Category Changes: Business & Industrial

October 2016: Business & Industrial

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Business & Industrial12576 
 +Agriculture & Forestry11748 
 -Automation, Motors & Drives42892 
  -Contactors, Relays & Starters181678 
     Combination Starters181699 
     Full Voltage (DOL) Starters181700 
     Manual Starters181707 
     Multi-Speed Starters181701 
     Reduced Voltage/Soft Starters181702 
     Star/Wye-Delta Starters181703Combined into [Reduced Voltage/Soft Starters-181702]
     Starter Mounts & Enclosures181704 
     Starter Parts & Accs181705 
     Other Starters181706 
  +Control Systems & PLCs57516 
  +Drives & Motion Control78186 
  +Electric Motors181730 
   Industrial Robotic Arms50924 
  -Linear Motion181736 
    Bearing Blocks & Supports181737 
    Guides, Slides & Carriages181738Combined into [Slides, Rails & Carriages-183548]
    Lead, Ball & Roller Screws181739 
    Linear Actuator Controls181740 
    Linear Actuators55826 
    Linear Bearings & Bushings181741 
    Linear Encoders181742 
    Rail & Shaft Supports181743 
    Slides, Rails & Carriages183548New Category
    Round Rails & Rail Shafts181744Combined into [Slides, Rails & Carriages-183548]
    Square & Profile Rails181745Combined into [Slides, Rails & Carriages-183548]
    XY & Rotary Positioning Stages181746 
    Other Linear Motion181747 
  -Mechanical Power Transmission181748 
   +Bearings & Bushings181749 
   +Belts & Pulleys181755 
   -Chains & Sprockets181761 
     Roller Chains181762 
     Roller Chain Sprockets181763 
     Chain Tensioners181764Renamed from [Chain Breakers & Tensioners]
   +Couplings & Joints181768 
    Gearboxes & Speed Reducers181772 
   +Gears & Gear Racks181773 
    Power Transmission Shafts181779 
    Seals, O-Rings & Gaskets181780 
    Shaft Adapters & Bore Reducers181781 
    Shaft Collars & Clamps181782 
    Other Mech. Power Transmission181783 
  +Signals & Indicators181793 
   Other Automation Equipment36802 
 -Electrical & Test Equipment92074 
  +Circuit Breakers & Fuses181814 
  +Connectors, Switches & Wire100016 
  +Electrical Supply Equipment100182 
  +Electronic Components182412 
  -Test, Measurement & Inspection181939 
   -Analyzers & Data Acquisition181940 
     Cable & Antenna Analyzers181941 
     Communication Service Monitors181942 
    +Data Acquisition & Loggers36314 
     Gas & Combustion Analyzers181943 
     LAN/WAN & Protocol Analyzers97146Relocated within Parent
     Logic Analyzers97231Relocated within Parent
     Network Analyzers97658 
     Oscilloscopes & Vectorscopes104247 
     Parameter Analyzers181945Renamed from [Semiconductor Analyzers]
     Power Quality Analyzers181944Relocated within Parent
     RF Communication Test Sets97136Renamed from [Mobile Communication Test Sets]
     Signal & Spectrum Analyzers97201 
     Analyzer Parts & Accessories181946 
     Other Analyzers181947 
   -Cameras & Imaging181948 
     Borescopes & Fiberscopes181949 
     Camera & CCTV Testers183478New Category
     Infrared & Thermal Imaging181950 
     Optical Fiber Inspection181951 
     Imaging Parts & Accessories181952 
     Other Cameras & Imaging181953 
   +Leads & Probes181954 
   -NIM & CAMAC Systems183479New Category
     NIM & CAMAC Bins/Crates183480New Category
     NIM & CAMAC Controllers183481New Category
     NIM & CAMAC Modules183482New Category
     Other NIM & CAMAC Equipment183483New Category
   -PXI & VXI Systems181963 
     PXI & VXI Boards & Modules181964 
     PXI & VXI Controllers181965 
     PXI & VXI Mainframes & Chassis181966 
     Other PXI & VXI Equipment181967Renamed from [Other PXI & VXI]
   +Signal Sources & Conditioning181992 
   -Test Meters & Detectors181968 
     Air Flow & Anemometers181969 
     Capacitance & ESR Meters73160 
     Digital Tachometers181970 
     Earth Ground Resistance Meters181971 
    +Electric Circuit & Multimeters50960 
     EMF & Gaussmeters181972 
     Fiber Optic Power Meters181973 
    +Fault Locators & Reflectometry181974 
     Frequency Counters181978 
     Gas Detectors & Monitors50965 
     LCR & Impedance Meters25421 
     Light & Lux Meters73162 
     Liquid & Mass Flow Meters181979 
     Manometers/Air Pressure Meters183484New Category
     Panel Meters58278 
     Radiation Detectors58289 
     RF & Microwave Power Meters181980 
     Signal Level Meters181981 
     Sound Level Meters25423 
    +Thermometers & Hygrometers181982 
     Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors181989 
     Vibration Meters181990 
     Test Meter Parts & Accessories181991 
     Other Test Meters & Detectors4678 
   -Testers & Calibrators181998 
     Cable Testers & Trackers97139 
     Decade Boxes183485New Category
     Lineman's Handsets/Butt Sets97138Relocated within Parent
     Tone Probes & Generators183486New Category
     Tube Testers170062 
     Tester Parts & Accessories182004 
     Other Testers & Calibrators182005 
    Test Equip. Manuals & Books25409 
   +Test Equipment Parts & Accs36315 
    Other Test & Measurement40004 
  +Thermal Management182017 
   Other Electrical & Test Equip.92078 
   Wholesale Lots52534 
 +Fuel & Energy159693 
 +Healthcare, Lab & Life Science11815 
 +Heavy Equipment177641 
 +Heavy Equipment Attachments177647 
 +Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs41489 
 -Light Equipment & Tools61573 
   Air Compressors41491 
  +Air Compressor Parts & Accs56990 
  +Air Tools46573 
   Breakers & Demolition Hammers104216 
   Compactors - Walk-Behind104215 
   Concrete Stamps, Forms & Mats55804 
   Concrete Vibrators25248 
  +Drills & Hammers42294 
  +Drywall Tools73111 
   Generator Parts & Accessories42907 
   Grinders - Professional55811 
  +Hand Tools46576 
   Heat Guns109569 
   Heaters - Jobsite63938 
  -Industrial Soldering109554Combined into [Other Solder & Desolder Accs-57012]
    Solder109555Combined into [Solder-124821]
   Mixers - Concrete & Mortar50903 
  +Painting Equipment & Supplies46544 
   Pipe & Tubing Benders104220 
  +Pipe Threaders & Dies62094 
   Powder Actuated Tools71344 
  +Stationary Engines58175 
   Tool Batteries & Chargers50896 
   Tool Combo Kits63918 
   Tooling Storage & Cabinets41953 
   Transfer Switches56995 
   Trenchers - Walk Behind61577 
  +Winches, Come Alongs & Straps66934 
   Other Light Equipment & Tools61574 
 -Manufacturing & Metalworking11804 
  +Metalworking Tooling92084 
  +Process Equipment45038 
  -Raw Materials182919New Category
   -Metals & Alloys182920New Category
     Metal & Alloy Angles182921New Category
     Metal & Alloy Channels182922New Category
     Metal & Alloy Discs182923New Category
     Metal & Alloy Hex Rods182924New Category
     Metal & Alloy Hex Tubes182925New Category
     Metal & Alloy Round Rods182926New Category
     Metal & Alloy Round Tubes182927New Category
     Metal Sheets & Flat Stock182928New Category
     Metal & Alloy Spheres182929New Category
     Metal & Alloy Square Bars182930New Category
     Metal & Alloy Square Tubes182931New Category
     Metal Non-Electrical Wire182932New Category
   -Plastics & Rubbers61792Moved from [Plastics Equipment & Supplies-36350] Renamed from [Plastics & Rubber]
     Acetyl & Delrin61794Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     Acrylics & Plexiglass61795Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     Polyethylene & HDPE61796Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     Rubber & Neoprene61793Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     Teflon61797Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     UHMW61798Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     Other Plastics & Rubber36352Combined into [Plastic & Rubber Round Rods-182958]
     Plastic & Rubber Discs182955New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Hex Rods182956New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Hex Tubes182957New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Round Rods182958New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Round Tubes182959New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Sheets182960New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Spheres182961New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Square Bars182962New Category
     Plastic & Rubber Square Tubes182963New Category
   -Carbon Fiber Raw Materials182933New Category
     Carbon Fiber Round Tubes182934New Category
     Carbon Fiber Square Tubes182935New Category
     Carbon Fiber Sheets182936New Category
   -Graphite Raw Materials182937New Category
     Graphite Round Rods182938New Category
     Graphite Square Bars182939New Category
     Graphite Sheets182940New Category
   Metals & Alloys29402Combined into [Metal Sheets & Flat Stock-182928]
  +Semiconductor & PCB Equipment58290 
  +Textile & Apparel Equipment45033 
  -Welding & Soldering182941New Category
   -Welding34095Moved from [Manufacturing & Metalworking-11804]
    -Welders, Cutters & Torches182897New Category
      MIG Welders124822New Category
      MIG Guns & Torches67054Moved from [Mig Welding-45029] Renamed from [Mig Guns]
      TIG Welders124825New Category
      TIG Torches67062Moved from [Tig Welding-67061] Renamed from [Tig Torches]
      Stick Welders182898New Category
      Multiprocess Welders & Cutters182899New Category
      Plasma Cutters166672Moved from [Welding-34095]
      Plasma Cutter Torches & Bodies182900New Category
      Spot Welders182901New Category
      Gas Welding Torches182902New Category
      Gas Cutting Torches182903New Category
      Gas Welding & Cutting Kits182904New Category
    -Electrodes, Rods & Wires182905New Category
      Tungsten Electrodes67063Moved from [Tig Welding-67061]
      Welding Rods & Wires34097Moved from [Mig Welding-45029] Renamed from [Welding Rods & Wire]
      Plasma Cutter Electrodes182906New Category
      Other Weld Materials182907New Category
    -MIG, TIG & Stick Welding Accs182908New Category
      Nozzles, Collets & Lenses171586New Category
      Electrode Holders182909New Category
      Electrode Drying Ovens182910New Category
      Other MIG, TIG & Stick Accs182911New Category
    -Plasma Cutting Accessories182912New Category
      Plasma Cutter Tips & Nozzles171585New Category
      Plasma Cutter Kits182913New Category
      Cutter Guides & Stencils182914New Category
     Welding Cables182915New Category
     Welding Gas Cylinders124820New Category
     Gas Regulators, Valves & Accs182916New Category
    -Welding Protective Gear67044Renamed from [Protective Gear]
      Welding Aprons58260 
      Welding Gloves67045 
      Welding Goggles67046 
      Welding Helmets92090 
      Welding Helmet & Goggle Lenses171584New Category
      Welding Jackets67051Relocated within Parent
      Welding Sleeves182893New Category
      Welding Screens182894New Category
      Welding Blankets182895New Category
      Welding Curtains182896New Category
      Other Welding Protective Gear67052 
     Welding Carts67053Moved from [Mig Welding-45029] Renamed from [Mig Carts]
     Welding Positioners182917New Category
     Welding Books & Manuals182918New Category
     Other Welding Equipment11774Renamed from [Other Welding]
    -Mig Welding45029Combined into [Other Welding Equipment-11774]
      Other Mig Welding67055Combined into [Other Welding Equipment-11774]
     Oxy Acetylene Welding67059Combined into [Gas Welding Torches-182902]
    -Tig Welding67061Combined into [Other Welding Equipment-11774]
      Other Tig Welding67064Combined into [Other Welding Equipment-11774]
     Welders113743Combined into [TIG Welders-124825]
   -Soldering & Desoldering182942New Category
     Soldering Irons109556Moved from [Industrial Soldering-109554] Renamed from [Soldering Irons & Stations]
     Soldering & Rework Stations182943New Category
     Soldering Guns182944New Category
     Soldering Iron Holders182945New Category
     Soldering Tips109557Moved from [Industrial Soldering-109554]
     Wire Tip Cleaners182946New Category
     Solder Pots & Desolder Baths182947New Category
     Soldering Fume Extractors182948New Category
    -Solder & Soldering Consumables182949New Category
      Desolder Braids/Solder Wicks182950New Category
      Tinner & Cleaner Compounds182951New Category
      Soldering Flux182952New Category
      Solder124821New Category
      Other Soldering Consumables182953New Category
     BGA Reballing Stations & Kits182954New Category
     Other Solder & Desolder Accs57012Moved from [Industrial Soldering-109554] Renamed from [Other Industrial Soldering]
   Other Mfg & Metalworking92150 
 +MRO & Industrial Supply1266 
 +Packing & Shipping19273 
 +Printing & Graphic Arts26238 
 +Restaurant & Catering11874 
 +Retail & Services11890 
 +Websites & Businesses for Sale11759 
  Other Business & Industrial26261 


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