Category Changes: Business & Industrial

June 2015 : Business & Industrial

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Business & Industrial12576 
 -Agriculture & Forestry11748 
  -Forestry Equipment & Supplies61787 
    Supplies & Tools57111 
    Other Forestry Equipment61790Renamed from [Other]
   GPS & Guidance Equipment159685 
  -Livestock Supplies46526 
    Animal Feed113991 
    Animal Health & Veterinary53059 
    Cattle - Beef46531 
    Cattle - Dairy46528 
    Sheep & Goat56976 
    Other Livestock Supplies11751Renamed from [Other]
   Other Agriculture & Forestry1269Renamed from [Other]
   Wholesale Lots45013 
  -Building Materials & Supplies41498 
   -Contractor Guides42300 
     Concrete & Masonry66941 
     Construction Estimating66942 
     Electrical Training & Codes66943 
     Excavation, Grading, Site Prep73127 
     General Contracting42303 
     Other Contractor Guides25255Renamed from [Other]
    Ducts & Vents111471 
   -Doors & Fixtures63890 
     Locks & Locksets63891 
     Openers & Closers63892 
     Other Doors & Fixtures63893Renamed from [Other]
    Fasteners & Connectors41500 
    Lights & Lighting58145 
    Lumber & Millwork58148 
    Marble, Tile, Stone46572 
     Faucets, Taps63897 
     Pipe Fittings63900 
     Other Plumbing63905Renamed from [Other]
    Sealant & Adhesives66914 
    Signs - Construction63895 
    Windows & Glass41501 
    Other Building Materials26197Renamed from [Other]
   Buildings, Modular & Pre-Fab55805 
  -Levels & Surveying Equipment42297 
   -Levels & Autolevels63940 
     Automatic Levels63941 
     Rotary Lasers63942 
     Torpedo Levels & Lasers42298 
     Other Levels & Autolevels63943Renamed from [Other]
    Total Stations & Accessories55808 
    Transits & Theodolites55807 
    Tripods & Grade Rods42299 
    Other Surveying Equipment26204Renamed from [Other]
   Mining Equipment92152 
  -Protective Gear63908 
    Hard Hats63909 
    Work Gloves63910 
    Work Jackets42292 
    Work Pants & Coveralls63911 
    Other Protective Gear63912Renamed from [Other]
  -Vintage Construction116996 
    Machine Parts & Tools116997 
    Manuals & Brochures116998 
    Other Vintage Construction99995Renamed from [Other]
   Other Construction1268Renamed from [Other]
   Wholesale Lots56139 
 -Electrical & Test Equipment92074 
  +Circuit Breakers, Transformers92075 
  -Connectors, Switches & Wire100016 
   +Conduit & Fittings117489 
   -Connectors, Plugs & Sockets48715 
     Receptacles & Outlets53112 
     Terminal Blocks48717 
     Other Connectors & Plugs7285Renamed from [Other]
    +Disconnect Switches66981 
     Other Electrical Switches58169Renamed from [Other]
   -Wire & Cable73136 
     Hookup & Lead73139 
     Wire Connectors73140Combined into [Connectors-109438]
     Other Wire & Cable26213Renamed from [Other]
    Other Connectors & Switches100181Renamed from [Other]
  -Electrical Equipment & Tools100182 
    Books and Manuals100183 
    Boxes & Enclosures42886 
    Electrical Meters66991 
    Electrical Panels & Boards55824 
   -Electrical Tools66984 
     Cable Cutters111613 
     Cable Pullers66986 
     Electrical Tool Kits42889 
     Electrical Pliers111614 
     Other Electrical Tools66990Renamed from [Other]
   -Fuses & Accessories66992 
     Fuse Blocks & Holders66993 
     Other Fuse Accessories66994Renamed from [Other]
    Phase Converters41952 
    Universal Power Supplies/ UPS66995 
    Other Electrical Equip & Tools100184Renamed from [Other]
  -Electronic Components4659 
   -Assemblies & EM Devices36322 
     Batteries & Power Supplies36323 
     Input Devices36326 
     Other Assemblies & EM Devices4661Renamed from [Other]
    Books and Manuals41519 
    Electronic Component Tools73154 
    ICs & Processors4663 
   -Passive Components36333 
     Crystals & Oscillators7286 
     Fuses & Circuit Protection26205 
     Inductors, Coils & Filters7288 
     Metal Oxide Varistors73144 
     Pots, Trimmers & Thermistors58164 
     Resistors & Resistive Products4664 
     Other Passive Components36338Renamed from [Other]
   -Semiconductors & Actives36330 
     Analog Semiconductors36331 
     Buzzers & Speakers58162 
     LCDs & Displays26206 
     Other Semiconductors & Actives36332Renamed from [Other]
    Tubes & Acoustics58174 
    Voltage Regulators117000 
    Other Electronic Components4660Renamed from [Other]
  -Industrial Automation, Control42892 
    Control Systems and PLCs97184 
   -Drives & Motion Control78186 
     Air Actuators & Cylinders78187 
    -Drives & Amplifiers78188 
      AC Drives42894 
      DC Drives78190 
      Servo Drives78191 
      Variable Frequency78192 
      Other Industrial Drives78193Renamed from [Other]
     Linear Actuators55826 
    -Motor Controls71392 
      Speed Controls71393 
      Stepper Controls & Drives71394 
      Other Industrial Motor Control71395Renamed from [Other]
     Motors for Automation78197 
    Fieldbus, DeviceNet & Ethernet67004 
     Other Ind. Instrumentation78183Renamed from [Other]
    Operator Interface Panels55827 
   +Power Supply, Circuit Breakers78198 
   +Relays, Timers & Counters78202 
    Switches for Automation55834 
    Temperature Controllers50926 
    Valves and Flow Controls87087 
    Wiring for Automation67000 
    Other Industrial Automation42899Renamed from [Other]
  +Motors & Transmissions26225 
  -Test Equipment4676 
    Broadcast Measurement50953 
    Card Based (VXI/PXI/PCI)58272 
    Cellular Test Equipment97136 
    Counters & Timers25401 
   +Data Acquisition & Recorders36314 
   -Datacom & Telecom Measurement97137 
     Butt Sets97138 
     Cable Testers97139 
     Call & Tone Analyzers97140 
     LAN/WAN Analyzers97146 
     TDR/OTDR Testers97142 
     Other Data/Telecom Measurement97143Renamed from [Other]
   -Electrical Power Measurement50960 
     Clamp Meters50961 
     Electrical Power Analyzers50962 
     Electrical Power Meters50963 
     Other Elec Power Measurement50964Renamed from [Other]
    Frequency Power Meters25413 
    Gas Testers50965 
    Impedance & LCR (QZ) Meters25421Renamed from [Impedance & LCR (QZ) Meters]
   +Logic Analyzers97231 
    Manuals & Books25409 
     Amp & Voltmeters25411 
     Capacitance Meters73160 
     Flow Meters73161 
     Light & Lux Meters73162 
     Panel Meters58278 
     Power Meters73164 
     Other Testing Meters4678Renamed from [Other]
   +Network Analyzers97658 
    Optical Test Equipment73165 
   -Parts, Accessories & Plug-Ins36315 
     Power Splitters73169 
     Soldering Tools48745 
     Other Test Equip Parts & Accs25414Renamed from [Other]
   +Power Supplies50967 
    Radiation Testers58289 
    Satellite and Radar Test73172 
   -Signal Sources & Generators97659 
     Other Test Signal Generators97200Renamed from [Other]
    Sound & Audio Measurement25423 
   +Spectrum Analyzers97201 
    Television Test Equipment73173 
    Time Test Equipment73174 
    Tube Testers170062 
    Other Test Equipment1504Renamed from [Other]
   Other Electrical & Test Equip92078Renamed from [Other]
   Wholesale Lots52534 
 -Fuel & Energy159693 
  -Alternative Fuel & Energy166663 
    Biodiesel Equipment159694 
    Hydrogen Power166664 
    Solar Power166665 
    Wind Power166666 
    Other Alt Fuel & Energy166667Renamed from [Other]
  -Oil & Gas57112 
    Dispensers & Accessories71495 
    Drilling Equipment36349 
    Other Oil & Gas57114Renamed from [Other]
  -Power & Utilities57115 
    Belts, Straps & Harnesses36353 
    Cable Tools & Supplies57116 
    Climbing Spikes & Gaffs71496 
    Gas & Water Meters57117 
    Other Power & Utilities57118Renamed from [Other]
   Other Fuel & Energy166668Renamed from [Other]
 -Healthcare, Lab & Life Science11815 
  -Dental Equipment63991Renamed from [Dental]
    Air & Vacuum Systems63992 
    Burs & Bur Blocks99996 
    Dental Chairs & Stools63995 
    Dental Delivery Units- Control71376 
    Dental Imaging & X-Ray63996 
   -Dental Lab106366 
     Dental Lab Equipment71377 
     Impression Materials106368 
     Other Dental Lab Items106370Renamed from [Other]
    Dental Supplies106371 
    Other Dental Equipment31458Renamed from [Other]
   Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment92036 
   Imaging & Aesthetics Supplies97135 
  -Lab Equipment26231 
    Analytical Instruments26230 
    Autoclaves & Sterilizers48722 
   -Centrifuges & Parts109449 
     Rotors & Parts109450 
     Other Centrifuges & Parts109451Renamed from [Other]
    Cleaning Equipment48723 
    Furnishings & Facilities40115 
   -Heating & Cooling48728 
     Burners & Hotplates48729 
     Environmental Chambers48730 
     Freezers & Fridges48731 
     Heating Mantles119116 
     Laboratory Furnaces48732 
     Laboratory Ovens119118 
     Temperature Monitoring119119 
     Water Baths & Chillers48733 
     Other Lab Heating & Cooling26234Renamed from [Other]
    Lab Lasers & Photonics109452 
   -Lab Scales & Balances48724 
     Digital Scales & Balances11814 
     Mechanical & Beam Balances48726 
     Weights & Calibration Sets48727 
     Other Lab Scales & Balances48725Renamed from [Other]
    Microscope Parts & Accessories11813 
    Motion Control111542 
    Power Supply111543 
    Recorders & Plotters48734 
    Other Lab Equipment26237Renamed from [Other]
  -Lab Supplies26413 
    Filtration Supplies26415 
    Frames, Supports & Clamps26416 
    Lab Chemicals104233 
    Lab Glassware11812 
    Lab Kits & Sets100014 
    Lab Safety48742 
    Slides & Covers26418 
    Tubing, Valves & Fittings26419 
    Other Lab Supplies26420Renamed from [Other]
  -Medical Equipment11817 
    Disinfection & Sterilization31459 
   -Endoscopy & Laparoscopy99998 
     Light Sources99999 
     Parts & Accessories100000 
     Shavers & Power Systems113732 
     Video Endoscopes100001 
     Other Endo- & Laparoscopy100002Renamed from [Other]
     Beds, Stretchers & Tables11821 
     Carts & Stands106433 
     Chairs & Stools106434 
     Other Medical Furniture106435Renamed from [Other]
    General Medicine31462 
    Home Care31463 
    IV & Fluid Administration31464 
   -Monitoring Systems100003 
     Blood Pressure Monitors100004 
     ECG & EKG Systems100005 
     Patient Monitors100006 
     Prenatal Heart Monitors117028 
     Other Med Monitoring Systems100007Renamed from [Other]
    Other Medical Equipment11816Renamed from [Other]
  -Medical Instruments11823 
   -Exam & Diagnostic104221 
     Headlights & Lights104226 
     Reflex Hammers104222 
     Other Diagnostic Instruments104225Renamed from [Other]
     Scissors & Needleholders104230 
     Other Surgical Instruments104231Renamed from [Other]
    Other Medical Instruments11822Renamed from [Other]
  -Medical Specialties92073 
    Alternative Medicine31457 
   -Emergency & EMT100010 
     AED - Defibrillators100011 
     EMT Bags & Kits31461 
     Stethoscope Covers159690 
     Stretchers & Backboards159691 
     Training & Manikins100012 
     Other Emergency & EMT100013Renamed from [Other]
   -Ophthalmology & Optometry71380 
     Anatomical Models & Charts71381 
     Autorefractors & Phoropters71382 
     Chairs, Stands & Tables71383 
     Lensmeters & Keratometers71384 
     Optometry Equipment & Supplies100008 
     Perimeters & Retinal Cameras71386 
     Projectors & Charts71387 
     Slit Lamps71388 
     Other Ophth & Optometry31466Renamed from [Other]
    Physical Therapy & Rehab31468 
    Surgery & OR31469 
    Other Medical Specialties159692Renamed from [Other]
  -Medical Supplies & Disposables31473 
    Teaching & Education Supplies31480 
    Wound Care31478 
    Other Medical Supplies31479Renamed from [Other]
   Other Health & Life Science3179Renamed from [Other]
   Wholesale Lots113736 
 -Heavy Equipment177641 
   Backhoe Loaders95493 
   Chemical & Petrochemical Equip26257 
   Compactors & Rollers - Riding41492 
   Crawler Dozers & Loaders97121 
   Directional Drills73120 
   Drilling & Tapping Machines12579 
   EDM Machines25277 
   Finishing Machines25279 
   Grinding Machines12580 
   Heating & Cooling Equipment45040 
   Material Handling & Processing45042 
   Metal Bending Machines42147 
   Metalworking Lathes97230 
   Milling Machines12584 
   Pavers - Asphalt & Concrete73121 
   Press Brakes41957 
   Punch Presses31372 
   Scissor & Boom Lifts97123 
   Sheet Metal Shears41958 
   Skid Steer Loaders95494 
   Trenchers - Riding97125 
   Utility Vehicles58178 
   Wheel Loaders58161 
   Wood Chippers & Stump Grinders63924 
   Antique & Vintage Farm Equip177642 
   Other Heavy Equipment177643Renamed from [Other]
 -Heavy Equipment Attachments177647 
   Backhoe Attachments66926 
   Bale Spears159682 
   Box Blades & Snow Plows66876 
   Buckets & Accessories50908 
   Disc Harrows66887 
   Grain Equipment26187 
   Harvesting Equipment91954 
   Hay Rakes66881 
   Irrigation Equipment26189 
   Manure Spreaders106365 
   Material Handling Equipment26190 
   Mowers & Mower Conditioners66880 
   Mower Decks66877 
   Post Hole Diggers109296 
   Seeders & Spreaders66884 
   Snow Blowers159683 
   Antique & Vintage Implements46570 
   Other Heavy Equip Attachments11752Renamed from [Other]
 -Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs41489 
   Construction Equip Parts41490 
   Farm Implement Parts48712 
  -Forklift Parts & Accessories109504 
    Batteries & Chargers109505 
    Motors & Pumps109507 
    Seats & Tires109508 
    Other Forklift Parts & Accs56998Renamed from [Other]
  -Manufacturing Equipment Parts25283 
    Circuit Boards41941 
    Digital Readouts41939 
    Other Mfg Equipment Parts25290Renamed from [Other]
   Metalworking Equipment Parts177644 
   Tractor Parts121876 
   Antique & Vintage Equip Parts160934 
   Manuals & Books177645 
   Antique & Vintage Manuals177646Relocated within Parent
   Other Heavy Equip Parts & Accs97126Renamed from [Other]
 -Light Equipment & Tools61573 
   Air Compressors41491 
  -Air Compressor Parts & Accs56990 
    Filters & Lubricators56991 
    Pressure Switches & Valves56993 
    Other Air Compressor Parts42875Renamed from [Other]
  -Air Tools46573 
    Air Nailers58152 
    Air Tool Accessories46575 
    Impact Wrenches73110 
    Other Air Tools55809Renamed from [Other]
   Breakers & Demolition Hammers104216 
   Compactors - Walk-Behind104215 
   Concrete Stamps, Forms & Mats55804 
   Concrete Vibrators25248 
  -Drills & Hammers42294 
    Bits, Chisels & Breaker Points66933 
    Core Drills & Rigs50892 
    Drill Presses66917 
    Drills & Drivers46580 
    Hammer Drills109293 
    Right Angle Drills56966 
    Rotary Hammer Drills63919 
    Screw Guns46583 
    Other Drills & Hammers180511New Category
  -Drywall Tools73111 
    Drywall Lifts159679 
    Pattern Guns & Hoppers73112 
    Taping Tools46577 
    Other Drywall Tools73114Renamed from [Other]
   Generator Parts & Accessories42907 
   Grinders - Professional55811 
  -Hand Tools46576 
    Chalk Lines63913 
    Concrete Tools56964 
    Crescent Wrenches46579 
    Hammers - Professional63914 
    Knives & Cutters46578 
   -Knockout & Punch Sets73115 
     Punches & Dies73116 
     Sets - Hydraulic73117 
     Sets - Manual55810 
     Other Knockout & Punch Sets73118Renamed from [Other]
    Measuring Tapes & Tools63915 
    Pipe Cutters63916 
    Pipe Wrenches58154 
    Propane Torches111477 
    Screwdrivers - Professional63917 
    Sockets & Socket Sets109565 
    Wire Strippers & Crimpers109566 
    Other Hand Tools42337Renamed from [Other]
   Heat Guns109569 
   Heaters - Jobsite63938 
  -Industrial Soldering109554 
    Soldering Irons & Stations109556 
    Soldering Tips109557 
    Other Industrial Soldering57012Renamed from [Other]
   Mixers - Concrete & Mortar50903 
  -Painting Equipment & Supplies46544 
    Brushes & Rollers109464 
    Mixers & Stripers109503 
    Paints, Powders & Coatings42927 
    Other Painting Equipment46545Renamed from [Other]
   Pipe & Tubing Benders104220 
  +Pipe Threaders & Dies62094 
   Powder Actuated Tools71344 
    Circular Saws46586 
    Concrete Cut-Off Saws104219 
    Masonry & Tile Saws46588 
    Miter Saws - Professional58158 
    Reciprocating - Professional55812 
    Other Light Industrial Saws42296Renamed from [Other]
  -Stationary Engines58175 
    Manuals & Books63946 
    Other Stationary Engines58177Renamed from [Other]
   Tool Batteries & Chargers50896 
   Tool Combo Kits63918 
   Tooling Storage & Cabinets41953 
   Transfer Switches56995 
   Trenchers - Walk Behind61577 
  -Winches, Come Alongs & Straps66934 
    Lever Hoists & Come Alongs66937 
    Straps & Slings11767 
    Other Pulling Equipment66939Renamed from [Other]
   Other Light Equipment & Tools61574Renamed from [Other]
 -Manufacturing & Metalworking11804 
  -Metalworking Tooling92084 
   -Cutting Tools & Consumables25257 
      Cut-Off Wheels58196 
      Grinding Wheels25264 
      Other Abrasives58198Renamed from [Other]
     Carbide Inserts58211 
     Ceramic Inserts58212 
      Extra Length58215 
      Jobber Length25259 
      Screw Machine58217 
      Solid Carbide58218 
      Taper Shank Drills58219 
      Mixed Lots58216 
      Other Metalworking Drills159703Renamed from [Other]
     End Mills25260 
     Punches & Dies25296 
     Saws & Blades58257 
      Mixed Tap Sets58227 
      Spiral Pointed25262 
      Other Taps58229Renamed from [Other]
     Tool Bits41933 
     Other Metal Cutting Tools12578Renamed from [Other]
   -Equipment Specific Tooling104234 
     Automatics & Screw104235 
     Drilling & Tapping104236 
     Other Equip Specific Tooling104244Renamed from [Other]
   -Inspection & Measurement12582 
     CMM Machines & Comparators25271 
     Gauge Blocks41934 
     Inspection Gauges58235 
     Magnetic Holders58240 
     Surface Plates58247 
     Other Inspection & Measurement12581Renamed from [Other]
   -Manuals, Books & Plans41949 
     Metal Cutting41950 
     Metal Fabrication42148 
     Other Metalworking Manuals25281Renamed from [Other]
     Arbors & Adapters58250 
     Boring Tool Holders58251 
     BT Holders57024 
     CAT Holders45018 
     Drill Chucks41947 
     Indexable Inserts41940 
     Quick Change45019 
     Other Toolholding25295Renamed from [Other]
     Collet Chucks41946 
     Fixtures & Plates109681 
     Rotary Tables41943 
     Other Workholding36345Renamed from [Other]
    Other Metalworking Tooling633Renamed from [Other]
    Wholesale Lots31486 
  -Process Equipment45038 
    Filtration Equipment159707 
   -Gas & Fluid Control67068 
     Flow Meters67070 
     Pressure Control67071 
     Other Gas & Fluid Control67072Renamed from [Other]
   -Packaging & Labeling Equipment58575 
     Other Packaging Equipment45041Renamed from [Other]
   -Plastics Equipment & Supplies36350 
    -Auxiliary Process Equipment67065 
      Plastic Granulators67067 
      Plastic Welders & Sealers71420 
      Other Aux Process Equipment36351Renamed from [Other]
     Injection & Blow Molding45037 
     Molds & Dies61791 
    -Plastics & Rubber61792 
      Acetyl & Delrin61794 
      Acrylics & Plexiglass61795 
      Polyethylene & HDPE61796 
      Rubber & Neoprene61793 
      Other Plastics & Rubber36352Renamed from [Other]
     Other Plastics Equipment26258Renamed from [Other]
    Process Mixers98119 
    Other Process Equipment11809Renamed from [Other]
   Metals & Alloys29402 
  -Semiconductor & PCB Equipment58290 
    Burn-in Equipment58296 
    Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies58291 
    Inspection Equipment58292 
    PCB Assembly Equipment58293 
   -Semiconductor Manufacturing45043 
     Test & Assembly45045 
     Wafer Processing45044 
     Other Semiconductor Mfg26260Renamed from [Other]
    Tool & Machine Components58294 
    Other Semiconductor & PCB58295Renamed from [Other]
  -Textile & Apparel Equipment45033 
    Cutting & Finishing Machines67223 
    Embroidery Machines67224 
    Machine Parts & Attachments45034 
    Sewing Machines26256 
    Other Textile & Apparel Equip45036Renamed from [Other]
   -Mig Welding45029 
     Mig Carts67053 
     Mig Guns67054 
     Welding Rods & Wire34097 
     Other Mig Welding67055Renamed from [Other]
    Oxy Acetylene Welding67059 
    Plasma Cutters166672 
   -Protective Gear67044 
     Welding Aprons58260 
     Welding Gloves67045 
     Welding Goggles67046 
     Welding Helmets92090 
     Welding Jackets67051 
     Other Welding Protective Gear67052Renamed from [Other]
   -Tig Welding67061 
     Tig Torches67062 
     Tungsten Electrodes67063 
     Other Tig Welding67064Renamed from [Other]
    Other Welding11774Renamed from [Other]
    Carving Tools & Chisels57125 
    Clamps & Vises53237 
    Drill Bits67240 
   -Equipment & Machinery57120 
     Boring Machines67228 
     Drill Presses67226 
     Planers - Professional67229 
     Routers - Professional57122 
     Sanders - Professional57123 
     Saws - Professional57124 
     Other Woodworking Equip11810Renamed from [Other]
    Lumber & Veneer67236 
    Manuals & Books67237 
    Router Bits67243 
    Other Woodworking42938Renamed from [Other]
   Other Mfg & Metalworking92150Renamed from [Other]
 -MRO & Industrial Supply1266 
  -Adhesives & Sealant109471 
    Caulks & Sealant109472 
    Glues & Cements109473 
    Guns & Dispensers109474 
    Other Adhesives & Sealant109476Renamed from [Other]
  -Cleaning Equipment & Supplies46534 
    Air Fresheners109462 
   -Buffers & Burnishers66955 
     Buffer Pads & Drivers66956 
     Electric Cord Buffers46535 
     Propane Buffers66957 
     Other Buffers & Burnishers66958Renamed from [Other]
   -Carpet Cleaning & Care66959 
     Blowers, Air Movers & Dryers109459 
     Carpet Cleaners42926 
     Commercial Upright Vacuums53286 
     Hoses, Filters & Accessories66960 
     Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuums66961 
     Other Carpet Cleaning & Care66962Renamed from [Other]
    Chemicals, Solvents & Soaps46537 
    Commercial Mops & Buckets66964 
    Paper Towel Dispensers159695 
    Pressure Washers46536 
    Pressure Washer Accessories119101 
    Receptacles & Containers66965 
    Soap Dispensers66966 
   -Sweepers & Scrubbers66968 
     Rider Sweepers66969 
     Walk Behind Sweepers53285 
     Other Sweepers & Scrubbers66970Renamed from [Other]
    Toilet Paper Dispensers109789 
    Other Cleaning Equipment43015Renamed from [Other]
  -Commercial Radios25299 
     Clips & Holsters109466 
     Speakers & Microphones119110 
     Other Commercial Radio Accs25300Renamed from [Other]
    Commercial Pagers66971 
    Intercom Systems66972 
    Two-Way Radios46539 
    Other Commercial Radios43010Renamed from [Other]
  -Fasteners & Hardware42901 
    Cable Ties57007 
    Clamps & Anchors109489 
     Block119112Combined into [Magnets-119111]
     Cylinder53142Combined into [Magnets-119111]
     Other119113Combined into [Magnets-119111]
    Nails & Staples109493 
    Plates & Brackets109490 
    Shock Cords & Bungees109492 
    Other Fasteners & Hardware42905Renamed from [Other]
  -Government & Public Safety53292 
   -Fire & Rescue78223 
     Air Supply159698 
     Decals & Patches109509 
     Firefighter Flashlights78224 
     Firefighter Packs & Bags78225 
     Firetruck Accessories159699 
     Training Materials159700 
     Turnout Gear109510 
     Other Fire & Rescue Gear53293Renamed from [Other]
     Bags & Pouches159701 
     Duty Belts109512 
     Other Police Gear53294Renamed from [Other]
    Traffic Control & Road Safety67225 
    Other Gov't & Public Safety36347Renamed from [Other]
   +HVAC Units109477 
   -HVAC Parts53295 
     Fans & Blowers53297 
     Heat Exchangers109484 
     Other HVAC Parts42911Renamed from [Other]
   -HVAC Tools66996 
     Electronic Charging Meters66997 
     Leak Detectors53298 
     Recovery Units109488 
     Other HVAC Tools66999Renamed from [Other]
    Other HVAC42912Renamed from [Other]
  -Hydraulics & Pneumatics57008 
    Hose & Reels57009 
    Hydraulic Cylinders167898 
    Hydraulic Fittings57010 
    Hydraulic Motors166669 
    Hydraulic Valves57011 
    General Pneumatics50928 
    Pneumatic Cylinders67010 
    Pneumatic Valves67011 
    Other Hydraulics & Pneumatics48718Renamed from [Other]
  -Lighting & Lasers42882 
    Industrial Lasers53141 
    Other Industrial Lighting42884Renamed from [Other]
   Manuals & Books26220 
  -Material Handling26221 
    Carts & Trucks109538 
    Casters & Wheels56997 
   +Hoists, Winches & Rigging109551 
    Ladders, Scaffold, Platforms42914 
     Sealers/Sealing Machines11808 
     Strapping Machines67007 
     Wrap, Paper & Tape42918 
     Other Industrial Packaging43014Renamed from [Other]
   -Shelving & Storage57004 
     Bins & Cabinets57005 
     Pallets & Pallet Racking57006 
     Storage Containers56996 
     Other MRO Shelving & Storage26223Renamed from [Other]
    Shipping Containers92079 
    Other MRO Material Handling26224Renamed from [Other]
  -Pumps & Plumbing109619 
     Other Industrial Plumbing43016Renamed from [Other]
     Pump Accessories & Parts57013 
     Pump Motors57014 
     Submersible & Sump42931 
     Water & Trash Pumps57015 
     Other Industrial Pumps46547Renamed from [Other]
  -Safety & Security11897 
   -Alarm Systems & Accessories53144 
     Control Panels & Keypads53147 
     Motion Detectors57016 
     Sirens & Alarms53148 
     Other Alarm Systems & Accs53145Renamed from [Other]
   -Emergency & Safety Lights109612 
     Exit Signs109613 
     Strobe & Beacon Lights109614 
     Other Emergency Lights53149Renamed from [Other]
   -Industrial Fire Protection57017 
     Fire Alarms57018 
     Fire Extinguishers57019 
     Fire Hoses57020 
     Smoke Detectors57021 
     Sprinkler Heads57022 
     Other Industrial Fire11899Renamed from [Other]
   -Locks, Safes & Locksmith Gear67028 
     Lock Boxes67029 
     Locksmith Equipment67030 
     Other Locks & Locksmith Gear67031Renamed from [Other]
   -Protective Gear11901 
     Coveralls & Suits53151 
     Glasses & Goggles67019 
     Hearing Protection53152 
     Helmets & Hoods11904 
    -Masks & Respirators67024 
      Disposable Filter Masks67025 
      Mask Replacement Cartridges67026 
      Respirator Masks11905 
      Other Masks & Respirators67027Renamed from [Other]
     Safety Harnesses53153 
     Safety Vests109677 
     Other MRO Protective Gear11900Renamed from [Other]
    Radiation Detectors & Geigers53154 
    Safety Signage53288 
    Other Industrial Safety11896Renamed from [Other]
   Other MRO & Industrial Supply1267Renamed from [Other]
   Wholesale Lots31485 
   Microfilm & Microfiche61673 
  -Office Equipment50203 
     Cleaning Kits67073 
     Parts & Accessories67075 
     Refill Kits67076 
     Other Copiers & Copier Equip67074Renamed from [Other]
   -Dictation & Stenography62034 
     Dictation Machines62042 
     Dictation Accessories62045 
     Other Dictation & Stenography62036Renamed from [Other]
   -Fax Machines25307 
     Fax Machines3298 
     Fax Toner29796 
     Other Fax Machines & Equipment117521Renamed from [Other]
   -Label Making25347 
     Label Makers25348 
     Label Maker Supplies58261 
     Other Label Making58262Renamed from [Other]
     Other Laminating61773Renamed from [Other]
     Confetti Paper Shredders67096 
     Cross Cut Paper Shredders3304 
     Strip Cut Shredders109763 
     Other Shredders67097Renamed from [Other]
   -Time Clocks117525 
     Time Clocks117533 
     Time Clock Supplies117526 
     Other Time Clocks & Supplies25325Renamed from [Other]
    Typewriters & Word Processors25326 
    Other Office Equipment159711Renamed from [Other]
  -Office Furniture11828 
    Computer Furniture11831 
    Cubicles & Systems Furniture61681 
    Desks & Tables11832 
    Filing Cabinets3299 
    Other Office Furniture3300Renamed from [Other]
  -Office Supplies58271 
   -Bulk Blank Media11162 
     Blank Tapes11165 
     CD-R Disks21890 
     CD-RW Disks21891 
     Cleaning Kits44927 
     DVD-R Disks11163 
     DVD+R Disks61633 
     DVD+RW Disks67083 
    -DVD & CD Packaging61634 
      Jewel Cases61640 
      DVD Boxes61644 
      Paper Sleeves41799 
      Poly Cases109717 
      Other Office DVD/CD Packaging41798Renamed from [Other]
     Floppy Disks11164 
     Other Office Bulk Blank Media11166Renamed from [Other]
   -Calendars & Planners61774 
     Planners & Organizers3295 
     Other Calendars & Planners159709Renamed from [Other]
   -Desk Accessories25337 
     Business Card Holders25338 
     Copy & Document Holders61753 
     Correction Fluid & Tape127535 
     Desk & Drawer Organizers25339 
     Desk Sets25340 
     Pencil Sharpeners25341 
     Rolodex & Business Card Files61754 
     Stamps & Daters25342 
     Sticky Notes117014 
     Tape Dispensers117534 
     Other Office Desk Accessories3297Renamed from [Other]
   -Filing, Storage & Binding25344 
     Binders & Supplies25345 
     Binding Covers & Spines61755 
     Binding Machines61756 
     Files & Supplies25346 
     Other Office Filing & Binding11834Renamed from [Other]
     Address & Shipping Labels117008 
     CD, DVD & Disk Labels44931 
     Inkjet Labels117009 
     Laser Labels117010 
     Return Address Labels117012 
     Thermal Labels117013 
     Other Office Labels20163Renamed from [Other]
   -Paper Products20160 
     Cards & Card Stock20161 
     Copier, Printer & Fax Paper61769 
     Forms & Record Keeping25350 
     Note Pads20164 
     Plotter Paper92153 
     Other Office Paper Products3305Renamed from [Other]
   -Pens & Pencils25351 
     Ballpoint Pens61779 
     Calligraphy & Fountain Pens61778 
     Fine Pens & Pencils61784 
     Rollerball Pens25352 
     Other Office Pens & Pencils11835Renamed from [Other]
    Other Office Supplies159710Renamed from [Other]
  -Presentation, A/V & Projectors25319 
    Dry Erase Boards61770 
    Laser Pointers3301 
    Microphones & Speakers25320 
    Overhead Projectors67094 
    Projector Bulbs58270 
    Transparency Film159708 
    Other Presentation Equipment3307Renamed from [Other]
  -Telecom Systems11907 
    Business Phone Sets & Handsets11909 
    Conference Equipment61834 
    Music On Hold, MOH99268 
    Phone Switching Systems, PBXs11908 
    Voicemail, Voice Processing51278 
    Other Telecom Systems51279Renamed from [Other]
  -Trade Show Displays3241 
    Banner Systems & Signage71484 
    Pop-Up & Booth Displays3242 
    Tabletop & Portable Displays71485 
   -Trade Show Display Accessories71486 
     Literature Stands & Racks71487 
     Trade Show Counters & Tables71488 
     Tradeshow Booth Lighting71489 
     Travel & Carrying Cases71490 
     Other Trade Show Display Accs55851Renamed from [Other]
    Other Trade Show Displays1304Renamed from [Other]
   Wholesale Lots67111 
   Other Office302Renamed from [Other]
 -Packing & Shipping19273 
    Anti-Static Bags109695 
    Flat Poly Bags109696 
    Merchandise Bags109697 
    Reclosable & Zipper Bags86174 
    Other Packing & Shipping Bags109698Renamed from [Other]
   Bottles, Drums, & Pails180002 
  -Cushioning Supplies109699 
    Bubble Cushioning Wrap109700 
    Cutters, Dispensers & Racks180003 
    Edge Protectors180004 
    Foam Wrap109704 
    Moving Blankets & Pads180005 
    Packing Paper72359 
    Packing Peanuts109734 
    Tissue Paper86175 
    Other Cushioning Supplies109705Renamed from [Other]
   Desiccant, Moisture Absorber180006 
   Labels & Tags148449 
   Letter Folders58263 
  -Packing Tape & Dispensers109735 
    Carton Sealing19276 
    Paper & Reinforced109736 
    Packing Tape Dispensers109738 
    Other Packing Tape109739Renamed from [Other]
   Postage Meter Supplies180007 
  -Shipping & Moving Boxes109740 
    4'' - 14'' Long19278Combined into [Shipping & Moving Boxes-109740]
    15" - 20" Long109744Combined into [Shipping & Moving Boxes-109740]
    21" - 48" Long109745Combined into [Shipping & Moving Boxes-109740]
    Flat109746Combined into [Shipping & Moving Boxes-109740]
    Tall109747Combined into [Shipping & Moving Boxes-109740]
    Other109748Combined into [Shipping & Moving Boxes-109740]
   Shipping & Postal Scales109749 
   Shrink Wrap50955 
   Other Packing & Shipping1290Renamed from [Other]
 -Printing & Graphic Arts26238 
  -Bindery & Finishing Equipment26240 
    Binders & Stitchers26243 
    Collators & Bookletmakers57045 
    Numbering Machines57050 
    Paper Cutters & Trimmers57049 
    Paper Drills & Punches57051 
    Paper Joggers26242 
    Other Bindery & Finishing26244Renamed from [Other]
  -Commercial Printing Essentials97232 
    Books & Manuals97234 
    Letter Presses & Die Cutters26251 
    Parts, Feeders & Attachments46696 
    Other Commercial Print Accs97233Renamed from [Other]
  -Commercial Printing Presses26247 
    Sheet-fed Offset Presses26249 
    Web-fed Offset Presses73155 
    Other Printing Presses46697Renamed from [Other]
   Direct Mail Equipment46698 
  -Ink, Plates & Film46694 
    Inks & Coatings92151 
    Other Ink, Plates & Film46695Renamed from [Other]
  -Plotters, Wide Format Printing46722 
    Cutters- Wide Format26245 
    Printers- Wide Format46724 
    Other Wide Format Printing46723Renamed from [Other]
   PrePress Equipment57058 
  -Printing & Graphic Essentials46727 
    Books & Manuals46728 
    Color Guides & Pantone46730 
    Duplicator Supplies117513 
    General Accessories46733 
    Software & Clipart26254 
    Type, Cuts & Printing Blocks46735 
    Other Printing & Graphic Accs46734Renamed from [Other]
  -Screen & Specialty Printing46743 
   -Heat Transfer57064 
     Iron on Paper26253 
     Other Heat Transfer Printing57066Renamed from [Other]
    Pad Printing46746 
    Screen Printing46736 
    Stamping & Embossing57063 
    Other Specialty Printing46747Renamed from [Other]
  -Sign Making Supplies46739 
    Magnetic Sheets & Supplies117514 
    Sign Lettering46740 
    Vinyl & Sign Film46741 
    Other Sign Making Supplies46742Renamed from [Other]
   Other Printing & Graphic Arts3180Renamed from [Other]
 -Restaurant & Catering11874 
  -Bar & Beverage Equipment25362 
    Bar Supplies11875 
    Blenders, Mixers & Juicers67121 
   -Coffee, Cocoa & Tea Equipment53185 
     Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate64016 
     Coffee Brewers & Warmers67134Renamed from [Coffee Brewers & Warmers]
     Coffee Containers67128 
     Coffee Roasters57070 
     Espresso Machines53187 
     Espresso Supplies53304 
     Tea Equipment53188 
     Other Commercial Coffee Equip53306Renamed from [Other]
    Coolers & Glass Frosters67118 
   -Draft Beer Dispensing57071 
     Couplers, Hoses & Fittings67139 
     Draft Beer Towers & Faucets67135 
     Drip & Drain Pans67136 
     Empty Kegs67137 
     Keg Pumps67138 
     Systems & Conversion Kits53189 
     Tap Handles67140 
     Other Draft Beer Dispensing67141Renamed from [Other]
    Fountains & Soda Dispensing57068 
    Frozen Drink & Slush Machines25365 
    Kegerator, Direct Draw Coolers67119 
    Water Filtration57069 
    Other Bar & Beverage Equipment11876Renamed from [Other]
  -Commercial Kitchen Equipment25367 
   -Baking & Dough Equipment95072 
     Bakery Racks95093 
     Donut Machines95085 
     Dough Proofers & Warmers95086 
     Dough Rollers & Cutters95087 
     Other Commercial Baking Equip95073Renamed from [Other]
   -Cleaning & Warewashing57106 
     Grease Traps57108 
      1-Compartment Sinks67194 
      2-Compartment Sinks67195 
      3-Compartment Sinks67196 
      Other Commercial Sinks57109Renamed from [Other]
     Waste Disposal57110 
     Other Commercial Dishwashing53230Renamed from [Other]
   -Cooking & Warming Equipment53220 
     Grills, Griddles & Broilers53216 
     Outdoor Barbecue & Smokers67155 
    -Ovens & Ranges53217 
      Bakery Ovens95084 
      Commercial Microwave Ovens57080 
      Convection Ovens53218 
      Deck & Conveyor Ovens57079 
      Pizza Ovens25369 
      Rotisserie Ovens57081 
      Other Commercial Ovens53219Renamed from [Other]
     Sandwich & Panini Grills57083 
     Soup & Steam Kettles57084 
     Steamers & Steam Cooking67156 
     Waffle Irons & Crepe Machines57086 
     Parts & Accessories40116 
     Other Commercial Warming Equip25370Renamed from [Other]
   -Cookware & Kitchen Tools25357 
     Foil & Wrap57101 
     Knife Stones & Sharpeners57087 
     Other Commercial Cookware25359Renamed from [Other]
   -Food Preparation Equipment95078 
     Can Openers57099 
     Choppers & Cutters67164 
     Food Processors36346 
    -Meat Grinders & Butcher Supply95074 
      Meat Grinders25372 
      Meat Tenderizers57088 
      Sausage Stuffers95075 
      Other Commercial Butcher Equip95077Renamed from [Other]
     Mixer Accessories53221 
    -Prep Tables111517 
      Pizza Preparation95081 
      Work Tables55840 
      Other Commercial Prep Tables111518Renamed from [Other]
     Stick Blenders53222 
     Other Commercial Food Prep95083Renamed from [Other]
    Hood Systems, Fire Suppression57082 
   -Storage & Handling Equipment57100 
     Food Storage Containers57102 
     Heating & Holding Cabinets67148 
     Pizza Delivery Bags95079 
     Shelving & Racks71419 
     Other Storage & Handling Equip57104Renamed from [Other]
    Vintage Equipment167899 
    Other Comm Kitchen Equipment92301Renamed from [Other]
  -Concession Trailers & Carts67145 
    Carts, Stands & Kiosks67146 
    Concession Trailers46590 
    Other Concession Stands67147Renamed from [Other]
  -Furniture, Signs & Décor57093Renamed from [Furniture, Signs & Decor]
    Chairs & Seating67172 
    Decorations & Décor57098Renamed from [Decorations & Decor]
    Display Cases109371 
    Menu Boards166673 
    Sign Holders166674 
    Vintage Signs & Décor167900Renamed from [Vintage Signs & Decor]
    Other Restaurant Décor57096Renamed from [Other]
  -Refrigeration & Ice Machines25375 
    Coolers & Refrigerators53225 
    Ice Cream Machines67167 
    Ice Machines67171 
    Other Restaurant Refrigeration53226Renamed from [Other]
  -Tabletop & Serving25381 
   -Serving, Buffet & Catering55835 
     Buffet Tables & Salad Bars55836 
     Chafers & Accessories55837 
     Insulated Food Containers55838 
     Other Buffet Equipment25356Renamed from [Other]
     Tabletop Accessories25387 
     Other Buffet Table Supplies25388Renamed from [Other]
    Other Tabletop & Serving25384Renamed from [Other]
  -Uniforms & Aprons50935 
    Chef Coats50937 
    Chef Pants121274 
    Other Restaurant Uniforms11885Renamed from [Other]
  -Vending & Tabletop Concessions25389 
    ATM Machines55845 
   -Beverage & Snack Vending67177 
     Cold Beverage & Soda Machines25390 
     Hot Beverage Machines67178 
     Snack & Beverage Combo67179 
     Snack & Food Machines11888 
     Parts & Accessories50940 
     Other Beverage & Snack Vending159705Renamed from [Other]
   -Candy & Bulk Vending67184 
     Candy & Bulk Vending Machines50939 
     Other Candy & Bulk Vending67186Renamed from [Other]
    Change Machines67183 
    Medicine & Condom Vending67187 
   -Tabletop Concession Machines46589 
     Concession Condiment Systems67142 
     Cotton Candy67143 
     Hot Dogs46591 
     Snow Cones & Shaved Ice67144 
     Other Tabletop Concession25366Renamed from [Other]
    Vintage Equipment167901 
    Other Vending & Concessions25391Renamed from [Other]
   Other Restaurant & Catering1271Renamed from [Other]
  -Wholesale Lots55841 
    Bulk Food55842 
    Restaurant Supplies55843 
    Retail Supplies52533 
    Tabletop & Dinnerware55844 
    Other Restaurant Lots31487Renamed from [Other]
 -Retail & Services11890 
   Business Signs166675 
  -Dry Cleaning & Laundromat73175 
    Coin-op Washers & Dryers55852 
    Dry Cleaning Equipment73177 
    Other Dry Cleaning & Coin-Op73178Renamed from [Other]
  -Jewelry Packaging & Display67694 
    Carrying Cases164369 
   -Cases & Displays67697 
     Necklace & Pendant67700 
     Other Retail Jewelry Displays67703Renamed from [Other]
    Gift Boxes67696 
    Jars & Containers67704 
    Tags, Price Tags164371 
    Other Retail Jewelry Packaging495Renamed from [Other]
  -Labeling & Tagging Supplies109415 
    Barbs & Hooks109417 
    Price & Label Guns109421 
    Tag Guns109422 
    Other Retail Labeling27172Renamed from [Other]
  -Mannequins & Dress Forms50941 
    Dress Forms50945 
    Full-Body Mannequins50949 
    Partial-Body & Mannequin Parts50950 
    Other Mannequins & Dress Forms50951Renamed from [Other]
  -Point of Sale Equipment71465 
    Barcode Scanners46706 
    Card Encoders & Readers71478 
    Cash Drawers & Inserts46708 
    Cash Registers11891 
    Check Readers71476 
   -Complete PC-Based Systems104246 
     Restaurant Systems46594 
     Retail Systems71470 
     Other POS PC-Based Systems71477Renamed from [Other]
    Credit Card Imprinters46714 
    Credit Card Terminals, Readers11892 
   -Money Handling & Counting71466 
     Bill & Cash Counting71467 
     Coin & Change Sorting46707 
     Counterfeit Detection71468 
     Other Money Handling71469Renamed from [Other]
    Pin Pads & Keyboards46710 
    Pole Displays46709 
   -Printers, Ribbon & Paper121275Renamed from [Printers]
     Ribbons & Paper71472 
     Other POS Printer Equipment121276Renamed from [Other]
    POS Scales71475 
    POS Software46711 
    Other Point of Sale Equipment71474Renamed from [Other]
  -Racks & Fixtures109430 
    Card & Literature Stands121277 
    Clothing Racks109431 
    Display Cases11893 
    Hat Stands109432 
    Pegboards & Hooks109433 
    Sign Holders121278 
    Spinners & Carousels109434 
    Other Retail Racks & Fixtures11894Renamed from [Other]
  -Security & Surveillance71479 
    Camera & Video Systems46974 
    EAS, Tag-based Systems71480 
    Locking Devices & Alarms71481 
    Other Retail Security71482Renamed from [Other]
   Shopping Carts & Baskets71483 
   Other Retail & Services46701Renamed from [Other]
 -Websites & Businesses for Sale11759 
   Internet Businesses & Websites46689 
   Patents & Trademarks50973 
   Retail & General Stores11761 
   Service Businesses11762 
   Vending & Coin-op46691 
   Wholesale Trade & Distribution11764 
   Other Businesses for Sale2992Renamed from [Other]
  Other Business & Industrial26261Renamed from [Other]


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