers & Fairings177774 
     Intake Ducts & Scoops177775 
     Throttle & Choke Cables177978 
     Other Intake & Fuel Systems177783 
   -Body & Frame35559 
     Fairings & Body Work35560 
     Fender Bolts & Clips179843 
     Fender Eliminators179844 
     Fender/Gas Tank Sets38664 
     Gas Tanks35563 
     Handle Bars, Levers, Mirrors35564 
     Pedals & Pegs35565 
   -Brakes & Suspension49790 
     Bearings & Bushings178037 
     Brake Cables177920 
     Brake Cylinders177921 
     Brake Drums177923 
     Brake Lines & Hoses177924 
     Brake Pads177925 
     Brake Rotors177922 
     Brake Shoes177926 
     Calipers & Parts177927 
     Complete Suspension Units178038 
     Fork Seals178039 
     Fork Tubes178040 
     Triple Trees178041 
     Other Brakes & Suspension177928 
    Decals, Emblems35570 
   -Drivetrain & Transmission180029Relocated within Parent
     Chain & Belt Guards, Guides177935 
     Chains, Sprockets & Parts49831 
     Clutch Cables177936 
     Clutch Covers177948 
     Clutch Master Cylinders177937 
     Clutch Slave Cylinders177938 
     Clutch Plates177939 
     Complete Clutches & Kits177940 
     Other Clutch Parts180030 
     Differentials & Parts177941 
     Drive Belts & Parts180031 
     Drive Shafts177942 
     Flywheels & Flywheel Parts177943 
     Gaskets & Seals177946 
     Gearboxes & Gearbox Parts177944 
     Primary Drive Belts180032 
     Pulleys & Tensioners177945 
     Other Transmission Parts177947 
   -Electrical & Ignition179853Relocated within Parent
     Alternators & Parts177929 
     CDIs & ECUs177933 
     Distributors & Parts177949 
     Fuses & Fuse Boxes177931 
     Ignition Coils177952 
     Ignition Cables & Wires177953 
     Spark Plugs177958 
     Starter Motors & Relays177959 
     Stators, Magnetos & Parts177954 
     Wires & Electrical Cabling177932 
     Other Electrical & Ignition177961Renamed from [Other Electrical Components]
   -Electronics & Navigation180513New Category
     Amplifiers180514New Category
     Audio Systems180515New Category
     GPS, Navigation180516New Category
     Headsets180517New Category
     Intercoms180518New Category
     Speakers180519New Category
     Replacement Parts180520New Category
     Other Electronics & Navigation180521New Category
   -Engines & Engine Parts171107 
     Complete Engines171108 
     Belts & Chains177965 
     Big Bore & Top End Kits180159 
     Crankshafts & Connecting Rods177967 
     Cylinder Barrels177968 
     Cylinder Bolts177969 
     Cylinder Heads & Valve Covers177970 
     Gaskets & Seals177971 
     Kick Start Levers177972 
     Oil Filters177973 
     Oil Pans177975 
     Oil Pumps177974 
     Oil Tanks180024 
     Pistons, Rings & Pistons Kits177976 
     Rocker Arms177977 
     Stator Covers180025 
     Other Engines & Engine Parts177980 
   -Engine Cooling177962 
     Fans & Fan Parts177963 
     Oil Coolers177981 
     Pipes & Hoses177982 
     Radiator Caps180026 
     Radiator Guards177984 
     Thermostats & Housings177985 
     Water Pumps177986 
     Other Engine Cooling Parts177987 
   -Exhausts & Exhaust Systems180027 
     Clamps, Flanges & Hangers177995 
     Exhaust Systems177996 
     Gaskets & Seals177993 
     Guards & Heat Shields177994 
     Headers, Manifolds & Studs177997 
     Oxygen Sensors177998 
     Silencers, Mufflers & Baffles178000 
     Other Exhaust Parts178001 
   -Instruments & Gauges180033 
     Fuel Gauges178013 
     Instrument Cables178011 
     Instrument Clusters178012 
     Temperature Gauges178017 
     Other Instruments & Gauges178018 
   -Lighting & Indicators180034 
     Bulbs, LEDs & HIDs178019 
     Display Lights178020 
     Fog Light Assemblies178021 
     Headlight Assemblies178022 
     Indicator Assemblies178023 
     Lenses & Projectors178024 
     License Plate Lights178025 
     Rear & Brake Light Assemblies178026 
     Other Lighting Parts178027 
    Luggage & Saddlebags84146 
    Salvage Motorcycles35576Renamed from [Parts Bikes]
   -Wheels, Tires & Tubes180035 
     Axles, Bearings & Seals180036 
     Tape & Trim178028 
     Tires & Tubes124313 
     Valve Caps & Stems178029 
     Wheel Hub Assemblies180037 
     Wheels & Rims147699 
     Wheels & Tire Packages88533 
     Other Tire & Wheel Parts21669 
    Antique, Vintage, Historic35558 
    Other Motorcycle Parts10064 
    Motorcycle Parts Test Category177130 
  -Performance & Racing Parts107057 
   -Asphalt Oval Racing Parts175530 
     Ford Focus Midgets175532 
     Late Models175533 
     Mini Indy Cars175535 
     Mini Stock175536 
     Quarter Midget/Micro Stock175539 
     Silver Crown175540 
     Street Stock175543 
   -Auto Performance Parts107059 
     Body & Exterior107060 
    -Chassis, Suspension & Brakes175544 
      Brake Fluid175551 
      Coilovers175545Renamed from [Coil Overs]
      Master Cylinders, Balance Bars175546 
      Performance Brake Calipers175547 
      Performance Brake Lines, Hoses175552Renamed from [Performance Brake Lines]
      Performance Brake Rotors175548 
      Racing Pads175549 
    -Driveline & Transmission133187 
      Racing Clutchs175554 
      Rear End133189 
      Torque Converters175557 
      Transmission Components175555 
    -Electrical Components133191 
      Chips, Programmers133193 
      Diagnostic Tools / Equipment173652 
      Tuning Devices & Software173651 
      Wiring Kits133194 
    -Engine & Components171112 
      Racing Engines171113 
      Connecting Rods175559 
      Cylinder Heads175561 
      Engine Blocks175562 
      Fasteners & Stud Kits175563 
      Gaskets & Seals175564Renamed from [Gaskets]
      Pistons & Piston Rings175565 
      Timing Chains175566 
      Valves & Valve Springs175567 
      Collector Mufflers173655 
      Dyno Headers173657 
      Header Bolts & Hardware173658 
      Header Kits173659 
      V-Band Kits173666 
    -Fuel Systems133196 
      Fuel Cells175568 
      Fuel Injection & Pumps133197 
      Fuel Pressure Regulators133198 
      Hoses, Lines & Fittings133199 
      Cold Air Intake133206 
      Intake Manifolds133204 
      Nitrous Oxide133203 
      Turbo Chargers175569 
      Racing Harnesses175570 
    -Wheels & Tires175571 
      DOT-R Compound175575 
      Drag Racing Slicks175574 
      Racing Tire & Wheel Packages175576 
      Racing Tires175573 
      Racing Wheels175572 
   -Dirt Oval Racing Parts175578 
     4 Cylinder175579 
     Late Models175581 
     Pro Stock175584 
     Sprint Cars175585 
     Street Stock175586 
   -Drag Racing Parts175588 
     Door Cars175590 
     Funny Car175594 
     Junior Dragster175595 
     Outlaw 10.5175597 
     Pro Modified175598 
     Pro Stock175599 
     Pro Street175600 
     Sport Compact175601 
     Stock/Super Stock175603 
     Super Gas175604 
     Top Sportsman175605 
    Fasteners, Fluids & Gaskets107067 
   -Kart Racing Parts175607 
     Champ Kart175609 
     Dirt Kart175608 
     Shifter Kart175611 
     Speedway Kart175612 
   -Off-Road Racing175619 
     PRO 2175620 
     PRO 4175621 
     PRO LITE175622 
     Single Buggy175623 
     Super Buggy175624 
   -Racing Equipment173668 
     Air to Fuel Ratio Meters175615 
     Data Acquisition175616 
     Lap Timers175617 
     Pit Equipment173670 
     Racing Radios175618 
     Shop Equipment173671 
     Timing & Scoring173672 
   -Safety Equipment173674 
     Head & Neck Restraints173677 
     Safety Belts & Harnesses173679 
     Undergarments / Socks173681 
  -Personal Watercraft Parts124107 
   -Accessories & Gear124108 
     Other Accessories & Gear124110 
    Body Parts124111 
   -Engines, Impellers & Component171118 
     Complete Engines (Watercraft)171119 
     Impellers & Components56422 
    Ignition & Starting Systems124113 
    Intake & Fuel Systems124114 
    Other Parts124115 
  -RV, Trailer & Camper Parts50067 
   -Engines & Components171109 
     Complete RV Engines171110 
     RV Engine Components50068 
    Tires & Wheels50071 
    Towing Systems50072 
  -Salvage Parts Cars168693 
    1969 and earlier39405Combined into [Salvage Parts Cars-168693]
    1970 to present6783Combined into [Salvage Parts Cars-168693]
   Scooter Parts84149Moved from [Other Vehicle Parts-34285]
  -Services & Installation111098 
    Accessory Installation111099 
    Air Conditioning & Heater111100 
    Alignment & Steering111101 
    Appraisal & Inspection111102 
    Battery & Electronics111103 
    Body & Paint111104 
    Cooling System & Radiator111106 
    Engine Services111107 
    Exhaust & Muffler111108 
    Extended Service Contracts111109 
    Glass Repair or Replacement111110 
    Machining Service111111 
    Oil Change & Lube111112 
    Performance or Racing Mods111113 
    Restoration & Fabrication111114 
    State Inspection/Smog111115 
    Tire & Wheel Installation111116 
    Transmission Service111117 
    Vehicle Shipping111119 
  -Snowmobile Parts100448 
    Air Intake & Fuel Systems100450 
    Body Parts100451 
    Clutch & Drive Belts100453 
    Decals & Stickers100454 
    Electrical Components100455 
   -Engines & Components171120 
     Complete Snowmobile Engines171121 
     Snowmobile Engine Components100456 
    Gauges & Cables100458 
    Handle Bars / Mirrors100459 
    Shocks & Suspension100462 
    Skis & Runners100463 
    Snowmobile Covers100464 
    Tracks & Studs100466 
    Other Parts100468 
  -Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073 
    AC & Heating34197 
    Air Intake & Fuel Delivery34198 
    Charging & Starting Systems80735 
    Cooling System34201 
    Decals, Emblems, Detailing80736 
   -Engines & Components140680 
     Belts, Pulleys & Brackets140681 
     Block Parts140682 
     Camshafts, Lifters & Parts140683 
     Complete Engines140684 
     Crankshafts & Parts140685 
     Cylinder Heads & Parts140686 
     Engine Bearings140687 
     Motor Mounts140688 
     Oil Filler Caps140689 
     Oil Pans140690 
     Oil Pumps140691 
     Pistons, Rings, Rods & Parts140692 
     Rocker Arms & Parts140693 
     Timing Components140694 
     Vacuum Pumps140695 
     Valve Covers140696 
     Valves & Parts140697 
     Car Covers140701 
     Doors & Door Handles140702 
     Locks & Hardware140706 
     Mouldings & Trim140708 
     Nerf Bars & Running Boards140709 
     Spoilers & Wings140711 
     Sunroof, Convertible & Hardtop140712 
     Tailgates & Liftgates140713 
     Truck Bed Accessories140714 
     Trunk Lids & Parts140715 
     Windshield Wiper Systems140716 
    Ignition Systems34205 
     Cargo Nets, Trays, Liners140718 
     Consoles & Parts140719 
     Dash Parts140720 
     Door Panels & Hardware140721 
     Floor Mats & Carpets140722 
     Glove Box140723 
     Pedals & Pads140725 
     Seat Covers140727 
     Shift Knobs & Boots140728 
     Steering Wheels & Horns140729 
     Sun Visors140730 
     Switches & Controls140731 
     Window Parts140733 
   -Lighting & Lamps140735 
     Fog/Driving Lights140736 
     Instrument Panel Lights140738 
     Interior Lights140739 
     Light Bulbs172521 
     Side Marker Lights140740 
     Tail Lights140741 
     Turn Signals140742 
    Radio & Speaker Systems80741 
    Safety & Security140743 
    Suspension & Steering34200 
    Transmission & Drivetrain34208 
   -Wheels, Tires, & Hub Caps140744 
     Hub Caps & Trim140745 
     Wheel + Tire Packages140748 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170139 
     Tires Test Category170580 
     Rims Test Category170581 
     Packages Test Category170582 
    Other Parts10076 
    Vintage Parts Test Category170579 
  -Wholesale Lots50467 
    Apparel & Merchandise50468 
    Boats & Watercraft40015 
    Car & Truck40019 
    Manuals & Literature40020 
    Motorcycle & ATV40021 
  -Other Vehicle Parts34285 
    Commercial Truck Parts50466 
    Go Kart Accessories177622 
    Go Kart Parts46092 
 -Automotive Tools & Supplies34998 
   Air Compressors43986 
  -Air Tools43985 
    Air Drills179414 
    Air Flange Tools179415 
    Air Grinders179416 
    Air Ratchets179417 
    Air Sanders179418 
    Impact Wrenches179419 
    Spray Guns43987 
    Air Tool Parts & Accessories179420 
    Other Automotive Air Tools34999 
  -Auto Paints & Supplies179421 
   -Auto Paint Additives179423 
     Flake & Pearl179424 
     Paint Catalysts179425 
     Other Auto Paint Additives179427 
    Automotive Clear Coats180038 
    Automotive Paint Kits179428 
    Automotive Paint Supplies179429 
    Automotive Primers179430 
    Automotive Tape & Adhesives179422 
    Multi-Stage Auto Paint179431 
    Single-Stage Auto Paint179432 
   -Specialty Paint & Coatings179433 
     Color Shift Paint179434 
     High Heat & Engine Paint179435 
     Industrial Coatings179436 
     Rust Prevention179437 
     Truck Bed Liner Paint179438 
     Other Specialty Paint179439 
    Touchup & Spray Paint179440 
    Other Automotive Paint179441 
   Auto Safety Kits & Supplies179442 
  -Auto Tool Boxes & Storage179443 
    Garage/Shop Tool Chests179444 
    Truck Tool Boxes179445 
    Tool Storage Organizers179446 
    Other Automotive Tool Storage179447 
  -Automotive Care & Detailing179448 
    Bug & Tar Removers179449 
    Car Wash Soap179450 
    Glass Care & Water Repellant179451 
    Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes179452 
    Interior Cleaners & Protectant179453 
    Mitts, Bonnets & Buffing Pads179454 
    Power Polishers179455 
    Vehicle Vacuums179457 
    Wash, Wax & Cleaning Kits179458 
    Washing Brushes & Nozzles179459 
    Waxes & Polishes179460 
    Wheel/Tire Cleaners & Polishes179461 
    Other Automotive Care Supplies179462 
  -Automotive Repair Kits179463 
    Dent Repair Kits & Tools179464 
    Scratch Repair Kits & Tools179465 
    Tire Repair Kits & Tools179466 
    Windshield Repair Kits & Tools179467 
    Other Repair Kits & Tools179468 
  -Battery Testers & Chargers179469 
    Battery Testers179470 
    Chargers & Jump Starters179471 
    Booster/Jumper Cables179472 
    Other Battery Equipment179473 
  -Diagnostic Service Tools179474 
    Air Bag Scan Tools/Simulators179475 
    Code Readers & Scanners179476 
    Compression & Vacuum Testers179477 
    Electrical Testers, Test Leads179478 
    Emissions Analyzers179479 
    Fuel Pressure Testers179480 
    Ignition Testers179481 
    Auto Inspection Cams & Scopes179482 
    Multimeters & Analyzers179483 
    Diagnostic Software179484 
    Timing Lights179485 
    Connectors, Adapters & Parts180040 
    Other Diagnostic Service Tools179486 
  -Fluids & Chemicals179487 
    Air Conditioning Chemicals179488 
    Brake Lubricants & Cleaners179490 
    Engine Cleaners179491 
    Fuel Additives & Treatments179492 
    Gasket Makers/Removers/Sealers179493 
    Gear/Differential Oil179494 
    Grease & Lube179495 
    Motor Oil179496 
    Power Steering Fluids179497 
    Radiator Additives & Sealants179498 
    Starting Fluids179499 
    Tire Sealant179500 
    Transmission Fluid179501 
    Windshield Wiper Fluid179502 
    Other Fluids & Chemicals179503 
  -Hand Tools43990 
    Body Hammers & Dollies179520 
    Cutting Tools179521 
    Mixed Hand Tool Sets43995 
    Precision & Measuring Tools43991 
    Pullers & Extractors179522 
    Slide Hammers179526 
    Sockets & Socket Sets179527 
    Threading Tools179528 
    Hand Tool Parts & Accessories179529 
    Other Automotive Hand Tools35625 
   Power Tools35000 
  -Shop Equipment & Supplies63694 
    Auto Lifts & Frame Machines63696 
    Brake Lathes63695 
    Brake Service Tools179504 
    Engine Hoists & Stands179507 
    Fender Covers180039 
    Fluid Transfer Pumps179508 
    Funnels, Oil Pans & Mats179509 
    Grease Guns, Lubrication Tools179510 
    Jacks & Jack Stands179511 
    Paint Booths63698 
    Service Ramps179661 
    Roller Seats & Creepers179512 
    Sand Blasters179513 
    Strut Compressors179514 
    Wheel Alignment Systems/Tools179515 
    Tire Changers/Wheel Balancers63699 
   -Shop Supplies63701 
     Body Fillers & Putties179516 
     Shop Towels179517 
     Wet/Dry Abrasives179518 
     Other Shop Supplies179519 
    Other Shop Equipment63700 
   Other Auto Tools & Supplies43998 


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