Category Changes: Collectibles

May 2016: Collectibles

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 +Animation Art & Characters13658 
 +Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball66502 
 +Banks, Registers & Vending66503 
 +Bottles & Insulators29797 
 +Breweriana, Beer562 
 +Cultures & Ethnicities3913 
 +Decorative Collectibles13777 
 +Fantasy, Mythical & Magic10860 
 +Historical Memorabilia13877 
 +Holiday & Seasonal907 
 +Kitchen & Home13905 
 +Knives, Swords & Blades1401 
 +Lamps, Lighting1404 
 +Linens & Textiles (1930-Now)940 
 +Pens & Writing Instruments966 
 +Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses14005 
 -Photographic Images14277 
  +Vintage & Antique (Pre-1940)407 
  +Contemporary (1940-Now)14281 
  +Risqué179207Renamed from [Risque]
 +Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes39507 
   Amusement Parks13996 
   Artist Signed916 
   Buildings, Architecture156356 
   Cowboy, Western Motifs927 
  +Cultures & Ethnicities36079 
   National Parks4095 
   Real Photo29480 
   Risqué156351Renamed from [Risque]
  +Roadside America156337 
  +US States, Cities & Towns20193 
  +International Cities & Towns20245 
   Uncirculated Postcards156357 
   Supplies & Reference167981 
   Other Collectible Postcards127 
 +Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone29832 
 +Religion & Spirituality1446 
 -Rocks, Fossils & Minerals3213 
  +Crystals & Mineral Specimens3221 
   -Mollusks165710Renamed from [Molluscs]
     Other Mollusk Fossils165714Renamed from [Other Mollusc Fossils]
    Tools & Supplies165726 
    Other Collectible Fossils3214 
  +Lapidary Materials4839 
   Meteorites & Tektites3239 
   Stone Carvings12525 
   Merchandise & Memorabilia165727 
   Other Rocks, Fossils, Minerals415 
 -Science Fiction & Horror152 
   Aliens, AVP73548 
   Babylon 5785 
   Battlestar Galactica37880 
   Buffy the Vampire Slayer14905 
   Dr. Who1450 
   Firefly, Serenity157023 
   Lost in Space73550 
   Planet of the Apes14015 
   Resident Evil165730 
   Space 199999965 
  +Star Trek29493 
  -Star Wars29495 
    I:The Phantom Menace37890 
    II:Attack of the Clones37891 
    III:Revenge of the Sith98027 
    IV:Star Wars37887 
    V:Empire Strikes Back37888 
    VI:Return of the Jedi37889 
    VII:The Force Awakens182078New Category
   -Products, Non-Film Specific99966 
     Apparel, T-Shirts99967 
     Collector Plates99969 
     Costumes, Masks99970 
     Lightsabers, Weapons99971 
     Posters, Prints99973 
    -Statues, Busts, Characters73552 
      Anakin Skywalker98028 
      BB-8182079New Category
      Boba Fett73553 
      Darth Maul98030 
      Darth Vader73554 
      Finn182080New Category
      Han Solo98032Relocated within Parent
      Kylo Ren182081New Category
      Luke Skywalker73555Relocated within Parent
      Maz Kanata182082New Category
      Obi-Wan98033Relocated within Parent
      Poe Dameron182083New Category
      Princess Leia73557 
      Rey182084New Category
      Mixed Characters98034 
      Other Star Wars Characters73559 
     Watches, Jewelry99976 
     Other Star Wars Collectibles154 
   Stargate SG-198035 
   UFOs, Area 51, Roswell99977 
   Other Sci-Fi Collectibles153 
 +Science & Medicine (1930-Now)412 
 +Sewing (1930-Now)113 
 +Souvenirs & Travel Memorabilia165800 
 +Tools, Hardware & Locks13849 
 +Trading Cards868 
 +Vanity, Perfume & Shaving597 
 +Vintage, Retro, Mid-Century69851 
 +Wholesale Lots45058 


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