Category Changes: Cameras & Photo

May 2016: Camera and Photo

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Cameras & Photo625 
 +Binoculars & Telescopes28179 
  Camcorders11724Relocated within Parent
 -Camera & Photo Accessories15200Relocated within Parent
   Accessory Bundles29994 
   Battery Grips29967 
   Cables & Adapters155707 
   Camcorder Tapes & Discs67339 
   Camera & Camcorder Lights43440 
   Cases, Bags & Covers107894 
   Chargers & Cradles162046 
   Cleaning Equipment & Kits162053 
   LCD Hoods50508 
   Memory Cards18871 
   Memory Card Cases50503 
   Memory Card Readers & Adapters43448 
  -Photo Albums & Storage182075New Category
    Photo Albums & Boxes73459Moved from [Photo Albums & Storage-29951]
    Photo Pages, Sheets & Sleeves182076New Category
    Other Photo Albums & Storage29953Moved from [Photo Albums & Storage-29951]
  -Photo Albums & Storage29951Combined into [Photo Albums & Storage-182075]
    Archival & Mounting Materials29952Combined into [Other Photo Albums & Storage-29953]
   Remotes & Shutter Releases64345 
   Screen Protectors167928 
   Straps & Hand Grips64343 
   Underwater Cases & Housings50506 
   Viewfinders & Eyecups167930 
   Other Camera & Photo Accs162480 
  Camera Drones179697Relocated within Parent
  Camera Manuals & Guides4684Renamed from [Manuals & Guides]
  Digital Cameras31388Relocated within Parent
  Digital Photo Frames150044 
 -Film Photography69323 
  -Darkroom & Developing15224Combined into [Darkroom & Developing-182077]
    Finishing Equipment29988Combined into [Processing & Finishing Equip-29993]
  -Darkroom & Developing182077New Category
    Darkroom Timers29991Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
    Easels & Negative Carriers162048Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
    Enlargement Equipment29985Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224] Renamed from [Enlargers]
    Enlarging Lenses29986Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
    Film Development Chemicals29983Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
    Photographic Paper15226Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
    Processing & Finishing Equip29993Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224] Renamed from [Processing Equipment]
    Safelights & Bulbs29990Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
    Other Darkroom & Developing629Moved from [Darkroom & Developing-15224]
   Digital Camera Backs170066Renamed from [Digital Backs]
   Film Cameras15230 
   Film Backs & Holders29973 
   Lens Boards29980 
   Motor Drives & Winders29970 
   Movie Cameras4689 
   Movie Camera Accessories4690 
   Movie Editing Equipment4790 
   Rangefinder Units & Accs29965 
  -Slide & Movie Projection15250 
    Movie Projectors15252 
    Slide Projectors15256 
    Projector Bulbs & Lamps15251Renamed from [Bulbs & Lamps]
    Projection Lenses83874 
    Projection Screens & Material30089 
    Slide Trays & Carousels83876 
    Slide Viewers83877 
    Other Slide & Movie Projection15257 
   Other Film Photography43479 
 +Flashes & Flash Accessories64353 
 -Lenses & Filters78997 
   Auxiliary/Conversion Lenses80390Renamed from [Auxiliary Lenses]
   Filter Rings & Holders30040 
   Lens Adapters, Mounts & Tubes30059 
   Lens Caps79001 
   Lens Hoods78999 
   Other Lenses & Filters79000 
 +Lighting & Studio30078 
 -Replacement Parts & Tools182074New Category
   Camcorder Parts172513Moved from [Replacement Parts & Tools-162047]
   Digital Camera Parts64352Moved from [Replacement Parts & Tools-162047]
   Film Camera Parts30038Moved from [Replacement Parts & Tools-162047]
   Camera Tools & Repair Kits172514Moved from [Replacement Parts & Tools-162047] Renamed from [Tools & Repair Kits]
  Replacement Parts & Tools162047Combined into [Replacement Parts & Tools-182074]
 +Tripods & Supports30090 
 +Video Production & Editing21162 
 +Vintage Movie & Photography3326 
 +Wholesale Lots45086 
  Other Cameras & Photo27432 


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