Category Changes: Baby

October 2015

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 +Baby Gear100223 
 +Baby Safety & Health20433 
 +Bathing & Grooming20394 
 +Car Safety Seats66692 
  Carriers, Slings & Backpacks100982Moved from [Baby Gear-100223]
   Baby Wipe Warmers117017 
   Baby Wipes45456 
   Changing Pads & Covers66674Renamed from [Changing Pads]
   Cloth Diapers146531 
   Diaper Bags146530 
   Diaper Cakes117018 
   Diaper Coupons162036 
   Diaper Covers26267 
   Diaper Disposal20397 
   Diaper Stackers134758 
   Disposable Diapers15559 
   Swim Diapers100222 
   Other Diapering20399 
 +Keepsakes & Baby Announcements117388 
 -Nursery Bedding20416 
   Nursery Bedding Sets162040Moved from [Crib Bedding-48086] Renamed from [Bedding Sets]
   Bed Pillows180907New Category
   Blankets & Throws3081Renamed from [Blankets]
   Bumpers20417Moved from [Crib Bedding-48086]
   Canopies & Netting180905New Category
   Cribskirts & Dust Ruffles52345Moved from [Crib Bedding-48086]
   Decorative Nursery Pillows180906New Category
   Duvet Covers & Sets134278Renamed from [Duvets]
   Duvet Inserts18646New Category
   Mattress Pads & Covers162041Moved from [Crib Bedding-48086]
   Pillowcases & Shams124327New Category
   Quilts & Coverlets180908New Category
   Sheets & Sets180909New Category
   Sleeping Bags & Sleepsacks100989 
   Other Nursery Bedding20421 
   Afghans & Throws162039Combined into [Blankets & Throws-3081]
   Bassinet Bedding66681Combined into [Nursery Bedding Sets-162040]
   Changing Table Pads & Covers146533Combined into [Changing Pads & Covers-66674]
   Comforters134277Combined into [Quilts & Coverlets-180908]
   Cradle Bedding66687Combined into [Nursery Bedding Sets-162040]
  -Crib Bedding48086Combined into [Nursery Bedding-20416]
    Sheets66682Combined into [Sheets & Sets-180909]
    Sheet Sets20420Combined into [Sheets & Sets-180909]
    Other Crib Bedding20419Combined into [Other Nursery Bedding-20421]
   Pillows32868Combined into [Bed Pillows-180907]
   Quilts20418Combined into [Quilts & Coverlets-180908]
   Shams66679Combined into [Pillowcases & Shams-124327]
 +Nursery Décor66697 
 +Nursery Furniture20422 
  Potty Training37631 
  Stroller Accessories19744Combined into [Other Stroller Accessories-180917]
 -Strollers & Accessories66698New Category
   Strollers66700Moved from [Baby-2984]
  -Stroller Accessories180911New Category
    Bassinets180912New Category
    Covers, Canopies & Umbrellas116554New Category
    Cup Holders & Snack Trays180913New Category
    Footmuffs116553New Category
    Hooks180914New Category
    Organizers & Nets180915New Category
    Seat Liners180916New Category
    Stroller Boards112378New Category
    Other Stroller Accessories180917New Category
   Stroller Parts121634New Category
   Other Strollers2989New Category
 +Toys for Baby19068 
  Other Baby1261 
  Wholesale Lots48757 


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