Category Changes: Jewelry & Watches

June 2015 : Jewelry & Watches

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Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Jewelry & Watches281 
 -Children's Jewelry84605 
   Necklaces & Pendants84607 
   Mixed Lots164208 
   Other Children's Jewelry84608Renamed from [Other]
 -Engagement & Wedding91427 
  -Engagement Rings92905 
    CZ, Moissanite & Simulated92868 
    Settings Only164309 
    Other Engagement Rings164308Renamed from [Other]
  -Engagement/Wedding Ring Sets92908 
    CZ, Moissanite & Simulated92878 
    Diamonds & Gemstones92909 
    Sets without Stones177019 
    Other Wedding Ring Sets164305Renamed from [Other]
  -Wedding & Anniversary Bands92842 
    Bands without Stones92852 
    CZ, Moissanite & Simulated97681 
    Diamonds & Gemstones92853 
    Other Wedding & Anniv. Bands92866Renamed from [Other]
   Bridal & Wedding Party Jewelry164310 
   Other Wedding Jewelry164311Renamed from [Other]
 -Ethnic, Regional & Tribal11312 
    Necklaces & Pendants98481 
    Other African Jewelry34064Renamed from [Other]
  -Asian & East Indian98508 
    Necklaces & Pendants98511 
    Other Asian, E. Indian Jewelry11313Renamed from [Other]
    Necklaces & Pendants98485 
    Pins, Brooches98486 
    Other Celtic Jewelry34065Renamed from [Other]
    Necklaces & Pendants98491 
    Pins, Brooches98492 
    Other Mexican Jewelry11314Renamed from [Other]
   Middle Eastern166732 
  -Native American98495 
    Necklaces & Pendants98498 
    Pins, Brooches98499 
    Unsigned Artisan Jewelry166733 
    Other Native American Jewelry11315Renamed from [Other]
  -South American98503 
    Necklaces & Pendants98506 
    Other South American Jewelry98507Renamed from [Other]
   Other Ethnic, Regional Jewelry288Renamed from [Other]
 -Fashion Jewelry10968 
  -Body Jewelry15124 
    Body Chains98526 
    Body Piercing Jewelry32050 
    Fake & Cheater Body Jewelry177769 
    Grillz, Dental Grills152808 
    Replacement Parts136990 
    Retainers & Hide-its98542 
    Stickers & Body Art177768 
    Other Body Jewelry110399Renamed from [Other]
   Charms & Charm Bracelets140944 
   Eyeglass Chains & Holders164461 
   Hair & Head Jewelry110620 
   Jewelry Sets50692 
   Necklaces & Pendants155101 
   Pins & Brooches50677 
   Toe Rings140010 
   Mixed Items & Lots10970 
   Other Fashion Jewelry499Renamed from [Other]
 -Fine Jewelry4196 
   Fine Anklets101437 
  -Fine Bracelets10975 
    Precious Metal without Stones164313 
    Other Fine Bracelets3839Renamed from [Other]
   Fine Charms & Charm Bracelets140956 
  -Fine Earrings10985 
    Precious Metal without Stones164319 
    Other Fine Earrings10984Renamed from [Other]
  -Fine Jewelry Sets164324 
    Diamonds & Gemstones164326 
    Precious Metal without Stones164325 
    Other Fine Jewelry Sets164328Renamed from [Other]
  -Fine Necklaces & Pendants164329 
    Precious Metal without Stones164330 
    Other Fine Necklaces, Pendants164334Renamed from [Other]
  -Fine Pins & Brooches11008 
    Diamonds & Gemstones164337 
    Precious Metal without Stones164336 
    Other Fine Pins & Brooches11007Renamed from [Other]
  -Fine Rings67725 
    Precious Metal without Stones164341 
    Other Fine Rings177030Renamed from [Other]
   Other Fine Jewelry505Renamed from [Other]
 -Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry110633 
   Altered Art152806 
   Brooches, Pins152807 
   Eyeglass Chains164350 
   Hair Jewelry164351 
   Necklaces & Pendants110655 
   Other Artisan Jewelry12519Renamed from [Other]
 -Jewelry Boxes & Organizers10321 
  -Jewelry Boxes3820 
    Enamel164368Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Glass, Crystal67683Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Leather67685Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Porcelain67686Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Metal67687Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Velvet67688Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Wood67691Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
    Other11707Combined into [Jewelry Boxes-3820]
  -Jewelry Holders & Organizers168159 
    Necklace & Pendant168162 
    Other Jewelry Holders168166Renamed from [Other]
   Other Jewelry Organizers164372Renamed from [Other]
 -Jewelry Design & Repair164352 
   Jewelry Cleaners & Polish67720 
  -Jewelry Findings164353 
    Bead Caps67715 
    Clasps & Hooks67716 
    Crimp & End Beads164354 
    Jump Rings & Split Rings164355 
    Pins & Needles67712 
    Other Jewelry Design Findings164356Renamed from [Other]
  -Jewelry Settings67707 
    Other Jewelry Settings12520Renamed from [Other]
  -Jewelry Tools34082 
    Anvils & Bench Blocks179252 
    Burs & Bits179253 
    Casting Tools179254 
    Engraving Tools34083 
    Files & Rifflers179255 
    Gauges & Stone Measuring179256 
    Jewelry Molds67711 
    Loupes & Magnifiers34084 
    Pliers, Cutters & Shears34085 
    Punches & Stamps179258 
    Ring Sizers & Stretchers34086 
    Rotary Tools & Accessories34087 
    Saws & Blades179259 
    Soldering Tools & Accessories179261 
    Testing & Identification Tools179262 
    Tweezers & Pick-Up Tools34089 
    Watch Repair Tools179263 
    Other Jewelry Tools10323Renamed from [Other]
   Jewelry Workbenches67719 
   Other Jewelry Design & Repair494Renamed from [Other]
 -Loose Beads179264 
   Acrylic, Plastic, Lucite90757 
   Ceramic, Clay, Porcelain179265 
   Fused Glass34067 
   Glass, Czech Glass164375 
   Shell, Bone, Coral14317 
   Other Loose Beads179275Renamed from [Other]
 -Loose Diamonds & Gemstones491 
   Cubic Zirconia10285 
  +Loose Diamonds10210 
  -Loose Gemstones110742 
     Other Emeralds164398Renamed from [Other]
     Other Garnets10224Renamed from [Other]
     Other Jade10231Renamed from [Other]
     Other Opals3826Renamed from [Other]
     Naturally Colored164401 
     South Sea110852 
     Dyed or Irradiated164400 
     Other Pearls10243Renamed from [Other]
   +Rough, Specimen110848 
     Other Rubies164406Renamed from [Other]
     Other Sapphires164408Renamed from [Other]
    Sphene, Titanite164394 
    Mixed Lots93707 
    Other Loose Gemstones282Renamed from [Other]
   Other Loose Stones169310Renamed from [Other]
 -Men's Jewelry10290 
   Bolo Ties10292 
   Chains, Necklaces & Pendants137839 
   Earrings, Studs14085 
   Lapel Pins60115 
   Money Clips60120 
   Tie Clasps & Tacks10298 
   Other Men's Jewelry177770Renamed from [Other]
 -Vintage & Antique Jewelry48579 
    Georgian, Pre-183758558 
   -Victorian, Edwardian 1837-191058561 
     Dress & Scarf Clips168187 
     Necklaces & Pendants164952 
     Pins, Brooches164953 
     Collections, Lots164955 
     Other Victorian Costume Jewels514Renamed from [Other]
   -Art Nouveau/Art Deco 1895-193558560 
     Dress & Scarf Clips168185 
     Necklaces & Pendants164946 
     Pins, Brooches164947 
     Collections, Lots164949 
     Other Art Deco Costume Jewelry10967Renamed from [Other]
   -Retro, Vintage 1930s-1980s58559 
     Dress & Scarf Clips168182 
     Necklaces & Pendants165887 
     Pins, Brooches165888 
     Collections, Lots10972 
     Other Retro Costume Jewelry291Renamed from [Other]
   -Bakelite, Vintage Plastics165878 
     Dress & Scarf Clips168178 
     Necklaces & Pendants165881 
     Pins, Brooches165882 
     Other Bakelite Costume Jewelry502Renamed from [Other]
   -Designer, Signed165890 
     Necklaces & Pendants165893 
     Pins, Brooches165894 
     Other Designer Costume Jewelry10974Renamed from [Other]
    Men's Vintage Costume Jewelry165921 
   -Unknown Period165922 
     Dress & Scarf Clips168184 
     Necklaces & Pendants165925 
     Pins, Brooches165926 
     Other Undated Costume Jewelry101497Renamed from [Other]
    Other Vintage Costume Jewelry289Renamed from [Other]
    Charms & Charm Bracelets52562 
    Georgian, Pre-183758551 
   -Victorian, Edwardian 1837-191058552 
     Mourning Jewelry164976 
     Necklaces & Pendants164981 
     Pins, Brooches164982 
     Other Fine Jewelry 1837-191052570Renamed from [Other]
   -Art Nouveau/Art Deco 1895-193558555 
     Necklaces & Pendants165012 
     Pins, Brooches165013 
     Other Fine Jewelry 1895-193558553Renamed from [Other]
   -Retro, Vintage 1930s-1980s58557 
     Dress & Scarf Clips168170 
     Necklaces & Pendants165042 
     Pins, Brooches165043 
     Other Fine Jewelry 1930s-1980s91438Renamed from [Other]
   -Designer, Signed165070 
     Necklaces & Pendants165074 
     Pins, Brooches165075 
     Other Fine Designer Jewelry52568Renamed from [Other]
    Men's Vintage Fine Jewelry52576 
   -Unknown Period101495 
     Necklaces & Pendants165105 
     Pins, Brooches165106 
     Other Fine Undated Jewelry45399Renamed from [Other]
    Other Fine Vintage Jewelry91440Renamed from [Other]
  -Vintage Ethnic/Regional/Tribal165133 
    Asian & East Indian165135 
    Mexican, Latin American52609 
    Middle Eastern166735 
    Native American (pre-1935)165137 
    Pacific Islands165138 
    Other Vintage Ethnic Jewelry165141Renamed from [Other]
   Vintage Handcrafted, Artisan166736 
  -New, Vintage Reproductions48581 
     Charms & Charm Bracelets113466 
     Findings & Stampings165142 
     Hair Jewelry165143 
     Necklaces & Pendants113468 
     Pins, Brooches113469 
     Other Repro Costume Jewelry52596Renamed from [Other]
     Charms & Charm Bracelets113471 
     Necklaces & Pendants52600 
     Pins, Brooches52602 
     Other Vint. Repro Fine Jewelry48583Renamed from [Other]
   Jewelry for Parts or Repair168176 
   Price Guides & Publications171122 
   Other Vintage Jewelry166734Renamed from [Other]
  -Pocket Watches3937 
    Tools & Parts14325 
    Other Pocket Watches398Renamed from [Other]
   Key Ring Watches173699 
   Necklace Watches10329 
   Nurse Watches173697 
   Ring Watches173698 
   Watch Batteries98625 
   Wristwatch Bands98624 
   Boxes, Cases & Watch Winders173695 
  -Parts, Tools & Guides173696 
     Bezels & Inserts57714 
     Other Watch Parts10324Renamed from [Other]
    Tools & Repair Kits117039 
    Watches for Parts165144 
    Manuals & Guides93720 
    Other Watch Parts & Tools180246New Category
    Other10363Combined into [Other Watch Parts & Tools-180246]
   Other Watches166739Renamed from [Other]
  Other Jewelry & Watches98863Renamed from [Other]
 -Wholesale Lots40131 
  -Body Jewelry64498 
    Belly Rings64499 
    Tongue Rings64500 
    Other Wholesale Body Jewelry51011Renamed from [Other]
    Mixed Lots64503 
    Other Wholesale Bracelets45083Renamed from [Other]
  -Charms, Charm Bracelets56142 
     Other Wholesale Charms45084Renamed from [Other]
    Other Whlsl Charms, Bracelets56144Renamed from [Other]
    Gold (w/o Stone)56145 
    Gold Plate/Fill (w/o Stone)97682 
    Sterling Silver (w/o Stone)51014 
    Mixed Lots64508 
    Other Wholesale Earrings51015Renamed from [Other]
   Hair Jewelry64509 
   Loose Gemstones40132 
    Sterling Silver (w/o Stone)45078 
    Mixed Lots64511 
    Other Wholesale Necklaces56148Renamed from [Other]
   Pendants & Lockets45079 
   Pins, Brooches45081 
    CZ, Diamond Simulants64513 
    Mixed Lots64515 
    Other Wholesale Rings48761Renamed from [Other]
    Parts & Accessories51021 
     Mixed Lots64520 
     Other Wholesale Wristwatches40133Renamed from [Other]
    Other Wholesale Watches51022Renamed from [Other]
   Mixed Jewelry Lots10992 
   Other Wholesale Jewelry45085Renamed from [Other]


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