Category Changes: Dolls & Bears

October 2016

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Dolls & Bears237 
  Bear Making Supplies50253 
  -Antique (Pre-1930)326 
    Porcelain & China4624Renamed from [China]
    Tin & Metal149387 
    Other Antique Dolls32 
   Art Dolls-Manufactured166700 
  +Art Dolls-OOAK2404 
   Baby Dolls160840 
  +Barbie Vintage (Pre-1973)15965 
  -Barbie Contemporary (1973-Now)15949 
   -Barbie Dolls15950 
     Anniversary Dolls48912 
    +Artist Dolls - OOAK & Nudes48913 
     Athlete Barbie48915 
     Barbie Basics183251New Category
     Bridal Barbie48916 
     Career Barbie48917 
     Designer Editions, Bob Mackie15952 
     Dolls of the World48932 
    +Fairytale Barbie48933 
     Fashionistas183252New Category
     Flowers in Fashion160828 
     Happy Birthday Barbie48935 
    +Holiday Barbie48936 
    +Hollywood Barbie & Friends48918 
     Model Muse160833 
     My Scene Dolls48923 
     My Size Barbie48924 
    +Pop Culture Barbie48925 
     Porcelain Barbie48927 
     Silkstone, Fashion Models48928 
     Sun & Beach Barbie48929 
     Western Barbie48930 
     Gift Sets48931 
     Store Exclusives15956 
     Mixed Lots48939 
     Other Contemp. Barbie Dolls15953 
    Barbie Reproductions160837 
    Books & Magazines15948 
   +Clothing & Accessories15957 
   +Friends & Family2451 
    Licensed Merchandise, Non-Doll49222 
    Pets & Animals48947 
    Structures & Furniture15959 
    Mixed Lots48948 
    Other Contemporary Barbie248 
  +By Brand, Company, Character15987 
  +By Material15999 
  +By Type16000 
  +Clothes & Accessories329 
  +Doll Making & Repair2408 
   Stands & Posing Accessories160871 
   Collectors' Guides & Books160839 
   Other Dolls160872 
 +Dollhouse Miniatures1202 
 +Paper Dolls2440 
 +Wholesale Lots52546 


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