Category Changes: Business & Industrial

May 2016: Business & Industrial

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Business & Industrial12576 
 +Agriculture & Forestry11748 
 -Automation, Motors & Drives42892Moved from [Electrical & Test Equipment-92074] Renamed from [Industrial Automation, Control]
  -Contactors, Relays & Starters181678New Category
   -Contactors181679New Category
     IEC & NEMA AC Contactors181680New Category
     IEC & NEMA DC Contactors181681New Category
     Definite Purpose Contactors181682New Category
     Lighting Contactors181683New Category
     Auxiliary Contacts & Blocks181684New Category
     Other Contactors & Accs181685New Category
   -Relays181686New Category
     General Purpose Relays36328Moved from [Relays, Timers & Counters-78202] Renamed from [Relays]
     Control & Machine Tool Relays181688New Category
     Latching Relays181687New Category
     Overload Protection Relays181689New Category
     Overcurrent Protection Relays181690New Category
     Plug-In/Ice Cube Relays181691New Category
     Reed Relays181692New Category
     Relay Modules & Boards181693New Category
     Relay Sockets181694New Category
     Safety Relays65464New Category
     Solid State Relays181695New Category
     Time Delay Relays181696New Category
     Relay Parts & Accessories181697New Category
   -Starters181698New Category
     Combination Starters181699New Category
     Full Voltage (DOL) Starters181700New Category
     Manual Starters181707New Category
     Multi-Speed Starters181701New Category
     Reduced Voltage/Soft Starters181702New Category
     Star/Wye-Delta Starters181703New Category
     Starter Mounts & Enclosures181704New Category
     Starter Parts & Accs181705New Category
     Other Starters181706New Category
  -Control Systems & PLCs57516New Category
    PLC Processors181708New Category
    HMI & Open Interface Panels181709New Category
    PLC Cables181710New Category
    PLC Chassis181711New Category
    PLC Software181712New Category
   -PLC Peripheral Modules181713New Category
     PLC Input & Output Modules181714New Category
     Counter Modules181715New Category
     PLC Data Acquisition Modules181716New Category
     PLC Ethernet & Communication181717New Category
     PLC Memory Modules181718New Category
     PLC Positioning Modules181719New Category
     PLC Power Supplies181720New Category
     PLC Redundancy Modules181721New Category
     PLC Servo Control Modules181722New Category
     PLC Temperature Modules181723New Category
     Timer Modules181724New Category
     Other PLC Peripheral Modules181725New Category
   Control Systems and PLCs97184Combined into [PLC Processors-181708]
  -Drives & Motion Control78186 
    Air Actuators & Cylinders78187Combined into [Rotary Actuators-181729]
   -Motor Drives & Controls78188Renamed from [Drives & Amplifiers]
     Amplifiers78189Combined into [Servo Drives & Amplifiers-78191]
     General Purpose AC Drives42894Renamed from [AC Drives]
     General Purpose DC Drives78190Renamed from [DC Drives]
     Servo Drives & Amplifiers78191Renamed from [Servo Drives]
     Speed Controls71393Moved from [Motor Controls-71392]
     Stepper Controls & Drives71394Moved from [Motor Controls-71392]
     Variable Frequency Drives78192Renamed from [Variable Frequency]
     Other Motor Controls78193Renamed from [Other Industrial Drives]
    Pneumatic Cylinders181728New Category
    Rotary Actuators181729New Category
   -Motor Controls71392Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
     Starters42895Combined into [Other Starters-181706]
     Other Industrial Motor Control71395Combined into [Other Motor Controls-78193]
    Motors for Automation78197Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
  -Electric Motors181730New Category
    Definite Purpose Motors181731New Category
    General Purpose Motors181732New Category
    Gearmotors65452New Category
    Stepper Motors9723New Category
    Servo Motors124603New Category
    Vibration Motors181733New Category
    Electric Motor Parts & Accs181734New Category
    Other Electric Motors181735New Category
   Fieldbus, DeviceNet & Ethernet67004Combined into [PLC Ethernet & Communication-181717]
  -Instrumentation78181Combined into [Other Test Equip. Parts & Accs-25414]
    Gauges55825Combined into [General Pneumatics-50928]
    Meters111615Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
    Transmitters78182Combined into [Other Test Equip. Parts & Accs-25414]
    Other Ind. Instrumentation78183Combined into [Other Automation Equipment-36802]
   Operator Interface Panels55827Combined into [HMI & Open Interface Panels-181709]
  -Power Supply, Circuit Breakers78198Combined into [Other Circuit Breakers-181822]
    Circuit Breaker for Automation78199Combined into [Other Circuit Breakers-181822]
    Fuses for Automation117492Combined into [Other Fuses-181831]
    Generators for Automation78200Combined into [Other Signal Sources-97200]
    Power Supplies for Automation11772Combined into [Other Power Supplies-181925]
    Transformers for Automation78201Combined into [Other Transformers-181938]
  -Relays, Timers & Counters78202Combined into [General Purpose Relays-36328]
    Counters78203Combined into [Counter Modules-181715]
    Timers78206Combined into [Timer Modules-181724]
   Industrial Robotic Arms50924Renamed from [Robotics]
  -Linear Motion181736New Category
    Bearing Blocks & Supports181737New Category
    Guides, Slides & Carriages181738New Category
    Lead, Ball & Roller Screws181739New Category
    Linear Actuator Controls181740New Category
    Linear Actuators55826Moved from [Drives & Motion Control-78186]
    Linear Bearings & Bushings181741New Category
    Linear Encoders181742New Category
    Rail & Shaft Supports181743New Category
    Round Rails & Rail Shafts181744New Category
    Square & Profile Rails181745New Category
    XY & Rotary Positioning Stages181746New Category
    Other Linear Motion181747New Category
  -Mechanical Power Transmission181748New Category
   -Bearings & Bushings181749New Category
     Ball & Roller Bearings181750New Category
     Bushings & Plain Bearings181751New Category
     Cam Followers181752New Category
     Mounted Bearings & Housings181753New Category
     Thrust Bearings181754New Category
   -Belts & Pulleys181755New Category
     Power Transmission Belts181756New Category
     Pulleys & Sheaves181757New Category
   -Brakes181758New Category
     Electric/Magnetic Brakes181759New Category
     Hydraulic & Pneumatic Brakes181760New Category
   -Chains & Sprockets181761New Category
     Roller Chains181762New Category
     Roller Chain Sprockets181763New Category
     Chain Breakers & Tensioners181764New Category
   -Clutches181765New Category
     Electric/Magnetic Clutches181766New Category
     Hydraulic & Pneumatic Clutches181767New Category
   -Couplings & Joints181768New Category
     Rigid Couplings181769New Category
     Flexible Couplings181770New Category
     Universal Joints181771New Category
    Gearboxes & Speed Reducers181772New Category
   -Gears & Gear Racks181773New Category
     Bevel Gears181774New Category
     Gear Racks181775New Category
     Helical Gears181776New Category
     Spur Gears181777New Category
     Worms & Worm Gears181778New Category
    Power Transmission Shafts181779New Category
    Seals, O-Rings & Gaskets181780New Category
    Shaft Adapters & Bore Reducers181781New Category
    Shaft Collars & Clamps181782New Category
    Other Mech. Power Transmission181783New Category
  -Sensors181784New Category
    Acceleration Sensors181785New Category
    Fiber Optic Sensors181786New Category
    Hall Effect Sensor Diodes181787New Category
    Level Sensors65458New Category
    PIR Motion Sensors181788New Category
    Pressure Sensors65456New Category
    Proximity Sensors65459New Category
    Rotary Encoders65455New Category
    Temperature & Humidity Sensors65460New Category
    Ultrasonic Sensors181791New Category
    Vibration Sensors181792New Category
    Sensor Mountings181790New Category
    Other Sensors57520New Category
  -Signals & Indicators181793New Category
   -Indicators & Components181794New Category
     Indicators73129Moved from [Assemblies & EM Devices-36322]
     Indicator Cables181795New Category
     Indicator Lampholders181798New Category
     Indicator Lenses181796New Category
     Lens & Lampholder Combinations181797New Category
   -Signals & Components181799New Category
     Signal Lamps181800New Category
     Signal Cables181801New Category
     Signal Lamp Bulbs181802New Category
     Signal Lampholders181803New Category
     Signal Lenses181804New Category
     Signal Lamp & Siren Combos181805New Category
     Signal Towers181806New Category
     Sirens181807New Category
     Signal Accessories181808New Category
     Other Signals181809New Category
   Other Automation Equipment36802New Category
   Sensors67003Combined into [Other Sensors-57520]
   Switches for Automation55834Combined into [Other Electrical Switches-181854]
   Temperature Controllers50926Combined into [PLC Temperature Modules-181723]
   Valves and Flow Controls87087Combined into [Valves-42932]
   Wiring for Automation67000Combined into [Other Wire & Cable-26213]
   Other Industrial Automation42899Combined into [Other Automation Equipment-36802]
 -Electrical & Test Equipment92074 
  -Circuit Breakers & Fuses181814New Category
   -Circuit Breakers181815New Category
     Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)181816New Category
     Load Break Switches (LBS)181817New Category
     Miniature Breakers (MCB)181818New Category
     Molded Case Breakers (MCCB)181819New Category
     Residual Current Devices (RCD)129085New Category
     Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB)181820New Category
     Circuit Breaker Accessories181821New Category
     Other Circuit Breakers181822New Category
   -Fuses181823New Category
     Cartridge Fuses129086New Category
     Centered Tag Fuses129088New Category
     D-Type Fuses181824New Category
     Flush End Contacts Fuses181825New Category
     Neutral Links181826New Category
     Offset Tag Fuses181827New Category
     Solid Links181828New Category
     Thermal Fuses181829New Category
     Fuse Kits181830New Category
     Other Fuses181831New Category
   -Fuse Accessories181832New Category
    -Fuse Blocks & Holders181833New Category
      Fuse Blocks181834New Category
      Fuse Clips181835New Category
      Fuse Holders181836New Category
    -Fuse Pullers & Testers181837New Category
      Fuse Pullers181838New Category
      Fuse Testers181839New Category
      Fuse Puller & Tester Combos181840New Category
     Fuse Covers181841New Category
     Fuse Mounting Accessories181842New Category
     Other Fuse Accessories66994Moved from [Fuses & Accessories-66992]
  -Circuit Breakers, Transformers92075Combined into [Other Circuit Breakers-181822]
    Circuit Breakers104232Combined into [Other Circuit Breakers-181822]
    Transformers71391Combined into [Other Transformers-181938]
  -Connectors, Switches & Wire100016 
   -Connectors65512New Category
     Attenuation Connectors181859New Category
     Backplane Connectors181860New Category
     Banana Connectors181861New Category
     Circular Connectors129143New Category
     Crimp Connectors73141Moved from [Connectors, Plugs & Sockets-48715] Renamed from [Crimps]
     D-Sub Connectors129142New Category
     Fiber Optic Connectors181857New Category
     Flat Connectors181858New Category
     IC Sockets117488Moved from [Connectors, Plugs & Sockets-48715] Renamed from [Sockets]
     IDC Connectors181866New Category
     Modular/Rectangular Connectors181867New Category
     RCA Connectors181868New Category
     RF & Coaxial Connectors130493New Category
     SMA, SMB & SMC Connectors73170Moved from [Test Equipment Parts & Accs-36315] Renamed from [SMA]
     Solenoid Connectors181869New Category
     Splitters73169Moved from [Test Equipment Parts & Accs-36315] Renamed from [Power Splitters]
     Connector Adapters73166Moved from [Test Equipment Parts & Accs-36315] Renamed from [Adapters]
     Terminal Blocks48717Moved from [Connectors, Plugs & Sockets-48715]
    -Terminal Block Accessories181870New Category
      Barrier Strips181871New Category
      Terminal Block Assembly Kits181872New Category
      Terminal Block Markers181873New Category
      Terminal Jumpers181874New Category
     Thermocouple Connectors181875New Category
     USB Connectors181876New Category
    -Connector Tools & Accessories181862New Category
      Connector Housings & Covers181863New Category
      Connector Tool Kits181864New Category
      Insertion/Extraction Tools181865New Category
     Other Connectors, Tools & Accs181877New Category
   -Switches181845New Category
     DIP & SIP Switches181846New Category
    -Disconnect Switches66981Moved from [Switches-58165]
      30 Amps & Under117491Combined into [Disconnect Switches-66981]
      31 - 100 Amps42879Combined into [Disconnect Switches-66981]
      101 Amps & Over66982Combined into [Disconnect Switches-66981]
     Joystick/Lever Switches181847New Category
     Key Switches181848New Category
     Limit Switches111606Moved from [Switches-58165] Renamed from [Limit]
     Microswitches129111New Category
     Piezo & Touch Switches181849New Category
     Pressure Switches111607Moved from [Switches-58165] Renamed from [Pressure]
     Pushbutton Switches58166Moved from [Switches-58165] Renamed from [Pushbutton]
     Rocker Switches58167Moved from [Switches-58165] Renamed from [Rocker]
     Rotary Switches58168Moved from [Switches-58165] Renamed from [Rotary]
     Selector Switches181850New Category
     Slide Switches181851New Category
     Tilt Switches181852New Category
     Toggle Switches26211Moved from [Switches-58165] Renamed from [Toggle]
     Switch Mountings181853New Category
     Other Electrical Switches181854New Category
   -Connectors, Plugs & Sockets48715Combined into [Other Connectors, Tools & Accs-181877]
     Connectors109438Combined into [Other Connectors, Tools & Accs-181877]
     Jacks73134Combined into [Other Connectors, Tools & Accs-181877]
     Other Connectors & Plugs7285Combined into [Other Connectors, Tools & Accs-181877]
   -Switches58165Combined into [Other Electrical Switches-181854]
     Other Electrical Switches58169Combined into [Other Electrical Switches-181854]
   -Wire & Cable73136 
     Coaxial Cable129139New Category
     Flat/Ribbon Cable129083New Category
     Fiber Optic Cable65511New Category
     Hookup & Lead Wire73139Renamed from [Hookup & Lead]
     Jump Wire181811New Category
     Magnet/Enameled Wire100180Renamed from [Magnet]
     Multiple Conductor Cable73138Renamed from [Conductor]
     Resistance Wire181810New Category
     Telecom Wire & Cable100179Renamed from [Communications/Telephone]
    -Wire & Cable Tools66984Moved from [Electrical Supply Equipment-100182] Renamed from [Electrical Tools]
      Cable Cutters111613Relocated within Parent
      Cable Pliers111614Renamed from [Electrical Pliers]
      Cable Pullers66986Relocated within Parent
      Conduit Benders66985Renamed from [Benders]
      Crimping Dies66988Renamed from [Dies]
      Electrical Tool Kits42889 
      Fusion Splicers & Cleavers181856New Category
      Hand Crimpers & Strippers66987Renamed from [Crimpers]
      Wire Stripping Machines181855New Category
      Strippers66989Combined into [Other Electrical Tools-66990]
      Other Electrical Tools66990 
    -Conduit, Fittings & Tubing117489Moved from [Connectors, Switches & Wire-100016] Renamed from [Conduit & Fittings]
      Conduit Fittings117490Renamed from [Fittings]
      Drag Chain Cable Carriers181843New Category
      Heat & Cool Shrink Tubing129138New Category
      Wire Wrap181844New Category
    -Cable Organization181812New Category
      Cable Channels129136New Category
      Cable Cleats, Clamps & Ties65509New Category
      Cable Joints & Reliefs181813New Category
      Ends/Stoppers & Ferrules129135New Category
     Cable4667Combined into [Other Wire & Cable-26213]
     Other Wire & Cable26213 
    Other Connectors & Switches100181Combined into [Other Wire & Cable-26213]
  -Electrical Supply Equipment100182Renamed from [Electrical Equipment & Tools]
    Electrical Usage Meters66991Renamed from [Electrical Meters]
   -Enclosures, Panels & Boards181917New Category
     Electrical Boxes & Enclosures42886Moved from [Electrical Supply Equipment-100182] Renamed from [Boxes & Enclosures]
     Electrical Panels & Boards55824Moved from [Electrical Supply Equipment-100182]
     Electrical Board Accessories181918New Category
     Enclosure Accessories181919New Category
     Other Enclosures & Panels181920New Category
   -Power Supplies181921New Category
     Switching Mode Power Supplies181922New Category
     Uninterruptible Power Supplies66995Moved from [Electrical Supply Equipment-100182] Renamed from [Universal Power Supplies/ UPS]
     UPS Batteries181923New Category
     Power Supply Accessories181924New Category
     Other Power Supplies181925New Category
   -Receptacles, Outlets & Plugs181926New Category
     Electrical Outlets53112Moved from [Connectors, Plugs & Sockets-48715] Renamed from [Receptacles & Outlets]
     Electrical Power Plugs73135Moved from [Connectors, Plugs & Sockets-48715] Renamed from [Plugs]
     Outlet Plates & Covers181927New Category
     Outlet Accessories181928New Category
   -Transformers181929New Category
     Autotransformers & Variacs181930New Category
     Current Transformers181931New Category
     LAN Ethernet Transformers181932New Category
     Portable Tool Transformers181933New Category
     SMPS Transformers181934New Category
     Telecom & Audio Transformers181935New Category
     Toroidal Transformers181936New Category
     Transformer Parts & Accs181937New Category
     Other Transformers181938New Category
   -Fuses & Accessories66992Combined into [Other Fuses-181831]
     Fuse Blocks & Holders66993Combined into [Other Fuse Accessories-66994]
     Fuses109447Combined into [Other Fuses-181831]
    Phase Converters41952 
    Electr. Supply Books & Manuals100183Renamed from [Books and Manuals]
    Other Electr. Supply Equipment100184Renamed from [Other Electrical Equip & Tools]
  -Electronic Components182412New Category
    Capacitors4662Moved from [Electronic Components-4659]
    Component Solenoids181878New Category
   -LEDs, LCDs & Display Modules181879New Category
     Individual LEDS181880New Category
     LED Arrays181881New Category
    -LED Display Modules181882New Category
      LED Bar Arrays181883New Category
      LED Dot Matrix Displays181884New Category
      LED Segmented Displays181885New Category
     LED Accessories181886New Category
     LCD Display Modules181887New Category
     LCD Controllers & Drivers181888New Category
     Vacuum Fluorescent Displays181889New Category
     LCD & VFD Accessories181890New Category
   -Assemblies & EM Devices36322Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Combined into [Other Electronic Components-4660]
     Batteries & Power Supplies36323Combined into [Power Regulators & Converters-117000]
     Converters73128Combined into [Power Regulators & Converters-117000]
     Fans36324Combined into [Electronic Component Fans-65489]
     Other Assemblies & EM Devices4661Combined into [Other Electronic Components-4660]
    Electronic Component Tools73154Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Combined into [Electronics Tweezers-181911]
    ICs & Processors4663Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Combined into [Other Integrated Circuits-181909]
    LEDs66954Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Combined into [Individual LEDS-181880]
   -Passive Components36333Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Combined into [Other Electronic Components-4660]
     Fuses & Circuit Protection26205Combined into [PCB Mount Thermistors-181914]
     Magnetics36337Combined into [Component Solenoids-181878]
     Meters73145Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
     Pots, Trimmers & Thermistors58164Combined into [Potentiometers-181913]
     Resistors & Resistive Products4664Combined into [General Purpose Resistors-181912]
     Toroids73152Combined into [Inductors, Coils & Filters-7288]
     Transformers4665Combined into [Other Transformers-181938]
     Variacs73153Combined into [Other Transformers-181938]
     Other Passive Components36338Combined into [Other Electronic Components-4660]
   -Passive Components182415New Category
     Crystals & Oscillators7286Moved from [Passive Components-36333]
     General Purpose Resistors181912New Category
     Inductors, Coils & Filters7288Moved from [Passive Components-36333]
     Potentiometers181913New Category
     Potentiometer Knobs58163Moved from [Passive Components-36333] Renamed from [Knobs]
     PCB Mount Thermistors181914New Category
     Rheostats181916New Category
     Trimmer Resistors181915New Category
     Varistors73144Moved from [Passive Components-36333] Renamed from [Metal Oxide Varistors]
    Prototyping & Breadboards36327Moved from [Assemblies & EM Devices-36322] Renamed from [PCBs]
   -Semiconductors & Actives36330Moved from [Electronic Components-4659]
    -Diodes181891New Category
      DIACs181892New Category
      Photodiodes181893New Category
      PIN Diodes181894New Category
      Schottky Diodes181895New Category
      SCRs181896New Category
      TVS Diodes181897New Category
      Varactors181898New Category
      Zener Diodes181899New Category
      Bridge Rectifier Modules181900New Category
      Laser Diode Modules181901New Category
      Other Diodes181902New Category
     TRIACs181903New Category
    -Integrated Circuits (ICs)181904New Category
      Interface ICs181905New Category
      Power Management ICs181906New Category
      Sensor ICs181907New Category
      Microcontrollers & Programmers159680Moved from [Assemblies & EM Devices-36322] Renamed from [Programmers]
      Optocouplers181908New Category
      Other Integrated Circuits181909New Category
     Analog Semiconductors36331Combined into [Other Electronic Components-4660]
     Diodes7287Combined into [Other Diodes-181902]
     LCDs & Displays26206Combined into [LCD Display Modules-181887]
     Rectifiers73142Combined into [Other Diodes-181902]
     Power Regulators & Converters117000Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Renamed from [Voltage Regulators]
     Buzzers & Speakers58162Relocated within Parent
     Development Kits & Boards65507New Category
     Other Semiconductors & Actives36332 
    Electronics Tweezers181911New Category
    Components Books & Manuals41519Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Renamed from [Books and Manuals]
    Tubes & Acoustics58174Moved from [Electronic Components-4659] Combined into [Vintage Tubes & Tube Sockets-64627]
    Other Electronic Components4660Moved from [Electronic Components-4659]
   Electronic Components4659Combined into [Electronic Components-182412]
  -Test, Measurement & Inspection181939New Category
   -Analyzers & Data Acquisition181940New Category
     Cable & Antenna Analyzers181941New Category
     Communication Service Monitors181942New Category
    -Data Acquisition & Loggers36314Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Data Acquisition & Recorders]
      Data Acquisition Modules182006New Category
      Data Acquisition PCI Cards182007New Category
      Data Acquisition Units/Systems182008New Category
      Data Loggers182009New Category
      Data Acquisition Systems25402Combined into [Other Data Acquisition-182011]
      Recorders & Plotters25416 
      GPIB Interfaces & Adapters182010New Category
      Other Data Acquisition182011New Category
     Gas & Combustion Analyzers181943New Category
    -Logic Analyzers97231Moved from [Test Equipment-4676]
      Complete Systems & Mainframes97186Combined into [Logic Analyzers-97231]
      Modules97187Combined into [Logic Analyzers-97231]
      Older Platforms97188Combined into [Logic Analyzers-97231]
     Mobile Communication Test Sets97136Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Cellular Test Equipment]
    -Network Analyzers97658Moved from [Test Equipment-4676]
      Complete Systems & Mainframes97190Combined into [Network Analyzers-97658]
      Modules97191Combined into [Network Analyzers-97658]
      Older Platforms97192Combined into [Network Analyzers-97658]
     Oscilloscopes & Vectorscopes104247Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Oscilloscopes]
     Power Quality Analyzers181944New Category
     LAN/WAN & Protocol Analyzers97146Moved from [Datacom & Telecom Measurement-97137] Renamed from [LAN/WAN Analyzers]
     Semiconductor Analyzers181945New Category
    -Signal & Spectrum Analyzers97201Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Spectrum Analyzers]
      Complete Systems & Mainframes97202Combined into [Signal & Spectrum Analyzers-97201]
      Modules97203Combined into [Signal & Spectrum Analyzers-97201]
      Older Platforms97204Combined into [Signal & Spectrum Analyzers-97201]
     Analyzer Parts & Accessories181946New Category
     Other Analyzers181947New Category
   -Cameras & Imaging181948New Category
     Borescopes & Fiberscopes181949New Category
     Infrared & Thermal Imaging181950New Category
     Optical Fiber Inspection181951New Category
     Imaging Parts & Accessories181952New Category
     Other Cameras & Imaging181953New Category
   -Leads & Probes181954New Category
     Current Probes181955New Category
     High Frequency/RF Probes181956New Category
     High Voltage Probes181957New Category
     Logic Probes181958New Category
     Multimeter Test Leads181959New Category
     Piercing Probes181960New Category
     Transducer Probes181961New Category
     Other Leads & Probes181962New Category
   -PXI & VXI Systems181963New Category
     PXI & VXI Boards & Modules181964New Category
     PXI & VXI Controllers181965New Category
     PXI & VXI Mainframes & Chassis181966New Category
     Other PXI & VXI181967New Category
   -Signal Sources & Conditioning181992New Category
     Adjustable Power Supplies181993New Category
     Function & Waveform Generators97196Moved from [Signal Sources & Generators-97659] Renamed from [Function]
     Pulse Generators97197Moved from [Signal Sources & Generators-97659] Renamed from [Pulse]
     RF Signal Generators181994New Category
     RF & Microwave Amplifiers181995New Category
     RF & Microwave Pass Filters25403Moved from [Test Equipment Parts & Accs-36315] Renamed from [Filters]
     Variable/Step Attenuators181996New Category
     Signal Source Parts & Accs181997New Category
     Other Signal Sources97200Moved from [Signal Sources & Generators-97659] Renamed from [Other Test Signal Generators]
   -Test Meters & Detectors181968New Category
     Air Flow & Anemometers181969New Category
     Capacitance & ESR Meters73160Moved from [Meters-25410] Renamed from [Capacitance Meters]
     Digital Tachometers181970New Category
     Earth Ground Resistance Meters181971New Category
    -Electric Circuit & Multimeters50960Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Electrical Power Measurement]
      Ammeters182014New Category
      Multimeters58277Moved from [Meters-25410]
      Ohmmeters & Megohmmeters182012New Category
      Voltmeters & Voltage Detectors182013New Category
      Clamp Meters50961Combined into [Multimeters-58277]
      Electrical Power Analyzers50962Combined into [Other Analyzers-181947]
      Electrical Power Meters50963Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
      Other Elec Power Measurement50964Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
     EMF & Gaussmeters181972New Category
     Fiber Optic Power Meters181973New Category
    -Fault Locators & Reflectometry181974New Category
      Cable & Pipe Locators181975New Category
      Visual Fault Locators181976New Category
      Time-Domain Reflectometers97142Moved from [Datacom & Telecom Measurement-97137] Renamed from [TDR/OTDR Testers]
      OTDRs181977New Category
     Frequency Counters181978New Category
     Gas Detectors & Monitors50965Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Gas Testers]
     LCR & Impedance Meters25421Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Impedance & LCR (QZ) Meters]
     Light & Lux Meters73162Moved from [Meters-25410]
     Liquid & Mass Flow Meters181979New Category
     Panel Meters58278Moved from [Meters-25410]
     Radiation Detectors58289Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Radiation Testers]
     RF & Microwave Power Meters181980New Category
     Signal Level Meters181981New Category
     Sound Level Meters25423Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Sound & Audio Measurement]
    -Thermometers & Hygrometers181982New Category
      Hygrometers181983New Category
      Infrared & Laser Thermometers181984New Category
      Resistance Thermometers181985New Category
      Temperature Probes181986New Category
      Thermocouple Thermometers181987New Category
      Other Thermometers181988New Category
     Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors181989New Category
     Vibration Meters181990New Category
     Test Meter Parts & Accessories181991New Category
     Other Test Meters & Detectors4678Moved from [Meters-25410] Renamed from [Other Testing Meters]
   -Testers & Calibrators181998New Category
     Cable Testers & Trackers97139Moved from [Datacom & Telecom Measurement-97137] Renamed from [Cable Testers]
    -Calibrators181999New Category
      Pressure Calibrators182000New Category
      Process & Current Calibrators182001New Category
      Temperature Calibrators182002New Category
      Other Calibrators182003New Category
     Lineman's Handsets/Butt Sets97138Moved from [Datacom & Telecom Measurement-97137] Renamed from [Butt Sets]
     Tube Testers170062Moved from [Test Equipment-4676]
     Tester Parts & Accessories182004New Category
     Other Testers & Calibrators182005New Category
    Test Equip. Manuals & Books25409Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Manuals & Books]
   -Test Equipment Parts & Accs36315Moved from [Test Equipment-4676] Renamed from [Parts, Accessories & Plug-Ins]
     Test Equipment Cables182015New Category
     Test Equipment Cases73167Renamed from [Cases]
     Test Equipment Controllers25400Renamed from [Controllers]
     Test Equipment Plug-Ins50966Renamed from [Plug-Ins]
     Test Equip. Power Amplifiers182016New Category
     Test Equipment Software58284Renamed from [Software]
     Test Equipment Waveguides25425Renamed from [Waveguides]
     Other Test Equip. Parts & Accs25414Renamed from [Other Test Equip Parts & Accs]
     Amplifiers25392Combined into [Other Test Equip. Parts & Accs-25414]
     Cables58283Combined into [Test Equipment Cables-182015]
     Connectors73168Combined into [Other Connectors, Tools & Accs-181877]
     Sensors25417Combined into [Other Sensors-57520]
     Soldering Tools48745Combined into [Soldering Irons & Stations-109556]
    Other Test & Measurement40004New Category
  -Thermal Management182017New Category
    Component Heaters182018New Category
    Component Hygro- & Thermostats182019New Category
    Electronic Component Fans65489New Category
    Heat Exchangers182020New Category
    Heat Sinks66946Moved from [Assemblies & EM Devices-36322] Renamed from [Heatsinks]
    Heat Sink Fan Assemblies182021New Category
    Peltier Coolers182022New Category
    Thermal Management Mounting182023New Category
    Other Thermal Management182024New Category
   Other Electrical & Test Equip.92078Renamed from [Other Electrical & Test Equip]
  -Motors & Transmissions26225Combined into [Other Mech. Power Transmission-181783]
   -Motors42919Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
     Less than 0.5 HP71400Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
     0.5 HP - 0.9 HP42920Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
     1 HP - 5 HP26226Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
     5.1 HP - 10 HP67008Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
     Over 10 HP42922Combined into [Other Electric Motors-181735]
    Power Transmissions26227Combined into [Other Mech. Power Transmission-181783]
    Parts & Accessories42924Combined into [Other Mech. Power Transmission-181783]
  -Test Equipment4676Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
    Attenuators36316Combined into [Other Connectors, Tools & Accs-181877]
    Broadcast Measurement50953Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
    Calibrators25399Combined into [Other Calibrators-182003]
    Card Based (VXI/PXI/PCI)58272Combined into [Other PXI & VXI-181967]
    Counters & Timers25401Combined into [Other PLC Peripheral Modules-181725]
   -Datacom & Telecom Measurement97137Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
     Call & Tone Analyzers97140Combined into [Other Analyzers-181947]
     Other Data/Telecom Measurement97143Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
    Frequency Power Meters25413Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
   -Meters25410Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
     Amp & Voltmeters25411Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
     Flow Meters73161Combined into [Other Test Meters & Detectors-4678]
     Power Meters73164Combined into [Other Gadgets-175745]
    Optical Test Equipment73165Combined into [Other Cameras & Imaging-181953]
   -Power Supplies50967Combined into [Adjustable Power Supplies-181993]
     AC Power Supplies50968Combined into [Adjustable Power Supplies-181993]
     DC Power Supplies58288Combined into [Adjustable Power Supplies-181993]
    Probes50971Combined into [Other Leads & Probes-181962]
    Reflectometers73171Combined into [Time-Domain Reflectometers-97142]
    Satellite and Radar Test73172Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
   -Signal Sources & Generators97659Combined into [Other Signal Sources-97200]
     Signal97198Combined into [Other Signal Sources-97200]
     Sweep97199Combined into [Function & Waveform Generators-97196]
    Television Test Equipment73173Combined into [Other Analyzers-181947]
    Thermometers50974Combined into [Other Thermometers-181988]
    Time Test Equipment73174Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
    Other Test Equipment1504Combined into [Other Test & Measurement-40004]
   Wholesale Lots52534 
 +Fuel & Energy159693 
 +Healthcare, Lab & Life Science11815 
 +Heavy Equipment177641 
 +Heavy Equipment Attachments177647 
 +Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs41489 
 +Light Equipment & Tools61573 
 +Manufacturing & Metalworking11804 
 -MRO & Industrial Supply1266 
  +Adhesives & Sealant109471 
  +Cleaning Equipment & Supplies46534 
  +Commercial Radios25299 
  +Fasteners & Hardware42901 
  +Government & Public Safety53292 
  +Hydraulics & Pneumatics57008 
  +Lighting & Lasers42882 
   Manuals & Books26220 
  +Material Handling26221 
  +Pumps & Plumbing109619 
  -Safety & Security11897 
   -Alarm Systems & Accessories53144 
     Control Panels & Keypads53147 
     Motion Detectors57016 
     RFID Readers & Writers36326Moved from [Assemblies & EM Devices-36322] Renamed from [Input Devices]
     Sirens & Alarms53148 
     Other Alarm Systems & Accs53145 
   +Emergency & Safety Lights109612 
   +Industrial Fire Protection57017 
   +Locks, Safes & Locksmith Gear67028 
   +Protective Gear11901 
    Radiation Detectors & Geigers53154 
    Safety Signage53288 
    Other Industrial Safety11896 
   Other MRO & Industrial Supply1267 
   Wholesale Lots31485 
 +Packing & Shipping19273 
 +Printing & Graphic Arts26238 
 +Restaurant & Catering11874 
 +Retail & Services11890 
 +Websites & Businesses for Sale11759 
  Other Business & Industrial26261 


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