Category Changes: eBay Motors

October 2015

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-eBay Motors6000 
 -Cars & Trucks6001 
  +Alfa Romeo5340 
  +Aston Martin157054 
    RS7181459New Category
    S3181460New Category
  +Austin Healey180052 
  +Citroën180056Renamed from [Citroen]
  +De Tomaso179864 
  +International Harvester31845 
    F-Type181465New Category
  +Land Rover6293 
    CT 200h175867 
    ES 350179894 
    NX181466New Category
    RC181467New Category
    RC F181468New Category
  -Morgan181469New Category
    4/4181470New Category
    Plus 8181471New Category
    Plus Four181472New Category
    Roadster181473New Category
    Other181474New Category
    ProMaster181475New Category
   Replica/Kit Makes7251 
   Other Makes6472 
   Cars & Trucks Test Category177131 
  +Custom Built Motorcycles147899 
   American Classic Motors171993 
   American Ironhorse49973 
   Big Dog49978 
   Boss Hoss49979 
   Campagna181458New Category
   Moto Guzzi6713 
   MV Agusta159596 
   Royal Enfield50024 
   Other Makes6719 
   Motorcycles Test Category177129 
 -Other Vehicles & Trailers6038 
  +Commercial Trucks63732 
   Electric & Gas Golf Cars181476New Category
   Golf Cars (Electric & Gas)40155Combined into [Electric & Gas Golf Cars-181476]
   Military Vehicles80765 
  +Race Cars (Not Street Legal)98060 
  +RVs & Campers50054 
   Dune Buggies / Sand Rails133220 
   Go Karts: High-performance46105 
   Personal Watercraft1295New Category
  -Personal Watercraft31273Combined into [Personal Watercraft-1295]
    Kawasaki31265Combined into [Personal Watercraft-1295]
    Polaris63683Combined into [Personal Watercraft-1295]
    Sea-Doo31266Combined into [Personal Watercraft-1295]
    Yamaha31267Combined into [Personal Watercraft-1295]
    Other PWC26431Combined into [Personal Watercraft-1295]
  +Powersport Vehicles Under 50cc90983 
  +Scooters & Mopeds6720 
   Other Powersports66467 
 -Parts & Accessories6028 
  +ATV Parts43962 
  +Apparel & Merchandise6747 
  +Aviation Parts & Accessories26435 
  -Boat Parts26443 
   +Accessories & Gear26445 
    Anchoring, Docking26446 
    Body Parts50443 
    Controls & Steering31283 
    Deck & Cabin Hardware26448 
    Electrical & Lighting50437 
   +Electronics & Navigation31274 
   +Inboard Engines & Components50440 
    Interior, Cabin & Galley124106 
    Jet Drives177692 
    Marine Rope123703New Category
   +Outboard Engines & Components111121 
    Plumbing & Ventilation26449 
   -Sailing Hardware & Gear181461New Category
     Sails181462New Category
     Sailing Rigging & Fittings181463New Category
     Sailing Winches36655New Category
     Sailing Tools & Repair181464New Category
     Other Sailing Hardware & Gear31281Moved from [Boat Parts-26443] Renamed from [Sailing Hardware & Gear]
    Service Tools177712 
   +Sterndrive Motors & Components177713 
    Trailer Parts178949 
   +Trolling Motors & Components171105 
  +Car Electronics38635 
  -Car & Truck Parts6030 
   +Air Conditioning & Heat33542 
   +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery33549 
   +Charging & Starting Systems33572 
   +Computer, Chip, Cruise Control33594 
   +Cooling System33599 
   +Decals/Emblems/License Frames50444 
   +Electric Vehicle Parts177701 
   +Emission System33605 
   +Engines & Components33612 
   +Ignition System33687 
   +Lighting & Lamps33707 
   +Safety & Security33718 
   +Suspension & Steering33579 
   +Transmission & Drivetrain33726 
   +Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers33739 
   -Wheels, Tires & Parts33743 
     Hub Caps33744 
     Tire Pressure Monitor Systems179696 
     Tire Accessories33746 
     Tire Chains180090 
     Valve Stems & Caps33747 
     Wheel + Tire Packages66479 
     Wheel Center Caps43961 
     Wheel Lugs33749 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170141 
    -Test Categories172035Combined into [Wheels, Tires & Parts-33743]
      Rims Test Category170577Combined into [Wheels-43953]
      Tires Test Category170578Combined into [Tires-66471]
      Packages Test Category170584Combined into [Other-42614]
    Other Parts6763 
    Parts Test Category170583Combined into [Other Parts-6763]
  +Golf Car Parts & Accessories170140 
  +Manuals & Literature6029 
  -Motorcycle Parts10063 
   +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery180028 
   +Body & Frame35559 
   +Brakes & Suspension49790 
    Decals, Emblems35570 
   +Drivetrain & Transmission180029 
   +Electrical & Ignition179853 
   +Electronics & Navigation180513 
   +Engines & Engine Parts171107 
   +Engine Cooling177962 
   +Exhausts & Exhaust Systems180027 
   +Instruments & Gauges180033 
   +Lighting & Indicators180034 
    Luggage & Saddlebags84146 
    Salvage Motorcycles35576 
   +Wheels, Tires & Tubes180035 
    Antique, Vintage, Historic35558 
    Other Motorcycle Parts10064 
    Motorcycle Parts Test Category177130Combined into [Other Motorcycle Parts-10064]
  +Performance & Racing Parts107057 
  +Personal Watercraft Parts124107 
  +RV, Trailer & Camper Parts50067 
   Salvage Parts Cars168693 
   Scooter Parts84149 
  +Services & Installation111098 
  +Snowmobile Parts100448 
  -Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073 
    AC & Heating34197 
    Air Intake & Fuel Delivery34198 
    Charging & Starting Systems80735 
    Cooling System34201 
    Decals, Emblems, Detailing80736 
   +Engines & Components140680 
    Ignition Systems34205 
   +Lighting & Lamps140735 
    Radio & Speaker Systems80741 
    Safety & Security140743 
    Suspension & Steering34200 
    Transmission & Drivetrain34208 
   -Wheels, Tires, & Hub Caps140744 
     Hub Caps & Trim140745 
     Wheel + Tire Packages140748 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170139 
     Tires Test Category170580Combined into [Tires-140746]
     Rims Test Category170581Combined into [Wheels-140747]
     Packages Test Category170582Combined into [Other-34209]
    Other Parts10076 
    Vintage Parts Test Category170579Combined into [Other Parts-10076]
  +Wholesale Lots50467 
  +Other Vehicle Parts34285 
 +Automotive Tools & Supplies34998 


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