Category Changes: Computers/Tablets & Networking

May 2016: Computers/Tablets & Networking

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Computers/Tablets & Networking58058 
  Tablets & eBook Readers171485Renamed from [iPads, Tablets & eBook Readers]
 -Tablet & eBook Reader Accs176970Renamed from [iPad/Tablet/eBook Accessories]
   Accessory Bundles176971 
   A/V Cables & Adapters176972 
   Cases, Covers, Keyboard Folios176973 
   Chargers & Sync Cables176974 
   Docking Stations/Keyboards176975 
   Memory Card & USB Adapters176976 
   Mounts, Stands & Holders176977 
   Reading Lights176978 
   Screen Protectors176979 
   Stickers & Decals176980 
   Other Tablet & eBook Accs176982Renamed from [Other iPad/Tablet/eBook Accs]
  Tablet & eBook Reader Parts180235 
 +Laptops & Netbooks175672 
 +Desktops & All-In-Ones171957 
 +Laptop & Desktop Accessories31530 
 -Computer Cables & Connectors182094New Category
   Audio Cables & Adapters31492Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   Cable Ties & Organizers67858Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   Cabling Tools51169Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   Computer Cable Testers58300Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491] Renamed from [Cable Testers]
   Drive Cables & Adapters74941Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   FireWire Cables & Adapters31493Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   KVM Cables182095New Category
   KVM Switches182096New Category
   Monitor/AV Cables & Adapters158840Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
  -Networking Cables & Adapters20311Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
    Coaxial Network Cables175681 
    DSL/Phone Cables (RJ-11)67857Renamed from [DSL, Phone Cables (RJ-11)]
    Ethernet Cables (RJ-45/8P8C)64035Renamed from [Ethernet Cables (RJ-45, 8P8C)]
    Optical Fiber Cables64043 
    Plugs, Jacks & Wall Plates67279 
    Splitters, Couplers & Adapters67276 
    Other Networking Cables101282 
   Parallel, Serial & PS/2116848Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   Power Cables & Connectors182097New Category
   USB Cables, Hubs & Adapters44932Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
   Other Computer Cables3668Moved from [Cables & Connectors-31491]
 -Cables & Connectors31491Combined into [Computer Cables & Connectors-182094]
   KVM Switches & KVM Cables51172Combined into [Other Computer Cables-3668]
   Power Cables & Connectors45342Combined into [Power Cables & Connectors-182097]
 -Computer Components & Parts175673 
  +Computer Cases & Accessories175674 
   CPUs/Processors164Renamed from [CPUs, Processors]
  -Fans, Heat Sinks & Cooling42000Renamed from [Fans, Heatsinks & Cooling]
    Computer Case Fans131487Renamed from [Case Fans]
    CPU Fans & Heat Sinks131486Renamed from [CPU Fans & Heatsinks]
    Fan Grills & Filters131495 
    Fan, Heat Sink Brackets & Accs170078Renamed from [Fan/Heatsink Brackets & Accs]
    Hard Drive Cooling131494 
    Memory & Chipset Cooling131502 
    Thermal Compounds & Supplies46322 
    Video Card/GPU Cooling80151 
    Water Cooling131503 
    Other Computer Fans & Cooling3673 
   Graphics/Video Cards27386Renamed from [Graphics, Video Cards]
  -Interface/Add-On Cards182088New Category
    Disk Controllers/RAID Cards90715Moved from [Interface, Add-On Cards-90711] Renamed from [Disk Controllers, RAID Cards]
    Internal Modem Cards44940Moved from [Interface, Add-On Cards-90711]
    Internal Network Cards20318Moved from [Interface, Add-On Cards-90711]
    Internal Port Expansion Cards90718Moved from [Interface, Add-On Cards-90711]
    Other Interface/Add-On Cards90719Moved from [Interface, Add-On Cards-90711] Renamed from [Other Interface, Add-On Cards]
  -Laptop Replacement Parts182089New Category
    Laptop Housings & Touchpads175676Moved from [Laptop Replacement Parts-175675]
    Laptop Replacement Keyboards31568Moved from [Laptop Replacement Parts-175675]
    Laptop Screens & LCD Panels31569Moved from [Laptop Replacement Parts-175675]
    Other Laptop Replacement Parts168061Moved from [Laptop Replacement Parts-175675]
   Interface, Add-On Cards90711Combined into [Interface/Add-On Cards-182088]
   Laptop Replacement Parts175675Combined into [Laptop Replacement Parts-182089]
   Memory (RAM)170083 
   Motherboard & CPU Combos131511 
  -Motherboard Components & Accs182090New Category
    Motherboard Backplates170080Moved from [Motherboard Components & Accs-170079]
    Motherboard Components175668Moved from [Motherboard Components & Accs-170079]
    Motherboard Diagnostic Cards168060Moved from [Motherboard Components & Accs-170079]
    Other Motherboard Accessories170082Moved from [Motherboard Components & Accs-170079]
   Motherboard Components & Accs170079Combined into [Motherboard Components & Accs-182090]
   Power Supplies42017 
   Power Supply Testers168059 
   Sound Cards (Internal)44980 
   Video Capture & TV Tuner Cards3761 
   Other Components & Parts16145Renamed from [Other Computer Parts]
 -Drives, Storage & Blank Media165 
   CD, DVD & Blu-ray Drives131542 
   CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplicators31509 
   Drive Bay Caddies158816 
   Drive Enclosures & Docks158817 
   Floppy, Zip & Jaz Drives169 
   Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)158830Combined into [Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)-182085]
  -Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)182085New Category
    External Hard Disk Drives131553Moved from [Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)-158830]
    Internal Hard Disk Drives56083Moved from [Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)-158830]
    Home Network Storage (NAS)106273Moved from [Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)-158830]
    Solid State Drives175669Moved from [Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)-158830]
    Other Hard Drives175670Moved from [Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)-158830]
   Hard Drive Duplicators175671 
   Tape & Data Cartridge Drives39976 
   USB Flash Drives51071 
  +Blank Media & Accessories80133 
   Other Drives, Storage & Media167 
 -Enterprise Networking, Servers175698 
   Directional Antennas86720 
   Enterprise Routers175699 
   Enterprise Router Components175821Combined into [Enterprise Router Components-182092]
  -Enterprise Router Components182092New Category
    Router Memory67292Moved from [Enterprise Router Components-175821]
    Router Modules/Cards/Adapters67286Moved from [Enterprise Router Components-175821]
    Router Power Supplies67287Moved from [Enterprise Router Components-175821]
    Other Ent. Router Components175704Moved from [Enterprise Router Components-175821]
   Firewall & VPN Devices51168 
   Load Balancers51167 
   Network Storage Disk Arrays51176Combined into [Network Storage Disk Arrays-182093]
  -Network Storage Disk Arrays182093New Category
    NAS Disk Arrays64069Moved from [Network Storage Disk Arrays-51176]
    SAN Disk Arrays58317Moved from [Network Storage Disk Arrays-51176]
    Disk Array Components58322Moved from [Network Storage Disk Arrays-51176]
    Other Network Disk Arrays11209Moved from [Network Storage Disk Arrays-51176]
  +Racks, Chassis & Patch Panels51197 
  +Servers, Clients & Terminals175700 
  -Server Components51240 
    Disk Controllers/RAID Cards56091Renamed from [Disk Controllers, RAID Cards]
    Server Boards71509 
    Server CPUs/Processors56088Renamed from [Server CPUs, Processors]
    Server Fans & Cooling Systems168074 
    Server Memory (RAM)11210 
    Server Power Supplies56090 
    Other Ent. Server Components56092 
   Switches & Hubs175706Combined into [Switches & Hubs-182091]
  -Switches & Hubs182091New Category
    Network Hubs11180Moved from [Switches & Hubs-175706]
    Network Switches51268Moved from [Switches & Hubs-175706]
    Switch Modules58319Moved from [Switches & Hubs-175706]
    Switch Power Supplies58320Moved from [Switches & Hubs-175706]
    Other Ent. Switches & Hubs58321Moved from [Switches & Hubs-175706]
   VoIP Business Phones/IP PBX61839Renamed from [VoIP Business Phones, IP PBX]
   Other Enterprise Networking11175 
 +Home Networking & Connectivity11176 
 +Keyboards, Mice & Pointers3676Renamed from [Keyboards, Mice & Pointing]
 +Monitors, Projectors & Accs162497 
 +Power Protection, Distribution86722 
 -Printers, Scanners & Supplies171961 
  +Printer Ink, Toner & Paper11195Renamed from [Ink, Toner & Paper]
  -Printer & Scanner Parts & Accs182086New Category
    Cleaning & Repair Kits175685Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Duplexers182087New Category
    Feeders & Trays11197Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Fusers175686Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Laser Drums51288Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Power Supplies101356Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Print Heads51328Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Printer Memory16211Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Scanner Parts170601Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
    Other Printer & Scanner Accs170599Moved from [Parts & Accessories-175684]
   Parts & Accessories175684Combined into [Printer & Scanner Parts & Accs-182086]
  Manuals & Resources3516 
 +Vintage Computing11189 
 +Wholesale Lots159260 
  Other Computers & Networking162 
+Consumer Electronics293 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
+Gift Cards & Coupons172008 
-Health & Beauty26395 
 +Bath & Body11838 
   Children's Fragrances159719Renamed from [Children]
   Men's Fragrances29585Renamed from [Men]
   Women's Fragrances11848Renamed from [Women]
   Unisex Fragrances112661Renamed from [Unisex]
 -Hair Care & Styling11854 
   Brushes & Combs11855Relocated within Parent
   Hair Color31412 
   Hair Dryers11858 
  -Hair Extensions & Wigs182101New Category
    Hair Extensions175636Moved from [Wigs, Extensions & Supplies-175634] Renamed from [Women's Hair Extensions]
    Wigs & Hairpieces175635Moved from [Wigs, Extensions & Supplies-175634] Renamed from [Women's Wigs]
    Wigs & Extensions Supplies175637Moved from [Wigs, Extensions & Supplies-175634] Renamed from [Supplies]
    Other Extensions & Wigs163581Moved from [Wigs, Extensions & Supplies-175634] Renamed from [Other Women's Wigs & Accs]
   Hair Loss Treatments31413Relocated within Parent
   Hair Ties & Styling Accs82591Renamed from [Styling Tools & Accessories]
   Medicated Hair Treatments109075New Category
   Perms166738Relocated within Parent
   Relaxers & Straightening Prod177662Renamed from [Smoothing & Straightening]
   Rollers & Curlers36407Relocated within Parent
   Shampoos & Conditioners177661Renamed from [Shampoo & Conditioning]
   Shower Caps182100New Category
   Straightening & Curling Irons177659Renamed from [Curling & Straightening Irons]
   Styling Products11860Relocated within Parent
   Treatments, Oils & Protectors177660Renamed from [Serum & Oils]
   Sets & Kits31788 
   Travel & Sample Sizes72801Combined into [Other Hair Care & Styling-177658]
   Other Hair Care & Styling177658 
 -Health Care67588 
  +Ear Care180938 
  +Feminine Hygiene180942 
  +First Aid180931 
   Foot Creams & Treatments36431 
   Hand Sanitizers177663 
  +Hot & Cold Therapies180951 
  -Over-the-Counter Medicine75036 
    Allergy75037Renamed from [Allergy, Sinus & Asthma]
    Asthma182102New Category
    Cold Sores159797 
    Cough, Cold & Flu75038 
    Digestion & Nausea75039 
    Pain & Fever Relief75040 
    Other OTC Medicine45206 
   Pill Boxes, Pill Cases75041 
  -Sexual Wellness176992 
    Body Enhancing Devices176993 
    Condoms & Contraceptives176994 
    Fertility Monitors & OPKs30118 
    Lubricants & Lotions176995 
    Pregnancy Tests36437 
    Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories176996Renamed from [Sex Accessories]
    Sex Toys176997 
    Sexual Remedies & Supplements176998 
    Other Sexual Wellness176999 
  +Sleeping Aids82593 
  +Smoking Cessation75042 
   Squeezable Stress Relievers180933 
   Other Health Care Supplies67589 
    BB, CC & Alphabet Creams177665Renamed from [BB Cream]
    Bronzers & Highlighters82596 
    Face Powder21021 
    Foundation Primer95216 
    Other Face Makeup172026 
   Makeup Bags & Cases36413 
   Makeup Sets & Kits107956 
  +Makeup Tools & Accessories36409 
   Travel & Sample Sizes72855Combined into [Other Makeup-31811]
   Mixed Makeup Lots11985 
   Other Makeup31811 
 -Medical, Mobility & Disability11778 
   Bathroom Safety75059Combined into [Other Accessibility Fixtures-182117]
  -Daily Living Aids182118New Category
    Assisted Washing Aids182119New Category
    Bidet & Toilet Tissue Aids182120New Category
    Dressing & Grooming Aids182121New Category
    Emergency Alert Systems159878Moved from [Monitoring & Testing-30115]
    Incontinence Aids36440Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
    Hearing Assistance37821Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
    Kitchen & Dining Aids182122New Category
    Portable Urinals & Bed Pans182123New Category
    Reacher Grabbers159874Moved from [Mobility/Walking Equipment-28175]
    Work & Leisure Aids182124New Category
    Other Daily Living Aids182125New Category
   Inhalers & Nebulizers155667Relocated within Parent
  -Mobility Furniture & Fixtures182113New Category
    Access Ramps75067Moved from [Mobility/Walking Equipment-28175] Renamed from [Ramps]
    Bed & Chair Tables182114New Category
    Handles & Rails171537New Category
    Shower & Bath Seats129588New Category
    Steps & Stairs182115New Category
    Toilet Frames & Commodes171535New Category
    Toilet Seats171540New Category
    Transfer Boards & Benches182116New Category
    Other Accessibility Fixtures182117New Category
   Caregiver Products168198Combined into [Other Daily Living Aids-182125]
  -Mobility/Walking Equipment28175Renamed from [Mobility Equipment]
    Crutches171536New Category
    Mobility Scooters75068Renamed from [Scooters]
    Stairlifts & Elevators75066Renamed from [Lifts & Lift Chairs]
    Walkers & Canes28176 
   -Parts & Accessories182126New Category
     Accessories182127New Category
     Mobility Scooter Parts182128New Category
     Stairlift & Elevator Parts182129New Category
     Wheelchair Parts182130New Category
    Other Mobility Equipment28177 
  -Monitoring & Testing30115 
   -Blood Pressure Monitoring75072Renamed from [Blood Pressure]
     Arm75073Combined into [Blood Pressure Monitoring-75072]
     Wrist75074Combined into [Blood Pressure Monitoring-75072]
     Other Blood Pressure Monitors30116Combined into [Blood Pressure Monitoring-75072]
    Cholesterol Testing159875Renamed from [Cholesterol]
   +Diabetic Aids72873Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778]
    Drug Testing159876Relocated within Parent
    Oximeters171538New Category
    Stethoscopes78119Combined into [Stethoscopes-109444]
    Other Medical Monitoring11780Combined into [Other Medical Monitoring-182131]
    Other Medical Monitoring182131New Category
   Orthotics, Insoles118956Combined into [Other Orthopedic Products-182137]
   Positioning Equipment28178Combined into [Other Orthopedic Products-182137]
  -Orthopedics & Supports182132New Category
    Orthotics, Braces & Sleeves19264Moved from [Medical, Mobility & Disability-11778] Renamed from [Braces & Supports]
    Compression Garments182133New Category
    Insoles & Shoe Inserts182134New Category
    Seat & Posture Cushions182135New Category
    Wedges & Bed Positioners182136New Category
    Other Orthopedic Products182137New Category
   Other Mobility & Disability3193 
 -Nail Care, Manicure & Pedicure47945 
   Acrylic Powders & Liquids182105New Category
   Artificial Nail Tips112562New Category
   Artificial Nails & Tips75055Combined into [Other Nail Care-11870]
   Cuticle Treatments82610 
   Electric Files & Tools178960 
   Fiberglass & Silk Wraps182107New Category
   Gel Polish178961Renamed from [Gel & Shellac Polish]
   Hand & Nail Treatment Creams36432Renamed from [Hand Creams & Treatments]
   Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits11872Relocated within Parent
   Nail Airbrush Kits & Supplies178959Renamed from [Airbrushing]
   Nail Art Accessories107876Relocated within Parent
   Nail Dryers & UV/LED Lamps67653 
   Nail Polish11873 
   Nail Polish Remover47940 
   Nail Practice & Display112563 
   Press-On Nails182108New Category
   Spas, Baths & Supplies36430 
   Storage & Empty Containers107965 
   Other Nail Care11870 
 +Natural & Alternative Remedies67659 
 -Oral Care31769 
   Electric Toothbrushes31770Renamed from [Toothbrushes-Electric]
   Standard Toothbrushes67421Renamed from [Toothbrushes-Standard]
   Air & Water Flossers30354 
   Children's Oral Care159757 
   Dental Floss & Flossers159758 
   Denture Care48080 
   Tongue Cleaners180267 
   Toothbrush Replacement Heads99654 
   Other Oral Care11843 
 +Salon & Spa Equipment177731 
 +Shaving & Hair Removal31762 
 -Skin Care11863 
   Acne & Blemish Treatments29618 
   Anti-Aging Products33164 
   Blotting Paper75006 
   Cleansers & Toners177765Relocated within Parent
   Cotton Swabs182112New Category
   Exfoliators & Scrubs29582 
   Eye Treatments & Masks177764 
   Home Skin Care Devices177767 
   Lightening Cream40088 
   Lip Balm & Treatments36870 
   Makeup Remover172032 
   Masks & Peels21022Relocated within Parent
   Microdermabrasion Tools101925Renamed from [Microdermabrasion]
   Night Treatments101926 
   Sets & Kits67500 
   Travel & Sample Sizes72772Combined into [Other Skin Care-11862]
   Other Skin Care11862 
 +Sun Protection & Tanning31772 
 +Tattoos & Body Art33914 
 +Vision Care31414 
 +Vitamins & Dietary Supplements180959 
 +Wholesale Lots40965 
  Other Health & Beauty1277 
-Home & Garden11700 
 -Food & Beverages14308 
  -Alcohol & Alcohol Mixers179836 
    Beer148497Combined into [Beer-148495]
    Beer148495New Category
    Cider182109New Category
    Cocktail Mixers179837 
    Cocktail Rimming Salts, Sugars179838 
    Coolers, Flavored Alcohol179839 
    Spirits & Liqueurs8384 
   Baking Chips179190 
   Baking Chocolate179191 
   Baking Mixes62695 
   Beer & Wine Making38172 
   Buffalo, Beef & Turkey Jerky115716 
  +Candy, Gum & Chocolate38173 
   Cereals & Breakfast Foods62717 
   Coconut Water179175 
   Coffee & Soda Syrups79628 
   Cookies & Biscotti20473 
   Drink Mixes179192 
   Fake Food60096 
   Food Coupons57742 
   Fruit Juices179176 
   Grains & Pasta20472 
   Honey, Syrup & Sweeteners20474 
   Ice Cream179834 
   International Foods43401 
   Jams, Jellies & Preserves14311 
   Meat, Poultry & Seafood14312 
   Milk & Non-Dairy Milks179177 
   Mushrooms & Truffles115722 
   Nuts & Seeds25460 
   Prepared Foods179835 
  +Snack Foods179178 
   Soft Drinks179188 
   Soups & Stews43399 
   Spices, Seasonings & Extracts14314 
   Trail Mix179193 
   Water Flavor Enhancers179189 
   Other Food & Beverages79631 
 +Fresh Cut Flowers & Supplies178069 
 +Greeting Cards & Party Supply16086 
 +Holiday & Seasonal Décor38227 
 +Home Décor10033 
 +Home Improvement159907 
 +Household Supplies & Cleaning299 
 +Kids & Teens at Home176988 
 +Kitchen, Dining & Bar20625 
 +Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans20697 
 +Major Appliances20710 
 -Rugs & Carpets20571 
   Area Rugs45510 
   Carpet Tiles136820 
   Door Mats & Floor Mats20573 
   Indoor/Outdoor Rugs175515Combined into [Other Rugs & Carpets-8409]
   Leather, Fur & Sheepskin Rugs91421 
   Stair Treads175517 
   Wall-to-Wall Carpeting175820 
   Rug Pads & Accessories36956 
   Other Rugs & Carpets8409 
 -Wedding Supplies11827 
   Aisle Runners102423 
   Candles & Candle Holders20936 
   Card Boxes & Wishing Wells168189 
   Centerpieces & Table Décor159928Renamed from [Centerpieces & Table Decor]
   Disposable Cameras177763 
   Flowers, Petals & Garlands20938 
   Guest Books & Pens20940 
   Invitations & Stationery102469 
   Organizers & Planners102468 
   Photo Albums102473 
   Ribbons & Bows20941 
   Ring Pillows & Flower Baskets177762 
   Tableware & Serveware33161 
   Venue Decorations102430 
   Wedding Cake Servers & Knives102466 
   Wedding Cake Stands & Plates102424 
   Wedding Cake Toppers20935 
   Wedding Favors33156 
   Other Wedding Supplies3268 
 +Window Treatments & Hardware63514 
 -Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living159912 
  +Bird & Wildlife Accessories75578 
  +Garden Décor20498 
  -Garden Fencing177032 
    Chain Link Fencing180984 
    Hardware Cloth, Metal Mesh180985 
    Fence Panels139946 
    Fence Pickets180986 
    Fence Posts139949 
    Fencing Clips & Brackets180987 
    Garden Gates139948 
    Post Bases, Supports & Spikes180988 
    Post Caps180989 
    Post Drivers180990 
    Privacy Screens, Windscreens180991 
    Trellises43538Moved from [Plant Care, Soil & Accessories-179308]
    Other Garden Fencing177033 
  +Garden Structures & Shade177017 
  -Gardening Supplies2032 
   +Composting & Yard Waste181020 
   +Garden Clothing & Gear159473 
   +Garden Tools & Equipment181033Relocated within Parent
   +Hydroponics & Seed Starting43554Renamed from [Hydroponics]
   -Landscaping & Garden Materials181027 
     Garden Staples181028 
     Gravel, Pebbles & Rocks118861 
     Ground Reinforcement & Grids181029 
     Landscape Fabric181030 
    -Paving & Decking118858 
      Pavers & Stones118859 
      Decking Boards & Tiles118860 
      Deck Board Spacers181016 
      Outdoor Cleaning Chemicals181017 
      Paver Molds & Patterns181018Renamed from [Paver Moulds & Patterns]
      Other Paving & Decking59042 
     Railroad Ties112585 
     Synthetic Grass181031 
     Other Landscaping Materials181032 
   -Plant Care, Soil & Accessories179308 
     Baskets, Pots & Window Boxes20518 
     Frost Protection139001 
     Garden Sprayers178984Renamed from [Sprayers]
     Moisture & pH Meters75670 
     Plant Hooks & Hangers134671 
     Plant Labels181000 
     Plant Ties & Supports181001 
     Planter Liners181002 
     Seeders & Spreaders118869 
     Seed Starting Pots & Trays159452 
     Soils & Soil Amendments159406 
     Other Plant Care & Accessories25876 
   +Watering Equipment29521 
   -Weed & Pest Control181034 
    +Insect & Grub Control181036Relocated within Parent
     Protective Netting/Mesh181046Moved from [Rodent & Animal Control-181043]
     Rodent & Animal Traps181045Moved from [Rodent & Animal Control-181043] Renamed from [Rodent Baits & Traps]
     Rodenticides & Baits181044Moved from [Rodent & Animal Control-181043] Renamed from [Rodenticides]
     Ultrasonic Pest Repellers181035Renamed from [Electronic Pest Repellers]
     Rodent & Animal Control181043Combined into [Weed & Pest Control-181034]
    +Weed Control181047 
     Other Weed & Pest Control50365 
    Other Gardening Supplies181051 
  +Outdoor Cooking & Eating149242 
  +Outdoor Lighting42154 
  +Outdoor Power Equipment29518 
  +Patio & Garden Furniture25863 
  +Plants, Seeds & Bulbs181003 
  +Ponds & Water Features93632 
  +Pools & Spas20727 
   Other Yard, Garden & Outdoor159913 
 +Wholesale Lots31605 
  Other Home & Garden181076 
-Jewelry & Watches281 
 +Children's Jewelry84605 
 +Engagement & Wedding91427 
 +Ethnic, Regional & Tribal11312 
 +Fashion Jewelry10968 
 +Fine Jewelry4196 
 +Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry110633 
 +Jewelry Boxes & Organizers10321 
 +Jewelry Design & Repair164352 
 +Loose Beads179264 
 -Loose Diamonds & Gemstones491 
   Cubic Zirconia10285 
  +Loose Diamonds10210 
  -Loose Gemstones181077 
    Lapis Lazuli10235 
    Man-Made Glass181092 
    Mother of Pearl & Abalone181093 
     Black Opals181110 
     Boulder Opals181111 
     Fire Opals69184 
     White & Precious Opals69183Renamed from [White/Precious Opals]
     Other Opals3826 
   +Rough, Specimen110848 
    Ruby in Fuchsite181102 
    Ruby in Zoisite181103 
    Synthetic Moissanite110800 
    Tiger's Eye23711 
    Mixed Lots93707 
    Other Loose Gemstones282 
   Other Loose Stones169310 
 +Men's Jewelry10290 
 +Vintage & Antique Jewelry48579 
 +Watches, Parts & Accessories14324Renamed from [Watches]
  Other Jewelry & Watches98863 
 +Wholesale Lots40131 
-Musical Instruments & Gear619 
 -Brass16212Relocated within Parent
   Alto Horns101554 
   French Horns16215 
   Parts & Accessories41398Combined into [Other Accessories-182146]
  -Parts & Accessories182138New Category
    Bags & Cases182139New Category
    Care & Cleaning182140New Category
    Mouthpieces182141New Category
    Mutes182142New Category
    Practice Aids182143New Category
    Stands182144New Category
    Straps182145New Category
    Other Accessories182146New Category
   Other Brass Instruments620 
 -DJ Equipment48458New Category
   Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS)182110New Category
   DJ & Monitoring Headphones14985Moved from [Pro Audio Equipment-180014]
   DJ CD/MP3 Players91384New Category
   DJ Controllers182111New Category
   DJ Equipment Packages157158Moved from [Pro Audio Equipment-180014]
   DJ Mixers19699Moved from [Pro Audio Equipment-180014]
   DJ Turntables48460Moved from [Pro Audio Equipment-180014]
   DJ Turntable Parts & Accs157161Moved from [Pro Audio Equipment-180014]
   Other DJ Equipment163862New Category
 -Guitars & Basses3858Relocated within Parent
   Acoustic Guitars33021Renamed from [Acoustic]
   Acoustic Electric Guitars22966Renamed from [Acoustic Electric]
   Bass Guitars4713Renamed from [Bass]
  +Beginner Packages84659 
   Cigar Box Guitars181221Relocated within Parent
   Classical Guitars119544Renamed from [Classical]
   Guitar Amplifiers38072 
   Guitar Builder/Luthier Supply47067 
   Electric Guitars33034Renamed from [Electric]
   Lap & Pedal Steel Guitars181220Relocated within Parent
   Resonator181219Relocated within Parent
   Travel Guitars159948Relocated within Parent
  +Parts & Accessories180009Relocated within Parent
   Other Guitars621 
 -Instruction Books, CDs & Video182150New Category
   Brass41778Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Guitar41779Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Keyboard & Piano38101Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Music Theory & Ear Training117051Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Percussion41782Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Strings38102Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Voice159982Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
   Wind & Woodwinds41788Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043] Renamed from [Woodwinds]
   Other Music Instruction23308Moved from [Instruction Books, CDs & Video-47043]
 +Karaoke Entertainment175696Relocated within Parent
    Bass Drums38093Renamed from [Bass]
    Electronic Drums38069 
    Snare Drums38095 
    Sets & Kits38097 
    Other Drums10175 
  -Folk & World Drums181228Renamed from [World Drums]
    Bodhráns/Irish Drums93771 
    Steel Drums181239 
    Talking Drums181242 
    Parts & Accessories181244Combined into [Other Percussion Parts & Accs-10173]
    Udu & Ibo Drums181237Renamed from [Ibo Drums]
    Other Folk & World Drums181245Renamed from [Other World Drums]
  -Hand Percussion181246 
    Jaw Harps148621Renamed from [Jew's Harps]
    Kalimbas148620Relocated within Parent
    Shakers & Blocks47090 
    Singing Bowls39178 
    Parts & Accessories181247Combined into [Other Percussion Parts & Accs-10173]
    Other Hand Percussion181248 
  -Orchestral Percussion181249 
    Bells & Chimes41440 
    Mallet Percussion41458Renamed from [Xylophones, Vibes & Marimbas]
    Parts & Accessories181252Combined into [Other Percussion Parts & Accs-10173]
    Timpani181251Relocated within Parent
    Other Orchestral Percussion181253 
  -Parts & Accessories181254 
    Bags & Cases41449 
    Hoops & Rims41451 
    Mounts & Assembly Hardware47089 
    Practice Pads47579 
    Sticks, Brushes, & Mallets41456Renamed from [Sticks & Brushes]
    Stools & Thrones47084 
    Other Percussion Parts & Accs10173 
   Other Percussion622 
 -Pianos, Keyboards & Organs180010 
   Electronic Keyboards38088 
   Harpsichord182149New Category
   Organs16219Relocated within Parent
    Grand & Baby Grand Pianos43376Renamed from [Grand, Baby Grand]
    Digital Pianos85860Renamed from [Digital]
    Upright Pianos43377Renamed from [Upright]
    Other Pianos16220 
  +Folk & World181489 
  -Parts & Accessories181224 
    Accordion Accessories182147New Category
    Cases & Bags148727Renamed from [Keyboard Cases]
    Keyboard Covers148725 
    Piano Lamps148726 
    Repair & Maintenance182148New Category
    Stands47042Renamed from [Keyboard Stands]
    Stools & Benches117049Renamed from [Piano Stools]
    Other Parts & Accessories21766 
   Other Pianos & Keyboards1289 
 -Pro Audio Equipment180014 
   Acoustical Treatments168129 
   Audio Power Conditioners159955Renamed from [Power Conditioners]
   Audio/MIDI Interfaces123445 
   Cables, Snakes & Interconnects41459 
   Cases, Racks & Bags23789 
   Digital DJ Controllers175830Combined into [DJ Controllers-182111]
   Live & Studio Mixers4785 
   Microphones & Wireless Systems29946Renamed from [Microphones]
   MIDI Keyboards & Controllers178896New Category
   Preamps & Channel Strips119018 
   Samplers & Sequencers38070 
   Signal Processors/Rack Effects23791 
   Software, Loops & Samples177027 
   Speaker Drivers & Horns47092Relocated within Parent
   Speakers & Monitors47091Relocated within Parent
   Stands, Mounts & Holders29948 
   Studio/Live Equipment Packages177028 
   Parts & Accessories113484 
   Vintage Pro Audio Equipment119019 
   Other Pro Audio Equipment3278 
 -Instruction Books, CDs & Video47043Combined into [Other Music Instruction-23308]
   Harmonica47080Combined into [Wind & Woodwinds-41788]
 -Sheet Music & Song Books180015 
  -Sheet Music1451Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Black Americana155305Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Blues, Jazz43379Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Christian, Gospel113500Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Christmas Carols155306Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
   -Classical42459Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Band113486Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Brass113487Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Chamber113488Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Choral113489Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Opera113490Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Orchestral113491Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Organ113492Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Piano113493Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     String113494Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Vocal113495Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Other Classical Sheet Music43380Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Country, Western72446Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Hawaiian155303Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Instrumental Collections113497Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Military, Historical1452Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Movies, TV1453Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Polka155304Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
   -Popular, by decade43381Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
     Pre 190043382Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1900 - 190943383Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1910 - 191943384Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1920s43385Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1930s43386Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1940s43387Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1950s43388Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1960s43389Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1970s43390Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1980s100231Combined into [Vintage & Antique-182152]
     1990s to present100232Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Radio1455Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Rag1456Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Rock58726Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Theater, Showtunes1458Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Vocal Collections113501Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Other Sheet Music157Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
   Contemporary182151New Category
   Vintage & Antique182152New Category
  -Song Books38103Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Accordion159956Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Brass & Woodwind43391Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Piano31212Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    String Instruments43392Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Vocal123446Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Other Song Books1457Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
    Guitar31211Combined into [Contemporary-182151]
 -Stage Lighting & Effects12922 
   Stage Lighting: Single Units177022 
   Stage Lighting: Systems & Kits12921 
   DJ Lighting: Single Units177023 
   DJ Lighting: Systems & Kits177024 
   Atmospheric Effects Machines69960 
   Atmospheric Effects Fluids132998 
   Clamps & Mounts182104New Category
   Cables & Interconnects170088 
   Stage Lighting Controllers30889Renamed from [Controllers & Dimmers]
   Stage Lighting Dimmers182103New Category
   Folding Screens & Backdrops177025 
   Gobos, Gels, Filters & Lenses81967 
   Lighting Stands & Trusses29945 
   Replacement Bulbs & Lamps81970 
   Parts & Accessories12930 
   Other Stage Lighting & Effects170089 
    Upright Basses16222 
    Parts & Accessories38106Combined into [Other Accessories-182173]
  -Folk & World181282 
    Autoharps & Zithers16221 
    Harps & Dulcimers16223 
    Parts & Accessories181292Combined into [Other Accessories-182173]
  -Parts & Accessories182162New Category
    Bags & Cases182163New Category
    Bows182164New Category
    Bridges & Tailpieces182165New Category
    Care & Cleaning182166New Category
    Mutes182167New Category
    Pegs182168New Category
    Picks182169New Category
    Rests & Pads182170New Category
    Stands182171New Category
    Strings182172New Category
    Other Accessories182173New Category
   Other String Instruments623 
 -Wind & Woodwind10181 
  -Band & Orchestral181267 
    Parts & Accessories47097Combined into [Other Accessories-182161]
  -Folk & World181268 
    Guanzis181273Renamed from [Guans]
    Parts & Accessories181280Combined into [Other Accessories-182161]
  -Parts & Accessories182153New Category
    Bags & Cases182154New Category
    Care & Cleaning182155New Category
    Ligatures & Caps182156New Category
    Mouthpieces182157New Category
    Reeds182158New Category
    Stands182159New Category
    Straps182160New Category
    Other Accessories182161New Category
   Other Wind & Woodwind624Relocated within Parent
   Cases41403Combined into [Other Musical Instrument Equip-1288]
   Clothing & Uniforms106454 
   Hearing Protection39179 
   Music Stands101555Renamed from [Stands]
   Other Musical Instrument Equip1288 
 -Vintage Musical Instruments181162 
  +Vintage Brass118974 
  -Vintage Guitars & Basses181163Renamed from [Vintage Guitars]
    Acoustic Guitars118979Renamed from [Acoustic]
    Bass Guitars118984Renamed from [Bass]
    Classical Guitars181164Renamed from [Classical]
    Cigar Box Guitars181167Relocated within Parent
    Electric Guitars118985Renamed from [Electric]
    Guitar Amplifiers118983Relocated within Parent
    Lap & Steel Guitars181166Relocated within Parent
    Resonator181165Relocated within Parent
    Other Vintage Guitars118994 
  -Vintage Percussion181170 
     Electronic Drums181174 
     Snare Drums181175 
     Sets & Kits181177 
     Parts & Accessories181178Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182214]
    Folk & World Drums181179Renamed from [World Drums]
   -Hand Percussion181180 
     Jaw Harps181185Renamed from [Jew's Harps]
     Kalimbas181183Relocated within Parent
     Shakers & Blocks181181Relocated within Parent
     Singing Bowls181184Relocated within Parent
     Tambourines181182Relocated within Parent
     Parts & Accessories181186Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182214]
   -Orchestral Percussion181187 
     Bells & Chimes181190 
     Parts & Accessories181191Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182214]
     Mallet Percussion181188Renamed from [Xylophones, Vibes & Marimbas]
    Parts & Accessories182214New Category
    Other Vintage Percussion181192 
  -Vintage Pianos & Keyboards181193 
    Electronic Keyboards181194 
     Grand & Baby Grand Pianos181197Renamed from [Grand, Baby Grand]
     Upright Pianos181198Renamed from [Upright]
     Digital Pianos181199Renamed from [Digital]
     Player Pianos159954Renamed from [Player]
     Player Piano Rolls178895 
     Parts & Accessories181200Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182215]
   -Folk & World181491 
     Parts & Accessories181492Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182215]
    Parts & Accessories182215New Category
    Other Vintage Pianos181201 
  -Vintage String119023 
     Upright Basses181256 
     Parts & Accessories181259Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182217]
   -Folk & World181260 
     Autoharps & Zithers181261 
     Harps & Dulcimers181263 
     Parts & Accessories181266Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182217]
    Parts & Accessories182217New Category
    Other Vintage String119027 
  -Vintage Wind & Woodwind181202Renamed from [Vintage Woodwind]
   -Band & Orchestral181203 
     Parts & Accessories181209Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182216]
   -Folk & World181210 
     Parts & Accessories181217Combined into [Parts & Accessories-182216]
    Parts & Accessories182216New Category
    Other Vintage Woodwind181218 
  Wholesale Lots52555 
  Other Musical Instruments308 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
-Sporting Goods888 
 +Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA179767 
 +Fitness, Running & Yoga15273 
 +Indoor Games36274 
 -Outdoor Sports159043 
  +Air Guns & Slingshots178886 
    Archery Sets & Kits161751 
   +Arrows & Parts181307 
   -Protective Gear181296 
     Archery Gloves181297 
     Arm Guards & Chest Guards181298Renamed from [Arm- & Chestguards]
     Fingertabs & Fingerguards181299 
    Vintage & Collectibles158960 
    Other Archery1291 
  +Backyard Games79786 
  +Camping & Hiking16034 
  +Climbing & Caving30105 
   Disc Golf20851 
  +Go-Karts (Recreational)64655 
   Hang Gliding & Paragliding91561 
  +Inline & Roller Skating16258 
  +Skateboarding & Longboarding16262 
   Sky Diving106980 
   Track & Field106981 
   Other Outdoor Sports159048 
 +Team Sports159049 
 +Tennis & Racquet Sports159134 
 +Water Sports159136 
 +Winter Sports36259 
  Other Sporting Goods310 
 +Wholesale Lots40146 
-Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
 +Fan Apparel & Souvenirs24409 
 +Game Used Memorabilia50116 
 +Manufacturer Authenticated60591 
 -Vintage Sports Memorabilia50123 
   Bobble Heads73424 
   Cereal Boxes64483 
   Cups, Mugs60598 
   Golf Clubs50127 
   Key Chains73425 
   Paperstock, Cutouts111052 
   Pennants, Flags50128 
    Media Guides73429 
    Schedules73431Combined into [Schedules-64495]
    Other Vint. Sport Publications73430 
   Ticket Stubs50132 
   Other Vintage Sports Mem50133 
  Wholesale Lots56080 
+Tickets & Experiences1305 
-Toys & Hobbies220 
 +Action Figures246 
 +Beanbag Plush49019 
 +Building Toys18991 
 +Classic Toys19016 
 +Diecast & Toy Vehicles222 
 +Electronic, Battery & Wind-Up19071 
 +Fast Food & Cereal Premiums19077 
 -Marbles771Combined into [Marbles-58799]
  -Pre-19702572Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Hand Made772Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Machine Made2573Combined into [Marbles-58799]
  -1970-Now2571Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Hand Made236Combined into [Marbles-58799]
    Machine Made2570Combined into [Marbles-58799]
  Marbles58799New Category
 +Model Railroads & Trains180250 
 +Models & Kits1188 
 +Outdoor Toys & Structures11743 
 +Preschool Toys & Pretend Play19169 
 -Radio Control & Control Line2562 
   Remote-Controlled Toys84912New Category
  -RC Model Vehicles & Kits182181New Category
    Airplanes182182New Category
    Boats & Watercraft87480New Category
    Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles182183New Category
    Helicopters123847New Category
    Industrial & Service Vehicles182184New Category
    Quadcopters & Multicopters182185New Category
    Tanks & Military Vehicles45986New Category
    Other RC Model Vehicles & Kits182186New Category
  -RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accs182187New Category
   -Control, Radio & Electronics19839New Category
     Antennas182176New Category
     Batteries40700New Category
     Chargers56605New Category
     Gyros27652New Category
     Lighting & Lamps182177New Category
     Receivers & Transmitters40703New Category
     Servos & Servo Accessories56615New Category
     Speed Controllers74312New Category
     Switches, Connectors & Wires182178New Category
     Other Radio & Electronics9161New Category
   -Engine, Exhaust & Fuel Systems182188New Category
     Gas/Nitro Engines182189New Category
     Electric Motors100058New Category
     Exhaust Systems & Mufflers182190New Category
     Fuel Delivery & Accessories182191New Category
     Ignition, Glow & Spark Plugs182192New Category
     Motor & Engine Parts & Accs182193New Category
     Oils, Lubricants & Maintenance182194New Category
     Other Engine/Exhaust/Fuel Sys.182195New Category
   -Chassis, Drivetrain & Wheels182196New Category
     Braking System Parts182197New Category
     Chassis Plates, Frames & Kits182198New Category
     Suspension & Steering Parts182199New Category
     Transmission, Clutches & Gears182200New Category
     Wheels, Tires, Rims & Hubs182201New Category
     Other Chassis & Drivetrain182202New Category
   -Body Parts & Interior182203New Category
     Airplanes182204New Category
     Boats & Watercraft34058Moved from [RC Engines, Parts & Accs-116070]
     Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles34061Moved from [RC Engines, Parts & Accs-116070]
     Helicopters182205New Category
     Industrial & Service Vehicles182206New Category
     Quadcopters & Multicopters182207New Category
     Tanks & Military Vehicles116077Moved from [RC Engines, Parts & Accs-116070]
     Other Vehicles182208New Category
    Adhesives, Paints & Finishing182209New Category
    RC Building Materials182210New Category
    RC Hardware & Fasteners182211New Category
    RC Tools & Sets68407New Category
    RC Plans, Templates & Manuals182212New Category
    Other RC Parts & Accs182213New Category
   Control Line & Free Flight34054Renamed from [Control Line & Freeflight]
  -Radio Control Vehicles117015Combined into [RC Model Vehicles & Kits-182181]
    Airplanes & Helicopters34053Combined into [Other RC Model Vehicles & Kits-182186]
    Boats & Watercraft2564Combined into [Boats & Watercraft-87480]
    Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles19167Combined into [Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles-182183]
    Robots171141Combined into [Remote-Controlled Toys-84912]
    Tanks & Military Vehicles44026Combined into [Tanks & Military Vehicles-45986]
    Toy RC171142Combined into [Remote-Controlled Toys-84912]
    Other Radio Control Vehicles1200Combined into [Other RC & Control Line-168248]
  -RC Engines, Parts & Accs116070Combined into [RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accs-182187]
    Airplanes & Helicopters34056Combined into [Other RC Parts & Accs-182213]
    Tools & Building Supplies171139Combined into [Other RC Parts & Accs-182213]
    Other RC Engines, Parts & Accs171140Combined into [Other RC Parts & Accs-182213]
   RC Vehicle Plans & Templates171143Combined into [RC Plans, Templates & Manuals-182212]
   RC Manuals & Media171144Combined into [RC Plans, Templates & Manuals-182212]
   Tether Cars168247Relocated within Parent
   Simulators171145Relocated within Parent
   Other RC & Control Line168248Renamed from [Other RC & Control Line Toys]
 +Robots, Monsters & Space Toys19192 
 +Slot Cars2616 
 +Stuffed Animals436 
 +Toy Soldiers2631 
 +Trading Card Games2536 
 +TV, Movie & Character Toys2624 
 +Vintage & Antique Toys717 
 +Wholesale Lots40149 


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