Category Changes: Everything Else

June 2015

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Everything Else99 
 -Adult Only319 
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories166856 
   +Costumes & Fantasy Wear166857 
   +Intimate Apparel166861 
    Other Adult Clothing & Accs4794Renamed from [Other]
    Trading Cards1606 
    Other Adult Collectibles166806Renamed from [Other]
   Domain Names7322 
  -DVDs & Movies4800 
    HD DVD166809 
    VCD, SVCD322 
    VHS Non-US (PAL)166810 
    Other Adult Movie Formats166811Renamed from [Other Formats]
    Wholesale Lots166812 
  -Erotic Art & Nudes166813 
    Folk Art & Primitives166816 
    Mixed Media & Collage166817 
    Sculpture & Carvings166820 
    Textile Art166821 
    Other Erotic Art & Nudes882Renamed from [Other]
   Magazine Back Issues613 
    Other Adult Music Formats166826Renamed from [Other Formats]
  -Sex Accessories166827 
    Furniture & Props166829 
    Massage Oils166833 
    Oral Sex Accessories166834 
    Sex Lubes166835 
    Other Sex Accessories166836Renamed from [Other]
    Wholesale Lots166837 
  -Sex Toys166838 
    Anal Plugs166839 
    Ben Wa Balls166840 
    Cock Rings166842 
    Love Dolls166845 
    Male Masturbators166846 
    Nipple Toys166847 
    Oral Sex Toys166848 
    Penis Enhancers166849 
    Penis Pumps166850 
    Pussy Pumps166851 
    Strap-On Sex Toys166852 
    Other Sex Toys4793Renamed from [Other]
    Wholesale Lots166854 
   Video Games166855 
   Other Adult Only320Renamed from [Other]
 -Career Development & Education3143 
   Certification & Licenses16708 
   Computer & Technical21255 
   Direct Selling102325 
   Healthcare, Nursing4256 
   Real Estate102328 
   Other Career Development3144Renamed from [Other]
 +eBay Special Offers177600 
  eBay User Tools20924 
 -Funeral & Cemetery88739 
   Casket Parts & Accessories179691 
   Cemetery Plots88741 
   Cremation Urns88742 
   Headstones, Grave Markers179692 
   Mortuary Supplies88743 
   Other Funeral & Cemetery88744Renamed from [Other]
   Births, Marriages, Deaths20926 
   Census Records20927 
   City, State Directories20928 
   Coat of Arms116098 
   County, State History116099 
   Family Trees116100 
   Immigration, Passenger Lists20929 
    Other Genealogy Maps20930Renamed from [Other]
   Military Records20931 
   Other Genealogy2980Renamed from [Other]
 -Information Products102480 
  +How-To Guides102481 
  -Wholesale Lists102487 
    Bikes, Scooters102488 
    Clothing & Accessories102489 
    Computers & Networking102490 
    Consumer Electronics102491 
    Other Whlsl List Info Products102492Renamed from [Other]
   Other Information Products47103Renamed from [Other]
  -Crystal Healing102493 
    Chakra Sets102496 
    Quartz Crystals102500 
    Rose Quartzs102501 
    Other Crystal Healing19268Renamed from [Other]
  -Feng Shui102502 
    Ba Guas, Baguas102503 
    Other Feng Shui19269Renamed from [Other]
  -Psychic, Paranormal102513 
    Ouija Boards102515 
    Other Psychic, Paranormal19270Renamed from [Other]
    Cards Decks102521 
    Sets, Kits102523 
    Single Cards116108 
    Other Tarot19271Renamed from [Other]
    Other Wicca116117Renamed from [Other]
   Other Metaphysical1523Renamed from [Other]
 -Personal Development102329 
   Leadership, Self-Confidence102330 
   Memory Improvement102331 
   Personal Finances102332 
   Other Personal Development3149Renamed from [Other]
 -Personal Security102535 
   Pepper Spray79849 
   Stun Guns79850 
   Surveillance Cameras102543 
   Other Personal Security3204Renamed from [Other]
 -Religious Products & Supplies102545 
   Bibles Covers & Accessories116118 
   Communion Accessories102548 
   Educational Materials116119 
   Other Religious Supplies16710Renamed from [Other]
 -Reward Points & Incentives102553Renamed from [Reward Pts, Incentive Progs]
   Proof of Purchase, UPCs102554Combined into [Reward Points & Incentives-102553]
   Reward Points148493Combined into [Reward Points & Incentives-102553]
   Other19272Combined into [Reward Points & Incentives-102553]
 +Weird Stuff1466 
  Every Other Thing88433Renamed from [Other]
 +Test Auctions14112 


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