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How to redeem coupons

 How to redeem coupons
Step by step guide to redeem your coupon

1. Start shopping on eBay. Be sure the seller accepts PayPal and that the coupon is valid for the item.
2. Pay for your item with PayPal before the coupon expiration date.
3. Enter the redemption code at checkout.

Tip: Save time--copy and paste your redemption code into the “Redemption code” box instead of typing it out. Use your mouse to highlight the code you received. Select Edit>Copy from the Edit menu to copy the code. Next, click the mouse in the redemption code box. Then, select Edit>Paste from the Edit menu to paste the code into the redemption code box.

Note: Coupons will never require you to enter sensitive information in an email such as: credit card number, User ID, email address or eBay or PayPal password.