Category Changes: Consumer Electronics

October 2016: Consumer Electronics

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Consumer Electronics293 
 -Virtual Reality183067New Category
   PC & Console VR Headsets183068New Category
   Smartphone VR Headsets183069New Category
   Cases, Covers & Skins183070New Category
   Controllers & Motion Sensors183071New Category
   Parts183072New Category
   Other Virtual Reality Accs183073New Category
 +Portable Audio & Headphones15052 
 +TV, Video & Home Audio32852 
 +Vehicle Electronics & GPS3270 
 +Home Automation50582 
 +Home Surveillance48633 
 +Home Telephones & Accessories3286 
 +Multipurpose Batteries & Power48446 
 -Radio Communication1500 
  -Antennas183502New Category
    CB Radio Antennas48692Moved from [Antennas-175730]
    Ham, Amateur Radio Antennas4672Moved from [Antennas-175730]
    Marine/Air Band Radio Antennas175731Moved from [Antennas-175730]
    Walkie Talkie/Two-Way Antennas175732Moved from [Antennas-175730]
    Other Radio Antennas175733Moved from [Antennas-175730]
   Antennas175730Combined into [Antennas-183502]
   CB Radios40054 
  +Ham, Amateur Radio4670 
   Marine & Aircraft Radios149987 
   Walkie Talkies, Two-Way Radios20381 
  -Parts & Accessories183503New Category
    Baluns & Chokes175735Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Batteries & Chargers48703Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Coax. Cables & Connectors48704Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Code Keyers & Keys48706Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Filters175736Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Headsets & Earpieces48705Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Manuals & Magazines15050Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Meters48701Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Microphones48707Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Mounts48694Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Oscillators175737Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Power Supplies48708Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Radio & Scanner Crystals175738Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Speakers48709Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Tubes48710Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Tuners48711Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
    Other Radio Communication Accs40059Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175734]
   Parts & Accessories175734Combined into [Parts & Accessories-183503]
   Other Radio Communication296 
 +Gadgets & Other Electronics14948 
 -Vintage Electronics14998Combined into [Vintage Electronics-183077]
   Other Vintage Electronics3284Combined into [Other Vintage Electronics-183079]
 -Vintage Electronics183077New Category
  -Vintage Audio & Video175740Moved from [Vintage Electronics-14998]
    8-Track Players183078New Category
    8-Track Players14999Combined into [8-Track Players-183078]
    Laserdisc Players3317 
    Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders116868 
    VCRs15088Moved from [TV, Video & Home Audio-32852]
    Vintage Amplifiers & Tube Amps73368 
    Vintage Cassette Decks71574 
    Vintage Headphones183074New Category
    Vintage Preamps & Tube Preamps67807 
    Vintage Radios50595 
    Vintage Record Players48649 
    Vintage Speakers50597 
    Vintage Stereo Receivers50596 
    Vintage Televisions73374 
    Vintage Tuners & Tube Tuners73382 
   -Vintage Parts & Accessories175741 
     Vintage Blank Media163851 
     Vintage Capacitors71573 
     Vintage Manuals39996Renamed from [Vintage Manuals & Magazines]
     Vintage Speaker & Horn Drivers73372Renamed from [Vintage Speaker Drivers, Horns]
     Vintage Transformers67815 
     Vintage Tubes & Tube Sockets64627 
     Other Vintage A/V Parts & Accs168088 
    Other Vintage Audio & Video175742 
   Vintage Calculators58042Moved from [Vintage Electronics-14998]
   Vintage Home Telephones182098Moved from [Vintage Electronics-14998]
   Other Vintage Electronics183079New Category
 +Wholesale Lots61494 


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