Category Changes: Health & Beauty

October 2016: Health & Beauty

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Health & Beauty26395 
 +Bath & Body11838 
 -Hair Care & Styling11854 
   Brushes & Combs11855 
   Hair Color31412 
   Hair Dryers11858 
  -Hair Extensions & Wigs182101 
    Hair Extensions175636 
    Wigs & Hairpieces175635 
    Wig & Extension Supplies175637Renamed from [Wigs & Extensions Supplies]
    Other Extensions & Wigs163581 
   Hair Loss Treatments31413 
   Hair Ties & Styling Accs82591 
   Medicated Hair Treatments109075 
   Relaxers & Straightening Prod177662 
   Rollers & Curlers36407 
   Shampoos & Conditioners177661 
   Shower Caps182100 
   Straightening & Curling Irons177659 
   Styling Products11860 
   Treatments, Oils & Protectors177660 
   Sets & Kits31788 
   Other Hair Care & Styling177658 
 +Health Care67588 
 +Medical, Mobility & Disability11778 
 -Nail Care, Manicure & Pedicure47945 
   Acrylic Powders & Liquids182105 
   Artificial Nail Tips112562 
   Cuticle Treatments82610 
   Electric Files & Tools178960 
   Fiberglass & Silk Wraps182107 
   Gel Nails178961Renamed from [Gel Polish]
   Hand & Nail Treatment Creams36432 
   Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits11872 
   Nail Airbrush Kits & Supplies178959 
   Nail Art Accessories107876 
   Nail Dryers & UV/LED Lamps67653 
   Nail Polish11873 
   Nail Polish Remover47940 
   Nail Practice & Display112563 
   Press-On Nails182108 
   Spas, Baths & Supplies36430 
   Storage & Empty Containers107965 
   Other Nail Care11870 
 +Natural & Alternative Remedies67659 
 +Oral Care31769 
 +Salon & Spa Equipment177731 
 +Shaving & Hair Removal31762 
 +Skin Care11863 
 +Sun Protection & Tanning31772 
 +Tattoos & Body Art33914 
 +Vision Care31414 
 +Vitamins & Dietary Supplements180959 
 +Wholesale Lots40965 
  Other Health & Beauty1277 


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