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Category Changes: eBay Motors

April 2014

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

• "Detailing Supplies / Products" listings will be moving into "Other Automotive Care Supplies".
• "Automotive Tools & Supplies" listings will be moved into multiple "Other" tools categories.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-eBay Motors6000 
 +Cars & Trucks6001 
 +Other Vehicles & Trailers6038 
 -Parts & Accessories6028 
  +ATV Parts43962 
  -Apparel & Merchandise6747 
   +Car & Truck50428 
    Garage Signs & Décor179412New Category
    Water Sports / Boating50436 
    Other Apparel & Merchandise6753 
  +Aviation Parts26435 
  -Boat Parts26443 
   +Accessories & Gear26445 
    Anchoring, Docking26446 
    Body Parts50443 
    Controls & Steering31283 
    Deck & Cabin Hardware26448 
    Electrical & Lighting50437 
   +Electronics & Navigation31274 
   +Inboard Engines & Components50440 
    Interior, Cabin & Galley124106 
    Jet Drives177692 
   +Outboard Engines & Components111121 
    Plumbing & Ventilation26449 
    Sailing Hardware & Gear31281 
    Service Tools177712 
   +Sterndrive Motors & Components177713 
    Trailers178948Combined into [Boat & Watercraft Trailers-66469]
    Trailer Parts178949 
   +Trolling Motors & Components171105 
  +Car Electronics38635 
  -Car & Truck Parts6030 
    Accessories179413New Category
   +Air Conditioning & Heat33542 
   +Air Intake & Fuel Delivery33549 
   +Charging & Starting Systems33572 
   +Computer, Chip, Cruise Control33594 
   +Cooling System33599 
   -Decals/Emblems/License Frames50444Renamed from [Decals, Emblems, & Detailing]
    +Decals / Stickers50445 
     Detailing Supplies / Products50450Combined into [Other Automotive Care Supplies-179462]
     License Plate Frames50451 
   +Electric Vehicle Parts177701 
   +Emission System33605 
   +Engines & Components33612 
   +Ignition System33687 
   +Lighting & Lamps33707 
   +Safety & Security33718 
   +Suspension & Steering33579 
   +Transmission & Drivetrain33726 
   +Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers33739 
   +Wheels, Tires & Parts33743 
    Other Parts6763 
    Parts Test Category170583 
  +Manuals & Literature6029 
  +Motorcycle Parts10063 
  +Performance & Racing Parts107057 
  +Personal Watercraft Parts124107 
  +RV, Trailer & Camper Parts50067 
  +Salvage Parts Cars168693 
  +Services & Installation111098 
  +Snowmobile Parts100448 
  +Vintage Car & Truck Parts10073 
  +Wholesale Lots50467 
  +Other Vehicle Parts34285 
 -Automotive Tools & Supplies34998Moved from [Parts & Accessories-6028]
   Air Compressors43986Moved from [Shop Equipment & Supplies-63694]
  -Air Tools43985Relocated within Parent
    Air Drills179414New Category
    Air Flange Tools179415New Category
    Air Grinders179416New Category
    Air Ratchets179417New Category
    Air Sanders179418New Category
    Impact Wrenches179419New Category
    Sanders / Grinders63693Combined into [Other Automotive Air Tools-34999]
    Spray Guns43987 
    Air Tool Parts & Accessories179420New Category
    Wrenches, Ratchets, & Drills43988Combined into [Other Automotive Air Tools-34999]
    Other Automotive Air Tools34999Renamed from [Other Air Tools]
  -Auto Paints & Supplies179421New Category
    Auto Masking Tape179422New Category
   -Auto Paint Additives179423New Category
     Flake & Pearl179424New Category
     Paint Catalysts179425New Category
     Reducers/Thinners179426New Category
     Other Auto Paint Additives179427New Category
    Automotive Paint Kits179428New Category
    Automotive Paint Supplies179429New Category
    Automotive Primers179430New Category
    Multi-Stage Auto Paint179431New Category
    Single-Stage Auto Paint179432New Category
   -Specialty Paint & Coatings179433New Category
     Color Shift Paint179434New Category
     High Heat & Engine Paint179435New Category
     Industrial Coatings179436New Category
     Rust Prevention179437New Category
     Truck Bed Liner Paint179438New Category
     Other Specialty Paint179439New Category
    Touchup & Spray Paint179440New Category
    Other Automotive Paint179441New Category
   Paints & Primers178947Combined into [Other Automotive Paint-179441]
   Auto Safety Kits & Supplies179442New Category
  -Auto Tool Boxes & Storage179443New Category
    Garage/Shop Tool Chests179444New Category
    Truck Tool Boxes179445New Category
    Tool Storage Organizers179446New Category
    Other Automotive Tool Storage179447New Category
   Toolboxes, Storage35001Combined into [Other Automotive Tool Storage-179447]
  -Automotive Care & Detailing179448New Category
    Bug & Tar Removers179449New Category
    Car Wash Soap179450New Category
    Glass Care & Water Repellant179451New Category
    Ice Scrapers & Snow Brushes179452New Category
    Interior Cleaners & Protectant179453New Category
    Mitts, Bonnets & Buffing Pads179454New Category
    Power Polishers179455New Category
    Squeegees179456New Category
    Vehicle Vacuums179457New Category
    Wash, Wax & Cleaning Kits179458New Category
    Washing Brushes & Nozzles179459New Category
    Waxes & Polishes179460New Category
    Wheel/Tire Cleaners & Polishes179461New Category
    Other Automotive Care Supplies179462New Category
  -Automotive Repair Kits179463New Category
    Dent Repair Kits & Tools179464New Category
    Scratch Repair Kits & Tools179465New Category
    Tire Repair Kits & Tools179466New Category
    Windshield Repair Kits & Tools179467New Category
    Other Repair Kits & Tools179468New Category
  -Battery Testers & Chargers179469New Category
    Battery Testers179470New Category
    Chargers & Jump Starters179471New Category
    Booster/Jumper Cables179472New Category
    Other Battery Equipment179473New Category
  -Diagnostic Service Tools179474New Category
    Air Bag Scan Tools/Simulators179475New Category
    Code Readers & Scanners179476New Category
    Compression & Vacuum Testers179477New Category
    Electrical Testers, Test Leads179478New Category
    Emissions Analyzers179479New Category
    Fuel Pressure Testers179480New Category
    Ignition Testers179481New Category
    Auto Inspection Cams & Scopes179482New Category
    Multimeters & Analyzers179483New Category
    Diagnostic Software179484New Category
    Timing Lights179485New Category
    Other Diagnostic Service Tools179486New Category
   Diagnostic Tools / Equipment43989Combined into [Other Diagnostic Service Tools-179486]
  -Fluids & Chemicals179487New Category
    Air Conditioning Chemicals179488New Category
    Antifreeze179489New Category
    Brake Lubricants & Cleaners179490New Category
    Engine Cleaners179491New Category
    Fuel Additives & Treatments179492New Category
    Gasket Makers/Removers/Sealers179493New Category
    Gear/Differential Oil179494New Category
    Grease & Lube179495New Category
    Motor Oil179496New Category
    Power Steering Fluids179497New Category
    Radiator Additives & Sealants179498New Category
    Starting Fluids179499New Category
    Tire Sealant179500New Category
    Transmission Fluid179501New Category
    Windshield Wiper Fluid179502New Category
    Other Fluids & Chemicals179503New Category
  -Hand Tools43990Relocated within Parent
    Hammers, Pullers, & Extractors43996Combined into [Other Automotive Hand Tools-35625]
    Screwdrivers & Pliers43992Combined into [Other Automotive Hand Tools-35625]
    Sockets & Ratchets43993Combined into [Other Automotive Hand Tools-35625]
    Body Hammers & Dollies179520New Category
    Cutting Tools179521New Category
    Mixed Hand Tool Sets43995Renamed from [Mixed Tool Sets]
    Precision & Measuring Tools43991Relocated within Parent
    Pullers & Extractors179522New Category
    Ratchets179523New Category
    Riveters179524New Category
    Screwdrivers179525New Category
    Slide Hammers179526New Category
    Sockets & Socket Sets179527New Category
    Threading Tools179528New Category
    Wrenches43994Relocated within Parent
    Hand Tool Parts & Accessories179529New Category
    Other Automotive Hand Tools35625Renamed from [Other Hand Tools]
   Power Tools35000 
  -Shop Equipment & Supplies63694Renamed from [Shop Equipment]
    Auto Lifts & Frame Machines63696Renamed from [Frame Machines]
    Brake Lathes63695Relocated within Parent
    Brake Service Tools179504New Category
    Come-Alongs179505New Category
    Dollies179506New Category
    Engine Hoists & Stands179507New Category
    Fluid Transfer Pumps179508New Category
    Funnels, Oil Pans & Mats179509New Category
    Grease Guns, Lubrication Tools179510New Category
    Jacks & Jack Stands179511New Category
    Lifts / Hoists / Jacks63697Combined into [Other Shop Equipment-63700]
    Paint Booths63698 
    Roller Seats & Creepers179512New Category
    Sand Blasters179513New Category
    Strut Compressors179514New Category
    Wheel Alignment Systems/Tools179515New Category
    Tire Changers/Wheel Balancers63699Relocated within Parent
   -Shop Supplies63701Moved from [Automotive Tools & Supplies-34998]
     Body Fillers & Putties179516New Category
     Shop Towels179517New Category
     Wet/Dry Abrasives179518New Category
     Other Shop Supplies179519New Category
     Body Shop Supplies63702Combined into [Other Auto Tools & Supplies-43998]
     Service Shop Supplies63703Combined into [Other Auto Tools & Supplies-43998]
    Other Shop Equipment63700 
   Other Auto Tools & Supplies43998Renamed from [Other Tools]
  Collector Cars10540 
 +Luxury Cars6040 
 +MiniVans & Vans5353 
 +Sports Cars6048 


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