Category Changes: eBay Motors

September 2014

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

  • For each category shown to the left, please use the newly added Seller Tag named "Type" to provide additional classification information. This information is used to move the best new category added during this category rollout.
  • Please note Automotive Tools & Supplies > Battery Testers > Chargers > Chargers & Jump Starters (category ID 179471) no longer supports parts compatibility listings.
Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-eBay Motors6000 
 -Cars & Trucks6001 
  -Alfa Romeo5340 
    GTV179854New Category
    Milano179855New Category
    Montreal179856New Category
   AMC5357Combined into [Other-180051]
  -AMC180046New Category
    AMX180047New Category
    Gremlin180048New Category
    Hornet180049New Category
    Javelin180050New Category
    Other180051New Category
  +Aston Martin157054 
   Austin Healey6023Combined into [Other-180055]
  -Austin Healey180052New Category
    3000180053New Category
    Sprite180054New Category
    Other180055New Category
    2-Series179857New Category
    3-Series6007Relocated within Parent
    4-Series179858New Category
    M Roadster & Coupe133184 
    Brougham179859New Category
    Bel Air/150/2106160 
    Beretta179860New Category
    C/K Pickup 150090965 
    C/K Pickup 250090966 
    C/K Pickup 350090967 
    Captiva Sport178883 
    El Camino6153 
    G20 Van39411 
    Monte Carlo6171 
    Nomad179861New Category
    Nova6172Relocated within Parent
    Prizm179862New Category
    Silverado 150013487 
    Silverado 250090969 
    Silverado 350090970 
    Other Pickups5348 
    200 Series172520 
    300 Series6175 
    Cordoba179863New Category
    New Yorker6178 
    PT Cruiser15285 
    Town & Country5352 
   Citroen6183Combined into [Other-180062]
  -Citroen180056New Category
    AX180057New Category
    BX180058New Category
    Saxo180059New Category
    Xantia180060New Category
    ZX180061New Category
    Other180062New Category
    Nubira179929New Category
  -Daihatsu179930New Category
    Charade179931New Category
  +Datsun6186Relocated within Parent
  -De Tomaso179864New Category
    Mangusta179865New Category
    Pacer179866New Category
    Colt179867New Category
    Daytona179868New Category
    Durango6192Relocated within Parent
    Dynasty179869New Category
    Grand Caravan6194 
    Monaco179870New Category
    Polara179873New Category
    Power Wagon39413 
    Ram 150031831 
    Ram 2500119143 
    Ram 3500119144 
    Ram 4500169338 
    Ram 5500169339 
    Ram Van6195 
    Ramcharger179871New Category
    Shadow6205Relocated within Parent
    Spirit179872New Category
    Other Pickups6197 
   Eagle6214Combined into [Other-180066]
  -Eagle180063New Category
    Talon180064New Category
    Vision180065New Category
    Other180066New Category
    Brava179940New Category
    Marea179941New Category
    Punto179942New Category
    Stilo179943New Category
    Bronco II50065 
    Crown Victoria6227 
    E-Series Van6224 
    Explorer Sport43908 
    Explorer Sport Trac43909 
    Festiva179874New Category
    Five Hundred133211 
    Ford GT116478 
    Ka179875New Category
    Model A6234 
    Model T6235 
    Mondeo179876New Category
    Taurus X/FreeStyle124122 
    Transit Connect170145 
    Other Pickups6221 
   Geo6242Combined into [Other-180070]
  -Geo180067New Category
    Metro180068New Category
    Storm180069New Category
    Other180070New Category
    Sierra 15006244 
    Sierra 250090981 
    Sierra 350090982 
    Vandura179877New Category
    Excel179878New Category
    Santa Fe80746 
    Scoupe179879New Category
    XG300179880New Category
    XG350179881New Category
    G35179882New Category
    G37179883New Category
    I31842Relocated within Parent
    I35179884New Category
    M30179885New Category
    M35179886New Category
    M45179887New Category
  +International Harvester31845 
    Axiom179889New Category
    Hombre179890New Category
    Impulse175865Relocated within Parent
    Oasis179891New Category
    Rodeo6268Relocated within Parent
    Stylus179888New Category
    XJ12179892New Category
    XK8179893New Category
    Espada179932New Category
   Lancia6292Combined into [Other-180073]
  -Lancia180071New Category
    Fulvia180072New Category
    Other180073New Category
  +Land Rover6293 
    CT 200h175867 
    ES 350179894New Category
    Blackwood179895New Category
    Mark Series6305 
    Town Car31851 
    Ghibli179933New Category
    Gran Sport170157 
    Gran Turismo162314 
    B-Series Pickups6317 
    MX-5 Miata6324 
    Navajo179896New Category
    A-Class179897New Category
    CLA-Class179898New Category
    SLR McLaren124126 
    SLS AMG175868 
    Grand Marquis6340 
    Marauder179899New Category
    Topaz179900New Category
    Mighty Max179901New Category
    Outlander Sport178899 
    Precis179902New Category
    NX179903New Category
    Other Pickups84165 
    Achieva179906New Category
    Ciera179904New Category
    Custom Cruiser179905New Category
    LSS179907New Category
    Starfire179908New Category
   Opel6390Combined into [Other-180077]
  -Opel180074New Category
    Omega180075New Category
    Vectra180076New Category
    Other180077New Category
   Packard6389Relocated within Parent
   Peugeot6388Combined into [Other-180083]
  -Peugeot180078New Category
    206180079New Category
    306/307180080New Category
    405/406180081New Category
    607180082New Category
    Other180083New Category
    Breeze179909New Category
    Grand Voyager39417 
    Laser179910New Category
    Road Runner43921 
    Aztek179911New Category
    Grand Am6421 
    Grand Prix6422 
    Le Mans6424 
    Trans Am6427 
    Trans Sport179912New Category
    964179913New Category
    Carrera GT175872 
   Renault6385Combined into [Other-180089]
  -Renault180084New Category
    Espace180085New Category
    Euro Clio180086New Category
    Megane180087New Category
    Twingo180088New Category
    Other180089New Category
    Sonett179914New Category
  -Skoda179944New Category
    Octavia179945New Category
    Loyale179915New Category
    XV Crossteck179916New Category
    Aerio179938New Category
    Equator170164Relocated within Parent
    Esteem179939New Category
    Grand Vitara170160 
    Justy179934New Category
    Sidekick179935New Category
    SX4170162Relocated within Parent
    Vitara179936New Category
    X-90179937New Category
   Tesla171573Combined into [Other-180045]
  -Tesla180041New Category
    Model S180042New Category
    Model X180043New Category
    Roadster180044New Category
    Other180045New Category
    Cressida179917New Category
    Echo179918New Category
    FJ Cruiser133219 
    Land Cruiser6443 
    Prius V175875 
    RAV4 EV178900 
    T100179919New Category
    Beetle - Classic6019 
    Corrado179920New Category
    Fox179921New Category
    Golf R175877 
    Karmann Ghia15293 
    Scirocco179922New Category
    Sharan179923New Category
    Squareback179924New Category
    Type III159601 
    960179925New Category
    Polo179926New Category
    S90179927New Category
    V90179928New Category
    XC (Cross Country)31880 
   Replica/Kit Makes7251 
   Other Makes6472 
   Cars & Trucks Test Category177131 
 -Other Vehicles & Trailers6038 
  +Commercial Trucks63732 
   Golf Cars (Electric & Gas)40155 
   Military Vehicles80765 
  +Race Cars (Not Street Legal)98060 
  -RVs & Campers50054 
    Motorized RVs50055Combined into [RVs & Campers-50054]
    Class A RVs50056Moved from [Motorized RVs-50055]
    Class B RVs50058Moved from [Motorized RVs-50055]
    Class C RVs50059Moved from [Motorized RVs-50055]
   +Towable RVs & Campers50060 
 -Parts & Accessories6028 
  +ATV Parts43962 
  +Apparel & Merchandise6747 
  +Aviation Parts26435 
  +Boat Parts26443 
  +Car Electronics38635 
  -Car & Truck Parts6030 
   +Air Conditioning & Heat33542 
   +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery33549 
   -Charging & Starting Systems33572 
     Alternators & Generators177697 
     Alternator & Generator Parts177698 
     Batteries & Cables33574Combined into [Other-33578]
     Batteries179846New Category
     Battery Cables & Connectors179847New Category
     Battery Chargers/Jump Starters63687Combined into [Chargers & Jump Starters-179471]
     Battery Trays33575 
     Starter Parts177700 
     Voltage Regulators33577 
   +Computer, Chip, Cruise Control33594 
   +Cooling System33599 
   -Decals/Emblems/License Frames50444 
    +Decals & Stickers50445Renamed from [Decals / Stickers]
     License Plate Frames50451 
   -Electric Vehicle Parts177701 
     Chargers & Service Equipment177704 
     Conversion Kits177707 
     Converters & Inverters177706 
     Electric Vehicle Batteries177703Renamed from [Batteries]
   +Emission System33605 
   +Engines & Components33612 
     Air Dams38658 
     Body Kits36475 
     Bug Shields38659 
     Car Covers50456Renamed from [Car Cover]
     Doors & Door Handles33642Combined into [Other-42611]
     Door Hinge Conversion Kits179849New Category
     Exterior Door Panels & Frames179850New Category
     Exterior Door Handles179851New Category
     Locks & Hardware33648 
     Mouldings & Trim33654 
     Nerf Bars & Running Boards33650 
     Snow Plows & Parts63688 
     Splash Guards & Mud Flaps50455Renamed from [Splash Guards / Mud Flaps]
     Spoilers & Wings33638 
     Sunroof, Convertible & Hardtop33652 
     Tailgates & Liftgates33647 
     Towing & Hauling33653 
     Truck Bed Accessories33655 
     Trunk Lids & Parts33656 
     Windshield Wiper Blades179852New Category
     Windshield Wiper Systems33657Renamed from [Windshield Wiper System]
   +Ignition System33687 
     Cargo Nets / Trays / Liners63690 
     Consoles & Parts33695 
     Cup Holders63691 
     Dash Parts40017 
     Floor Mats & Carpets33697 
     Glove Boxes33698Renamed from [Glove Box]
     Interior Door Handles179848New Category
     Interior Door Panels & Parts33696Renamed from [Door Panels & Hardware]
     Pedals & Pads33700 
     Seat Belt Shoulder Pads50458 
     Seat Covers33702 
     Shift Knobs & Boots33703 
     Steering Wheels & Horns33704 
     Sun Visors46102 
     Switches / Controls50459 
     Window Cranks & Parts40018 
     Window Motors & Parts33706 
   +Lighting & Lamps33707 
   +Safety & Security33718 
   +Suspension & Steering33579 
   +Transmission & Drivetrain33726 
   +Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers33739 
   -Wheels, Tires & Parts33743 
     Hub Caps33744 
     Tire Pressure Monitor Systems179696 
     Tire Accessories33746 
     Tire Chains180090New Category
     Valve Stems & Caps33747 
     Wheel + Tire Packages66479 
     Wheel Center Caps43961 
     Wheel Lugs33749 
     Wheel Hubs & Bearings170141 
    +Test Categories172035 
    Other Parts6763 
    Parts Test Category170583 
  +Manuals & Literature6029 
  -Motorcycle Parts10063 
    Intake & Fuel Systems35574Combined into [Other Intake & Fuel Systems-177783]
   -Air Intake & Fuel Delivery180028New Category
     Air Filters177771New Category
     Air Pipes & Hoses177772New Category
     Carburetors & Parts177773New Category
     Fuel Caps177777New Category
     Fuel Filters177778New Category
     Fuel Injectors & Main Jets177779New Category
     Fuel Pipes & Hoses177782New Category
     Fuel Pumps177780New Category
     Fuel Petcocks & Taps177781New Category
     Gaskets & Seals177776New Category
     Idle & Cruise Cables180160New Category
     Intake Covers & Fairings177774New Category
     Intake Ducts & Scoops177775New Category
     Throttle & Choke Cables177978New Category
     Other Intake & Fuel Systems177783New Category
    Antique, Vintage, Historic35558 
   -Body & Frame35559 
     Fairings & Body Work35560 
     Fender Bolts & Clips179843New Category
     Fender Eliminators179844New Category
     Fender/Gas Tank Sets38664Renamed from [Fender / Gas Tank Sets]
     Gas Tanks35563 
     Grips179845New Category
     Handle Bars, Levers, Mirrors35564 
     Pedals & Pegs35565 
    Brakes & Suspension35569Combined into [Other Brakes & Suspension-177928]
   -Brakes & Suspension49790New Category
     Bearings & Bushings178037New Category
     Brake Cables177920New Category
     Brake Cylinders177921New Category
     Brake Drums177923New Category
     Brake Lines & Hoses177924New Category
     Brake Pads177925New Category
     Brake Rotors177922New Category
     Brake Shoes177926New Category
     Calipers & Parts177927New Category
     Complete Suspension Units178038New Category
     Fork Seals178039New Category
     Fork Tubes178040New Category
     Shocks178042New Category
     Triple Trees178041New Category
     Other Brakes & Suspension177928New Category
    Cables50460Combined into [Other Motorcycle Parts-10064]
    Decals, Emblems35570 
    Transmissions & Chains35577Combined into [Other Transmission Parts-177947]
   -Drivetrain & Transmission180029New Category
     Bearings177934New Category
     Chain & Belt Guards, Guides177935New Category
     Chains, Sprockets & Parts49831New Category
     Clutch Cables177936New Category
     Clutch Covers177948New Category
     Clutch Master Cylinders177937New Category
     Clutch Slave Cylinders177938New Category
     Clutch Plates177939New Category
     Complete Clutches & Kits177940New Category
     Other Clutch Parts180030New Category
     Differentials & Parts177941New Category
     Drive Belts & Parts180031New Category
     Drive Shafts177942New Category
     Flywheels & Flywheel Parts177943New Category
     Gaskets & Seals177946New Category
     Gearboxes & Gearbox Parts177944New Category
     Primary Drive Belts180032New Category
     Pulleys & Tensioners177945New Category
     Other Transmission Parts177947New Category
    Electrical Components35571Combined into [Other Electrical Components-177961]
   -Electrical & Ignition179853New Category
     Alternators & Parts177929New Category
     Batteries49782New Category
     CDIs & ECUs177933New Category
     Condensers177930New Category
     Distributors & Parts177949New Category
     Fuses & Fuse Boxes177931New Category
     Horns177951New Category
     Ignition Coils177952New Category
     Ignition Cables & Wires177953New Category
     Regulators177955New Category
     Relays177956New Category
     Sensors177957New Category
     Spark Plugs177958New Category
     Starter Motors & Relays177959New Category
     Stators, Magnetos & Parts177954New Category
     Switches177960New Category
     Wires & Electrical Cabling177932New Category
     Other Electrical Components177961New Category
   -Engines & Engine Parts171107Renamed from [Engines & Components]
     Complete Engines171108 
     Components35618Combined into [Other Engines & Engine Parts-177980]
     Bearings177964New Category
     Belts & Chains177965New Category
     Big Bore & Top End Kits180159New Category
     Camshafts177966New Category
     Crankshafts & Connecting Rods177967New Category
     Cylinder Barrels177968New Category
     Cylinder Bolts177969New Category
     Cylinder Heads & Valve Covers177970New Category
     Gaskets & Seals177971New Category
     Kick Start Levers177972New Category
     Oil Filters177973New Category
     Oil Pans177975New Category
     Oil Pumps177974New Category
     Oil Tanks180024New Category
     Pistons, Rings & Pistons Kits177976New Category
     Rocker Arms177977New Category
     Stator Covers180025New Category
     Valves177979New Category
     Other Engines & Engine Parts177980New Category
   -Engine Cooling177962New Category
     Fans & Fan Parts177963New Category
     Oil Coolers177981New Category
     Pipes & Hoses177982New Category
     Radiators177983New Category
     Radiator Caps180026New Category
     Radiator Guards177984New Category
     Thermostats & Housings177985New Category
     Water Pumps177986New Category
     Other Engine Cooling Parts177987New Category
    Exhaust35573Combined into [Other Exhaust Parts-178001]
   -Exhausts & Exhaust Systems180027New Category
     Clamps, Flanges & Hangers177995New Category
     Exhaust Systems177996New Category
     Gaskets & Seals177993New Category
     Guards & Heat Shields177994New Category
     Headers, Manifolds & Studs177997New Category
     Oxygen Sensors177998New Category
     Pipes177999New Category
     Silencers, Mufflers & Baffles178000New Category
     Other Exhaust Parts178001New Category
    Gauges50461Combined into [Other Instruments & Gauges-178018]
   -Instruments & Gauges180033New Category
     Clocks178010New Category
     Fuel Gauges178013New Category
     Instrument Cables178011New Category
     Instrument Clusters178012New Category
     Odometers178014New Category
     Speedometers178015New Category
     Tachometers178016New Category
     Temperature Gauges178017New Category
     Other Instruments & Gauges178018New Category
    Lighting35575Combined into [Other Lighting Parts-178027]
   -Lighting & Indicators180034New Category
     Bulbs, LEDs & HIDs178019New Category
     Display Lights178020New Category
     Fog Light Assemblies178021New Category
     Headlight Assemblies178022New Category
     Indicator Assemblies178023New Category
     Lenses & Projectors178024New Category
     License Plate Lights178025New Category
     Rear & Brake Light Assemblies178026New Category
     Other Lighting Parts178027New Category
    Luggage & Saddlebags84146 
    Parts Bikes35576 
    Wheels, Tires35578Combined into [Other Tire & Wheel Parts-21669]
   -Wheels, Tires & Tubes180035New Category
     Axles, Bearings & Seals180036New Category
     Tape & Trim178028New Category
     Tires & Tubes124313New Category
     Valve Caps & Stems178029New Category
     Wheel Hub Assemblies180037New Category
     Wheels & Rims147699New Category
     Wheels & Tire Packages88533New Category
     Other Tire & Wheel Parts21669New Category
    Other Motorcycle Parts10064Renamed from [Other Parts]
    Motorcycle Parts Test Category177130 
  +Performance & Racing Parts107057 
  +Personal Watercraft Parts124107 
  +RV, Trailer & Camper Parts50067 
  +Salvage Parts Cars168693 
  +Services & Installation111098 
  +Snowmobile Parts100448 
  +Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073 
  +Wholesale Lots50467 
  +Other Vehicle Parts34285 
 -Automotive Tools & Supplies34998 
   Air Compressors43986 
  +Air Tools43985 
  -Auto Paints & Supplies179421 
    Auto Masking Tape179422 
   +Auto Paint Additives179423 
    Automotive Clear Coats180038New Category
    Automotive Paint Kits179428 
    Automotive Paint Supplies179429 
    Automotive Primers179430 
    Multi-Stage Auto Paint179431 
    Single-Stage Auto Paint179432 
   +Specialty Paint & Coatings179433 
    Touchup & Spray Paint179440 
    Other Automotive Paint179441 
   Auto Safety Kits & Supplies179442 
  +Auto Tool Boxes & Storage179443 
  +Automotive Care & Detailing179448 
  +Automotive Repair Kits179463 
  +Battery Testers & Chargers179469 
  -Diagnostic Service Tools179474 
    Air Bag Scan Tools/Simulators179475 
    Code Readers & Scanners179476 
    Compression & Vacuum Testers179477 
    Electrical Testers, Test Leads179478 
    Emissions Analyzers179479 
    Fuel Pressure Testers179480 
    Ignition Testers179481 
    Auto Inspection Cams & Scopes179482 
    Multimeters & Analyzers179483 
    Diagnostic Software179484 
    Timing Lights179485 
    Connectors, Adapters & Parts180040New Category
    Other Diagnostic Service Tools179486 
  +Fluids & Chemicals179487 
  +Hand Tools43990 
   Power Tools35000 
  -Shop Equipment & Supplies63694 
    Auto Lifts & Frame Machines63696 
    Brake Lathes63695 
    Brake Service Tools179504 
    Engine Hoists & Stands179507 
    Fender Covers180039New Category
    Fluid Transfer Pumps179508 
    Funnels, Oil Pans & Mats179509 
    Grease Guns, Lubrication Tools179510 
    Jacks & Jack Stands179511 
    Paint Booths63698 
    Service Ramps179661 
    Roller Seats & Creepers179512 
    Sand Blasters179513 
    Strut Compressors179514 
    Wheel Alignment Systems/Tools179515 
    Tire Changers/Wheel Balancers63699 
   +Shop Supplies63701 
    Other Shop Equipment63700 
   Other Auto Tools & Supplies43998 


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