Category Changes: Business & Industrial

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Business & Industrial12576
 -Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes109471Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266] Renamed from [Adhesives & Sealant]
  Caulks & Sealant109472Combined into [Caulks & Sealants-184315]
  Glues & Cements109473Combined into [Liquid Glues & Cements-184079]
  Guns & Dispensers109474Combined into [Caulk Guns-183802]
  Adhesive Tapes109475Renamed from [Tapes]
  Other Adhesives & Sealant109476Combined into [Liquid Glues & Cements-184079]
  -Glues, Epoxies & Cements183746New Category
   Multi-Component Epoxies183857New Category
   Hot Glue Sticks183968New Category
   Liquid Glues & Cements184079New Category
   Spray Adhesives184190New Category
   Conductive Wire Glue Pastes184293New Category
  -Caulks, Sealants & Removers184304New Category
   Caulks & Sealants184315New Category
   Threadlockers184326New Category
   Liquid & Spray Caulk Removers183747New Category
   Caulking Tips & Caps183758New Category
   Caulk Removing Tools183769New Category
  -Adhesive Guns & Dispensers183780New Category
   Glue Guns183791New Category
   Caulk Guns183802New Category
   Glue Dispensing Syringes183813New Category
   Glue Syringe Tips183824New Category
   Hot Glue Dispensers183835New Category
   Tape Guns & Dispensers183846New Category
   Solder Paste Dispensers183858New Category
 -Agriculture & Forestry11748Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Forestry Equipment & Supplies61787
   Supplies & Tools57111
   Other Forestry Equipment61790
  GPS & Guidance Equipment159685
  -Livestock Supplies46526
   Animal Feed113991
   Animal Health & Veterinary53059
   Cattle - Beef46531
   Cattle - Dairy46528
   Sheep & Goat56976
   Other Livestock Supplies11751
  Other Agriculture & Forestry1269
  Wholesale Lots45013
 -Automation, Motors & Drives42892Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Contactors, Relays & Starters181678
    IEC & NEMA AC Contactors181680
    IEC & NEMA DC Contactors181681
    Definite Purpose Contactors181682
    Lighting Contactors181683
    Auxiliary Contacts & Blocks181684
    Other Contactors & Accs181685
    General Purpose Relays36328
    Control & Machine Tool Relays181688
    Latching Relays181687
    Overload Protection Relays181689
    Overcurrent Protection Relays181690
    Plug-In/Ice Cube Relays181691
    Reed Relays181692
    Relay Modules & Boards181693
    Relay Sockets181694
    Safety Relays65464
    Solid State Relays181695
    Time Delay Relays181696
    Relay Parts & Accessories181697
    Combination Starters181699
    Full Voltage (DOL) Starters181700
    Manual Starters181707
    Multi-Speed Starters181701
    Reduced Voltage/Soft Starters181702
    Starter Mounts & Enclosures181704
    Starter Parts & Accs181705
    Other Starters181706
  -Control Systems & PLCs57516
   PLC Processors181708
   HMI & Open Interface Panels181709
   PLC Cables181710
   PLC Chassis181711
   PLC Software181712
   -PLC Peripheral Modules181713
    PLC Input & Output Modules181714
    Counter Modules181715
    PLC Data Acquisition Modules181716
    PLC Ethernet & Communication181717
    PLC Memory Modules181718
    PLC Positioning Modules181719
    PLC Power Supplies181720
    PLC Redundancy Modules181721
    PLC Servo Control Modules181722
    PLC Temperature Modules181723
    Timer Modules181724
    Other PLC Peripheral Modules181725
  -Drives & Motion Control78186
   -Motor Drives & Controls78188
    General Purpose AC Drives42894
    General Purpose DC Drives78190
    Servo Drives & Amplifiers78191
    Speed Controls71393
    Stepper Controls & Drives71394
    Variable Frequency Drives78192
    Other Motor Controls78193
   Pneumatic Cylinders181728
   Rotary Actuators181729
  -Electric Motors181730
   Definite Purpose Motors181731
   General Purpose Motors181732
   Stepper Motors9723
   Servo Motors124603
   Vibration Motors181733
   Electric Motor Parts & Accs181734
   Other Electric Motors181735
  Industrial Robotic Arms50924
  -Linear Motion181736
   Bearing Blocks & Supports181737
   Lead, Ball & Roller Screws181739
   Linear Actuator Controls181740
   Linear Actuators55826
   Linear Bearings & Bushings181741
   Linear Encoders181742
   Rail & Shaft Supports181743
   Slides, Rails & Carriages183548
   XY & Rotary Positioning Stages181746
   Other Linear Motion181747
  -Mechanical Power Transmission181748
   -Bearings & Bushings181749
    Ball & Roller Bearings181750
    Bushings & Plain Bearings181751
    Cam Followers181752
    Mounted Bearings & Housings181753
    Thrust Bearings181754
   -Belts & Pulleys181755
    Power Transmission Belts181756
    Pulleys & Sheaves181757
    Electric/Magnetic Brakes181759
    Hydraulic & Pneumatic Brakes181760
   -Chains & Sprockets181761
    Roller Chains181762
    Roller Chain Sprockets181763
    Chain Tensioners181764
    Electric/Magnetic Clutches181766
    Hydraulic & Pneumatic Clutches181767
   -Couplings & Joints181768
    Rigid Couplings181769
    Flexible Couplings181770
    Universal Joints181771
   Gearboxes & Speed Reducers181772
   -Gears & Gear Racks181773
    Bevel Gears181774
    Gear Racks181775
    Helical Gears181776
    Spur Gears181777
    Worms & Worm Gears181778
   Power Transmission Shafts181779
   Seals, O-Rings & Gaskets181780
   Shaft Adapters & Bore Reducers181781
   Shaft Collars & Clamps181782
   Other Mech. Power Transmission181783
   Acceleration Sensors181785
   Fiber Optic Sensors181786
   Hall Effect Sensor Diodes181787
   Level Sensors65458
   PIR Motion Sensors181788
   Pressure Sensors65456
   Proximity Sensors65459
   Rotary Encoders65455
   Temperature & Humidity Sensors65460
   Ultrasonic Sensors181791
   Vibration Sensors181792
   Sensor Mountings181790
   Other Sensors57520
  -Signals & Indicators181793
   -Indicators & Components181794
    Indicator Cables181795
    Indicator Lampholders181798
    Indicator Lenses181796
    Lens & Lampholder Combinations181797
   -Signals & Components181799
    Signal Lamps181800
    Signal Cables181801
    Signal Lamp Bulbs181802
    Signal Lampholders181803
    Signal Lenses181804
    Signal Lamp & Siren Combos181805
    Signal Towers181806
    Signal Accessories181808
    Other Signals181809
  Other Automation Equipment36802
 -Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies46534Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266] Renamed from [Cleaning Equipment & Supplies]
  -Buffers & Burnishers66955Combined into [Other Parts & Accessories-183753]
   Buffer Pads & Drivers66956Combined into [Other Parts & Accessories-183753]
   Other Buffers & Burnishers66958Combined into [Other Parts & Accessories-183753]
  -Carpet Cleaning & Care66959Combined into [Other Cleaning Equipment-184296]
   Carpet Cleaners42926Combined into [Other Extractor Parts & Accs-184333]
   Extractors109460Combined into [Other Extractor Parts & Accs-184333]
   Hoses, Filters & Accessories66960Combined into [Other Extractor Parts & Accs-184333]
   Other Carpet Cleaning & Care66962Combined into [Other Extractor Parts & Accs-184333]
  Chemicals, Solvents & Soaps46537Combined into [Liquid Cleaners-183902]
  Commercial Mops & Buckets66964Combined into [Complete Mops-184135]
  Pressure Washers46536Combined into [Other Parts & Accessories-119101]
  -Sweepers & Scrubbers66968Combined into [Other Parts & Accessories-183753]
   Other Sweepers & Scrubbers66970Combined into [Other Parts & Accessories-183753]
  Other Cleaning Equipment43015Combined into [Other Cleaning Supplies-183888]
  -Cleaners & Disinfectants183869New Category
   Aerosol & Foam Cleaners183880New Category
   Gel, Paste & Powder Cleaners183891New Category
   Liquid Cleaners183902New Category
   Pod, Cake & Screen Cleaners183913New Category
   Cleaning Wipes & Pads183924New Category
  -Manual Cleaning Equipment183935New Category
   Bottles, Nozzles & Sprayers183946New Category
   Brush Cleaners183957New Category
   Cleaning Brushes183969New Category
   Cleaning Sponges183980New Category
   Standard Buckets & Pails183991New Category
   Disposable Janitorial Gloves184002New Category
   Reusable Dusting Cloths184013New Category
   Dusters & Duster Refills184024New Category
   Rags, Towels & Wipers184035New Category
   Sorbent Pads184046New Category
   -Brooms & Dust Pans184057New Category
    Standing Brooms184068New Category
    Whisk Brooms184080New Category
    Broom Handles184091New Category
    Broom Heads184102New Category
    Dust Pans & Sets184113New Category
   -Mops, Mop Parts & Accessories184124New Category
    Complete Mops184135New Category
    Mop Kits & Systems184146New Category
    Mop Heads184157New Category
    Mop Pads184168New Category
    Mop Head Frames184179New Category
    Mop Pad Holders184191New Category
    Mop Handles184202New Category
    Mop Refill Sheets184213New Category
    Sponge Mop Refills184224New Category
    Mop Buckets184235New Category
    Laundry Nets & Mesh Bags184246New Category
    Other Mop Parts & Accessories184257New Category
   Extension Handles & Poles184268New Category
   Drain & Toilet Plungers184278New Category
   Pump Sprayers184289New Category
   Squeegees & Replacement Blades184294New Category
   Steel Wool184295New Category
   Other Cleaning Equipment184296New Category
  -Laundry Carts, Bags & Cleaners184297New Category
   Laundry Carts, Hampers & Bags184298New Category
   -Laundry Detergents & Softeners184299New Category
    Laundry Liquids184300New Category
    Laundry Powders184301New Category
    Single-Use Laundry Packs/Pods184302New Category
    Laundry Sheets & Wipes184303New Category
    Laundry Sticks184305New Category
  Janitorial, Housekeeping Carts184306New Category
  Janitorial Cart Bags184307New Category
  Trash Bags & Trash Liners183873New Category
  -Sanitation Steam Cleaners184308New Category
   Handheld Steam Cleaners184309New Category
   Wheeled Steam Cleaners184310New Category
   Steam Cleaner Parts & Accs184311New Category
  -Floor & Upholstery Cleaning184312New Category
   -Vacuum Cleaners, Parts & Accs184313New Category
    Backpack Vacuums184314New Category
    Canister & Wet/Dry Vacuums66961Moved from [Carpet Cleaning & Care-66959] Renamed from [Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuums]
    Handheld Vacuums184316New Category
    Upright & Wide Area Vacuums53286Moved from [Carpet Cleaning & Care-66959] Renamed from [Commercial Upright Vacuums]
    -Vacuum Cleaner Parts & Accs184317New Category
     Vacuum Bags & Filter Bags184318New Category
     Vacuum Cleaner Belts184319New Category
     Vacuum Cleaner Brushes184320New Category
     Vacuum Cleaner Filters184321New Category
     Vacuum Cleaner Hoses184322New Category
     Vacuum Cleaner Motors184323New Category
     Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Kits184324New Category
     Other Vacuum Parts & Accs184325New Category
   -Extractors & Steam Cleaners184327New Category
    Canister Extractors184328New Category
    Walk-Behind Extractors184329New Category
    Truck-Mount Extractors184330New Category
    Rotary Extractor Attachments184331New Category
    Extractor Hoses184332New Category
    Other Extractor Parts & Accs184333New Category
   -Scrubbers, Buffers & Polishers184334New Category
    Corded Scrubbers & Buffers46535Moved from [Buffers & Burnishers-66955] Renamed from [Electric Cord Buffers]
    Propane Scrubbers & Buffers66957Moved from [Buffers & Burnishers-66955] Renamed from [Propane Buffers]
    Battery Scrubbers & Buffers184335New Category
    -Scrubber & Buffer Parts & Accs184336New Category
     Clutch Plates & Pad Drivers183748New Category
     Scrubber & Buffer Belts183749New Category
     Scrubber & Buffer Brushes183750New Category
     Scrubber & Buffer Squeegees183751New Category
     Scrubber/Buffer Pads & Bonnets183752New Category
     Other Parts & Accessories183753New Category
   -Floor & Carpet Sweepers183754New Category
    Ride-On Sweepers66969Moved from [Sweepers & Scrubbers-66968] Renamed from [Rider Sweepers]
    Walk-Behind Sweepers53285Moved from [Sweepers & Scrubbers-66968] Renamed from [Walk Behind Sweepers]
    -Sweeper Parts & Accessories183755New Category
     Sweeper Belts183756New Category
     Sweeper Brooms183757New Category
     Sweeper Filters183759New Category
     Other Sweeper Parts & Accs183760New Category
   Escalator Cleaners183761New Category
   Blowers, Air Movers & Dryers109459Moved from [Carpet Cleaning & Care-66959]
  -Pressure Washers, Parts & Accs183762New Category
   Diesel Pressure Washers183763New Category
   Electric Pressure Washers183764New Category
   Gas Pressure Washers183765New Category
   -Pressure Washer Parts & Accs183766New Category
    Chemical Injectors183767New Category
    Extension Lances183768New Category
    Gutter Cleaning Tools183770New Category
    Nozzles & Nozzle Sets183771New Category
    Pressure Washer Hoses183772New Category
    Pressure Washer Spray Guns183773New Category
    Pressure Washer Wands183774New Category
    Soap Applicator Attachments183775New Category
    Surface Cleaning Attachments183776New Category
    Pressure Washer Accessory Kits183777New Category
    Other Parts & Accessories119101Moved from [Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies-46534] Renamed from [Pressure Washer Accessories]
  -Pest Control Supplies183778New Category
   -Insect Traps & Lures183779New Category
    -Insect Traps183781New Category
     Adhesive Insect Light Traps183782New Category
     Bait & Lure Insect Traps183783New Category
     Bug Zappers183784New Category
     Sticky Traps183785New Category
    Insect Lures183786New Category
   -Rodent Traps & Boxes183787New Category
    Snap & Glue Traps & Boxes183788New Category
    Battery-Powered Traps183789New Category
    Catch & Release Traps183790New Category
   -Pest Repellants & Poisons183792New Category
    -Pest Control Bait & Stations183793New Category
     Pest Control Granules183794New Category
     Pest Control Liquid Bait183795New Category
     Pest Control Bait Stations183796New Category
    Pest Control Dusts & Powders183797New Category
    Pest Control Fill Fabrics183798New Category
    Pest Control Foggers183799New Category
    Pest Control Gels183800New Category
    Pest Control Sprays183801New Category
    Ultrasonic Pest Repellers183803New Category
    Pest Control Treatment Kits183804New Category
   -Pest Trap Parts & Accessories183805New Category
    Pest Control Trap Bulbs183806New Category
    Pest Trap Glue Boards183807New Category
    Pest Trap Sticky Paper183808New Category
    Other Pest Trap Parts & Accs183809New Category
  Other Cleaning Supplies183888New Category
 -Construction11765Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Building Materials & Supplies41498
   -Contractor Guides42300
    Concrete & Masonry66941
    Construction Estimating66942
    Electrical Training & Codes66943
    Excavation, Grading, Site Prep73127
    General Contracting42303
    Other Contractor Guides25255
   Ducts & Vents111471
   -Doors & Fixtures63890
    Locks & Locksets63891
    Openers & Closers63892
    Other Doors & Fixtures63893
   Fasteners & Connectors41500
   Faucets & Taps63897Moved from [Plumbing-63896] Renamed from [Faucets, Taps]
   Insulation63894Relocated within Parent (i)
   Lights & Lighting58145Relocated within Parent (i)
   Lumber & Millwork58148Relocated within Parent (i)
   Marble, Tile, Stone46572Relocated within Parent (i)
   -Plumbing63896Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
    Pipe63898Combined into [Pipes-42934]
    Pipe Fittings63900Combined into [Other Fittings & Adapters-184015]
    Tubing63902Combined into [Hoses & Tubing-184038]
    Valves63907Combined into [Other Valves & Manifolds-184148]
    Other Plumbing63905Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   Sealant & Adhesives66914Combined into [Caulks & Sealants-184315]
   Signs - Construction63895Relocated within Parent (i)
   Windows & Glass41501Relocated within Parent (i)
   Other Building Materials26197Relocated within Parent (i)
  Buildings, Modular & Pre-Fab55805
  -Levels & Surveying Equipment42297
   -Levels & Autolevels63940
    Automatic Levels63941
    Rotary Lasers63942
    Torpedo Levels & Lasers42298
    Other Levels & Autolevels63943
   Total Stations & Accessories55808
   Transits & Theodolites55807
   Tripods & Grade Rods42299
   Other Surveying Equipment26204
  Mining Equipment92152
  -Protective Gear63908
   Hard Hats63909
   Work Gloves63910
   Work Jackets42292
   Work Pants & Coveralls63911
   Other Protective Gear63912
  -Vintage Construction116996
   Machine Parts & Tools116997
   Manuals & Brochures116998
   Other Vintage Construction99995
  Other Construction1268
  Wholesale Lots56139
 -Electrical & Test Equipment92074Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Circuit Breakers & Fuses181814
   -Circuit Breakers181815
    Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)181816
    Load Break Switches (LBS)181817
    Miniature Breakers (MCB)181818
    Molded Case Breakers (MCCB)181819
    Residual Current Devices (RCD)129085
    Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB)181820
    Circuit Breaker Accessories181821
    Other Circuit Breakers181822
    Cartridge Fuses129086
    Centered Tag Fuses129088
    D-Type Fuses181824
    Flush End Contacts Fuses181825
    Neutral Links181826
    Offset Tag Fuses181827
    Solid Links181828
    Thermal Fuses181829
    Fuse Kits181830
    Other Fuses181831
   -Fuse Accessories181832
    -Fuse Blocks & Holders181833
     Fuse Blocks181834
     Fuse Clips181835
     Fuse Holders181836
    -Fuse Pullers & Testers181837
     Fuse Pullers181838
     Fuse Testers181839
     Fuse Puller & Tester Combos181840
    Fuse Covers181841
    Fuse Mounting Accessories181842
    Other Fuse Accessories66994
  -Connectors, Switches & Wire100016
    Attenuation Connectors181859
    Backplane Connectors181860
    Banana Connectors181861
    Circular Connectors129143
    Crimp Connectors73141
    D-Sub Connectors129142
    Fiber Optic Connectors181857
    Flat Connectors181858
    IC Sockets117488
    IDC Connectors181866
    Modular/Rectangular Connectors181867
    RCA Connectors181868
    RF & Coaxial Connectors130493
    SMA, SMB & SMC Connectors73170
    Solenoid Connectors181869
    Connector Adapters73166
    Terminal Blocks48717
    -Terminal Block Accessories181870
     Barrier Strips181871
     Terminal Block Assembly Kits181872
     Terminal Block Markers181873
     Terminal Jumpers181874
    Thermocouple Connectors181875
    USB Connectors181876
    -Connector Tools & Accessories181862
     Connector Housings & Covers181863
     Connector Tool Kits181864
     Insertion/Extraction Tools181865
    Other Connectors, Tools & Accs181877
    DIP & SIP Switches181846
    Disconnect Switches66981
    Joystick/Lever Switches181847
    Key Switches181848
    Limit Switches111606
    Piezo & Touch Switches181849
    Pressure Switches111607
    Pushbutton Switches58166
    Rocker Switches58167
    Rotary Switches58168
    Selector Switches181850
    Slide Switches181851
    Tilt Switches181852
    Toggle Switches26211
    Switch Mountings181853
    Other Electrical Switches181854
   -Wire & Cable73136
    Coaxial Cable129139
    Flat/Ribbon Cable129083
    Fiber Optic Cable65511
    Hookup & Lead Wire73139
    Jump Wire181811
    Magnet/Enameled Wire100180
    Multiple Conductor Cable73138
    Resistance Wire181810
    Telecom Wire & Cable100179
    -Wire & Cable Tools66984
     Cable Cutters111613
     Cable Pliers111614
     Cable Pullers66986
     Conduit Benders66985
     Crimping Dies66988
     Electrical Tool Kits42889
     Fusion Splicers & Cleavers181856
     Hand Crimpers & Strippers66987
     Wire Stripping Machines181855
     Other Electrical Tools66990
    -Conduit, Fittings & Tubing117489
     Conduit Fittings117490
     Drag Chain Cable Carriers181843
     Heat & Cool Shrink Tubing129138
     Wire Wrap181844
    -Cable Organization181812
     Cable Channels129136
     Cable Cleats, Clamps & Ties65509
     Cable Joints & Reliefs181813
     Ends/Stoppers & Ferrules129135
    Other Wire & Cable26213
  -Electrical Supply Equipment100182
   Electrical Usage Meters66991
   -Enclosures, Panels & Boards181917
    Electrical Boxes & Enclosures42886
    Electrical Panels & Boards55824
    Electrical Board Accessories181918
    Enclosure Accessories181919
    Other Enclosures & Panels181920
   -Power Supplies181921
    Switching Mode Power Supplies181922
    Uninterruptible Power Supplies66995
    UPS Batteries181923
    Power Supply Accessories181924
    Other Power Supplies181925
   -Receptacles, Outlets & Plugs181926
    Electrical Outlets53112
    Electrical Power Plugs73135
    Outlet Plates & Covers181927
    Outlet Accessories181928
    Autotransformers & Variacs181930
    Current Transformers181931
    LAN Ethernet Transformers181932
    Portable Tool Transformers181933
    SMPS Transformers181934
    Telecom & Audio Transformers181935
    Toroidal Transformers181936
    Transformer Parts & Accs181937
    Other Transformers181938
   Phase Converters41952
   Electr. Supply Books & Manuals100183
   Other Electr. Supply Equipment100184
  -Electronic Components182412
   Component Solenoids181878
   -LEDs, LCDs & Display Modules181879
    Individual LEDS181880
    LED Arrays181881
    -LED Display Modules181882
     LED Bar Arrays181883
     LED Dot Matrix Displays181884
     LED Segmented Displays181885
    LED Accessories181886
    LCD Display Modules181887
    LCD Controllers & Drivers181888
    Vacuum Fluorescent Displays181889
    LCD & VFD Accessories181890
   -Passive Components182415
    Crystals & Oscillators7286
    General Purpose Resistors181912
    Inductors, Coils & Filters7288
    Potentiometer Knobs58163
    PCB Mount Thermistors181914
    Trimmer Resistors181915
   Prototyping & Breadboards36327
   -Semiconductors & Actives36330
     PIN Diodes181894
     Schottky Diodes181895
     TVS Diodes181897
     Zener Diodes181899
     Bridge Rectifier Modules181900
     Laser Diode Modules181901
     Other Diodes181902
    -Integrated Circuits (ICs)181904
     Interface ICs181905
     Power Management ICs181906
     Sensor ICs181907
     Microcontrollers & Programmers159680
     Other Integrated Circuits181909
    Power Regulators & Converters117000
    Buzzers & Speakers58162
    Development Kits & Boards65507
    Other Semiconductors & Actives36332
   Electronics Tweezers181911
   Components Books & Manuals41519
   Other Electronic Components4660
  -Test, Measurement & Inspection181939
   -Analyzers & Data Acquisition181940
    Cable & Antenna Analyzers181941
    Communication Service Monitors181942
    -Data Acquisition & Loggers36314
     Data Acquisition Modules182006
     Data Acquisition PCI Cards182007
     Data Acquisition Units/Systems182008
     Data Loggers182009
     Recorders & Plotters25416
     GPIB Interfaces & Adapters182010
     Other Data Acquisition182011
    Gas & Combustion Analyzers181943
    LAN/WAN & Protocol Analyzers97146
    Logic Analyzers97231
    Network Analyzers97658
    Oscilloscopes & Vectorscopes104247
    Parameter Analyzers181945
    Power Quality Analyzers181944
    RF Communication Test Sets97136
    Signal & Spectrum Analyzers97201
    Analyzer Parts & Accessories181946
    Other Analyzers181947
   -Cameras & Imaging181948
    Borescopes & Fiberscopes181949
    Camera & CCTV Testers183478
    Infrared & Thermal Imaging181950
    Optical Fiber Inspection181951
    Imaging Parts & Accessories181952
    Other Cameras & Imaging181953
   -Leads & Probes181954
    Current Probes181955
    High Frequency/RF Probes181956
    High Voltage Probes181957
    Logic Probes181958
    Multimeter Test Leads181959
    Piercing Probes181960
    Transducer Probes181961
    Other Leads & Probes181962
   -NIM & CAMAC Systems183479
    NIM & CAMAC Bins/Crates183480
    NIM & CAMAC Controllers183481
    NIM & CAMAC Modules183482
    Other NIM & CAMAC Equipment183483
   -PXI & VXI Systems181963
    PXI & VXI Boards & Modules181964
    PXI & VXI Controllers181965
    PXI & VXI Mainframes & Chassis181966
    Other PXI & VXI Equipment181967
   -Signal Sources & Conditioning181992
    Adjustable Power Supplies181993
    Function & Waveform Generators97196
    Pulse Generators97197
    RF Signal Generators181994
    RF & Microwave Amplifiers181995
    RF & Microwave Pass Filters25403
    Variable/Step Attenuators181996
    Signal Source Parts & Accs181997
    Other Signal Sources97200
   -Test Meters & Detectors181968
    Air Flow & Anemometers181969
    Capacitance & ESR Meters73160
    Digital Tachometers181970
    Earth Ground Resistance Meters181971
    -Electric Circuit & Multimeters50960
     Ohmmeters & Megohmmeters182012
     Voltmeters & Voltage Detectors182013
    EMF & Gaussmeters181972
    Fiber Optic Power Meters181973
    -Fault Locators & Reflectometry181974
     Cable & Pipe Locators181975
     Visual Fault Locators181976
     Time-Domain Reflectometers97142
    Frequency Counters181978
    Gas Detectors & Monitors50965
    LCR & Impedance Meters25421
    Light & Lux Meters73162
    Liquid & Mass Flow Meters181979
    Manometers/Air Pressure Meters183484
    Panel Meters58278
    Radiation Detectors58289
    RF & Microwave Power Meters181980
    Signal Level Meters181981
    Sound Level Meters25423
    -Thermometers & Hygrometers181982
     Infrared & Laser Thermometers181984
     Resistance Thermometers181985
     Temperature Probes181986
     Thermocouple Thermometers181987
     Other Thermometers181988
    Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors181989
    Vibration Meters181990
    Test Meter Parts & Accessories181991
    Other Test Meters & Detectors4678
   -Testers & Calibrators181998
    Cable Testers & Trackers97139
     Pressure Calibrators182000
     Process & Current Calibrators182001
     Temperature Calibrators182002
     Other Calibrators182003
    Decade Boxes183485
    Lineman's Handsets/Butt Sets97138
    Tone Probes & Generators183486
    Tube Testers170062
    Tester Parts & Accessories182004
    Other Testers & Calibrators182005
   Test Equip. Manuals & Books25409
   -Test Equipment Parts & Accs36315
    Test Equipment Cables182015
    Test Equipment Cases73167
    Test Equipment Controllers25400
    Test Equipment Plug-Ins50966
    Test Equip. Power Amplifiers182016
    Test Equipment Software58284
    Test Equipment Waveguides25425
    Other Test Equip. Parts & Accs25414
   Other Test & Measurement40004
  -Thermal Management182017
   Component Heaters182018
   Component Hygro- & Thermostats182019
   Electronic Component Fans65489
   Heat Exchangers182020
   Heat Sinks66946
   Heat Sink Fan Assemblies182021
   Peltier Coolers182022
   Thermal Management Mounting182023
   Other Thermal Management182024
  Other Electrical & Test Equip.92078
  Wholesale Lots52534
 -Facility Maintenance & Safety11897Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266] Renamed from [Safety & Security]
  -Emergency & Safety Lights109612Combined into [Other Signs & Traffic Control-183904]
   Other Emergency Lights53149Combined into [Other Signs & Traffic Control-183904]
  -Access Control Equipment183810New Category
   Intercom Systems66972Moved from [Commercial Radios-25299]
   -Key Management Supplies183811New Category
    Keys & Key Blanks183812New Category
    Key Tags & Labels183814New Category
    Key Holders183815New Category
    Other Key Management Supplies183816New Category
   -Keyless Access Systems183817New Category
    RFID Cards & RFID Badges183818New Category
    RFID Readers & Writers36326Moved from [Alarm Systems & Accessories-53144]
    Other Keyless Access Supplies183819New Category
   Lock Boxes67029Moved from [Locks, Safes & Locksmith Gear-67028]
   -Locks183820New Category
    Combination Door Locks183821New Category
    Combination Padlocks183822New Category
    Cylinder Locks183823New Category
    Electromagnetic Locks183825New Category
    Keyed Padlocks183826New Category
    Locking Cables183827New Category
    Locksets183828New Category
    Other Locks67031Moved from [Locks, Safes & Locksmith Gear-67028] Renamed from [Other Locks & Locksmith Gear]
   -Locksmith Equipment183829New Category
    Key Cutters183830New Category
    Locksmithing Tools183831New Category
    Rekeying & Repinning Kits183832New Category
    Lock Parts183833New Category
    Training Locks183834New Category
    Other Locksmith Equipment183836New Category
   Safes11906Moved from [Locks, Safes & Locksmith Gear-67028]
   Other Access Control Equipment183837New Category
  -Facility Lighting183838New Category
   Lighting Ballasts & Starters66915New Category
   Bench, Machine & Work Lights65474New Category
   Light Bulbs & Lamps42883Moved from [Lighting & Lasers-42882] Renamed from [Bulbs]
   Industrial Lighting Fixtures26219Moved from [Lighting & Lasers-42882] Renamed from [Fixtures]
   Other Facility Lighting42884Moved from [Lighting & Lasers-42882] Renamed from [Other Industrial Lighting]
  -Facility Bathroom & Refuse183951New Category
   Air Fresheners109462Moved from [Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies-46534]
   -Bathroom Dispensers183839New Category
    Soap Dispensers66966Moved from [Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies-46534]
    Paper Towel Dispensers159695Moved from [Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies-46534]
    Toilet Paper Dispensers109789Moved from [Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies-46534]
    Other Bathroom Dispensers183840New Category
   Garbage & Smoking Receptacles66965Moved from [Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies-46534] Renamed from [Receptacles & Containers]
  -Facility Safety Equipment183841New Category
   Eyewash Stations183842New Category
   Anti-Fatigue Flooring & Mats183843New Category
   Anti-Slip Flooring & Mats183844New Category
   Other Facility Safety Equip183845New Category
  -Fire Protection Equipment57017Renamed from [Industrial Fire Protection]
   Fire Alarms57018
   Fire Extinguishers57019
   Fire Hoses57020
   Fire Sprinkler Heads57022Renamed from [Sprinkler Heads]
   Heat Detectors183847New Category
   Smoke Detectors57021Relocated within Parent (i)
   Other Fire Protection Equip11899Renamed from [Other Industrial Fire]
  -Locks, Safes & Locksmith Gear67028Combined into [Other Locksmith Equipment-183836]
   Locks53150Combined into [Other Locks-67031]
   Locksmith Equipment67030Combined into [Other Locksmith Equipment-183836]
  -Protective Gear11901Combined into [Other PPE-11900]
   Helmets & Hoods11904Combined into [Hard Hats & Bump Caps-183881]
  Radiation Detectors & Geigers53154Combined into [Radiation Detectors-58289]
  Safety Signage53288Combined into [Other Signs & Traffic Control-183904]
  Other Industrial Safety11896Combined into [Other Signs & Traffic Control-183904]
  -Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Supplies183848New Category
   Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Tags183849New Category
   Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Covers183850New Category
   Lockout/Tagout Centers & Kits183851New Category
   Other Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)183852New Category
  -Public Safety Staff Equipment183853New Category
   Firefighting Tools183854New Category
   Firetruck Accessories159699Moved from [Fire & Rescue-78223]
   Rescue Air Supplies159698Moved from [Fire & Rescue-78223] Renamed from [Air Supply]
   -Police & Turnout Gear183855New Category
    Decals & Patches109509Moved from [Fire & Rescue-78223]
    Police, Security & Fire Badges183856New Category
    Police & Security Bags & Packs159701Moved from [Police-109511] Renamed from [Bags & Pouches]
    Police & Security Belts109512Moved from [Police-109511] Renamed from [Duty Belts]
    Police & Security Handcuffs109514Moved from [Police-109511] Renamed from [Handcuffs]
    Police & Security Holsters109515Moved from [Police-109511] Renamed from [Holsters]
    Police & Turnout Gloves109513Moved from [Police-109511] Renamed from [Gloves]
    Turnout Coats183859New Category
    Turnout Hats & Helmets183860New Category
    Turnout Pants183861New Category
    Turnout Shoes & Boots183862New Category
    Other Police & Turnout Gear53294Moved from [Police-109511] Renamed from [Other Police Gear]
   -Public Safety Training Equip183863New Category
    Staff Training Books & Manuals183864New Category
    Staff Training Videos183865New Category
    Replica Training Devices183866New Category
    Other Training Materials183867New Category
   Other Public Safety Equipment36347Moved from [Government & Public Safety-53292] Renamed from [Other Gov't & Public Safety]
  -Surveillance & Alarm Equipment183868New Category
   -Alarm Systems & Accessories53144Moved from [Facility Maintenance & Safety-11897]
    Closed Circuit Cameras53146Renamed from [Cameras]
    Alarm Control Panels & Keypads53147Renamed from [Control Panels & Keypads]
    Motion Detectors57016
    Sirens, Bells & Alarm Speakers53148Renamed from [Sirens & Alarms]
    Alarm System Kits67015Renamed from [Systems]
    Other Alarm Parts & Accs53145Renamed from [Other Alarm Systems & Accs]
   Two-Way Radios46539Moved from [Commercial Radios-25299]
   -Two-Way Radio Parts & Accs53106Moved from [Commercial Radios-25299] Renamed from [Accessories]
    Two-Way Radio Antennas53107Renamed from [Antennas]
    Two-Way Radio Batteries119104Renamed from [Batteries]
    Two-Way Radio Cables & Cords183870New Category
    Two-Way Radio Fuses183871New Category
    Two-Way Radio Cases109465Renamed from [Cases]
    Two-Way Radio Chargers119107Renamed from [Chargers]
    Two-Way Radio Clips & Holsters109466Renamed from [Clips & Holsters]
    Two-Way Headsets & Earpieces109467Renamed from [Headsets]
    Two-Way Speakers & Microphones119110Renamed from [Speakers & Microphones]
    Other Two-Way Radio Accs183872New Category
    Other Commercial Radio Accs25300Combined into [Other Two-Way Radio Accs-183872]
   Commercial Pagers66971Moved from [Commercial Radios-25299]
   Portable & Worksite Radios183874New Category
   Other Facility Surveillance183875New Category
  -Personal Protective Equip/PPE183970New Category
   Work Boots & Shoes109674Moved from [Protective Gear-11901] Renamed from [Boots]
   Protective Suits & Coveralls53151Moved from [Protective Gear-11901] Renamed from [Coveralls & Suits]
   Safety Glasses & Goggles67019Moved from [Protective Gear-11901] Renamed from [Glasses & Goggles]
   Work Gloves67023Moved from [Protective Gear-11901] Renamed from [Gloves]
   -Ear Plugs & Ear Muffs183876New Category
    Ear Plugs53152Moved from [Protective Gear-11901] Renamed from [Hearing Protection]
    Ear Muffs183877New Category
    Ear Plug Dispensers183878New Category
   -Hard Hats & Face Shields183879New Category
    Hard Hats & Bump Caps183881New Category
    Hat Liners183882New Category
    Face Shields183883New Category
    Hat & Face Shield Parts & Accs183884New Category
   Protective Jackets183885New Category
   -Masks & Respirators67024Moved from [Protective Gear-11901]
    Disposable Filter Masks67025
    Respirator Masks67026Renamed from [Mask Replacement Cartridges]
    Mask Replacement Cartridges11905Renamed from [Respirator Masks]
    Other Masks & Respirators67027
   Protective Pants183886New Category
   Safety Harnesses53153Moved from [Protective Gear-11901]
   Safety Vests109677Moved from [Protective Gear-11901]
   Other PPE11900Moved from [Protective Gear-11901] Renamed from [Other MRO Protective Gear]
  -Traffic & Safety Signs, Lights183887New Category
   Exit Signs109613Moved from [Emergency & Safety Lights-109612]
   Flagging & Barrier Tapes183889New Category
   Mounting Hardware183890New Category
   Pipe Markers183893New Category
   Safety Cones, Posts & Barriers183894New Category
   Safety Labels & Tags183895New Category
   Sign Stands183896New Category
   Sign Stencils183897New Category
   Parking Lot Signs & Stencils183892New Category
   Safety Signs & Placards183898New Category
   Traffic Control Signs183899New Category
   Strobe & Beacon Lights109614Moved from [Emergency & Safety Lights-109612]
   Traffic Lights183901New Category
   Speed Bumps183903New Category
   Other Signs & Traffic Control183904New Category
 -Fasteners & Hardware183900New Category
  Screws & Bolts26217Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901] Renamed from [Screws]
  -Fastener Nuts183905New Category
   Acorn Nuts & Cap Nuts183906New Category
   Castle Nuts & Slotted Nuts183907New Category
   Hex Nuts183908New Category
   Keps Nuts & Washer Nuts183909New Category
   Square Nuts183910New Category
   Tee Nuts183911New Category
   Wing Nuts183912New Category
  Hardware Washers42904Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901] Renamed from [Washers]
  -Fastener Anchors183914New Category
   Drywall Anchors183915New Category
   Lag Shields183916New Category
   Spring Anchors183917New Category
   Toggle Bolts183918New Category
   Wedge & Sleeve Anchors183919New Category
  -Nails & Staples183920New Category
   Standard Nails183921New Category
   Nail Gun Nails183922New Category
   Staple Gun Staples183923New Category
  -Rivets183925New Category
   Blind & Drive Rivets183926New Category
   Push-In Rivets183927New Category
   Solid Rivets183928New Category
   Split Rivets183929New Category
   Tubular & Semi-Tubular Rivets183930New Category
  -Fastening Pins183931New Category
   Clevis Pins183932New Category
   Detent & Hitch Pins183933New Category
   Dowel Pins183934New Category
   Hairpin & Straight Cotter Pins183936New Category
   Spring Pins183937New Category
   Tab-Lock & Safety Pins183938New Category
   Taper Pins183939New Category
  Threaded Rods & Threaded Studs183940New Category
  -Standoffs & Spacers183941New Category
   Threaded Standoffs183942New Category
   Unthreaded Spacers183943New Category
   Standoff & Spacer Mixed Sets183944New Category
  Threaded Inserts183945New Category
  Retaining Rings183947New Category
  Hardware Springs183948New Category
  Magnets119111Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901]
  -Clamps, Ties & Cords183949New Category
   Hose & Cable Clamps183950New Category
   Cable Ties57007Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901]
   Shock Cords & Bungees109492Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901]
  Hardware Plates & Brackets109490Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901] Renamed from [Plates & Brackets]
  Other Fasteners & Hardware42905Moved from [Fasteners & Hardware-42901]
 -Fuel & Energy159693Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Alternative Fuel & Energy166663
   Biodiesel Equipment159694
   Hydrogen Power166664
   Solar Power166665
   Wind Power166666
   Other Alt Fuel & Energy166667
  -Oil & Gas57112
   Dispensers & Accessories71495
   Drilling Equipment36349
   Other Oil & Gas57114
  -Power & Utilities57115
   Belts, Straps & Harnesses36353
   Cable Tools & Supplies57116
   Climbing Spikes & Gaffs71496
   Gas & Water Meters57117
   Other Power & Utilities57118
  Other Fuel & Energy166668
 -Healthcare, Lab & Life Science11815Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Dental Equipment63991
   Air & Vacuum Systems63992
   Burs & Bur Blocks99996
   Dental Chairs & Stools63995
   Dental Delivery Units- Control71376
   Dental Imaging & X-Ray63996
   -Dental Lab106366
    Dental Lab Equipment71377
    Impression Materials106368
    Other Dental Lab Items106370
   Dental Supplies106371
   Other Dental Equipment31458
  Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment92036
  Imaging & Aesthetics Supplies97135
  -Lab Equipment26231
   Analytical Instruments26230
   Autoclaves & Sterilizers48722
   -Centrifuges & Parts109449
    Rotors & Parts109450
    Other Centrifuges & Parts109451
   Cleaning Equipment48723
   Furnishings & Facilities40115
   -Heating & Cooling48728
    Burners & Hotplates48729
    Environmental Chambers48730
    Freezers & Fridges48731
    Heating Mantles119116
    Laboratory Furnaces48732
    Laboratory Ovens119118
    Temperature Monitoring119119
    Water Baths & Chillers48733
    Other Lab Heating & Cooling26234
   Lab Lasers & Photonics109452
   -Lab Scales & Balances48724
    Digital Scales & Balances11814
    Mechanical & Beam Balances48726
    Weights & Calibration Sets48727
    Other Lab Scales & Balances48725
   Microscope Parts & Accessories11813
   Motion Control111542
   Power Supply111543
   Recorders & Plotters48734
   Other Lab Equipment26237
  -Lab Supplies26413
   Filtration Supplies26415
   Frames, Supports & Clamps26416
   Lab Chemicals104233
   Lab Glassware11812
   Lab Kits & Sets100014
   Lab Safety48742
   Slides & Covers26418
   Tubing, Valves & Fittings26419
   Other Lab Supplies26420
  -Medical Equipment11817
   Disinfection & Sterilization31459
   -Endoscopy & Laparoscopy99998
    Light Sources99999
    Parts & Accessories100000
    Shavers & Power Systems113732
    Video Endoscopes100001
    Other Endo- & Laparoscopy100002
    Beds, Stretchers & Tables11821
    Carts & Stands106433
    Chairs & Stools106434
    Other Medical Furniture106435
   General Medicine31462
   Home Care31463
   IV & Fluid Administration31464
   -Monitoring Systems100003
    Blood Pressure Monitors100004
    ECG & EKG Systems100005
    Patient Monitors100006
    Prenatal Heart Monitors117028
    Other Med Monitoring Systems100007
   Other Medical Equipment11816
  -Medical Instruments11823
   -Exam & Diagnostic104221
    Headlights & Lights104226
    Reflex Hammers104222
    Other Diagnostic Instruments104225
    Scissors & Needleholders104230
    Other Surgical Instruments104231
   Other Medical Instruments11822
  -Medical Specialties92073
   Alternative Medicine31457
   -Emergency & EMT100010
    AED - Defibrillators100011
    EMT Bags & Kits31461
    Stethoscope Covers159690
    Stretchers & Backboards159691
    Training & Manikins100012
    Other Emergency & EMT100013
   -Ophthalmology & Optometry71380
    Anatomical Models & Charts71381
    Autorefractors & Phoropters71382
    Chairs, Stands & Tables71383
    Lensmeters & Keratometers71384
    Optometry Equipment & Supplies100008
    Perimeters & Retinal Cameras71386
    Projectors & Charts71387
    Slit Lamps71388
    Other Ophth & Optometry31466
   Physical Therapy & Rehab31468
   Surgery & OR31469
   Other Medical Specialties159692
  -Medical Supplies & Disposables31473
   Teaching & Education Supplies31480
   Wound Care31478
   Other Medical Supplies31479
  Other Health & Life Science3179
  Wholesale Lots113736
 -Heavy Equipment177641Relocated within Parent (i)
  Backhoe Loaders95493
  Chemical & Petrochemical Equip26257
  Compactors & Rollers - Riding41492
  Crawler Dozers & Loaders97121
  Directional Drills73120
  Drilling & Tapping Machines12579
  EDM Machines25277
  Finishing Machines25279
  Grinding Machines12580
  Heating & Cooling Equipment45040
  Material Handling & Processing45042
  Metal Bending Machines42147
  Metalworking Lathes97230
  Milling Machines12584
  Pavers - Asphalt & Concrete73121
  Press Brakes41957
  Punch Presses31372
  Scissor & Boom Lifts97123
  Sheet Metal Shears41958
  Skid Steer Loaders95494
  Trenchers - Riding97125
  Utility Vehicles58178
  Wheel Loaders58161
  Wood Chippers & Stump Grinders63924
  Antique & Vintage Farm Equip177642
  Other Heavy Equipment177643
 -Heavy Equipment Attachments177647Relocated within Parent (i)
  Backhoe Attachments66926
  Bale Spears159682
  Box Blades & Snow Plows66876
  Buckets & Accessories50908
  Disc Harrows66887
  Grain Equipment26187
  Harvesting Equipment91954
  Hay Rakes66881
  Irrigation Equipment26189
  Manure Spreaders106365
  Material Handling Equipment26190
  Mowers & Mower Conditioners66880
  Mower Decks66877
  Post Hole Diggers109296
  Seeders & Spreaders66884
  Snow Blowers159683
  Antique & Vintage Implements46570
  Other Heavy Equip Attachments11752
 -Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs41489Relocated within Parent (i)
  Construction Equip Parts41490
  Farm Implement Parts48712
  -Forklift Parts & Accessories109504
   Batteries & Chargers109505
   Motors & Pumps109507
   Seats & Tires109508
   Other Forklift Parts & Accs56998
  -Manufacturing Equipment Parts25283
   Circuit Boards41941
   Digital Readouts41939
   Other Mfg Equipment Parts25290
  Metalworking Equipment Parts177644
  Tractor Parts121876
  Antique & Vintage Equip Parts160934
  Manuals & Books177645
  Antique & Vintage Manuals177646
  Other Heavy Equip Parts & Accs97126
 -HVAC42909Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266]
  -HVAC Units109477
   AC & Refrigeration Units42910Combined into [Other HVAC Units-184292]
   Heating Units26218Combined into [Other HVAC Units-184292]
   Central Air Conditioning Units183953New Category
   Central Heating Units184291New Category
   Freezer Units124612New Category
   Heat Pumps183954New Category
   Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers183955New Category
   Portable AC Units124616New Category
   Portable Heaters183956New Category
   Refrigeration Units183958New Category
   Other HVAC Units184292New Category
  -HVAC Parts53295
   HVAC Air Filters183959New Category
   Air Handlers124619New Category
   HVAC Compressors183960New Category
   HVAC Condensers183961New Category
   HVAC Controls53296Renamed from [Controls]
   HVAC Dampers183962New Category
   HVAC Damper Actuators183963New Category
   Ducting & Venting183964New Category
   HVAC Evaporators124621New Category
   HVAC Fans & Blowers53297Renamed from [Fans & Blowers]
   Heat Exchangers109484Relocated within Parent (i)
   Motors53299Combined into [Other HVAC Parts-42911]
   Pumps53300Combined into [Other HVAC Parts-42911]
   Refrigeration64007Combined into [Other HVAC Parts-42911]
   Filter-Driers183965New Category
   HVAC Sensors53301Renamed from [Sensors]
   Thermostats53302Relocated within Parent (i)
   Valves53303Combined into [Other HVAC Parts-42911]
   Other HVAC Parts42911Relocated within Parent (i)
  -HVAC Tools66996
   Ducting Crimpers183966New Category
   Ducting Installation Tools183967New Category
   HVAC Gauges66998Renamed from [Gauges]
   HVAC System Leak Detectors53298Renamed from [Leak Detectors]
   Refrigerant Recovery Units109488Renamed from [Recovery Units]
   Regrigerant Scales & Meters66997Renamed from [Electronic Charging Meters]
   Other HVAC Tools66999Relocated within Parent (i)
  HVAC Unit Leak Sealants183972New Category
  Refrigerant183973New Category
  -Water Heaters183974New Category
   Tanked Water Heaters183975New Category
   Tankless Water Heaters183976New Category
   Water Heater Parts & Accs183977New Category
  Other HVAC Supplies42912Renamed from [Other HVAC]
 -Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Pumps183978New Category
  -Air Compressors & Blowers183979New Category
   Pancake Air Compressors183981New Category
   Reciprocating Air Compressors36787New Category
   Rotary Screw Air Compressors124608New Category
   Scroll Air Compressors183982New Category
   Twin Stack Air Compressors183983New Category
   Compressed Air Tanks124607New Category
   Positive Displacement Blowers183984New Category
   Other Air Compressors41491Moved from [Light Equipment & Tools-61573] Renamed from [Air Compressors]
  Air Pressure Gauges183985New Category
  -Compressed Air Treatment183986New Category
   Air Line Lubricators183987New Category
   Air Pressure Regulators183988New Category
   Compressed Air Dryers183989New Category
   Compressed Air Filters183990New Category
   Condensate Drains183992New Category
   Filter Regulator Lubricators183993New Category
   Oil-Water Separators183994New Category
   Other Compressed Air Treatment183995New Category
  Faucet & Hydrant Repair Kits183996New Category
  -Fittings & Adapters183997New Category
   Floor Drains183998New Category
   Gas & Water Supply Connectors183999New Category
   Hose Bibbs & Sillcocks184000New Category
   -Pipe & Hose Fittings184001New Category
    Camlock Fittings184003New Category
    Compression Fittings184004New Category
    Crimp & Hose Barb Fittings184005New Category
    Push-to-Connect Fittings184006New Category
    Quick Couplers184007New Category
    Sanitary Fittings184008New Category
    Sweat Fittings184009New Category
    Threaded Fittings184010New Category
    Other Pipe & Hose Fittings184011New Category
   Pipe & Hose Adapters184012New Category
   Pipe Nipples184014New Category
   Other Fittings & Adapters184015New Category
  -Hydraulic & Air Cylinders184016New Category
   Compact Cylinders184017New Category
   Plunger Cylinders184018New Category
   Telescopic Cylinders184019New Category
   Tie-Rod Cylinders184020New Category
   Welded Cylinders184021New Category
   Single-Rod Air Cylinders184022New Category
   Double-Rod Air Cylinders184023New Category
   Rodless Air Cylinders184025New Category
   Rotary Air Cylinders184026New Category
   Other Cylinders184027New Category
  -Hydraulic Filters & Cartridges184028New Category
   Hydraulic Filters184029New Category
   Filter Cartridges & Elements184030New Category
   Hydraulic Filter Housings184031New Category
   Suction Strainers184032New Category
   Other Hydraulic Filter Accs184033New Category
  Hydraulic Fluid184034New Category
  Hydraulic Fluid Reservoirs184036New Category
  Hydraulic Motors166669Moved from [Hydraulics & Pneumatics-57008]
  -Pipes, Hoses & Tubing184037New Category
   Pipes42934Moved from [Plumbing-46546]
   Hoses & Tubing184038New Category
   Coolant Pipes184039New Category
   Flexible Metal Hoses184040New Category
   Other Pipes, Hoses & Tubing184041New Category
  -Pipe & Tubing Tools & Accs184042New Category
   Drain Cleaning Machines184043New Category
   Flaring Tools184044New Category
   PEX Crimping Tools184045New Category
   Pipe Benders104220Moved from [Light Equipment & Tools-61573] Renamed from [Pipe & Tubing Benders]
   Pipe Clamps, Hangers & Straps184047New Category
   Pipe Cutters184048New Category
   Pipe Threaders, Taps & Dies184049New Category
   Pipe Wrenches184050New Category
   Swaging Tools184051New Category
   Other Pipe/Tubing Tools & Accs184052New Category
  Pneumatic Mufflers & Silencers184053New Category
  Pneumatic & Air Motors184054New Category
  -Pump & Flow Controllers184055New Category
   Hydraulic Controllers184056New Category
   Pneumatic Controllers184058New Category
   Pump Controllers184059New Category
   -Flow Controllers & Meters184060New Category
    Mass Flow Controllers184061New Category
    Flow Meters67070Moved from [Gas & Fluid Control-67068]
    Flow Sensors65457New Category
  -Pumps & Pump Accessories184062New Category
   Boiler Feed Pumps184063New Category
   Booster Pumps184064New Category
   Centrifugal Pumps124635New Category
   Circulator Pumps184065New Category
   Deep Well & Borehole Pumps184066New Category
   -Drum, Coolant & Grease Pumps184067New Category
    Drum & Barrel Pumps184069New Category
    Coolant Pumps184070New Category
    Grease Pumps184071New Category
   Grinder & Shredder Pumps184072New Category
   Hydraulic Pumps11773Moved from [Pumps-42928] Renamed from [Hydraulic]
   Hydrostatic Test Pumps184073New Category
   Lubrication Pumps184074New Category
   Magnetic Drive Pumps184075New Category
   Metering & Dosing Pumps184076New Category
   Oil Transfer Pumps184077New Category
   Shallow Well & Jet Pumps184078New Category
   Slurry Pumps184081New Category
   -Sump, Trash & Utility Pumps184082New Category
    Pond & Fountain Pumps184083New Category
    Sump, Sewage & Effluent Pumps184084New Category
    Trash & Water Transfer Pumps184085New Category
    Utility Pumps184086New Category
   Turbine Pumps184087New Category
   -Vacuum Pumps184088New Category
    Bellows Pumps184089New Category
    Diaphragm Pumps124636New Category
    Diffusion Pumps184090New Category
    Liquid Ring Pumps184092New Category
    Lobe Pumps & Roots Blowers184093New Category
    Peristaltic Pumps184094New Category
    Piston Pumps184095New Category
    Progressive Cavity Pumps184096New Category
    Regenerative Blowers184097New Category
    Rotary Gear Pumps124638New Category
    Rotary Vane Pumps184098New Category
    Screw Pumps184099New Category
    Scroll Pumps184100New Category
    Turbomolecular Pumps184101New Category
    Vacuum Chambers184103New Category
    Other Vacuum Pumps46548Moved from [Pumps-42928] Renamed from [Vacuum]
   -Pump Parts & Accessories184104New Category
    Compression Packing184105New Category
    Pump Pressure Switches184106New Category
    Discharge Hoses184107New Category
    Pump Heads184108New Category
    Pump Shaft Seals184109New Category
    Pump Impellers184110New Category
    Other Pump Parts & Accessories57013Moved from [Pumps-42928] Renamed from [Pump Accessories & Parts]
   Other Pumps46547Moved from [Pumps-42928] Renamed from [Other Industrial Pumps]
  Rupture Discs184111New Category
  -Valves & Manifolds184112New Category
   Air Flow Control Valves184114New Category
   Air Pilot Valves184115New Category
   Backflow Preventers184116New Category
   Ball Valves184117New Category
   Butterfly Valves184118New Category
   Cartridge Valves184119New Category
   Check Valves184120New Category
   Diaphragm Valves184121New Category
   -Directional Control Valves184122New Category
    Selector Valves184123New Category
    Spool Valves184125New Category
    Stack Valves184126New Category
    Valve Subplates184127New Category
   Float Valves184128New Category
   Flow Dividers184129New Category
   Flush Valves184130New Category
   Gate Valves184131New Category
   Globe Valves184132New Category
   Mixing Valves184133New Category
   Needle Valves184134New Category
   Quick Exhaust Valves184136New Category
   Relief Valves184137New Category
   Sequence Valves184138New Category
   Shuttle Valves184139New Category
   Solenoid Valves124600New Category
   Stop Valves184140New Category
   Vacuum Breakers184141New Category
   Water Pressure Reducing Valves184142New Category
   -Manifolds184143New Category
    Hydraulic Manifolds184144New Category
    Pneumatic Manifolds & Bases184145New Category
    Radiant Heat & PEX Manifolds184147New Category
   Other Valves & Manifolds184148New Category
  Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics48718Moved from [Hydraulics & Pneumatics-57008]
 -Light Equipment & Tools61573Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Air Compressor Parts & Accs56990Combined into [Other Air Compressors-41491]
   Filters & Lubricators56991Combined into [Other Compressed Air Treatment-183995]
   Gauges56992Combined into [Air Pressure Gauges-183985]
   Pressure Switches & Valves56993Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   Regulators56994Combined into [Air Pressure Regulators-183988]
   Other Air Compressor Parts42875Combined into [Other Air Compressors-41491]
  -Air Tools46573Relocated within Parent (i)
   Air Nailers58152
   Air Tool Accessories46575
   Impact Wrenches73110
   Other Air Tools55809
  Breakers & Demolition Hammers104216Relocated within Parent (i)
  Compactors - Walk-Behind104215Relocated within Parent (i)
  Concrete Stamps, Forms & Mats55804Relocated within Parent (i)
  Concrete Vibrators25248Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Drills & Hammers42294Relocated within Parent (i)
   Bits, Chisels & Breaker Points66933
   Core Drills & Rigs50892
   Drill Presses66917
   Drills & Drivers46580
   Hammer Drills109293
   Right Angle Drills56966
   Rotary Hammer Drills63919
   Screw Guns46583
   Other Drills & Hammers180511
  -Drywall Tools73111Relocated within Parent (i)
   Drywall Lifts159679
   Pattern Guns & Hoppers73112
   Taping Tools46577
   Other Drywall Tools73114
  Generators106437Relocated within Parent (i)
  Generator Parts & Accessories42907Relocated within Parent (i)
  Grinders - Professional55811Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Hand Tools46576Relocated within Parent (i)
   Chalk Lines63913
   Concrete Tools56964
   Crescent Wrenches46579
   Hammers - Professional63914
   Knives & Cutters46578
   -Knockout & Punch Sets73115
    Punches & Dies73116
    Sets - Hydraulic73117
    Sets - Manual55810
    Other Knockout & Punch Sets73118
   Measuring Tapes & Tools63915
   Pipe Cutters63916
   Pipe Wrenches58154
   Propane Torches111477
   Screwdrivers - Professional63917
   Sockets & Socket Sets109565
   Wire Strippers & Crimpers109566
   Other Hand Tools42337
  Heat Guns109569Relocated within Parent (i)
  Heaters - Jobsite63938Relocated within Parent (i)
  Hoists63939Combined into [Other Cranes & Hoists-184199]
  Mixers - Concrete & Mortar50903Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Painting Equipment & Supplies46544Relocated within Parent (i)
   Brushes & Rollers109464
   Mixers & Stripers109503
   Paints, Powders & Coatings42927
   Other Painting Equipment46545
  -Pipe Threaders & Dies62094Combined into [Pipe Threaders, Taps & Dies-184049]
   Dies & Accessories104217Combined into [Pipe Threaders, Taps & Dies-184049]
   Pipe Threaders104218Combined into [Pipe Threaders, Taps & Dies-184049]
  Powder Actuated Tools71344Relocated within Parent (i)
  Routers46584Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Sanders32714Relocated within Parent (i)
   Handheld Sanders56969
   Floor Sanders56968
  -Saws46585Relocated within Parent (i)
   Circular Saws46586
   Concrete Cut-Off Saws104219
   Masonry & Tile Saws46588
   Miter Saws - Professional58158
   Reciprocating - Professional55812
   Other Light Industrial Saws42296
  Scaffolding55806Combined into [Modular Scaffolding Components-184234]
  -Stationary Engines58175Relocated within Parent (i)
   Manuals & Books63946
   Other Stationary Engines58177
  Tool Batteries & Chargers50896Relocated within Parent (i)
  Tool Combo Kits63918Relocated within Parent (i)
  Tooling Storage & Cabinets41953Relocated within Parent (i)
  Transfer Switches56995Relocated within Parent (i)
  Trenchers - Walk Behind61577Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Winches, Come Alongs & Straps66934Combined into [Hand Winches-184201]
   Lever Hoists & Come Alongs66937Combined into [Hand Winches-184201]
   Straps & Slings11767Combined into [Other Lifting Slings-184225]
   Winches66938Combined into [Electric Winches-184204]
   Other Pulling Equipment66939Combined into [Other Lifting Parts & Rigging-184226]
  Other Light Equipment & Tools61574Relocated within Parent (i)
 -Manufacturing & Metalworking11804Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Metalworking Tooling92084
   -Cutting Tools & Consumables25257
     Cut-Off Wheels58196
     Grinding Wheels25264
     Other Abrasives58198
    Carbide Inserts58211
    Ceramic Inserts58212
     Extra Length58215
     Jobber Length25259
     Screw Machine58217
     Solid Carbide58218
     Taper Shank Drills58219
     Mixed Lots58216
     Other Metalworking Drills159703
    End Mills25260
    Punches & Dies25296
    Saws & Blades58257
     Mixed Tap Sets58227
     Spiral Pointed25262
     Other Taps58229
    Tool Bits41933
    Other Metal Cutting Tools12578
   -Equipment Specific Tooling104234
    Automatics & Screw104235
    Drilling & Tapping104236
    Other Equip Specific Tooling104244
   -Inspection & Measurement12582
    CMM Machines & Comparators25271
    Gauge Blocks41934
    Inspection Gauges58235
    Magnetic Holders58240
    Surface Plates58247
    Other Inspection & Measurement12581
   -Manuals, Books & Plans41949
    Metal Cutting41950
    Metal Fabrication42148
    Other Metalworking Manuals25281
    Arbors & Adapters58250
    Boring Tool Holders58251
    BT Holders57024
    CAT Holders45018
    Drill Chucks41947
    Indexable Inserts41940
    Quick Change45019
    Other Toolholding25295
    Collet Chucks41946
    Fixtures & Plates109681
    Rotary Tables41943
    Other Workholding36345
   Other Metalworking Tooling633
   Wholesale Lots31486
  -Process Equipment45038
   Filtration Equipment159707
   -Gas & Fluid Control67068Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
    Fittings67069Combined into [Other Fittings & Adapters-184015]
    Pressure Control67071Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
    Valves45039Combined into [Other Valves & Manifolds-184148]
    Other Gas & Fluid Control67072Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   -Packaging & Labeling Equipment58575Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
    Sealers58576Combined into [Sealers & Sealing Machines-11808]
    Wrappers58577Combined into [Sealers & Sealing Machines-11808]
    Other Packaging Equipment45041Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
   -Plastics Equipment & Supplies36350
    -Auxiliary Process Equipment67065
     Plastic Granulators67067
     Plastic Welders & Sealers71420
     Other Aux Process Equipment36351
    Injection & Blow Molding45037
    Molds & Dies61791
    Other Plastics Equipment26258
   Process Mixers98119
   Other Process Equipment11809
  -Raw Materials182919
   -Metals & Alloys182920
    Metal & Alloy Angles182921
    Metal & Alloy Channels182922
    Metal & Alloy Discs182923
    Metal & Alloy Hex Rods182924
    Metal & Alloy Hex Tubes182925
    Metal & Alloy Round Rods182926
    Metal & Alloy Round Tubes182927
    Metal Sheets & Flat Stock182928
    Metal & Alloy Spheres182929
    Metal & Alloy Square Bars182930
    Metal & Alloy Square Tubes182931
    Metal Non-Electrical Wire182932
   -Plastics & Rubbers61792
    Plastic & Rubber Discs182955
    Plastic & Rubber Hex Rods182956
    Plastic & Rubber Hex Tubes182957
    Plastic & Rubber Round Rods182958
    Plastic & Rubber Round Tubes182959
    Plastic & Rubber Sheets182960
    Plastic & Rubber Spheres182961
    Plastic & Rubber Square Bars182962
    Plastic & Rubber Square Tubes182963
   -Carbon Fiber Raw Materials182933
    Carbon Fiber Round Tubes182934
    Carbon Fiber Square Tubes182935
    Carbon Fiber Sheets182936
   -Graphite Raw Materials182937
    Graphite Round Rods182938
    Graphite Square Bars182939
    Graphite Sheets182940
  -Semiconductor & PCB Equipment58290
   Burn-in Equipment58296
   Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies58291
   Inspection Equipment58292
   PCB Assembly Equipment58293
   -Semiconductor Manufacturing45043
    Test & Assembly45045
    Wafer Processing45044
    Other Semiconductor Mfg26260
   Tool & Machine Components58294
   Other Semiconductor & PCB58295
  -Textile & Apparel Equipment45033
   Cutting & Finishing Machines67223
   Embroidery Machines67224
   Machine Parts & Attachments45034
   Sewing Machines26256
   Other Textile & Apparel Equip45036
  -Welding & Soldering182941
    -Welders, Cutters & Torches182897
     MIG Welders124822
     MIG Guns & Torches67054
     TIG Welders124825
     TIG Torches67062
     Stick Welders182898
     Multiprocess Welders & Cutters182899
     Plasma Cutters166672
     Plasma Cutter Torches & Bodies182900
     Spot Welders182901
     Gas Welding Torches182902
     Gas Cutting Torches182903
     Gas Welding & Cutting Kits182904
    -Electrodes, Rods & Wires182905
     Tungsten Electrodes67063
     Welding Rods & Wires34097
     Plasma Cutter Electrodes182906
     Other Weld Materials182907
    -MIG, TIG & Stick Welding Accs182908
     Nozzles, Collets & Lenses171586
     Electrode Holders182909
     Electrode Drying Ovens182910
     Other MIG, TIG & Stick Accs182911
    -Plasma Cutting Accessories182912
     Plasma Cutter Tips & Nozzles171585
     Plasma Cutter Kits182913
     Cutter Guides & Stencils182914
    Welding Cables182915
    Welding Gas Cylinders124820
    Gas Regulators, Valves & Accs182916
    -Welding Protective Gear67044
     Welding Aprons58260
     Welding Gloves67045
     Welding Goggles67046
     Welding Helmets92090
     Welding Helmet & Goggle Lenses171584
     Welding Jackets67051
     Welding Sleeves182893
     Welding Screens182894
     Welding Blankets182895
     Welding Curtains182896
     Other Welding Protective Gear67052
    Welding Carts67053
    Welding Positioners182917
    Welding Books & Manuals182918
    Other Welding Equipment11774
   -Soldering & Desoldering182942
    Soldering Irons109556
    Soldering & Rework Stations182943
    Soldering Guns182944
    Soldering Iron Holders182945
    Soldering Tips109557
    Wire Tip Cleaners182946
    Solder Pots & Desolder Baths182947
    Soldering Fume Extractors182948
    -Solder & Soldering Consumables182949
     Desolder Braids/Solder Wicks182950
     Tinner & Cleaner Compounds182951
     Soldering Flux182952
     Other Soldering Consumables182953
    BGA Reballing Stations & Kits182954
    Other Solder & Desolder Accs57012
   Carving Tools & Chisels57125
   Clamps & Vises53237
   Drill Bits67240
   -Equipment & Machinery57120
    Boring Machines67228
    Drill Presses67226
    Planers - Professional67229
    Routers - Professional57122
    Sanders - Professional57123
    Saws - Professional57124
    Other Woodworking Equip11810
   Lumber & Veneer67236
   Manuals & Books67237
   Router Bits67243
   Other Woodworking42938
  Other Mfg & Metalworking92150
 -MRO & Industrial Supply1266Combined into [Other Business & Industrial-26261]
  -Commercial Radios25299Combined into [Other Two-Way Radio Accs-183872]
   Other Commercial Radios43010Combined into [Other Two-Way Radio Accs-183872]
  -Fasteners & Hardware42901Combined into [Other Fasteners & Hardware-42905]
   Bolts42902Combined into [Screws & Bolts-26217]
   Clamps & Anchors109489Combined into [Other Fasteners & Hardware-42905]
   Nails & Staples109493Combined into [Other Fasteners & Hardware-42905]
   Nuts42903Combined into [Hex Nuts-183908]
   Rivets109491Combined into [Other Fasteners & Hardware-42905]
  -Government & Public Safety53292Combined into [Other Public Safety Equipment-36347]
   -Fire & Rescue78223Combined into [Other Public Safety Equipment-36347]
    Firefighter Flashlights78224Combined into [Firefighting Tools-183854]
    Firefighter Packs & Bags78225Combined into [Police & Security Bags & Packs-159701]
    Training Materials159700Combined into [Other Training Materials-183867]
    Turnout Gear109510Combined into [Other Police & Turnout Gear-53294]
    Other Fire & Rescue Gear53293Combined into [Other Public Safety Equipment-36347]
   Police109511Combined into [Other Public Safety Equipment-36347]
   Traffic Control & Road Safety67225Combined into [Other Signs & Traffic Control-183904]
  -Hydraulics & Pneumatics57008Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   Hose & Reels57009Combined into [Other Pipes, Hoses & Tubing-184041]
   Hydraulic Cylinders167898Combined into [Other Cylinders-184027]
   Hydraulic Fittings57010Combined into [Other Fittings & Adapters-184015]
   Hydraulic Valves57011Combined into [Other Valves & Manifolds-184148]
   General Pneumatics50928Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   Pneumatic Cylinders67010Combined into [Other Cylinders-184027]
   Pneumatic Valves67011Combined into [Other Valves & Manifolds-184148]
  -Lighting & Lasers42882Combined into [Lab Lasers & Photonics-109452]
   Industrial Lasers53141Combined into [Lab Lasers & Photonics-109452]
  -Pumps & Plumbing109619Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   -Plumbing46546Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
    Fittings42933Combined into [Other Fittings & Adapters-184015]
    Tools53287Combined into [Other Pipe/Tubing Tools & Accs-184052]
    Valves42932Combined into [Other Valves & Manifolds-184148]
    Other Industrial Plumbing43016Combined into [Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics-48718]
   -Pumps42928Combined into [Other Pumps-46547]
    Pump Motors57014Combined into [Other Pump Parts & Accessories-57013]
    Submersible & Sump42931Combined into [Other Pump Parts & Accessories-57013]
    Water & Trash Pumps57015Combined into [Other Pumps-46547]
  Other MRO & Industrial Supply1267Combined into [Other Business & Industrial-26261]
 -Material Handling26221Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266]
  Carts & Trucks109538Combined into [Other Carts & Trucks-184160]
  Casters & Wheels56997Combined into [Plate Casters-184162]
  Conveyors42913Combined into [Other Conveyor Systems-184169]
  -Carts & Trucks184149New Category
   Platform & Wagon Trucks184150New Category
   Lift Trucks184151New Category
   Shelf Trucks & Utility Carts184152New Category
   Panel Trucks184153New Category
   Mail Carts184154New Category
   Furniture & Appliance Dollies184155New Category
   Drum Dollies184156New Category
   Drum Trucks & Hand Trucks65530New Category
   Tilt-Trucks & Hoppers184158New Category
   Tilt-Truck Lids184159New Category
   Other Carts & Trucks184160New Category
  -Casters & Wheels184161New Category
   Plate Casters184162New Category
   Stem Casters184163New Category
   Caster Wheels131207New Category
   Caster Accessories & Hardware184164New Category
  -Conveyors & Conveyor Parts184165New Category
   -Conveyor Systems184166New Category
    Belt Conveyors131199New Category
    Roller Conveyors131200New Category
    Skatewheel Conveyors184167New Category
    Other Conveyor Systems184169New Category
   -Conveyor Parts & Accessories184170New Category
    Conveyor Belts184290New Category
    Conveyor Motors184171New Category
    Conveyor Rollers184172New Category
    Other Conveyor Parts184173New Category
  -Warehouse Loading & Unloading184174New Category
   Dock Plates, Ramps & Boards184175New Category
   Dock Rails & Bumpers184176New Category
   Pallet Jacks & Trucks184177New Category
   Pallet Racks131249New Category
   Pallets57006Moved from [Shelving & Storage-57004] Renamed from [Pallets & Pallet Racking]
   Strip Doors184178New Category
   Dock Levelers184180New Category
   Forklifts65522New Category
   -Forklift Parts & Accessories184181New Category
    Forklift Forks184182New Category
    Forklift Batteries & Chargers184183New Category
    Forklift Motors184184New Category
    Forklift Pumps184185New Category
    Forklift Seats184186New Category
    Forklift Tires184187New Category
    Other Forklift Parts & Accs184188New Category
   Other Warehouse Loading Equip184189New Category
  -Hoists, Winches & Rigging109551Relocated within Parent (i)
   Hoists42916Combined into [Other Cranes & Hoists-184199]
   Rigging109552Combined into [Other Lifting Parts & Rigging-184226]
   Winches109553Combined into [Electric Winches-184204]
   -Cranes & Hoists184192New Category
    Bridge Cranes184193New Category
    Chain Hoists184194New Category
    Hoist Cranes184195New Category
    Lever Hoists184196New Category
    Rope Hoists184197New Category
    Stationary Boom & Jib Cranes184198New Category
    Other Cranes & Hoists184199New Category
   -Winches184200New Category
    Hand Winches184201New Category
    Hydraulic Winches184203New Category
    Electric Winches184204New Category
   -Lifting Machine Parts, Rigging184205New Category
    Lifting & Tow Chains184206New Category
    -Lifting Machine Hardware184207New Category
     Crane Trolleys184208New Category
     Hoist Rings184209New Category
     Lifting Hooks184210New Category
     Lifting Magnets184211New Category
     Lifting Pulleys & Sheaves184212New Category
     Lifting Rope & Cable Clips184214New Category
     Lifting Shackles184215New Category
     Lifting Thimbles184216New Category
     Lifting Turnbuckles184217New Category
    Lifting Machine Remotes184218New Category
    Lifting & Tow Ropes184219New Category
    -Lifting Slings184220New Category
     Basket Slings184221New Category
     Chain Slings184222New Category
     Round Slings184223New Category
     Other Lifting Slings184225New Category
    Other Lifting Parts & Rigging184226New Category
  Ladders, Scaffold, Platforms42914Combined into [Other Material Handling Supply-26224]
  -Packaging42917Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
   Bags109550Combined into [Other Packing & Shipping Bags-109698]
   Wrap, Paper & Tape42918Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
   Other Industrial Packaging43014Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
  -Ladders, Scaffold & Platforms184227New Category
   Attic & Loft Ladders184228New Category
   Cross-Over Ladders184229New Category
   Dock, Wall-Mnt & Tank Ladders184230New Category
   Folding & Step Ladders184231New Category
   Rolling Ladders & Scaffolds184232New Category
   Step-Stands & Stools131244New Category
   Straight & Extension Ladders184233New Category
   Modular Scaffolding Components184234New Category
   Work Stands & Platforms184236New Category
   Ladder Accessories184237New Category
   Ladder Parts184238New Category
  -Packaging & Shipping19273Moved from [Business & Industrial-12576] Renamed from [Packing & Shipping]
   -Bags109694Combined into [Other Packing & Shipping Bags-109698]
    Flat Poly Bags109696Combined into [Other Packing & Shipping Bags-109698]
   -Packing & Shipping Bags183971New Category
    Anti-Static Bags109695Moved from [Bags-109694]
    Drawstring Bags109697Moved from [Bags-109694] Renamed from [Merchandise Bags]
    Merchandise Bags118787New Category
    Open-Top Plastic Bags184239New Category
    Paper Bags184240New Category
    Poly Tubing184241New Category
    Reclosable & Zipper Bags86174Moved from [Bags-109694]
    Security Mailing Bags184242New Category
    Valve Bags184243New Category
    Other Packing & Shipping Bags109698Moved from [Bags-109694]
   -Filling & Sealing Machines184244New Category
    Carton Staplers184245New Category
    Packing Machines184247New Category
    Poly Bag Cutters & Sealers184248New Category
    Sealers & Sealing Machines11808Moved from [Packaging-42917] Renamed from [Sealers/Sealing Machines]
    Strapping Machines67007Moved from [Packaging-42917]
    Valve Bag Machines184250New Category
   -Shipping & Cushioning Supplies109699Renamed from [Cushioning Supplies]
    Bubble Cushioning Wrap109700
    Cold Packs184251New Category
    Cutters, Dispensers & Racks180003Relocated within Parent (i)
    Desiccant & Moisture Absorbers180006Moved from [Packaging & Shipping-19273] Renamed from [Desiccant, Moisture Absorber]
    Edge Protectors180004Relocated within Parent (i)
    Foam Wrap109704Relocated within Parent (i)
    Moving Blankets & Moving Pads180005Renamed from [Moving Blankets & Pads]
    Packing Paper72359Relocated within Parent (i)
    Packing Peanuts109734Relocated within Parent (i)
    Tissue Paper86175Relocated within Parent (i)
    Other Cushioning Supplies109705Relocated within Parent (i)
   Envelopes106438Combined into [Other Envelopes & Mailers-184267]
   Labels & Tags148449Combined into [Other Shipping Labels & Tags-184275]
   -Envelopes & Mailers184252New Category
    -Postal Envelopes184253New Category
     Plain Envelopes184254New Category
     Window Envelopes184255New Category
     Privacy Envelopes184256New Category
    Padded Envelopes184258New Category
    Catalog Envelopes184259New Category
    Envelope Bags184260New Category
    -Specialty Mailers184261New Category
     CD/DVD Mailers184262New Category
     Book Mailers184263New Category
     Insulated Mailing Cartons184264New Category
     Laboratory Sample Envelopes184265New Category
     Wooden Cartons & Crates184266New Category
    Packing List Envelopes118810New Category
    Mailing Tubes116673Moved from [Packaging & Shipping-19273] Renamed from [Tubes]
    Other Envelopes & Mailers184267New Category
   -Shipping Labels & Tags184269New Category
    Damage Indicator Labels184270New Category
    Shipping Labels184271New Category
    Shipping Tags184272New Category
    Label Applicators78226Moved from [Packaging & Labeling Equipment-58575] Renamed from [Labelers]
    Label Holders184273New Category
    Label Printers184274New Category
    Other Shipping Labels & Tags184275New Category
   Letter Folders58263Relocated within Parent (i)
   Mailers111650Combined into [Other Envelopes & Mailers-184267]
   -Packing Tapes & Sealants109735Renamed from [Packing Tape & Dispensers]
    Carton Sealing Tapes19276Renamed from [Carton Sealing]
    Paper & Reinforced Tapes109736Renamed from [Paper & Reinforced]
    Carton Strapping109737Renamed from [Strapping]
    Strapping Hardware184276New Category
    Packing Tape Dispensers109738Relocated within Parent (i)
    Other Packing Tapes109739Renamed from [Other Packing Tape]
   Postage Meters184277New Category
   Postage Meter Supplies180007Relocated within Parent (i)
   Shipping & Moving Boxes109740Relocated within Parent (i)
   Shipping & Postal Scales109749Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
   -Shipping & Postal Scales184279New Category
    Tabletop Scales184280New Category
    Pallet Truck Scales184281New Category
    Floor Scales184282New Category
   Shrink Wrap50955Relocated within Parent (i)
   Other Packaging & Shipping1290Renamed from [Other Packing & Shipping]
  -Shelving & Storage57004Relocated within Parent (i)
   Bins & Cabinets57005
   Storage Containers56996Combined into [Other Packaging & Shipping-1290]
   Storage Bags184283New Category
   Storage Bottles, Drums & Pails180002Moved from [Packaging & Shipping-19273] Renamed from [Bottles, Drums, & Pails]
   Storage Containers184284New Category
   Shelving Units184285New Category
   Shelving Parts & Accessories184286New Category
   Storage Racks184287New Category
   Other Industrial Storage26223Renamed from [Other MRO Shelving & Storage]
  Shipping Containers92079Relocated within Parent (i)
  Manuals & Books26220Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266]
  Other Material Handling Supply26224Renamed from [Other MRO Material Handling]
  Wholesale Lots31485Moved from [MRO & Industrial Supply-1266]
 -Office25298Relocated within Parent (i)
  Microfilm & Microfiche61673
  -Office Equipment50203
    Cleaning Kits67073
    Parts & Accessories67075
    Refill Kits67076
    Other Copiers & Copier Equip67074
   -Dictation & Stenography62034
    Dictation Machines62042
    Dictation Accessories62045
    Other Dictation & Stenography62036
   -Fax Machines25307
    Fax Machines3298
    Fax Toner29796
    Other Fax Machines & Equipment117521
   -Label Making25347
    Label Makers25348
    Label Maker Supplies58261
    Other Label Making58262
    Other Laminating61773
    Confetti Paper Shredders67096
    Cross Cut Paper Shredders3304
    Strip Cut Shredders109763
    Other Shredders67097
   -Time Clocks117525
    Time Clocks117533
    Time Clock Supplies117526
    Other Time Clocks & Supplies25325
   Typewriters & Word Processors25326
   Other Office Equipment159711
  -Office Furniture11828
   Computer Furniture11831
   Cubicles & Systems Furniture61681
   Desks & Tables11832
   Filing Cabinets3299
   Other Office Furniture3300
  -Office Supplies58271
   -Bulk Blank Media11162
    Blank Tapes11165
    CD-R Disks21890
    CD-RW Disks21891
    Cleaning Kits44927
    DVD-R Disks11163
    DVD+R Disks61633
    DVD+RW Disks67083
    -DVD & CD Packaging61634
     Jewel Cases61640
     DVD Boxes61644
     Paper Sleeves41799
     Poly Cases109717
     Other Office DVD/CD Packaging41798
    Floppy Disks11164
    Other Office Bulk Blank Media11166
   -Calendars & Planners61774
    Planners & Organizers3295
    Other Calendars & Planners159709
   -Desk Accessories25337
    Business Card Holders25338
    Copy & Document Holders61753
    Correction Fluid & Tape127535
    Desk & Drawer Organizers25339
    Desk Sets25340
    Pencil Sharpeners25341
    Rolodex & Business Card Files61754
    Stamps & Daters25342
    Sticky Notes117014
    Tape Dispensers117534
    Other Office Desk Accessories3297
   -Filing, Storage & Binding25344
    Binders & Supplies25345
    Binding Covers & Spines61755
    Binding Machines61756
    Files & Supplies25346
    Other Office Filing & Binding11834
    Address & Shipping Labels117008
    CD, DVD & Disk Labels44931
    Inkjet Labels117009
    Laser Labels117010
    Return Address Labels117012
    Thermal Labels117013
    Other Office Labels20163
   -Paper Products20160
    Cards & Card Stock20161
    Copier, Printer & Fax Paper61769
    Forms & Record Keeping25350
    Note Pads20164
    Plotter Paper92153
    Other Office Paper Products3305
   -Pens & Pencils25351
    Ballpoint Pens61779
    Calligraphy & Fountain Pens61778
    Fine Pens & Pencils61784
    Rollerball Pens25352
    Other Office Pens & Pencils11835
   Other Office Supplies159710
  -Presentation, A/V & Projectors25319
   Dry Erase Boards61770
   Laser Pointers3301
   Microphones & Speakers25320
   Overhead Projectors67094
   Projector Bulbs58270
   Transparency Film159708
   Other Presentation Equipment3307
  -Telecom Systems11907
   Business Phone Sets & Handsets11909
   Conference Equipment61834
   Music On Hold, MOH99268
   Phone Switching Systems, PBXs11908
   Voicemail, Voice Processing51278
   Other Telecom Systems51279
  -Trade Show Displays3241
   Banner Systems & Signage71484
   Pop-Up & Booth Displays3242
   Tabletop & Portable Displays71485
   -Trade Show Display Accessories71486
    Literature Stands & Racks71487
    Trade Show Counters & Tables71488
    Tradeshow Booth Lighting71489
    Travel & Carrying Cases71490
    Other Trade Show Display Accs55851
   Other Trade Show Displays1304
  Wholesale Lots67111
  Other Office302
 -Printing & Graphic Arts26238Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Bindery & Finishing Equipment26240
   Binders & Stitchers26243
   Collators & Bookletmakers57045
   Numbering Machines57050
   Paper Cutters & Trimmers57049
   Paper Drills & Punches57051
   Paper Joggers26242
   Other Bindery & Finishing26244
  -Commercial Printing Essentials97232
   Books & Manuals97234
   Letter Presses & Die Cutters26251
   Parts, Feeders & Attachments46696
   Other Commercial Print Accs97233
  -Commercial Printing Presses26247
   Sheet-fed Offset Presses26249
   Web-fed Offset Presses73155
   Other Printing Presses46697
  Direct Mail Equipment46698
  -Ink, Plates & Film46694
   Inks & Coatings92151
   Other Ink, Plates & Film46695
  -Plotters, Wide Format Printing46722
   Cutters- Wide Format26245
   Printers- Wide Format46724
   Other Wide Format Printing46723
  PrePress Equipment57058
  -Printing & Graphic Essentials46727
   Books & Manuals46728
   Color Guides & Pantone46730
   Duplicator Supplies117513
   General Accessories46733
   Software & Clipart26254
   Type, Cuts & Printing Blocks46735
   Other Printing & Graphic Accs46734
  -Screen & Specialty Printing46743
   -Heat Transfer57064
    Iron on Paper26253
    Other Heat Transfer Printing57066
   Pad Printing46746
   Screen Printing46736
   Stamping & Embossing57063
   Other Specialty Printing46747
  -Sign Making Supplies46739
   Magnetic Sheets & Supplies117514
   Sign Lettering46740
   Vinyl & Sign Film46741
   Other Sign Making Supplies46742
  Other Printing & Graphic Arts3180
 -Restaurant & Catering11874Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Bar & Beverage Equipment25362
   Bar Supplies11875
   Blenders, Mixers & Juicers67121
   -Coffee, Cocoa & Tea Equipment53185
    Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate64016
    Coffee Brewers & Warmers67134
    Coffee Containers67128
    Coffee Roasters57070
    Espresso Machines53187
    Espresso Supplies53304
    Tea Equipment53188
    Other Commercial Coffee Equip53306
   Coolers & Glass Frosters67118
   -Draft Beer Dispensing57071
    Couplers, Hoses & Fittings67139
    Draft Beer Towers & Faucets67135
    Drip & Drain Pans67136
    Empty Kegs67137
    Keg Pumps67138
    Systems & Conversion Kits53189
    Tap Handles67140
    Other Draft Beer Dispensing67141
   Fountains & Soda Dispensing57068
   Frozen Drink & Slush Machines25365
   Kegerator, Direct Draw Coolers67119
   Water Filtration57069
   Other Bar & Beverage Equipment11876
  -Commercial Kitchen Equipment25367
   -Baking & Dough Equipment95072
    Bakery Racks95093
    Donut Machines95085
    Dough Mixers184288New Category
    Dough Proofers & Warmers95086Relocated within Parent (i)
    Dough Rollers & Cutters95087Relocated within Parent (i)
    Pans95092Relocated within Parent (i)
    Other Commercial Baking Equip95073Relocated within Parent (i)
   -Cleaning & Warewashing57106
    Grease Traps57108
     1-Compartment Sinks67194
     2-Compartment Sinks67195
     3-Compartment Sinks67196
     Other Commercial Sinks57109
    Waste Disposal57110
    Other Commercial Dishwashing53230
   -Cooking & Warming Equipment53220
    Grills, Griddles & Broilers53216
    Outdoor Barbecue & Smokers67155
    -Ovens & Ranges53217
     Bakery Ovens95084
     Commercial Microwave Ovens57080
     Convection Ovens53218
     Deck & Conveyor Ovens57079
     Pizza Ovens25369
     Rotisserie Ovens57081
     Other Commercial Ovens53219
    Sandwich & Panini Grills57083
    Soup & Steam Kettles57084
    Steamers & Steam Cooking67156
    Waffle Irons & Crepe Machines57086
    Parts & Accessories40116
    Other Commercial Warming Equip25370
   -Cookware & Kitchen Tools25357
    Foil & Wrap57101
    Knife Stones & Sharpeners57087
    Other Commercial Cookware25359
   -Food Preparation Equipment95078
    Can Openers57099
    Choppers & Cutters67164
    Food Processors36346
    -Meat Grinders & Butcher Supply95074
     Meat Grinders25372
     Meat Tenderizers57088
     Sausage Stuffers95075
     Other Commercial Butcher Equip95077
    Mixer Accessories53221
    -Prep Tables111517
     Pizza Preparation95081
     Work Tables55840
     Other Commercial Prep Tables111518
    Stick Blenders53222
    Other Commercial Food Prep95083
   Hood Systems, Fire Suppression57082
   -Storage & Handling Equipment57100
    Food Storage Containers57102
    Heating & Holding Cabinets67148
    Pizza Delivery Bags95079
    Shelving & Racks71419
    Other Storage & Handling Equip57104
   Vintage Equipment167899
   Other Comm Kitchen Equipment92301
  -Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts67145Renamed from [Concession Trailers & Carts]
   Carts, Stands & Kiosks67146
   Concession Trailers46590
   Food Trucks184249New Category
   Food Truck Parts & Accs183952New Category
   Other Concession Stands67147Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Furniture, Signs & Décor57093
   Chairs & Seating67172
   Decorations & Décor57098
   Display Cases109371
   Menu Boards166673
   Sign Holders166674
   Vintage Signs & Décor167900
   Other Restaurant Décor57096
  -Refrigeration & Ice Machines25375
   Coolers & Refrigerators53225
   Ice Cream Machines67167
   Ice Machines67171
   Other Restaurant Refrigeration53226
  -Tabletop & Serving25381
   -Serving, Buffet & Catering55835
    Buffet Tables & Salad Bars55836
    Chafers & Accessories55837
    Insulated Food Containers55838
    Other Buffet Equipment25356
    Tabletop Accessories25387
    Other Buffet Table Supplies25388
   Other Tabletop & Serving25384
  -Uniforms & Aprons50935
   Chef Coats50937
   Chef Pants121274
   Other Restaurant Uniforms11885
  -Vending & Tabletop Concessions25389
   ATM Machines55845
   -Beverage & Snack Vending67177
    Cold Beverage & Soda Machines25390
    Hot Beverage Machines67178
    Snack & Beverage Combo67179
    Snack & Food Machines11888
    Parts & Accessories50940
    Other Beverage & Snack Vending159705
   -Candy & Bulk Vending67184
    Candy & Bulk Vending Machines50939
    Other Candy & Bulk Vending67186
   Change Machines67183
   Medicine & Condom Vending67187
   -Tabletop Concession Machines46589
    Concession Condiment Systems67142
    Cotton Candy67143
    Hot Dogs46591
    Snow Cones & Shaved Ice67144
    Other Tabletop Concession25366
   Vintage Equipment167901
   Other Vending & Concessions25391
  Other Restaurant & Catering1271
  -Wholesale Lots55841
   Bulk Food55842
   Restaurant Supplies55843
   Retail Supplies52533
   Tabletop & Dinnerware55844
   Other Restaurant Lots31487
 -Retail & Services11890Relocated within Parent (i)
  Business Signs166675
  -Dry Cleaning & Laundromat73175
   Coin-op Washers & Dryers55852
   Dry Cleaning Equipment73177
   Other Dry Cleaning & Coin-Op73178
  -Jewelry Packaging & Display67694
   Carrying Cases164369
   -Cases & Displays67697
    Necklace & Pendant67700
    Other Retail Jewelry Displays67703
   Gift Boxes67696
   Jars & Containers67704
   Tags, Price Tags164371
   Other Retail Jewelry Packaging495
  -Labeling & Tagging Supplies109415
   Barbs & Hooks109417
   Price & Label Guns109421
   Tag Guns109422
   Other Retail Labeling27172
  -Mannequins & Dress Forms50941
   Dress Forms50945
   Full-Body Mannequins50949
   Partial-Body & Mannequin Parts50950
   Other Mannequins & Dress Forms50951
  -Point of Sale Equipment71465
   Barcode Scanners46706
   Card Encoders & Readers71478
   Cash Drawers & Inserts46708
   Cash Registers11891
   Check Readers71476
   -Complete PC-Based Systems104246
    Restaurant Systems46594
    Retail Systems71470
    Other POS PC-Based Systems71477
   Credit Card Imprinters46714
   Credit Card Terminals, Readers11892
   -Money Handling & Counting71466
    Bill & Cash Counting71467
    Coin & Change Sorting46707
    Counterfeit Detection71468
    Other Money Handling71469
   Pin Pads & Keyboards46710
   Pole Displays46709
   -Printers, Ribbon & Paper121275
    Ribbons & Paper71472
    Other POS Printer Equipment121276
   POS Scales71475
   POS Software46711
   Other Point of Sale Equipment71474
  -Racks & Fixtures109430
   Card & Literature Stands121277
   Clothing Racks109431
   Display Cases11893
   Hat Stands109432
   Pegboards & Hooks109433
   Sign Holders121278
   Spinners & Carousels109434
   Other Retail Racks & Fixtures11894
  -Security & Surveillance71479
   Camera & Video Systems46974
   EAS, Tag-based Systems71480
   Locking Devices & Alarms71481
   Other Retail Security71482
  Shopping Carts & Baskets71483
  Other Retail & Services46701
 -Websites & Businesses for Sale11759Relocated within Parent (i)
  Internet Businesses & Websites46689
  Patents & Trademarks50973
  Retail & General Stores11761
  Service Businesses11762
  Vending & Coin-op46691
  Wholesale Trade & Distribution11764
  Other Businesses for Sale2992
 Other Business & Industrial26261Relocated within Parent (i)


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