Category Changes: Collectibles

October 2016: Collectibles

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 +Animation Art & Characters13658 
 +Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball66502 
 +Banks, Registers & Vending66503 
 +Bottles & Insulators29797 
 -Breweriana, Beer562 
   Bottle Caps13550 
   Bottles: Aluminum170075 
   Bottles: Glass563 
  +Cans: US3915 
   Cans: International3919 
  +Drinkware, Steins3920 
   Pins72041New Category
   Pins35727Combined into [Pins-72041]
   Playing Cards35728 
   Posters, Prints35729 
  +Signs & Tins50737 
  +Tap Handles, Knobs35730 
   Other Breweriana118 
   International Editions3956 
   Platinum Age (1897-1937)65 
  +Golden Age (1938-55)66 
  +Silver Age (1956-69)73 
  +Bronze Age (1970-83)12590 
  +Copper Age (1984-1991)165364 
  -Modern Age (1992-Now)900 
    Cartoon Character3980 
    Horror & Sci-Fi3981 
    Independent & Small Press3979 
    Movie & TV3955 
     Alpha Flight82488 
     Captain America32751 
     Deadpool182968New Category
     Dr. Strange73493 
     Fantastic Four32754 
     Ghost Rider82489 
     GI Joe35762 
     Green Arrow66507 
     Green Lantern32756 
     Identity Crisis82490 
     Incredible Hulk32757 
     Iron Man73495 
     Justice League of America32758 
     Justice Society of America99955 
     Lady Death82491 
     Legion of Superheroes82492 
     Moon Knight98022 
     Secret Wars82495 
     Silver Surfer32761 
     Star Wars32762 
     Swamp Thing82496 
     Teen Titans17081 
     Tomb Raider32763 
     Wonder Woman32768 
     Mixed Items32769 
     Other Modern Age Superheroes155290 
    Other Modern Age Comics77 
   Apparel & Accessories48776 
   Fan Clubs & Zines3966 
   Full Runs & Sets3953 
   Graphic Novels, TPBs3954 
   Newspaper Comics79 
  +Original Comic Art3984 
   Price Guides & Buyers' Guides99961 
   Storage Supplies10547 
   Other Comic Collectibles64 
  Credit, Charge Cards1462Moved from [Trading Cards-868]
 +Cultures & Ethnicities3913 
 +Decorative Collectibles13777 
 +Fantasy, Mythical & Magic10860 
 +Historical Memorabilia13877 
 +Holiday & Seasonal907 
 +Kitchen & Home13905 
 -Knives, Swords & Blades1401 
   Armor & Shields43217Moved from [Accessories-43216]
  -Blade Parts, Supplies & Accs182970New Category
    Blade Maintenance & Care182971New Category
    Blade Parts & Supplies182972New Category
    Blade Sharpeners & Stones43220Moved from [Accessories-43216] Renamed from [Sharpeners]
    Boxes, Cases & Pouches73521Moved from [Accessories-43216] Renamed from [Boxes & Cases]
    Sheaths43221Moved from [Accessories-43216]
    Stands, Hangers & Plaques43219Moved from [Accessories-43216] Renamed from [Displays & Plaques]
    Other Collectible Blade Accs41181Moved from [Accessories-43216]
  -Collectible Fixed Blade Knives182973New Category
   -Vintage Fixed Blade Knives43320Moved from [Fixed Blade Knives-43222] Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1970)]
     Custom & Handmade43321Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
     Factory Manufactured43322 
     Other Vint. Fixed-Blade Knives43323Combined into [Factory Manufactured-43322]
   -Modern Fixed Blade43324Moved from [Fixed Blade Knives-43222] Renamed from [Modern (1970-Now)]
     Custom & Handmade43325Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
     Factory Manufactured73522 
     Other Mod. Fixed-Blade Knives20271Combined into [Factory Manufactured-73522]
  -Collectible Folding Knives182981New Category
   -Vintage Folding Knives43329Moved from [Folding Knives-43328] Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1970)]
     Custom & Handmade43330Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
    -Factory Manufactured48815 
      Camillus88912Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Case48816Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Colonial99963Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Imperial165578Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Ka-Bar88913Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Keen Kutter165579Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Schrade48817Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Unbranded88914Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Other Vint. Fold. Knife Brands43331Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
     Other Vintage Folding Knives43332Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
   -Modern Folding Knives43333Moved from [Folding Knives-43328] Renamed from [Modern (1970-Now)]
     Custom & Handmade43334Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
     Factory Manufactured48818 
     Other Modern Folding Knives1403Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48818]
    Mixed Lots165580Moved from [Factory Manufactured-48815]
  -Accessories43216Combined into [Blade Parts, Supplies & Accs-182970]
    Books43218Combined into [Price Guides & Publications-171202]
   Daggers88903Relocated within Parent
   Machetes182974New Category
   Fixed Blade Knives43222Combined into [Collectible Fixed Blade Knives-182973]
   Folding Knives43328Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48818]
   Spears & Spear Heads165583Renamed from [Spears]
  -Swords & Sabers43336Renamed from [Swords]
   -Asian182979New Category
     Chinese88922Moved from [Swords & Sabers-43336]
    -Japanese95131Moved from [Swords & Sabers-43336]
      Antique (Pre 1900)95132Combined into [Swords-66841]
      Modern (1900-Now)43338Combined into [Japanese-95131]
     Other Asian Swords182980New Category
   -European & Mediterranean182975New Category
     Ancient History182976New Category
     Medieval43339Moved from [Swords & Sabers-43336]
     Modern182978New Category
     Renaissance182977New Category
    Middle Eastern165584Relocated within Parent
    Fantasy, Film, TV43337Combined into [TV, Film & Game Replica Blades-157009]
    Military165585Combined into [Other Collectible Swords-20272]
    Rapier43340Combined into [Renaissance-182977]
    Religious165586Combined into [Other Collectible Swords-20272]
    Roman43341Combined into [Ancient History-182976]
    Other Collectible Swords20272 
   Tactical Axes & Hatchets41182Renamed from [Axes & Hatchets]
   TV, Film & Game Replica Blades157009Renamed from [Movie & Video Game Weapons]
   Price Guides & Publications171202 
   Other Collectible Blades475 
 +Lamps, Lighting1404 
 +Linens & Textiles (1930-Now)940 
 -Non-Sport Trading Cards182982New Category
  -Batman Trading Cards182983New Category
    Trading Card Singles37893Moved from [Comic-37892] Renamed from [Batman]
    Trading Card Lots182984New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182985New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards182986New Category
  -Benchwarmer182987New Category
    Trading Card Singles99978Moved from [Action, Adventure-60223] Renamed from [Benchwarmer]
    Trading Card Lots182988New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182989New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards182990New Category
    Benchwarmer Merchandise182991New Category
  -Doctor Who Trading Cards182992New Category
    Trading Card Singles60801New Category
    Trading Card Lots182993New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182994New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards182995New Category
  -Game of Thrones Trading Cards182996New Category
    Trading Card Singles182997New Category
    Trading Card Lots182998New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182999New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183000New Category
  -Garbage Pail Kids183001New Category
    Trading Card Singles60235Moved from [Animation-60224] Renamed from [Garbage Pail Kids]
    Trading Card Lots183002New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183003New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183004New Category
    Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise183005New Category
  -Harry Potter Movie Cards183006New Category
    Trading Card Singles73570Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Harry Potter]
    Trading Card Lots183007New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183008New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183009New Category
  -James Bond Trading Cards183010New Category
    Trading Card Singles60232Moved from [Action, Adventure-60223] Renamed from [James Bond]
    Trading Card Lots183011New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183012New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183013New Category
  -Lord of the Rings Movie Cards60225Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Lord of the Rings]
    Return of the King60243Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    The Two Towers60244Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    Fellowship of the Ring60245Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    Other LOTR Trading Cards60246Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    Trading Card Singles60798New Category
    Trading Card Lots183032New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183033New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183034New Category
  -Mars Attacks!183014New Category
    Trading Card Singles60226Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Mars Attacks]
    Trading Card Lots183015New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183016New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183017New Category
    Mars Attacks! Merchandise183018New Category
  -Marvel Movie Trading Cards183019New Category
    Trading Card Singles183020New Category
    Trading Card Lots183021New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183022New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183023New Category
  -Spider-Man Trading Cards183024New Category
    Trading Card Singles37894Moved from [Comic-37892] Renamed from [Spider-Man]
    Trading Card Lots183025New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183026New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183027New Category
  -Star Trek Trading Cards183028New Category
    Trading Card Singles60808New Category
    Trading Card Lots183029New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183030New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183031New Category
  -Star Wars Trading Cards100899Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Star Wars]
    Trading Card Singles672New Category
    Trading Card Lots183035New Category
   -Complete Trading Card Sets99980Renamed from [Sets]
     1977-7999981Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     1980-8999982Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     1990-9999983Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     2000-Now99984Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     Other Star Wars Card Sets99985Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
   -Singles99986Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     1977-7999987Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     1980-8999988Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     1990-9999989Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     2000-Now99990Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     Other Star Wars Card Singles99991Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
    Sealed Trading Cards183061New Category
  -Wacky Packages183036New Category
    Trading Card Singles60240Moved from [Animation-60224] Renamed from [Wacky Packages]
    Trading Card Lots183037New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183038New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183039New Category
    Wacky Packages Merchandise183040New Category
  -Walking Dead Trading Cards183041New Category
    Trading Card Singles183042New Category
    Trading Card Lots183043New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183044New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183045New Category
  -X-Men Trading Cards183046New Category
    Trading Card Singles48829Moved from [Comic-37892] Renamed from [X-Men]
    Trading Card Lots183047New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183048New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183049New Category
   Trading Card Singles183050New Category
   Trading Card Lots183051New Category
   Complete Trading Card Sets183052New Category
   Sealed Trading Cards183053New Category
   Wrappers & Empty Card Boxes183054New Category
   Vintage Non-Sport Cards156521Moved from [Trading Cards-868] Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1980)]
   Sticker Albums, Packs & Spares183490New Category
  -Non-Sport Card Supplies & Accs183056New Category
    Card Sleeves & Bags183057New Category
    Card Toploaders & Holders183058New Category
    Card Albums & Pages183059New Category
    Card Storage Boxes183060New Category
   Price Guides & Publications171198Moved from [Trading Cards-868]
   Other Non-Sport Card Merch219Moved from [Trading Cards-868] Renamed from [Other Trading Cards]
 +Pens & Writing Instruments966 
 +Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses14005 
  Phone Cards1463Moved from [Trading Cards-868]
 +Photographic Images14277 
 +Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes39507 
 +Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone29832 
 +Religion & Spirituality1446 
 +Rocks, Fossils & Minerals3213 
 +Science Fiction & Horror152 
 +Science & Medicine (1930-Now)412 
 +Sewing (1930-Now)113 
 +Souvenirs & Travel Memorabilia165800 
 +Tools, Hardware & Locks13849 
 -Trading Cards868Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
  -Action, Adventure60223Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Alias98036Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    CSI98037Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Indiana Jones163747Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    The Terminator73566Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Tomb Raider60233Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Other Action Trading Cards60234Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
  -Animation60224Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Looney Tunes60236Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Magic the Gathering60237Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
   -Pokémon104044Combined into [Pokémon Trading Card Game-183466]
     Boxes, Packages104045Combined into [Pokémon Sealed Booster Packs-4301]
     Individual Cards104047Combined into [Pokémon Individual Cards-2611]
     Promotional104048Combined into [Pokémon Individual Cards-2611]
     Other Pokémon Trading Cards60238Combined into [Pokémon Mixed Card Lots-104049]
    Scooby Doo73567Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    The Simpsons60239Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
   -Yu-Gi-Oh!104050Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game-31393]
     Accessories104051Combined into [Other Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Items-31397]
     Boxes104052Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Packs-31396]
     Full Sets104053Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete Sets-49203]
     Individual Cards104054Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards-31395]
     Packs104055Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Packs-31396]
     Promotional104056Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards-31395]
     Mixed Lots104057Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Mixed Card Lots-49209]
     Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Cards60241Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Mixed Card Lots-49209]
    Other Animation Trading Cards60242Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
  -Comic37892Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Hellboy73568Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Incredible Hulk48828Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Iron Man163748Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Superman37895Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    VS System98337Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Other Comic Book Trading Cards668Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
   Historical, Military37896Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
  -Sci-Fi, Fantasy37897Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Aliens, AVP98038Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Angel37898Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Babylon 5670Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Battlestar Galactica74718Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer29836Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Charmed73569Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Farscape98039Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Lexx98040Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Lost in Space99979Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Outer Limits98041Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Planet of the Apes60227Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Smallville60228Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Stargate60229Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Star Trek671Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60808]
    Twilight168050Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Twilight Zone37899Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Xena60230Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    X-Files673Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Witchblade37900Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Other SF-Fantasy Trading Cards37901Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
 +Vanity, Perfume & Shaving597 
 +Vintage, Retro, Mid-Century69851 
 -Wholesale Lots45058 
   Knives & Swords45061 
   Pins, Buttons45062 
   Postcards & Paper45063 
   Trading Cards45064Combined into [Trading Card Lots-183051]
   Other Collectible Lots26425 


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