Category Changes: Everything Else

"Please note several categories below were renamed from 30 characters to 50 characters as part of our initial roll out to support up to 50 characters and reduce the need for category name abbreviations."

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Everything Else99
 -Adult Only319
  -Adult Only Art166813Renamed from [Erotic Art & Nudes]
   Adult Only Art Prints166819Renamed from [Prints]
   Adult Only Drawings166815Renamed from [Drawings]
   Adult Only Folk Art166816Renamed from [Folk Art & Primitives]
   Adult Only Mixed Media Art166817Renamed from [Mixed Media & Collage]
   Adult Only Paintings166818Renamed from [Paintings]
   Adult Only Photographs323Renamed from [Photographs]
   Adult Only Posters183702New Category
   Adult Only Sculptures166820Renamed from [Sculpture & Carvings]
   Adult Only Textile Art166821Renamed from [Textile Art]
   Other Adult Only Art882Renamed from [Other Erotic Art & Nudes]
  -Books4953Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories166856Relocated within Parent (i)
   +Costumes & Fantasy Wear166857
   +Intimate Apparel166861
   Other Adult Clothing & Accs4794
  -Collectibles166805Relocated within Parent (i)
   Adult Trading Cards1606
   Other Adult Collectibles166806
  Domain Names7322Relocated within Parent (i)
  -DVDs & Movies4800Relocated within Parent (i)
   HD DVD166809
   VCD, SVCD322
   VHS Non-US (PAL)166810
   Other Adult Movie Formats166811
   Wholesale Lots166812
  Magazine Back Issues613
  +Sex Accessories166827
  +Sex Toys166838
  Video Games166855
  Other Adult Only320
 +Career Development & Education3143
 +eBay Special Offers177600
 eBay User Tools20924
 +Funeral & Cemetery88739
 +Information Products102480
 +Personal Development102329
 +Personal Security102535
 +Religious Products & Supplies102545
 Reward Points & Incentives102553
 +Weird Stuff1466
 Every Other Thing88433
 -Test Category For Internal Use Only Parent Level 214112Renamed from [Test Auctions]
  -Test Category For Internal Use Only Parent Level 337557Renamed from [Attributes]
   -Test Category for Internal Use Only Parent Level 4184463New Category
    -Test Category for Internal Use Only Parent Level 5184464New Category
     Test Category For Internal Use Leaf with Max Chars115623Moved from [Test Category For Internal Use Only Parent Level 3-37557] Renamed from [Attributes1]
  eBay Use Only30120
  -eBay Test Only178086
   +Group 1178087
   -Group 2178113Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 1178114
    Category 2178115
    Category 3178116
    Category 4178117
    Category 5178118
    Category 6178119
    Category 7178120
    Category 8178121
    Category 9178122
    Category 10178123
    Category 11178124
    Category 12178125
    Category 13178126
    Category 14178127
    Category 15178128
    Category 16178129
    Category 17178130
    Category 18178131
    Category 19178132Moved from [New Created Parent 1-183664]
    Category 20178133Moved from [New Created Parent 1-183664]
    Category 21178134Moved from [New Created Parent 1-183664] Renamed from [Category 21.2]
    Category 22178135Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 23178136Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 24178137Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 25178138Relocated within Parent (i)
   -Group 3178139Relocated within Parent (i)
    New Child 1105360Combined into [Category 1-178140]
    Category 1178140Moved from [Group 4-178165]
    Category 2178141Moved from [Group 4-178165] Renamed from [Category 2Two]
    Category 3178142Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 4178143Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 5178144Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 6178145Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 7178146Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 8178147Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 9178148Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 10178149Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 11178150Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 12178151Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 13178152Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 14178153Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 15178154Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 16178155Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 17178156Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 18178157Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 19178158Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 20178159Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 21178160Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 22178161Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 23178162Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 24178163Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 25178164Renamed from [Category 25.0]
   -Group 4178165Relocated within Parent
    Category 1183666Renamed from [New Created Child 1]
    Category 2178167Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 3178168Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 4178169Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 5178170Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 6178171Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 7178172Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 8178173Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 9178174Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 10178175Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 11178176Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 12178177Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 13178178Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 14178179Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 15178180Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 16178181Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 17178182Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 18178183Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 19178184Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 20178185Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 21178186Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 22178187Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 23178188Relocated within Parent (i)
    Category 24178189Moved from [Group 2-178113] Renamed from [Category 24.1]
    Category 25178190Moved from [Group 3-178139] Renamed from [Category 25.1]
   +Group 5178191
   +Group 6183663
  +Test Category Group183592
  Personal Offer31448
   Seller Category 1171782
   Seller Category 2171783
   Seller Category 4171785Relocated within Parent
   Seller Category 5171786Relocated within Parent (i)
   Seller Category 3171784Relocated within Parent (i)
 -New Created Parent 1183664Combined into [Group 6-183663]
  New Child 3179120Combined into [Category 1-183560]


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