Category Changes: Home & Garden

October 2016

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Home & Garden11700 
 +Food & Beverages14308 
 +Fresh Cut Flowers & Supplies178069 
   Armoires & Wardrobes103430 
   Bar Carts & Serving Carts183320New Category
   Bar Stools153928Relocated within Parent
   Bean Bags & Inflatables48319 
  +Beds & Mattresses32254 
   Bedroom Sets20480 
   Benches & Stools103431 
   Cabinets & Cupboards20487 
   CD & Video Racks22653 
   Desks & Home Office Furniture88057 
   Dining Sets107578 
   Dressers & Chests of Drawers114397 
   Entertainment Units, TV Stands20488 
   Futons, Frames & Covers131579 
   Ottomans, Footstools & Poufs20490 
   Screens & Room Dividers31601 
   Sideboards & Buffets183322New Category
   Sideboards & Buffets125256Combined into [Sideboards & Buffets-183322]
   Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises38208 
   Tables38204Relocated within Parent
   Trunks & Chests125085Relocated within Parent
   Vanities & Makeup Tables32878 
   Furniture Parts & Accessories179690 
   Other Home Furniture175752 
 -Greeting Cards & Party Supply16086 
   Gift Baskets & Supplies16091 
  +Gift Wrapping Supplies102378 
   Greeting Cards & Invitations170098 
  -Party Supplies3205 
    Badges & Pins177758 
    Banners, Bunting & Garlands77517 
    Cake Toppers170165Renamed from [Candles & Cake Toppers]
    Candles183323New Category
    Favors & Party Bag Fillers26385 
    Gag Gifts19257 
    Glow Sticks & Glow Jewelry108388 
    Guest Books108383 
    Party Bags122791 
    Party Decorations170103 
    Party Games & Activities102411 
    Party Tableware & Serveware26388 
    Complete Party Sets & Kits26394 
    Other Party Supplies3200 
   Stationery & Note Pads177761 
   Other Gift & Party Supplies170115 
 +Holiday & Seasonal Décor38227 
 +Home Décor10033 
 +Home Improvement159907 
 +Household Supplies & Cleaning299 
 -Kids & Teens at Home176988 
   Bedroom, Playroom & Dorm Décor115970 
   Eating & Drinking115715 
  +Educational Materials16706 
    Bean Bags & Inflatables108428 
    Bedroom Furniture66742 
    Benches183321New Category
    Benches115751Combined into [Benches-183321]
    Play Tables & Chairs66743 
    Sofas & Armchairs134648 
    Storage Units134651 
    Toy Boxes94932 
    Other Kids' & Teens' Furniture66744 
   Lamps & Lighting81253 
  +School Supplies102949 
   Window Treatments116488 
   Other Kids' & Teens' Items176989 
 -Kitchen, Dining & Bar20625 
  +Bar Tools & Accessories20687 
  -Baking Accs. & Cake Decorating177009Renamed from [Cake, Candy & Pastry Tools]
    Baking Cups & Liners177012Renamed from [Baking Cups & Cupcake Liners]
    Cake Decorating Supplies46281Combined into [Other Baking Accessories-177013]
    Cookie Cutters32884 
    Cookie Presses178059 
   -Decorating Tools183324New Category
     Cake Boards183325New Category
     Cake Dowels & Pillars183326New Category
     Cake Dummies183327New Category
     Cake Levelers183328New Category
     Cake Scrapers183329New Category
     Crimpers183330New Category
     Flower Nails183331New Category
     Icing Bags177068New Category
     Icing Bag Holders183332New Category
     Icing Edgers & Smoothers183333New Category
     Icing Nozzles183334New Category
     Icing Turntables183335New Category
     Modeling Tools & Cutters183336New Category
     Nozzle Organizers183337New Category
     Sugarcraft & Chocolate Molds177011Moved from [Baking Accs. & Cake Decorating-177009] Renamed from [Candy & Chocolate Molds]
     Other Decorating Tools183338New Category
   -Decorations & Cake Toppers183339New Category
     Cake Airbrushing183340New Category
     Cake Toppers183341New Category
     Candles183342New Category
     Decorating Pens & Presses183343New Category
     Edible Glitter & Sprinkles183344New Category
     Food Coloring183345New Category
     Icing & Fondant183346New Category
     Fondant Markers & Gels183347New Category
     Ribbons & Cords183348New Category
     Sugar Flowers & Decorations183349New Category
     Other Decorations183350New Category
    Pastry Cutters183351New Category
    Pastry Forms183352New Category
   -Presentation & Packaging183353New Category
     Artificial Flowers183354New Category
     Cake Boxes & Bags183355New Category
     Cake Stands183356New Category
     Other Packaging183357New Category
    Rolling Pins32885Renamed from [Rolling Pins & Pastry Tools]
    Other Baking Accessories177013Renamed from [Other Cake & Pastry Tools]
  -Dinnerware & Serving Dishes36027 
    Dinner Service Sets36032 
    Butter Dishes103433 
    Cake Stands177010Moved from [Baking Accs. & Cake Decorating-177009]
    Cream & Sugar103434 
    Cups & Saucers36029 
    Gravy Boats103435 
    Serving Bowls45504 
    Other Dinnerware175802 
   Drink Containers & Thermoses177006 
  +Flatware, Knives & Cutlery20637 
   Kitchen Islands/Kitchen Carts115753Renamed from [Kitchen Islands & Carts]
  +Kitchen Storage & Organization20652 
  +Kitchen Tools & Gadgets20635 
  +Linens & Textiles71237 
  +Small Kitchen Appliances20667 
   Other Kitchen & Dining Items177014 
 +Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans20697 
 +Major Appliances20710 
 +Rugs & Carpets20571 
   Air Compressors30506 
  +Air Tools22659 
  -Hand Tools3244 
    Caulking Guns168798 
    Clamps & Vises20761 
    Hammers & Mallets20763 
    Knives & Blades39057 
    Leatherworking Tools43575 
    Pry Bars178999 
    Putty Knives & Scrapers178970 
    Screwdrivers & Nutdrivers42255 
    Taps & Dies46458 
    Wire Brushes178971 
     Adjustable Wrenches20771 
     Hex Keys & Wrenches42258Renamed from [Allen & Hex Wrenches]
     Pipe Wrenches20772 
     Wrench Sets29527 
     Socket Wrenches84237 
     Torque Wrenches42265 
     Other Wrenches19785 
    Mixed Tool Sets23782 
    Other Hand Tools303 
  +Measuring & Layout Tools29523 
  +Power Tools3247 
  +Safety & Protective Gear43614 
   Tie Downs & Straps85917 
  +Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage42361 
   Welding & Soldering Tools46413 
   Manuals & Guides171208 
   Other Home Improvement Tools11704 
 +Wedding Supplies11827 
 +Window Treatments & Hardware63514 
 -Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living159912 
  +Bird & Wildlife Accessories75578 
  -Garden Décor20498 
    Decorative Stepping Stones118863Renamed from [Stepping Stones]
    Flag Poles & Parts43536 
    Garden Plaques & Signs75592 
    Outdoor Thermometers75601 
    Plant Stands29514 
    Rain Gauges75593 
    Statues & Lawn Ornaments29511 
    Wind Chimes20513 
    Windmills & Wind Spinners115772 
    Other Garden Décor2034 
  -Garden Fencing177032 
    Chain Link Fencing180984 
    Hardware Cloth, Metal Mesh180985 
    Fence Panels139946 
    Fence Pickets180986 
    Fence Posts139949 
    Fencing Clips & Brackets180987 
    Gabion Baskets & Gabion Stones157816Renamed from [Gabions]
    Garden Gates139948 
    Post Bases, Supports & Spikes180988 
    Post Caps180989 
    Post Drivers180990 
    Privacy Screens, Windscreens180991 
    Other Garden Fencing177033 
  +Garden Structures & Shade177017 
  -Gardening Supplies2032 
   +Composting & Yard Waste181020 
   +Garden Clothing & Gear159473 
   +Garden Tools & Equipment181033 
   +Hydroponics & Seed Starting43554 
   -Landscaping & Garden Materials181027 
     Anchor Pins, Staples & Stakes181028Renamed from [Garden Staples]
     Edging & Borders161008Renamed from [Edging]
     Ground Reinforcement Grids181029Renamed from [Ground Reinforcement & Grids]
     Landscape Fabric181030 
     Landscape Rocks & Pebbles118861Renamed from [Gravel, Pebbles & Rocks]
    -Paving & Decking118858 
      Deck Boards & Tiles118860Renamed from [Decking Boards & Tiles]
      Decking Fixtures & Spacers181016Renamed from [Deck Board Spacers]
      Outdoor Cleaners181017Renamed from [Outdoor Cleaning Chemicals]
      Pavers & Step Stones118859Renamed from [Pavers & Stones]
      Paver Molds181018Renamed from [Paver Molds & Patterns]
      Other Paving & Decking59042 
     Railroad Ties112585 
     Synthetic Grass181031 
     Other Landscaping Materials181032 
   -Plant Care, Soil & Accessories179308 
     Bark Mulch & Wood Chips159419Moved from [Landscaping & Garden Materials-181027] Renamed from [Mulch]
     Baskets, Pots & Window Boxes20518 
     Frost Protection139001 
     Garden Sprayers178984 
     Moisture & pH Meters75670 
     Plant Hooks & Hangers134671 
     Plant Labels181000 
     Plant Ties & Supports181001 
     Planter Liners181002 
     Seeders & Spreaders118869 
     Seed Starting Pots & Trays159452 
     Soil & Soil Amendments159406Renamed from [Soils & Soil Amendments]
     Other Plant Care & Accessories25876 
   +Watering Equipment29521 
   +Weed & Pest Control181034 
    Other Gardening Supplies181051 
  +Outdoor Cooking & Eating149242 
  -Outdoor Lighting42154 
    Garden & Patio Torches183391New Category
    Landscape & Walkway Lights94940Renamed from [Walkway & Path Lights]
    Outdoor Décor Candle Lanterns183392New Category
    Outdoor Security & Floodlights183393New Category
    Outdoor String Lights183394New Category
    Outdoor Wall & Porch Lights94939Renamed from [Outdoor Light Fixtures]
    Lampposts & Post Lights94938Combined into [Landscape & Walkway Lights-94940]
    Outdoor Floodlights/Spotlights94941Combined into [Outdoor Security & Floodlights-183393]
    Outdoor Lanterns & Strings42156Combined into [Outdoor String Lights-183394]
    Other Outdoor Lighting20509 
  +Outdoor Power Equipment29518 
  +Patio & Garden Furniture25863 
  -Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181003 
    Cultivated Turf181004 
    Mushrooms, Spawns & Kits181006 
   +Plants & Seedlings19617 
   -Seeds & Bulbs40605 
     Annual & Biennial Seeds20531 
     Bamboo Seeds183390New Category
     Bonsai Seeds20525 
     Bulbs, Roots & Rhizomes122891 
     Bush & Shrub Seeds20533 
     Cacti & Succulent Seeds115100 
     Carnivorous Plant Seeds119636 
     Fern Spores181117 
     Fruit Seeds120967 
     Herb Seeds42215 
     Houseplant Seeds40606 
     Lawn Grass Seeds19618 
     Orchid Seeds181112 
     Ornamental Grass Seeds181113 
     Perennial Seeds181114 
     Rose Seeds181115 
     Tree Seeds181116 
     Vegetable Seeds42221 
     Vine Seeds57224 
     Water Plant Seeds181118 
     Bulk Seeds181119 
     Other Seeds & Bulbs8439 
    Other Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181052 
  +Ponds & Water Features93632 
  +Pools & Spas20727 
   Other Yard, Garden & Outdoor159913 
 +Wholesale Lots31605 
  Other Home & Garden181076 


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