Category Changes: Crafts

June 2017: Crafts

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 +Art Supplies11783
 -Beads & Jewelry Making31723
  -Beads, Pearls & Charms160644Combined into [Other Beads & Jewelry Making-31726]
   Charms134299Combined into [Charms & Pendants-83891]
   Cultured & Freshwater Pearls134294Combined into [Beads-146290]
   Other Jewelry Making Beads160645Combined into [Beads-146290]
  Books & Magazines134292Combined into [Instruction Books & Media-162095]
  Beads146290Moved from [Beads, Pearls & Charms-160644]
  Cabochons101436New Category
  Charms & Pendants83891Moved from [Beads, Pearls & Charms-160644] Renamed from [Pendants]
  Jewelry Making Cord & Wire150059Renamed from [Cord, Thread & Wire]
  -Jewelry Findings150046Relocated within Parent (i)
   Bead Caps160678
   Bracelet Bases183691New Category
   Cufflink Blanks150050New Category
   Earring Findings150051Relocated within Parent (i)
   Eye Pins & Head Pins150054Renamed from [Pins & Needles]
   Hair Accessory Findings150061New Category
   Jewelry Clasps & Hooks150049Renamed from [Clasps & Hooks]
   Jewelry Connectors & Bails150047Renamed from [Connectors, Bails]
   Jewelry Crimps & Cord Ends150052Renamed from [Crimp & End Beads]
   Jewelry Making Chains150069Renamed from [Chains]
   Jump Rings & Split Rings150055Relocated within Parent
   Necklace Bases150056New Category
   Pin Backs & Brooch Components150048New Category
   Ring Blanks & Ring Bases150058New Category
   Spacer Beads & Stoppers146301Renamed from [Spacer Beads]
   Other Craft Jewelry Findings150085Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Beading & Jewelry Kits162090Renamed from [Kits & Instructions]
   -Beading Kits162091
    Banners162092Combined into [Beading Kits-162091]
    Ornaments162093Combined into [Beading Kits-162091]
    Other Beading Kits162094Combined into [Beading Kits-162091]
   -Jewelry Making Kits162096Relocated within Parent (i)
    Bracelets162097Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
    Earrings162098Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
    Necklaces & Pendants162099Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
    Rings162100Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
    Mixed Jewelry Kits162101Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
    Other Jewelry Making Kits162102Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
   Other Jewelry & Beading Kits31724Combined into [Jewelry Making Kits-162096]
  Instruction Books & Media162095Moved from [Beading & Jewelry Kits-162090] Renamed from [Instructions & Project Books]
  Bead Storage & Jewelry Display83893Renamed from [Storage & Display]
  -Beading & Jewelry Making Tools160679Renamed from [Tools, Boards & Trays]
   Beading Boards, Mats & Trays134290Renamed from [Bead Boards & Trays]
   Bead Tools83892Combined into [Other Beads & Jewelry Making-31726]
   Beading Looms183692New Category
   Beading Needles150057New Category
   Jewelry Hammers183693New Category
   Jewelry Knotting Tools183694New Category
   Jewelry Loupes & Magnifiers183695New Category
   Jewelry Making Tweezers183699New Category
   Jewelry Pliers & Shears134765Renamed from [Pliers]
   Jewelry Punches & Stamps183696New Category
   Jewelry Saws & Blades183698New Category
   Ring Sizers & Stretchers183697New Category
   Jewelry Making Tool Sets162089Renamed from [Tool Kits]
   Other Jewelry Making Tools160680Combined into [Other Beads & Jewelry Making-31726]
  Other Beads & Jewelry Making31726Relocated within Parent (i)
 +Fabric Painting & Decorating183118
 +Glass & Mosaics163778
 +Handcrafted & Finished Pieces71183
 -Home Arts & Crafts160667
  -Basketry & Chair Caning134304Renamed from [Basketry]
   Basket Weaving134305Combined into [Other Basketry & Chair Caning-3087]
   Chair Caning160668Combined into [Other Basketry & Chair Caning-3087]
   Cane, Reed & Weaving Materials183688New Category
   Basketry Handles, Hoops & Rims183686New Category
   Cane Webbing183687New Category
   Basketry Bases & Frames183685New Category
   Chair Caning Pegs & Wedges183689New Category
   Chair Caning Spline183690New Category
   Basketry & Chair Caning Tools183684New Category
   Basketry & Chair Caning Kits183682New Category
   Basketry & Chair Caning Guides183673New Category
   Other Basketry & Chair Caning3087Renamed from [Other Basketry Supplies]
  -Candles & Soap28114Combined into [Other Candle & Soap Supplies-3089]
   Tools & Warming Pots160647Combined into [Other Candle & Soap Supplies-3089]
  -Candle Making & Soap Making183683New Category
   Candle Wax134295Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114]
   Candle Molds41207Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114]
   Candle Wicks28120Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114]
   Soap Bases28118Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114]
   Soap Butters & Carrier Oils48094Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Soap Butters & Fixed Oils]
   Soap Molds28116Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114]
   Candle & Soap Botanicals48093Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Herbs & Botanicals]
   -Candle & Soap Dyes & Pigments134300Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Dyes]
    Dye Blocks134301Combined into [Candle & Soap Dyes & Pigments-134300]
    Dye Chips134302Combined into [Candle & Soap Dyes & Pigments-134300]
    Liquid Dyes134303Combined into [Candle & Soap Dyes & Pigments-134300]
    Other Candle & Soap Dyes30114Combined into [Candle & Soap Dyes & Pigments-134300]
   Candle & Soap Making Chemicals83896Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Powders]
   Candle & Soap Pouring Pots183675New Category
   Candle Embeds & Soap Embeds28115Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Embeds]
   -Essential Oils & Fragrances41268Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Scents, Fragrances]
    Essential Oils41269Combined into [Essential Oils & Fragrances-41268]
    Fragrance Oils28117Combined into [Essential Oils & Fragrances-41268]
   Jars & Containers41368Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Jars & Holders]
   Candle & Soap Making Tools183674New Category
   Candle & Soap Making Kits41205Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Candle & Soapmaking Kits]
   Bags & Packaging83895Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114]
   Candle & Soap Making Guides146309Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Recipes & Instruction]
   Other Candle & Soap Supplies3089Moved from [Candles & Soap-28114] Renamed from [Other Candles & Soap Making]
  -Decorative & Tole Painting183126Relocated within Parent (i)
   Patterns & Instructions28127
   Ready to Paint Items28128
   Tole Decals & Transfers41215
   Other Tole Painting Supplies1364
  -Floral Crafts16491Relocated within Parent (i)
   Artificial & Silk Flowers16494Renamed from [Silk Flowers]
   Swags & Garlands28130Combined into [Other Floral Craft Supplies-3097]
   Floral Wire153974New Category
   Floral & Greening Pins183679New Category
   Floral Forms, Bases & Frames16498Renamed from [Wreaths]
   -Dried Botanicals & Potpourri160648Renamed from [Dried Flowers & Plants]
    Dried Flowers16493
    Dried Fruits183676New Category
    Dried Greenery183677New Category
    Dried Pods134565Renamed from [Poppy Pods]
    Dried Seeds183678New Category
    Potpourri Ingredients160649Combined into [Other Floral Craft Supplies-3097]
    Other Dried Flowers & Plants160650Combined into [Other Floral Craft Supplies-3097]
   Floral Tape & Adhesives183681New Category
   Floral Craft Tools183680New Category
   Floral Craft Guides16496Renamed from [Instruction]
   Other Floral Craft Supplies3097Renamed from [Other Floral Crafts]
  -Framing & Matting37573Relocated within Parent (i)
   Frames & Supplies37575
   Framing Mats37576
   Mat Cutting Tools & Supplies37574
   Other Framing & Matting11786
  Metalworking41369Relocated within Parent (i)
  Upholstery Tools & Equipment113355Relocated within Parent (i)
  Wall Décor & Tatouage75575Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Woodworking3127Relocated within Parent (i)
   Instruction Books & Media183149
   Wood Burning Pens183150
   Wood Carving Hand Tools160677
   Wood Turning Hand Tools160673
   +Wood Project Kits183151
   +Wood & Project Materials183155
   Other Woodworking Supplies183161
  Other Home Arts & Crafts160669Relocated within Parent (i)
 +Kids' Crafts116652
 +Multi-Purpose Craft Supplies28102
 -Needlecrafts & Yarn160706
  +Crocheting & Knitting3094
  +Embroidery & Cross Stitch28141
   Macramé Kits183206Combined into [Macramé Kits-183700]
   Macramé Tools & Accs183207Combined into [Macramé Tools & Accs-183701]
   Macramé Kits183700New Category
   Macramé Tools & Accs183701New Category
   Patterns & Instructional Media183208Relocated within Parent (i)
   Other Macramé28151Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Rug Making28147
   -Latch Hooking157027
    Latch Hooking Kits28148
    Latch Hooking Patterns116677
    Latch Hooking Tools & Supplies116678Renamed from [Latch Hooking Tools]
    Other Latch Hooking Supplies28150
   +Primitive Hand Hooking157029
   +Rug Braiding183226
   Other Rug Making Supplies160672
  +Spinning & Felting183209
  +Tatting & Lacemaking183231
  Other Needlecraft Supplies160715
 +Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts11788
  Sewing Machines & Sergers3118
  +Sewing Machine Accessories180929
  +Closures & Connectors183253
  +Cutting Tools183265
  -Embellishments & Finishes183270Renamed from [Embelishments & Finishes]
   Clothing Labels183271
   Hem Tape & Hot Fix Applicators180928Renamed from [Hot Fix Applicators]
  +Foundations & Undergarments183274
  +Hand Sewing Needles & Accs183281
  +Marking Tools183286
  +Measuring Tools183292
  +Pressing Equipment183299
  Sewing Boxes & Storage83965
  Sewing Patterns28174
  Sewing Thread28172
  Other Sewing3115
 +Sculpting, Molding & Ceramics183302
 +Stamping & Embossing3122
 Other Crafts75576
 +Wholesale Lots45074


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