Category Changes: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

May 2016: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
 +Baby & Toddler Clothing3082 
 -Kids' Clothing, Shoes & Accs171146 
  +Boys' Clothing (Sizes 4 & Up)11452 
   Boys' Shoes57929 
  +Boys' Accessories57881 
  +Girls' Clothing (Sizes 4 & Up)11462 
   Girls' Shoes57974 
  -Girls' Accessories15628 
    Belts & Belt Buckles57918 
    Gloves & Mittens57919 
    Hair Accessories57920 
    Key Chains175527 
    Purses & Wallets15629 
    Scarves & Wraps57927 
    Shoe Charms150956Renamed from [Shoe Charms, Jibbitz]
    Mixed Items & Lots15633 
    Other Girls' Accessories11467 
  +Unisex Clothing155198 
   Unisex Shoes155202 
   Other Kids' Clothing & Accs175640 
 +Costumes, Reenactment, Theater163147 
 +Cultural & Ethnic Clothing155240 
 -Men's Accessories4250 
   Backpacks, Bags & Briefcases52357 
   Belt Buckles86647 
   Canes & Walking Sticks152537 
   Collar Tips177649 
   Gloves & Mittens2994 
   Hairpieces & Toupees175626Combined into [Wigs & Hairpieces-175635]
  +ID & Document Holders169271 
   Key Chains, Rings & Cases52373 
   Money Clips163583 
   Organizers & Day Planners15665 
  +Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear179239 
   Suspenders, Braces105387 
   Mixed Items & Lots175627 
   Other Men's Accessories1060 
 +Men's Clothing1059 
 +Men's Shoes93427 
 +Uniforms & Work Clothing28015 
 -Unisex Clothing, Shoes & Accs155184 
  -Unisex Accessories155185 
    Bags & Backpacks163537 
    Belt Buckles163542 
    Collar Tips177650 
    Earmuffs, Earwarmers169277 
    Gloves & Mittens169278 
    ID & Document Holders169279 
    Key Chains169280 
    Scarves & Bandanas169281 
    Shoe Care & Repair178963 
    Shoe Charms163549Renamed from [Shoe Charms, Jibbitz]
    Shoe Insoles169284 
   +Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear179243 
    Other Unisex Accessories155191 
  +Unisex Adult Clothing155192 
   Unisex Adult Shoes155196 
   Other Unisex Clothing & Accs167905 
 +Wedding & Formal Occasion3259 
 -Women's Accessories4251 
   Belt Buckles163573 
   Collar Tips177651 
   Fascinators & Headpieces168998 
   Gloves & Mittens105559 
   Hair Accessories45220 
  +ID & Document Holders169285 
   Key Chains, Rings & Finders45237 
   Organizers & Day Planners15735 
   Scarves & Wraps45238 
   Shoe Charms150955Renamed from [Shoe Charms, Jibbitz]
  +Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear179247 
   Wigs, Extensions & Supplies175634Combined into [Hair Extensions & Wigs-182101]
   Mixed Items & Lots15738 
   Other Women's Accessories1063 
 +Women's Clothing15724 
 +Women's Handbags & Bags169291 
 +Women's Shoes3034 
  -Vintage Accessories182059New Category
   -Bags, Handbags & Cases74962Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760] Renamed from [Handbags, Purses]
     Pre-1920 (Edwardian & Older)74963Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     1920-38 (20s, Depression)74964Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     1939-46 (WWII)74965Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     1947-64 (New Look-Early 60s)74966Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     1965-76 (Mod, Hippie, Disco)74967Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     1977-89 (Punk, New Wave, 80s)74968Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     1990s (Grunge, Goth, Hip Hop)167909Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
     Other Vintage Handbags, Purses962Combined into [Bags, Handbags & Cases-74962]
    Belt Buckles163600Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
   -Belts163601Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
     Cloth, Fabric163602Combined into [Belts-163601]
     Leather163603Combined into [Belts-163601]
     Metal163604Combined into [Belts-163601]
     Stretch163605Combined into [Belts-163601]
     Other Vintage Belts20287Combined into [Belts-163601]
    Canes & Walking Sticks182060New Category
    Clothes Hangers163606Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
    Collars163607Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
    Eyeglasses175805Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
    Gloves175806Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
    Hair Accessories175819New Category
    Hand Fans182061New Category
   -Handkerchiefs163608Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
     Children's163609Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Designer, Artist167910Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Embroidered163610Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Floral163611Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Holiday167911Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Lace & Crocheted163612Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Monogrammed163613Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Novelty167912Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Plain & Solid163614Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     State & Souvenir163615Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Wedding163616Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Mixed Items & Lots163617Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
     Other Vintage Handkerchiefs4116Combined into [Handkerchiefs-163608]
    Hat Boxes14062Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
   -Men's Hats163619Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
     Cap163620Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Cowboy, Western163621Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Derby, Bowler163622Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Fedora163623Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Stetson163624Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Straw163625Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Top Hat163626Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
     Other Men's Vintage Hats14065Combined into [Men's Hats-163619]
    Scarves & Wraps175807Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760] Renamed from [Scarves, Wraps]
    Shoe Accessories163627Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
    Sunglasses48559Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
    Suspenders/Braces182062New Category
    Ties, Bow Ties & Cravats14070Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760] Renamed from [Ties]
    Umbrellas & Parasols182063New Category
    Wallets & Coin Purses175769New Category
   -Women's Hats74969Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
     Pre-1920 (Edwardian & Older)74970Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     1920-38 (20s, Depression)74971Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     1939-46 (WWII)74972Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     1947-64 (New Look-Early 60s)74973Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     1965-76 (Mod, Hippie, Disco)74974Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     1977-89 (Punk, New Wave, 80s)74975Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     1990s (Grunge, Goth, Hip Hop)167913Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
     Other Women's Vintage Hats960Combined into [Women's Hats-74969]
    Other Vintage Accessories957Moved from [Vintage Accessories-175760]
  -Children's Vintage Clothing182025New Category
    Christening Outfits182026New Category
    Dresses182027New Category
    Hats182028New Category
    Jeans182029New Category
    Jumpsuits & Rompers182030New Category
    Outerwear Coats & Jackets182031New Category
    Outfit Sets182032New Category
    Pants182033New Category
    Shoes182034New Category
    Shorts182035New Category
    Skirts182036New Category
    Sleepwear182037New Category
    Socks & Tights182038New Category
    Suit Jackets & Blazers182039New Category
    Suits182040New Category
    Sweaters182041New Category
    Sweats & Tracksuits182042New Category
    Shirts & Tops182043New Category
    Other Kids' Vintage Clothing20291Moved from [Children's Vintage Clothing-163594]
  -Men's Vintage Clothing182044New Category
    Casual Shirts175770New Category
    Dress Shirts175772New Category
    Jeans175773New Category
    Outerwear Coats & Jackets175771New Category
    Pants175780New Category
    Shorts175776New Category
    Sleepwear & Robes175775New Category
    Socks182045New Category
    Suit Jackets & Blazers182046New Category
    Suits175777New Category
    Sweaters175774New Category
    Sweats & Tracksuits175778New Category
    Swimwear175779New Category
    T-Shirts175781New Category
    Vests175782New Category
    Other Men's Vintage Clothing48861Moved from [Men's Vintage Clothing-175761]
  -Men's Vintage Shoes163628Relocated within Parent
    Casual Shoes163629Combined into [Men's Vintage Shoes-163628]
    Dress Shoes163630Combined into [Men's Vintage Shoes-163628]
    Other Men's Vintage Shoes48862Combined into [Men's Vintage Shoes-163628]
  -Women's Vintage Clothing182047New Category
    Dresses175784New Category
    Jeans175785New Category
    Jumpsuits & Playsuits175787New Category
   -Lingerie182048New Category
     Bras182049New Category
     Camisoles182050New Category
     Corsets & Girdles182051New Category
     Garter Belts182052New Category
     Pantyhose & Stockings182053New Category
     Panties182054New Category
     Slips & Petticoats182055New Category
     Other Vintage Lingerie182056New Category
    Outerwear Coats & Jackets175783New Category
    Pants175796New Category
    Shorts175790New Category
    Skirts175791New Category
    Sleepwear & Robes175789New Category
    Socks182057New Category
    Suit Jackets & Blazers182058New Category
    Suits & Coordinated Sets175792New Category
    Sweaters175786New Category
    Sweats & Tracksuits175793New Category
    Swimwear175794New Category
    Tops & Blouses175795New Category
    T-Shirts175797New Category
    Vests175798New Category
    Wedding Dresses & Veils175799New Category
    Other Women's Vintage Clothing965Moved from [Women's Vintage Clothing-175762]
  -Vintage Accessories175760Combined into [Vintage Accessories-182059]
    Canes, Walking Sticks11681Combined into [Canes & Walking Sticks-182060]
    Fans20288Combined into [Hand Fans-182061]
    Hosiery & Socks163618Combined into [Other Vintage Accessories-957]
    Umbrellas & Parasols1464Combined into [Umbrellas & Parasols-182063]
  -Children's Vintage Clothing163594Combined into [Children's Vintage Clothing-182025]
    Pre-1930 (Victorian, 20s)163595Combined into [Other Kids' Vintage Clothing-20291]
    1930-46 (Depression, WWII)163596Combined into [Other Kids' Vintage Clothing-20291]
    1947-64 (Post WWII-Early 60s)163597Combined into [Other Kids' Vintage Clothing-20291]
    1965-76 (Mod, Hippie, Disco)163598Combined into [Other Kids' Vintage Clothing-20291]
    1977-89 (Punk, New Wave, 80s)163599Combined into [Other Kids' Vintage Clothing-20291]
    1990s (Grunge, Goth, Hip Hop)167908Combined into [Other Kids' Vintage Clothing-20291]
  -Men's Vintage Clothing175761Combined into [Men's Vintage Clothing-182044]
    Pre-1930 (Victorian, 20s)52383Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
   -1930-46 (Depression, WWII)52384Combined into [Men's Vintage Clothing-182044]
     Blazers, Sportcoats167914Combined into [Suit Jackets & Blazers-182046]
     Coats, Jackets, Sweaters52385Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175771]
     Pants52386Combined into [Pants-175780]
     Shirts52387Combined into [Casual Shirts-175770]
     Suits52388Combined into [Suits-175777]
     Swimwear155227Combined into [Swimwear-175779]
     Other Men's Clothing 1930-4652389Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
   -1947-64 (Post WWII-Early 60s)52390Combined into [Men's Vintage Clothing-182044]
     Blazers, Sportcoats167915Combined into [Suit Jackets & Blazers-182046]
     Coats, Jackets, Sweaters52391Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175771]
     Pants52392Combined into [Pants-175780]
     Shirts52393Combined into [Casual Shirts-175770]
     Suits52394Combined into [Suits-175777]
     Swimwear155228Combined into [Swimwear-175779]
     Other Men's Clothing 1947-6452395Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
   -1965-76 (Mod, Hippie, Disco)52396Combined into [Men's Vintage Clothing-182044]
     Blazers, Sportcoats167916Combined into [Suit Jackets & Blazers-182046]
     Coats, Jackets, Sweaters52397Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175771]
     Pants52401Combined into [Pants-175780]
     Shirts52398Combined into [Casual Shirts-175770]
     Suits52399Combined into [Suits-175777]
     Swimwear155229Combined into [Swimwear-175779]
     Other Men's Clothing 1965-7652400Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
   -1977-89 (Punk, New Wave, 80s)52402Combined into [Men's Vintage Clothing-182044]
     Blazers, Sportcoats167917Combined into [Suit Jackets & Blazers-182046]
     Coats, Jackets, Sweaters52403Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175771]
     Pants52404Combined into [Pants-175780]
     Shirts52405Combined into [Casual Shirts-175770]
     Shorts155230Combined into [Shorts-175776]
     Suits52406Combined into [Suits-175777]
     Swimwear155231Combined into [Swimwear-175779]
     Other Men's Clothing 1977-8952407Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
    1990s (Grunge, Goth, Hip Hop)106130Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
   Unisex & T-Shirts28022Combined into [T-Shirts-175781]
  -Women's Vintage Clothing175762Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
    Pre-1901 (Victorian & Older)48864Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
    1901-19 (Edwardian, WWI)48865Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
   -1920-38 (20s, Depression)52408Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
     Coats & Jackets52409Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175783]
     Dresses48866Combined into [Dresses-175784]
     Formal, Bridal52410Combined into [Wedding Dresses & Veils-175799]
     Lingerie52411Combined into [Other Vintage Lingerie-182056]
     Skirts52412Combined into [Skirts-175791]
     Suits, Outfits52413Combined into [Suits & Coordinated Sets-175792]
     Swimwear155232Combined into [Swimwear-175794]
     Tops, Blouses, Sweaters52414Combined into [Tops & Blouses-175795]
     Other Women's Clothing 1920-3852415Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
   -1939-46 (WWII)52416Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
     Coats & Jackets52417Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175783]
     Dresses48867Combined into [Dresses-175784]
     Formal, Bridal52418Combined into [Wedding Dresses & Veils-175799]
    -Lingerie52419Combined into [Lingerie-182048]
      Bras, Camisoles52420Combined into [Bras-182049]
      Corsets, Girdles52421Combined into [Corsets & Girdles-182051]
      Panties52422Combined into [Panties-182054]
      Robes, Sleepwear52423Combined into [Sleepwear & Robes-175789]
      Slips52424Combined into [Slips & Petticoats-182055]
      Stockings52425Combined into [Pantyhose & Stockings-182053]
      Other Vintage Lingerie 1939-4652426Combined into [Other Vintage Lingerie-182056]
     Skirts48891Combined into [Skirts-175791]
     Suits, Outfits52427Combined into [Suits & Coordinated Sets-175792]
     Swimwear155233Combined into [Swimwear-175794]
     Tops, Blouses, Sweaters48908Combined into [Tops & Blouses-175795]
     Other Women's Clothing 1939-4652438Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
   -1947-64 (New Look-Early 60s)52428Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
     Coats & Jackets48881Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175783]
     Dresses48868Combined into [Dresses-175784]
     Formal, Bridal52429Combined into [Wedding Dresses & Veils-175799]
     Jumpsuits167918Combined into [Jumpsuits & Playsuits-175787]
    -Lingerie52430Combined into [Lingerie-182048]
      Bras, Camisoles52431Combined into [Bras-182049]
      Corsets, Girdles52432Combined into [Corsets & Girdles-182051]
      Panties52433Combined into [Panties-182054]
      Robes, Sleepwear52434Combined into [Sleepwear & Robes-175789]
      Slips52435Combined into [Slips & Petticoats-182055]
      Stockings52436Combined into [Pantyhose & Stockings-182053]
      Other Vintage Lingerie 1947-6452437Combined into [Other Vintage Lingerie-182056]
     Pants, Jeans, Shorts48886Combined into [Pants-175796]
     Playsuits & Rompers167919Combined into [Jumpsuits & Playsuits-175787]
     Skirts48892Combined into [Skirts-175791]
     Suits, Outfits48897Combined into [Suits & Coordinated Sets-175792]
     Sweaters48902Combined into [Sweaters-175786]
     Swimwear155235Combined into [Swimwear-175794]
     Tops, Blouses48909Combined into [Tops & Blouses-175795]
     Other Women's Clothing 1947-6452439Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
   -1965-76 (Mod, Hippie, Disco)52440Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
     Coats & Jackets48882Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175783]
     Dresses48869Combined into [Dresses-175784]
     Formal, Bridal52441Combined into [Wedding Dresses & Veils-175799]
     Jeans, Pants & Shorts48887Combined into [Pants-175796]
     Jumpsuits166698Combined into [Jumpsuits & Playsuits-175787]
    -Lingerie52442Combined into [Lingerie-182048]
      Bras, Camisoles52443Combined into [Bras-182049]
      Corsets, Girdles52444Combined into [Corsets & Girdles-182051]
      Panties52445Combined into [Panties-182054]
      Robes, Sleepwear52446Combined into [Sleepwear & Robes-175789]
      Slips52447Combined into [Slips & Petticoats-182055]
      Stockings52448Combined into [Pantyhose & Stockings-182053]
      Other Vintage Lingerie 1965-7652449Combined into [Other Vintage Lingerie-182056]
     Playsuits & Rompers167920Combined into [Jumpsuits & Playsuits-175787]
     Skirts48893Combined into [Skirts-175791]
     Suits, Outfits48898Combined into [Suits & Coordinated Sets-175792]
     Sweaters48903Combined into [Sweaters-175786]
     Swimwear155236Combined into [Swimwear-175794]
     Tops, Blouses48910Combined into [Tops & Blouses-175795]
     Other Women's Clothing 1965-7652450Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
   -1977-89 (Punk, New Wave, 80s)52451Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
     Coats & Jackets48883Combined into [Outerwear Coats & Jackets-175783]
     Dresses48870Combined into [Dresses-175784]
     Formal, Bridal52452Combined into [Wedding Dresses & Veils-175799]
     Jeans, Pants & Shorts48888Combined into [Jeans-175785]
     Jumpsuits166699Combined into [Jumpsuits & Playsuits-175787]
    -Lingerie52453Combined into [Lingerie-182048]
      Bras, Camisoles52454Combined into [Bras-182049]
      Corsets, Girdles52455Combined into [Corsets & Girdles-182051]
      Panties52457Combined into [Panties-182054]
      Robes, Sleepwear52458Combined into [Sleepwear & Robes-175789]
      Slips52459Combined into [Slips & Petticoats-182055]
      Stockings52460Combined into [Pantyhose & Stockings-182053]
      Other Vintage Lingerie 1977-8952461Combined into [Other Vintage Lingerie-182056]
     Playsuits & Rompers167921Combined into [Jumpsuits & Playsuits-175787]
     Skirts48894Combined into [Skirts-175791]
     Suits, Outfits48899Combined into [Suits & Coordinated Sets-175792]
     Sweaters48904Combined into [Sweaters-175786]
     Swimwear155238Combined into [Swimwear-175794]
     Tops, Blouses48911Combined into [Tops & Blouses-175795]
     Other Women's Clothing 1977-89155239Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
    1990s (Grunge, Goth, Hip Hop)106131Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
  -Women's Vintage Shoes74976 
    Pre-1920 (Edwardian & Older)74977Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    1920-38 (20s, Depression)74978Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    1939-46 (WWII)74979Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    1947-64 (New Look-Early 60s)74980Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    1965-76 (Mod, Hippie, Disco)74981Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    1977-89 (Punk, New Wave, 80s)74982Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    1990s (Grunge, Goth, Hip Hop)167922Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
    Other Women's Vintage Shoes48561Combined into [Women's Vintage Shoes-74976]
  -Vintage Reproductions125472Combined into [Vintage-175759]
    Men's Vintage Reproductions156949Combined into [Other Men's Vintage Clothing-48861]
   -Women's Vintage Reproductions156950Combined into [Women's Vintage Clothing-182047]
     1920s, Depression Styles125476Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
     WWII Styles155234Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
     New Look, Early 60s Styles125477Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
     Mod, Hippie, Disco Styles155237Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
     Punk, New Wave, 80s Styles156952Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
     Other Women's Vintage Repro156951Combined into [Other Women's Vintage Clothing-965]
   Publications170065Combined into [Other Vintage Clothing-91247]
   Other Vintage Clothing91247 
 +Wholesale, Large & Small Lots41964 


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