Category Changes: Coins & Paper Money

April 2014

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* In Coins: US removing year-specific categories (e.g., 1913-19) and replacing with specific Year item specific.

* US:Coins>Commemorative categories have been redesigned.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Coins & Paper Money11116 
 -Coins: US253 
  -Half Cents173590 
    Liberty Cap (1793-97)173591Renamed from [Flowing Hair (1793-97)]
    Draped Bust (1800-08)173592 
    Classic Head (1809-36)173593 
    Braided Hair (1840-57)173594 
    Mixed Lots173683 
  -Small Cents11633 
    Flying Eagle (1856-58)11942 
   -Indian Head (1859-1909)41084 
     1859-7941085Combined into [Indian Head (1859-1909)-41084]
     1880-190941086Combined into [Indian Head (1859-1909)-41084]
     Mixed Lots11943Combined into [Mixed Lots-176958]
   -Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)39455 
     1909-1939456Combined into [Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)-39455]
     1920-29139803Combined into [Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)-39455]
     1930-39139804Combined into [Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)-39455]
     1940-4939457Combined into [Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)-39455]
     1950-58139805Combined into [Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)-39455]
     Mixed Lots11944Combined into [Mixed Lots-176958]
    Lincoln Memorial (1959-2008)31373 
    Lincoln Bicentennial (2009)171524 
    Lincoln Shield (2010-Now)171525 
    Mixed Lots176958 
  +Large Cents11945 
   Two Cents149924 
  +Three Cents149925 
    Shield (1866-83)11952 
    Liberty (1883-1913)11953 
   -Buffalo (1913-38)139806 
     1913-19139807Combined into [Buffalo (1913-38)-139806]
     1920-29139808Combined into [Buffalo (1913-38)-139806]
     1930-3811954Combined into [Buffalo (1913-38)-139806]
     Mixed Lots142502Combined into [Mixed Lots-176960]
   -Jefferson (1938-Now)41087 
     1938-6941088Combined into [Jefferson (1938-Now)-41087]
     1970-200341089Combined into [Jefferson (1938-Now)-41087]
     Westward Expansion 2004-05173584Combined into [Jefferson (1938-Now)-41087]
     2006-Now173585Combined into [Jefferson (1938-Now)-41087]
     Mixed Lots11955Combined into [Mixed Lots-176960]
    Mixed Lots176960 
  -Half Dimes149928 
    Flowing Hair (1792-95)173588 
    Draped Bust (1796-1805)173589 
    Capped Bust (1829-1837)149929Renamed from [Capped Bust (1792-1837)]
    Seated (1837-1873)149930 
    Mixed Lots149931 
    Draped Bust (1796-1807)173586 
    Capped Bust (1809-37)11957 
    Seated Liberty (1837-91)11958 
    Barber (1892-1916)11959 
   -Mercury (1916-45)41090 
     1916-3141091Combined into [Mercury (1916-45)-41090]
     1934-4541092Combined into [Mercury (1916-45)-41090]
     Mixed Lots11960Combined into [Mixed Lots-176961]
   -Roosevelt (1946-Now)39458 
     1946-6439459Combined into [Roosevelt (1946-Now)-39458]
     1965-Now39460Combined into [Roosevelt (1946-Now)-39458]
     Mixed Lots11961Combined into [Mixed Lots-176961]
    Mixed Lots176961 
   Twenty Cent Pieces149932 
    Draped Bust (1796-1807)173587 
    Capped Bust (1815-38)11963 
    Seated Liberty (1838-91)11964 
    Barber (1892-1916)11965 
    Standing Liberty (1916-30)11966 
   -Washington (1932-98)39461 
     1932-6439462Combined into [Washington (1932-98)-39461]
     1965-9839463Combined into [Washington (1932-98)-39461]
     Mixed Lots11967Combined into [Mixed Lots-176962]
    State Quarters (1999-2008)41093 
    DC & US Territories (2009)166676 
    America the Beautiful 2010-Now171526 
    Mixed Lots176962 
  -Half Dollars11968 
    Early Halves (1794-1839)11969 
    Seated Liberty (1839-91)11970 
    Barber (1892-1915)11971 
   -Liberty Walking (1916-47)41099 
     1916-4041100Combined into [Liberty Walking (1916-47)-41099]
     1941-4741101Combined into [Liberty Walking (1916-47)-41099]
     Mixed Lots11972Combined into [Mixed Lots-176963]
    Franklin (1948-63)11973 
   -Kennedy (1964-Now)41102 
     1964-7041103Combined into [Kennedy (1964-Now)-41102]
     1971-9141104Combined into [Kennedy (1964-Now)-41102]
     1992-200141105Combined into [Kennedy (1964-Now)-41102]
     2002-Now139810Combined into [Kennedy (1964-Now)-41102]
     Mixed Lots11974Combined into [Mixed Lots-176963]
    Mixed Lots176963 
    Early Dollars (1794-1804)11976 
    Gobrecht Dollars (1836-1839)176964 
    Seated Liberty (1840-73)11977 
    Trade Dollars (1873-85)11978 
   -Morgan (1878-1921)39464 
     1878-8439465Combined into [Morgan (1878-1921)-39464]
     1885-93139811Combined into [Morgan (1878-1921)-39464]
     1894-98139812Combined into [Morgan (1878-1921)-39464]
     1899-1904, 192139466Combined into [Morgan (1878-1921)-39464]
     Mixed Lots11979Combined into [Mixed Lots-176965]
    Peace (1921-35)11980 
    Eisenhower (1971-78)11981 
    Susan B Anthony (1979-81,99)11982 
    Native American (2000-Now)11983 
    Presidential (2007-Now)159713 
    Mixed Lots176965 
    Early (Pre-1982)3355Combined into [Silver (1892-1954)-179531]
   -Modern (1982-Now)41106Combined into [Commemorative-15903]
     1982-9441107Combined into [Modern Silver/Clad (1982-Now)-179533]
     1995-Now41108Combined into [Modern Silver/Clad (1982-Now)-179533]
    Silver (1892-1954)179531New Category
    Gold (1903-1926)179532New Category
    Modern Silver/Clad (1982-Now)179533New Category
    Modern Gold (1984-Now)179534New Category
    Mixed Lots529Moved from [Modern (1982-Now)-41106]
   Mint Sets526 
  -Proof Sets41109 
    1936-4241110Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    1950-5541111Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    1956-64139813Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    1968-79139815Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    1980-89139817Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    1990-98140198Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    1999-200941113Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    2010-Now171523Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
    Mixed Lots3359Combined into [Proof Sets-41109]
   Collections, Lots525 
 +Coins: Canada3377 
 +Coins: Ancient4733 
 +Coins: Medieval18466 
 -Coins: World256 
    South Africa127145 
    Sudan167963Combined into [Other-533]
    Hong Kong45137 
     Korea (up to 1948)173603 
     North Korea (1948-Now)173604Combined into [Mixed Lots-173689]
     South Korea (1948-Now)173605 
     Mixed Lots173689 
  +Australia & Oceania45991 
  +Middle East58532 
  -North & Central America45145 
    British Virgin Islands162171 
    Costa Rica162172 
   -Cuba173617Combined into [Other-537]
     Colonial (up to 1902)174137Combined into [Other-537]
     First Republic (1902-62)173618Combined into [Other-537]
     Second Republic (1962-Now)173624Combined into [Other-537]
     Mixed Lots173691Combined into [Other-537]
    Dominican Republic173625 
    El Salvador173627 
    Kingdom of Hawaii177492 
    Puerto Rico149950 
  +South America45160 
   Mint, Proof Sets545 
   Collections, Lots544 
 +Paper Money: US3412 
 -Paper Money: World3411 
   Replicas & Reproductions162194 
    South Africa162225 
    Sudan167971Combined into [Other-3422]
  +Australia & Oceania45337 
  +Middle East58516 
  -North & Central America45338 
    Costa Rica162199 
    Cuba162200Combined into [Other-3431]
   South America3440 
   Collections, Lots3098 
 +Publications & Supplies83274 
 +Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily3444 
 +Virtual Currency179197 


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