Category Changes: Computers/Tablets & Networking

October 2016: Computers/Tablets & Networking

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Computers/Tablets & Networking58058 
 -3D Printers & Supplies183062New Category
   3D Printers183063New Category
   3D Scanners183064New Category
   3D Printer Consumables183065New Category
   Parts & Accessories183066New Category
  Tablets & eBook Readers171485 
 +Tablet & eBook Reader Accs176970 
  Tablet & eBook Reader Parts180235 
 +Laptops & Netbooks175672 
 +Desktops & All-In-Ones171957 
 +Laptop & Desktop Accessories31530 
 +Computer Cables & Connectors182094 
 +Computer Components & Parts175673 
 +Drives, Storage & Blank Media165 
 +Enterprise Networking, Servers175698 
 +Home Networking & Connectivity11176 
 +Keyboards, Mice & Pointers3676 
 +Monitors, Projectors & Accs162497 
 +Power Protection, Distribution86722 
 +Printers, Scanners & Supplies171961 
  Manuals & Resources3516 
 +Vintage Computing11189 
 +Wholesale Lots159260 
  Other Computers & Networking162 


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