Category Changes: Collectibles

April 2014

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

• Many categories being replaced with item specifics. See categories combined below. Use newly introduced item specifics in these categories.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 +Animation Art & Characters13658 
 +Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball66502 
 +Banks, Registers & Vending66503 
 +Bottles & Insulators29797 
 +Breweriana, Beer562 
 -Cultures & Ethnicities3913 
  +Black Americana29457 
   Canada: Aboriginal179530New Category
   Canada: First Nations169307Combined into [Canada: Aboriginal-179530]
   Canada: Inuit169308Combined into [Canada: Aboriginal-179530]
   Ethnic Americana165476 
  +Latin American13740 
   Middle Eastern165484 
  +Native American: US713 
   Pacific Islands13765 
  +Western Americana4007 
   Price Guides & Publications171189 
 +Decorative Collectibles13777 
 +Fantasy, Mythical & Magic10860 
 +Historical Memorabilia13877 
 +Holiday & Seasonal907 
 +Kitchen & Home13905 
 +Knives, Swords & Blades1401 
 +Lamps, Lighting1404 
 +Linens & Textiles (1930-Now)940 
 +Pens & Writing Instruments966 
 +Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses14005 
 -Photographic Images14277 
  -Vintage & Antique (Pre-1940)407Renamed from [Antique (Pre-1940)]
    Cabinet Photos13705 
    Magic Lantern Glass Slides14278 
    Photo Albums26265 
     H.C. White15904Combined into [Stereoviews-13706]
     Keystone15905Combined into [Stereoviews-13706]
     Kilburn15906Combined into [Stereoviews-13706]
     Underwood & Underwood15907Combined into [Stereoviews-13706]
     Lithographs15908Combined into [Stereoviews-13706]
     Other410Combined into [Stereoviews-13706]
    Other Antique Images14279 
  +Contemporary (1940-Now)14281 
  -Risque179207New Category
    Vintage & Antique (Pre-1940)1507Moved from [Vintage & Antique (Pre-1940)-407] Renamed from [Risque]
    Contemporary (1940-Now)156484Moved from [Contemporary (1940-Now)-14281] Renamed from [Risque]
 +Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes39507 
   Amusement Parks13996 
    Bird29469Combined into [Animals-29468]
    Cat29470Combined into [Animals-29468]
    Dog29471Combined into [Animals-29468]
    Horse29472Combined into [Animals-29468]
    Multiple Animals29473Combined into [Animals-29468]
    Other915Combined into [Animals-29468]
   Artist Signed916 
   Buildings, Architecture156356 
   Cowboy, Western Motifs927 
  +Cultures & Ethnicities36079 
    Christmas29475Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    Easter29476Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    Halloween29477Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    New Year156341Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    St. Patrick's Day156342Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    Thanksgiving29478Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    Valentine's Day29479Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    Mixed Lots156343Combined into [Holidays-29474]
    Other920Combined into [Holidays-29474]
   National Parks4095 
  -Real Photo29480 
    Buildings29481Combined into [Real Photo-29480]
    Events29482Combined into [Real Photo-29480]
    Landscapes29483Combined into [Real Photo-29480]
    People29484Combined into [Real Photo-29480]
    Other922Combined into [Real Photo-29480]
    Buddhism, Temples156347Combined into [Religions-156346]
    Christianity, Churches99942Combined into [Religions-156346]
    Islam, Mosques156348Combined into [Religions-156346]
    Judaism, Synagogues156349Combined into [Religions-156346]
    Other156350Combined into [Religions-156346]
    1890-19494929Combined into [Risque-156351]
    1950-1979156352Combined into [Risque-156351]
    1980-Now156353Combined into [Risque-156351]
  +Roadside America156337 
    Boats, Ships29488 
    Motorcycles, Scooters69742New Category
    Trains, Railroad29489 
  -US States, Cities & Towns20193 
     Los Angeles35894Combined into [California-35893]
     San Diego35895Combined into [California-35893]
     San Francisco35896Combined into [California-35893]
     Mixed Lots35897Combined into [California-35893]
     Other20198Combined into [California-35893]
     Bridgeport165517Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
     Danbury165518Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
     Hartford165519Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
     New Haven165520Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
     Waterbury165521Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
     Mixed Lots165522Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
     Other20200Combined into [Connecticut-165516]
    District of Columbia20202 
     Daytona35899Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Miami35900Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Orlando35901Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Palm Beach35902Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Tampa35903Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Mixed Lots35904Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Other20203Combined into [Florida-35898]
     Boston35906Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Cambridge165523Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Cape Cod35907Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Haverhill165524Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Lowell165525Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Lynn165526Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Nantucket35908Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Plymouth165527Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Springfield165528Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Worcester165529Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Mixed Lots35909Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
     Other20215Combined into [Massachusetts-35905]
    New Hampshire20223 
    New Jersey20224 
    New Mexico20225 
   -New York35910 
     Albany35911Combined into [New York-35910]
     Adirondack Mountains82509Combined into [New York-35910]
     Buffalo35912Combined into [New York-35910]
     Long Island82510Combined into [New York-35910]
     New York City35913Combined into [New York-35910]
     Niagara Falls35914Combined into [New York-35910]
     Rochester82511Combined into [New York-35910]
     Syracuse35915Combined into [New York-35910]
     Utica82512Combined into [New York-35910]
     Mixed Lots35916Combined into [New York-35910]
     Other20226Combined into [New York-35910]
    North Carolina20227 
    North Dakota20228 
     Harrisburg35918Combined into [Pennsylvania-35917]
     Lancaster35919Combined into [Pennsylvania-35917]
     Philadelphia35920Combined into [Pennsylvania-35917]
     Pittsburgh35921Combined into [Pennsylvania-35917]
     Mixed Lots35922Combined into [Pennsylvania-35917]
     Other20232Combined into [Pennsylvania-35917]
    Rhode Island20233 
    South Carolina20234 
    South Dakota20235 
    West Virginia20242 
    US Territories165530 
    Scenic, Unspecified State21530 
    Mixed Lots924 
  -International Cities & Towns20245 
    Australia, NZ, South Pacific20247 
    Austria, Switzerland20248 
    Benelux Countries20249 
     Alberta35924Combined into [Canada-35923]
     British Columbia35925Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Manitoba166686Combined into [Canada-35923]
     New Brunswick166687Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Newfoundland & Labrador166688Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Northwest Territories166689Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Nova Scotia35926Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Nunavut166690Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Ontario35927Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Prince Edward Island166691Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Quebec35928Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Saskatchewan166692Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Yukon Territory166693Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Mixed Lots166694Combined into [Canada-35923]
     Other20250Combined into [Canada-35923]
    Caribbean Islands20251 
    Central America20252 
    Eastern Europe156354 
    Greece, Turkey, Balkan States20256 
    Middle East156355 
    South America20263 
    Southeast Asia20264 
    Spain, Portugal20265 
     Devon63811Combined into [UK-63810]
     Dorset63812Combined into [UK-63810]
     Kent63813Combined into [UK-63810]
     London63814Combined into [UK-63810]
     Scotland82513Combined into [UK-63810]
     Sussex63815Combined into [UK-63810]
     Wales82514Combined into [UK-63810]
     Other20978Combined into [UK-63810]
    Mixed Lots20266 
    Other Countries4096 
   Uncirculated Postcards156357 
   Supplies & Reference167981 
 +Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone29832 
 +Religion & Spirituality1446 
 +Rocks, Fossils & Minerals3213 
 +Science Fiction & Horror152 
 +Science & Medicine (1930-Now)412 
 +Sewing (1930-Now)113 
 +Souvenirs & Travel Memorabilia165800 
 +Tools, Hardware & Locks13849 
 +Trading Cards868 
 +Vanity, Perfume & Shaving597 
 +Vintage, Retro, Mid-Century69851 
 +Wholesale Lots45058 


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