Category Changes: Jewelry & Watches

April 2014

Please check the table below to see if the categories you sell in are changing. If we are making a change to your category, please make sure your current listings are updated with all relevant item specifics -- this ensures your items are moved to the best possible category in the case where categories are going away. Occasionally we ask you to adopt a value in an item specific to help us facilitate moving your item to the correct surviving or newly created category. We offer additional item specifics recommendations for optimal search visibility as well. After the changes are live, please review your listings again.

• Many categories under Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry being replaced with new item specifics (Metal, Metal Purity, Main Stone, Material, and Style).
• New and renamed categories under Jewelry Tools category.
• Redesign of the Loose Beads category structure resulting in many categories being replaced with item specifics and many new categories introduced.

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Jewelry & Watches281 
 +Children's Jewelry84605 
 +Engagement & Wedding91427 
 +Ethnic, Regional & Tribal11312 
 +Fashion Jewelry10968 
 +Fine Jewelry4196 
 -Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry110633 
   Altered Art152806 
    Crystal, Glass110636Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Gemstone110637Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Gold (w/o Stone)110639Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Gold Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)110638Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Lampwork110640Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Pearl110641Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Silver Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)110642Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Sterling Silver (w/o Stone)110643Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Mixed Materials110644Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
    Other34050Combined into [Bracelets-110635]
   Brooches, Pins152807 
    Crystal, Glass110646Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Gemstone110647Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Gold (w/o Stone)110649Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Gold Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)110648Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Lampwork110650Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Pearl110651Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Silver Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)110652Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Sterling Silver (w/o Stone)110653Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Mixed Materials110654Combined into [Earrings-110645]
    Other34051Combined into [Earrings-110645]
   Eyeglass Chains164350 
   Hair Jewelry164351 
  -Necklaces & Pendants110655 
    Crystal, Glass110656Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Fused Glass110657Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Gemstone110658Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Gold (w/o Stone)110660Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Gold Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)110659Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Lampwork110661Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Pearl110662Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Silver Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)110663Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Sterling Silver (w/o Stone)110664Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Mixed Materials110665Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
    Other34052Combined into [Necklaces & Pendants-110655]
 +Jewelry Boxes & Organizers10321 
 -Jewelry Design & Repair164352 
   Jewelry Cleaners & Polish67720Renamed from [Cleaners & Polish]
  +Jewelry Findings164353Renamed from [Findings]
  +Jewelry Settings67707Renamed from [Settings]
  -Jewelry Tools34082Renamed from [Tools]
    Anvils & Bench Blocks179252New Category
    Burs & Bits179253New Category
    Casting Tools179254New Category
    Engraving Tools34083Relocated within Parent
    Files & Rifflers179255New Category
    Gauges & Stone Measuring179256New Category
    Hammers179257New Category
    Jewelry Molds67711Renamed from [Molds]
    Loupes & Magnifiers34084Renamed from [Loupes, Magnifiers]
    Pliers, Cutters & Shears34085Renamed from [Pliers]
    Punches & Stamps179258New Category
    Ring Sizers & Stretchers34086Renamed from [Ring Sizers]
    Rotary Tools & Accessories34087 
    Saws & Blades179259New Category
    Scales34088Relocated within Parent
    Screwdrivers179260New Category
    Soldering Tools & Accessories179261New Category
    Testing & Identification Tools179262New Category
    Tweezers & Pick-Up Tools34089Renamed from [Tweezers, Pick-Up Tools]
    Watch Repair Tools179263New Category
   Jewelry Workbenches67719Renamed from [Workbenches]
 -Loose Beads179264New Category
   Acrylic, Plastic, Lucite90757Moved from [Loose Beads-488]
   Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain179265New Category
   Cloisonne179266New Category
   Crystal179267New Category
   Fused Glass34067Moved from [Loose Beads-488]
   Glass, Czech Glass164375Moved from [Loose Beads-488]
   Lampwork179268New Category
   Metals179269New Category
   Millefiori179270New Category
   Rhinestones179271New Category
   Seed179272New Category
   Shell, Bone, Coral14317Moved from [Loose Beads-488]
   Stone179273New Category
   Vintage3811Moved from [Loose Beads-488]
   Wood179274New Category
   Other179275New Category
 -Loose Beads488Combined into [Loose Beads-179264]
   Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain34066Combined into [Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain-179265]
   Cloisonne150086Combined into [Cloisonne-179266]
   Crystal3807Combined into [Crystal-179267]
  -Handmade Lampwork34068Combined into [Lampwork-179268]
    Czech Republic34069Combined into [Lampwork-179268]
    US34070Combined into [Lampwork-179268]
    Other4643Combined into [Lampwork-179268]
  -Metals34072Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Brass164973Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Bronze150090Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Copper58548Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Gold34073Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Gold Plated/Filled97672Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Pewter150094Combined into [Metals-179269]
   -Silver164376Combined into [Metals-179269]
     Sterling Silver3809Combined into [Metals-179269]
     Tibetan Silver150093Combined into [Metals-179269]
     Silver Plated/Filled150095Combined into [Metals-179269]
     Other164377Combined into [Metals-179269]
    Other34074Combined into [Metals-179269]
   Millefiori150099Combined into [Millefiori-179270]
   Rhinestones12518Combined into [Rhinestones-179271]
   Seed10550Combined into [Seed-179272]
  -Stone14319Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Agate34090Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Amber93681Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Amethyst34091Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Azurite164378Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Citrine34092Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Garnet34093Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Hematite14318Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Jade14320Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Jasper150098Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Labradorite90756Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Lapis34075Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Malachite34076Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Moonstone34077Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Obsidian34078Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Onyx34079Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Pearl36587Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Pearl (Imitation)97673Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Peridot34080Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Quartz14321Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Sugilite164379Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Tiger's Eye14322Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Tourmaline34094Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Turquoise14323Combined into [Stone-179273]
    Other3810Combined into [Stone-179273]
   Wood34081Combined into [Wood-179274]
   Other489Combined into [Other-179275]
 +Loose Diamonds & Gemstones491 
 +Men's Jewelry10290 
 +Vintage & Antique Jewelry48579 
 +Wholesale Lots40131 


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